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Greater Mysteries and Lesser Mysteries of Spiritual Schools

“Just as the Lesser Mysteries discusses the prenatal epoch of man when the consciousness in its nine days was descended into the realm of illusion and assuming the veil of unreality, so the Greater Mysteries discussed the principles of spiritual regeneration and revealed to initiates not only the simplest but also the most direct and complete method of liberating their higher natures from the bondage of material ignorance. Like Prometheus chained to the top of Mount Caucasus, man’s higher nature is chained to his inadequate personality. The nine days of initiation were also symbolic of the nine spheres through which the human soul descends during the process of assuming a terrestrial form.” ~Manly P. Hall

Lesser and Greater Mysteries

There is something about spiritual development teachings that is not well-known. And many who have heard of this, simply don’t accept it, which is unfortunate. It is that there are essentially two levels of spiritual teachings. Hall calls them the lesser and greater teachings. They could also be called beginner teachings and advanced teachings. The difference between the two is not like going from first grade to second grade. It is more like going from a basic first-aid class to learning to be a medical doctor.

Those mysteries in the lesser category are often revealed to the public. Most of the greater mysteries are secret. Students are required to take a vow of secrecy before any of those mysteries can be revealed to them. In some ancient mystery schools, students would be severely punished for revealing them. At the very least, they are kicked out of the school. Unfortunately, many modern spiritual schools are run by people who themselves were never exposed to the greater mysteries. There schools can only teach the lesser mysteries as that is all they know. Naturally, they don’t tell their students that. That tell the students they are teaching all the mysteries.

Spiritual Regeneration

Hall says the greater mysteries dealt with principles of spiritual regeneration. What could he mean by that? Don’t we have a spirit and soul already? Yes, we do. But we come into the material world with those spiritual faculties in a dormant state. They can’t really be of any benefit to us as long as they remain dormant. So the purpose of the greater mysteries is to first, awaken those faculties, make them conscious. This is something far more than the simple recognition that the realm of matter is illusion and the realm of spirit is reality. That is a first step, but true awakening is more.

And the job is not done with awakening. That is like thinking that a newborn baby is fully developed. The newly awakened spirit and soul must be developed. Not in the same way that the body and mind are developed, but something similar with a more spiritual twist. Their frequencies need to be gradually increased and their level of consciousness increased. This is done primarily by taking in energy from the spiritual sun. The details of how to do that remain secret unless you are a student of the greater mysteries in a school that actually teaches them.

The Prometheus Allegory

There is more to the legend of Prometheus than most of us know. The part we do know is that Zeus punished him by having him chained to the side of a mountain where an eagle would attack him and eat his liver every day. At night, it would grow back. The next day, the same thing would happen.

While this gory tale sounds sick, it s allegorical, not literal. Prometheus was a champion of man among the Greek gods. As such, he represents man in this tale. Being chained to a mountain or a rock symbolized man’s being mentally “chained” to matter. Because most of us stay trapped in matter, and do little to go beyond it, we lose our spiritual strength every day symbolized by Prometheus having his liver eater. Having it grow back indicates that even though we are trapped in the realm of matter, we can awaken our spiritual faculties and escape. So make the effort to learn those Greater Mysteries.

Mother, Holy Child

Mother of Wisdom Speaks to Those who Listen

“I am alone and undefiled. I am the mother of the voice, speaking in many ways, completing all. Knowledge is in me, a knowledge of things everlasting. I speak in every creature, and I was known by all. I lift up the speech of the voice to the ears of those who have known me, the children of light. … When the great authorities knew that the time of fulfillment had appeared—just as the time of the birth pangs came, the time of destruction approached—the elements trembled, and the foundations of the underworld and the ceilings of chaos shook, and a great fire shone in their midst, and rocks and earth were shaken like a reed by the wind. …

“O children of thought, hear me, hear the speech of the mother of your mercy. You have earned the right to own the mystery hidden from eternity. Now accept it. And the end of this realm and of the life of injustice is near, and the beginning of the coming eternal realm dawns and will never change.” ~Three Forms of First Thought

Mother of Wisdom

The “Mother” in the quote may be Sophia or simply the female aspect of God. She speaks in many voices, in many ways, in many languages. She may be the quiet voice we hear warning us or advising us. The Mother gently guides us toward the correct path. Most of all, she talks to our spirits and souls in symbols rather than words. Words can be used to deceive. Symbols can’t deceive the soul. They might deceive the mind, but never the soul.

In Every Creature

This Mother speaks not only to the minds and souls of humans, but also to animals. Really to all of life and all creation. It would not be good for humans to began awakening and becoming more spiritual if the world around them continued sinking deeper into the depths of matter. The animals, plants, and everything else must change right along with us. There is growing evidence that such changes are happening. We are learning that many animals are smarter and more self-aware than we believed. While some of that may be because of better studies, some is also because those animals are changing just as some humans are changing.

Own the Mystery

When the Mother says we have earned the right to own the hidden mysteries, she isn’t speaking to all humans. She is speaking to the ones she called “the children of light,” earlier. The mysteries are not revealed to everyone. They would not be mysteries for long if that happened. They are revealed only to those ready to understand. Students must also be responsible enough to keep those mysteries to themselves and share only what is allowed. That isn’t out of meanness, but to protect people from harm.

Eternal Realm Dawns

We are at the dawn of a New Golden Age. It will be an end to injustice. Greed will no longer be an acceptable lifestyle. It won’t even be desirable. We will all realize that when we harm others through greed, we actually harm ourselves on a more important level. Corporations and governments will exist to serve people, not control them. And all will understand that the spirit and soul are more important than the body and mind.

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Reason of Will and Divine Reason

“The spirit of the Will may mount aloft in pride, self-conceit, or covetousness; (from whence self-arrogance rises, the Will of Reason desiring to be honored;) for it supposes it has attained the sum of all happiness when it has gotten the Light of Reason, and can judge the House of hidden Mysteries that is shut up; which nevertheless God can easily unlock. …

“From this understanding of Reason false Babel is brought forth in the Christian Church on Earth, wherein men rule and teach by the conclusions of Reason, and has set the child which is drunk in its own pride and self-desire as a fair virgin upon the Throne.” ~Jacob Boehme

Will of Reason

This is not God’s Will, or Divine Will here. Boehme is talking about Man’s will, the will of ego. This is the will that often gets us into trouble. It holds itself to be the ultimate authority on virtually everything. Reason does not wish to seek beyond itself for truth except in reason. It trusts it’s own reason, and therefore the reasoning of others. It considers human ego reasoning the highest form of thinking. In short, this is the intellectual. Such people cannot accept that there can be higher forms of knowledge than man’s reason. The ego won’t accept such a thing.

This is why some modern spiritual teachers have hit upon the simplistic idea that the path to spiritual enlightenment is destruction of the ego. You can rest assured that this conclusion is not based upon personal experience, but a theory of that materialistic reason that Boehme is calling false truth. I say that because if a person should succeed in completely destroying his ego, he would never teach a class, never give a seminar, never write a book. To do any of those things requires desire that can only come from ego. Ego needs to be controlled, not destroyed. It needs to be ruled y the soul. That, of course, requires the the soul be awakened.

House of Mysteries

You could think this is a reference to the ancient mystery schools, but it isn’t. Not directly, anyway. It is a reference to the mysteries that were taught in such schools, and still are. It is the mysteries of life, of truth. No one can teach these mysteries to you. That knowledge must be gained directly from the source. When you get it secondhand, it either won’t be understood, or won’t be believed. All a spiritual teacher or school can do is teach you the techniques by which these mysteries are revealed. Continue reading “Reason of Will and Divine Reason”

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Mystery School Students of Pythagoras

“The school of Pythagoras has several peculiar characteristics. Every new member was obliged to pass a period of five years of contemplation in perfect silence; the members held everything in common, and rejected animal food; they were believers in the doctrine of metempsychosis, and were inspired with an ardent and implicit faith in their founder and teacher. So much did the element of faith enter into their training, that ‘ autos epha’ “’He said it’ – was to them complete proof. Intense fraternal affection between the pupils was also a marked feature of the school; hence their saying, ‘my friend is my other self,’ has become a byword to this day.

“The teaching was in a great measure secret, and certain studies and knowledge were allotted to each class and grade of instruction. … N o person was permitted to commit to writing any tenet, or secret doctrine, and, so far as is known, no pupil ever broke the rule until after his death and the dispersion of the school.”

“The most striking peculiarities of his doctrines are dependent on the mathematical conceptions, numerical ideas and impersonations upon which his philosophy was founded. The principles governing numbers were supposed to be the principles of all Real Existences; and as numbers are the primary constituents of Mathematical Quantities, and at the same time present many analogies to various realities, it was further inferred that the elements of numbers were the elements of Realities.” ~William Wynn Westcott

Mystery School Students

It may be true that the school of Pythagoras required a period of five years of silent contemplation, but this was not the general standard of mystery schools. Most accepted new students on a trial basis of two or three years. I have never heard of them being required to spend all that time in silent contemplation.

They were required to keep to themselves all that they were taught. I have read that some schools threatened their students with death if they revealed any on the teachings. Many think this means that other members of the school would kill them. I doubt that. No member of a legitimate spiritual school would kill another person as that would doom their own soul and stop their spiritual progress. I think it meant that they would make no further spiritual progress and lose their right to eternal life in spirit after physical death.

Fraternal Affection

There is a fraternal affection that happens with mystery school students. It becomes a community, a family. You help each other and protect each other. You get to know each other, often better than your own family knows you. This is a good thing. It is something most spiritual schools encourage. The real one do, anyway.

Studies and Classes

It is sad to see on social media how many have fallen for the sick joke that a spiritual awakening is something that happens instantly and involves no more than a recognition that the world of matter is not all that exists. No great spiritual or mystery school has ever taught such a thing. They didn’t spend years developing the students spiritual faculties slowly because they wanted to keep them in the school. They did it because it was necessary.

Gradual spiritual growth is the only safe way for mystery school students  to do it. You don’t join a gym and expect to become a champion bodybuilder in a week or two. It takes years. The same with spiritual development. It doesn’t even end with the death of the physical body. Those who awaken their spiritual faculties while still alive in the material world will continue to grow after death.  They will continue to climb one level at a time.