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Great Pyramid and Pyramid Initiation

Pyramid Initiation

“Supreme among the wonders of antiquity, unrivaled by the achievements of later architects and builders, the Great Pyramid of Giza bears mute witness to an unknown civilization which, having completed its predestined span, passed into oblivion. Eloquent in its silence, inspiring in its majesty, divine in its simplicity, the Great Pyramid is indeed a sermon in stone. Its magnitude overwhelms the puny sensibilities of man. Among the shifting sands of time it stands a fitting emblem of eternity itself. Who were the illumined mathematicians who planned its parts and dimensions, the master craftsmen who supervised its construction, the skilled artisans who trued its blocks of stone?

“The earliest and best known account of the building of the Great Pyramid is that given by the highly revered but somewhat imaginative historian, Herodotus. …

“While his account is extremely colorful, it is apparent that the Father of History, for reasons which he doubtless considered sufficient, concocted a fraudulent story to conceal the true origin and purpose of the Great Pyramid. This is but one of several instances in his writings which would lead the thoughtful reader to suspect that Herodotus was an initiate of the Sacred Schools and consequently obligated to preserve inviolate the secrets of the ancient orders.” ~Manly P. Hall

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is an architectural wonder and to many, a great mystery. The general theory of history is that it was built as a tomb for a pharaoh. But no pharaoh was found buried in it. Besides, just because some pyramids served as tombs doesn’t mean that was their only purpose. Many Christian Cathedrals in Europe have the graves of certain church dignitaries or other famous people in them, yet that does not mean their primary function was as a tomb.

Passed Into Oblivion

I don’t think it is accurate to say that the advanced civilization that built the Great Pyramid “passed into oblivion”. Those people may be gone, but much of what they knew was passed on to other civilizations including ancient Greece. So in my opinion, you can’t say they passed into oblivion when a lot of their knowledge, both physical and spiritual, was passed on to other civilizations. Continue reading “Great Pyramid and Pyramid Initiation”


Secrets: Spiritual, Mystical, and Heavenly

“The truth and the secrets that I speak about—and the laying on of hands that is mine—not from people have I received it nor from fleshly creatures, not even from studies in the scriptures. But when my most blessed father, who called me into his grace, saw me, since he did not wish me and the rest who are in the world to perish, he felt compassion, so that he might extend his well-being to those prepared to be chosen by him from the sects. Then, by his grace, he pulled me from the council of the many who do not recognize the truth and revealed to me his secrets and those of his undefiled father and of all the cosmos. He disclosed to me how I was before the foundation of the world, and how the groundwork of all the works, both good and evil, was laid, and how everything of this aggregation was engendered according to its present boundaries and times.

“I, Mani, a messenger of Jesus Christ through the will of God, the father of truth, from whom I also was born, who lives and abides forever, existing before all and also abiding after all. All things that are and will subsist through his power. For from this very one I was conceived, and I am from his will. From Him, all that is true was revealed to me, and I am from His truth. The truth of ages that he revealed I have seen, and that truth I have disclosed to my fellow travelers; peace I have announced to the children of peace, hope I have proclaimed to the immortal race. The elect I have chosen, and a path to the height I have shown to those who ascend according to this truth. Hope I have proclaimed, and this revelation I have revealed. This immortal gospel I have written, including in it these eminent mysteries, and disclosing in it the greatest works, the greatest and most august forms of the most eminently powerful works. These things that he revealed I have shown to those who live from the truest vision, which I have seen, and from the most glorious revelation revealed to me.” ~On The Origin of His Body

Secrets That I speak

The secrets that Mani reveals are the secrets of nearly all ancient mystery schools and Gnostic groups. They are the secrets of the spiritual world and the secrets of the physical world. He says he did not receive these truths from “fleshly creatures,” or from a study of books and scripture. That is an important thing that all real spiritual students should note. Teachers, preachers, books and scripture can point us toward finding the truth, but it can come only from direct experience.

He Felt Compassion

It seems odd to some that God should kick us out of paradise and own to the realm of matter, then feel compassion for our plight here. But God didn’t send us here. That is a big part of the secrets. We sent ourselves when we—or our ancestors– violated His Universal Law. God won’t just pull us out of this hell-hole without us doing anything to deserve it, but he did provide us with the means to return to paradise: an eternal soul. It is as if he gave us a ladder to climb out of the hole, but we have to do the climbing ourselves. We have to make some effort.

Secrets of How I was Before the Foundation of the World

Most of us have completely forgotten what we were before we fell into the realm of matter. That was also true in Mani’s time. But one of the things that are revealed to us after our spiritual awakening is what we were before the fall and what we are destined to be again. It is easy enough to say we were spiritual beings rather than physical, but that is just a small part of it. The details are revealed to each of us individually, they are not found in books. Not even books of scripture.

Secrets Announced to the Children of Peace

While not everyone who desires peace is a spiritual person, it is true that all real spiritual people desire peace. Peace between nations and races, peace between species, peace between Man and Nature. Such people are the true Children of God and Children of Peace, for they have chosen to develop their spiritual Self, and push the material to the side. For this reason, the secrets of the universe can be revealed to them. Great effort is made to avoid reveling them to violent and materialistic people who are likely to misuse that knowledge. Hitler is an example of someone who gained just a few of those secrets, and nearly took over the world!

Secrets are Useful

So to those promoting the idea that governments, corporations, and individuals should not have secrets, I say “nonsense!” There are good reasons why some things should be kept secret. You don’t give a madman instructions on how to make bombs. You don’t reveal your national secrets to your enemies. And God doesn’t reveal the Universal Secrets to those who seek them for the wrong reasons. The only right reason is to participate in God’s Plan to transform the fallen realm of matter back into spirit.

healed, Sixth day, Welcome sunrise, Beneficial sunrise

The Sixth Day is the day of Awakening

“He who observes the sixth day according to the Gospel, having already put to death the first impulses of sin, through cultivating the virtues attains a state of dispassion which, like, a desert, is bare of all evil: his Sabbath is a rest of his intellect. … But when he has crossed the Jordan he passes over into the land of spiritual knowledge, where the intellect, the temple mystically built by peace, becomes in spirit the dwelling place of God.

“He who after the example of God has completed the sixth day with fitting actions and thoughts, … has in his understanding traversed the condition of all things subject to nature and time and has entered into the mystical contemplation of the eons and the things inherent in them.” ~The Philokalia

Sixth Day

This is the day in which, according to the Bible, God created the animals, and then man. How can we be expected to do that? We can’t, of course. But the Sixth day has been interpreted as a day for doing good things and being creative. That we can do. The Philokalia says it is a time to cultivate virtues and attain dispassion. That also when can do, thought often with some difficulty.

The sixth day might also be though of as the day of completion, that day when the final steps are taken and the work is done. In truth, however, the work of spiritual development is never done. There is always a higher level to reach, a higher state of consciousness to achieve.

Land of Spiritual Knowledge

The temple of spiritual knowledge is built by mystical practices. It is not, however, the intellect which gains this knowledge and becomes the dwelling place of God. The brain-mind intellect is a thing of the material world. It is the soul which understands the spiritual. But it must be awakened first. We enter this world with our spirits and souls in a dormant state like being in a coma. We must give those spiritual faculties the energy they need to awaken. Then the soul can be filled with truth and knowledge (Gnosis).It can be the dwelling place of God. So symbolically, the sixth day is the day to turn away from the material and develop our spiritual side. Continue reading “The Sixth Day is the day of Awakening”

Visions, Reason, Knowledge and Spiritual sight

The Awakened Self

“The truth, then, so far as we know it at present, seems to be that those powers which are in contact with the Transcendental Order, and which constitute at the lowest estimate half the self, are dormant in ordinary men; whose time and interest are wholly occupied in responding to the stimuli of the world of sense. With those latent powers sleeps the landscape which they alone can apprehend. In mystics none of the self is always dormant. They have roused the dweller in the Innermost from its slumbers, and round it have unified their life. Heart, Reason, Will are there in full action, drawing their incentive not from the shadow-show of sense, but from the deeps of true Being; where a lamp is lit and a consciousness awakened, of which the sleepy crowd remains oblivious.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Sailors long ago learned that it is folly to ignore the largest part of the iceberg that is hidden underwater. Today, however, many people think is just fine to ignore that greater part of what they truly are simply because it remains dormant. And like the foolish sailor who ignore the fact that the iceberg is bigger underwater than it is above, or that there may be other dangers hidden below the surface of calm waters, those people may be in for a rude awakening.

I know that the attitude of many seems to be to deal only with the material world while trapped on this level of existence, and they will worry about the spiritual when and if they ever get their. That is like waiting to learn how to swim after your boat sinks: almost certainly too late. But it is also a foolish position to take because awakening additional senses, additional faculties cannot harm you at all in this world, but certainly can be of benefit. Materialists tend to find that hard to believe, but there is ample evidence. People who awaken their spiritual self, people like St. Francis, Jacob Boehme, Gandhi and Martin Luthor King Jr, just to name a few, have seen their simplistic material lives be greatly improved by this awakening. Yet many continue to resist. Continue reading “The Awakened Self”