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Random Thoughts 12-28-2014

I love the story on the news this week about the homeless man who was given $100 and then secretly followed to see what he spent it on. The young guy expected to get pictures of the guy wasting it on booze, but instead he bought food and shared it with other homeless people.


I find it interesting that the very people who marched and gave speeches against abortion and said they could not be held responsible when a few wackos distorted that message and shot abortion doctors or bombed the clinics, are now saying the marchers against police brutality are responsible for a nut killing two cops.


Were the North Korean agents who fought against the release of the film “The Interview” really foolish enough to hack Sony Pictures and not realize it would just increase demand for what would otherwise have been an obscure comedy, or have we all been scammed and the “hacking” was really done by the makers of the film? Maybe not, but it certainly seems at this point like the whole think backfired if the intent was to keep people from seeing a movie about Dim Poo Dung (I’m using a fake name for him so I won’t get in trouble). By the way, I questioned last week why the news was calling this a failure of U. S. internet security when Sony id a Japanese company. I now understand what happened. The news media was lying when they said Sony was hacked. Sony is a Japanese company with it’s headquarters in Tokyo and they were not hacked. Sony Picture, a U. S. subsidiary of Sony was hacked, but the media never says that, which is lying.


A last-minute addition: Prayers go out to the passengers and crew of the missing Air Asia Jet. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 12-28-2014”