Good, Evil and Neutral

“To deny Evil a place among realities is necessarily to do away with the Good as well, and even to deny the existence of anything desirable; it is to deny desire, avoidance and all intellectual act; for desire has Good for its object, aversion looks to evil; all intellectual act, all Wisdom, deals with Good and Bad, and is itself one of the things that are good.
“There must then be the Good—good unmixed—and the mingled Good and Bad, and the rather Bad than Good, this last ending with the Utterly Bad we have been seeking, just as that which Evil constitutes the lesser part tends, by that lessening, toward the Good. What then must Evil be to the Soul? What Soul could contain Evil unless by contact with the lower kind? … The Soul takes up false notions through having gone outside of its own truth by ceasing to be purely itself.” ~Plotinus

Yin and Yang fantasy with angelsThere are some well meaning spiritual teachers who claim that there is no evil, no good and bad, no right and wrong. Their concept is that God created all and, since God cannot be the author of evil, there can be no evil. While it is certainly true that God cannot create evil, the fallen angels, referred to as the demiurge.

Hand a bottle of poison to one of those gurus pushing the “there is no evil” philosophy and ask him to give it to his child sitting nearby and what answer will you get? I certainly hope he will refuse to poison his own child,but why? If there is no evil, what’s wrong with doing that? Maybe you would do better if you gave him a bomb and asked him to set it off in his temple while sitting on top of it, but I doubt it. There are things he simply will not do and the only logical conclusion is that he considers those acts evil. In other words, such gurus are hypocrites! If they agree there there are things you should not do like poison your children, then they are saying those things are wrong, bad, evil. Continue reading “Good, Evil and Neutral”