musical sensibility

Musical Sensibility for Spiritual Inspiration

“One needs to sing with inspiration. By singing beautifully, one also perceives beautiful thoughts and feelings. When you listen to talented singers and musicians, you make a connection with advanced Beings who manifest themselves through them. The vibrations of these beings penetrate far into space through the voices of these singers and are uplifting to human souls. Few are the songs that are carried through space. Seldom is when an ancient Egyptian song can be received. A song or musical piece that doesn’t remain in space is not true music.

“The subconsciousness, the consciousness, the ego consciousness, and the Higher consciousness should all participate in the singing. Those who want to sing well need to be calm within. If you sustain negative thoughts and feelings within yourselves, you cannot sing or play an instrument. Technically, you can play and sing, but not with your soul.

“Wisdom makes use of music. From now on the world of music belongs to Wisdom. Performance, which is the external aspect of music, cannot be manifested without Wisdom.

“Music is a great art. … Sublime beings apply music readily, whereas it is much harder for ordinary people to apply music. … The more advanced a person’s musical sensibility, the more stable his character.” ~Biensa Douno

Sing with Inspiration

Part of musical sensibility is to sing with inspiration. Of course, all musicians and composers will probably say that they are always inspired. In a way, that might be true, but not in the sense Douno means.

A musician can see a person running to catch a bus and be inspired by that vision to write a song. A popular singer can break up with her latest boyfriend and be inspired to write about it. But that is not the type of inspiration needed.

Douno is talking about music that is Divinely Inspired. This can happen in one of three ways. First, the musician or composer can be an awakened soul and inspired through their own spiritual knowledge. That is the best way to be inspired. A musician might also be inspired through a spiritual being putting ideas in their head, the classic “muse” method. Or third, another person who is divinely Inspired might give an idea to the musician to use. All of these methods are good, but as already noted, being divinely inspired by your own spiritual experiences is best. Continue reading “Musical Sensibility for Spiritual Inspiration”

True art, Artist and inspiration

True Art for Spiritual Inspiration

“The material mind sees as the principle of any art only a means to bring money, and not in such art a means for giving variety to life, dispelling weariness, resting that portion of the mind devoted to other business improving health and increasing vigor f mind and body. It holds to the idea of being ‘too old to learn.’ …
“The spiritual or more enlightened mind says: ‘if you would help to drive away sickness, turn your thoughts on health, strength and vigor, … on woodland scenes and growing healthy trees; on birds full of life and motion; for in so doing you turn on yourself a real current of this healthy life-giving thought. …
“But when the spiritual mind has once commenced to awaken, nothing can stop its further waking, though the material [mind] may try for a time to retard it.” ~Prentice Mulford

True Art

There are many things called art these days. Some of it deserves to be called art, some of it doesn’t. Some of it is social commentary, some of it is just whatever the artist feels like vomiting up at the time. In nearly all cases, its sole reason to exist is to make money for the artist.

Classic art had a greater purpose, a true purpose. It sought to reveal truth. It tried to inspire us. The artist wanted to teach us something important. Or is may simply server to relax us, to reduce stress. A worthy goal in this age, yet little in modern art does that accept some nature photography.

It has become popular in recent years to write novels based on the idea that secret messages are hidden in artworks by some of the great masters. This seems to be especially true of religious and spiritual paintings and sculptures. While these books are fiction, they have a valid point. Not that the painting reveal that Jesus was actually married, or that some of the apostles were women, or anything else of a material nature. What is hidden in some of the works of the great masters is spiritual truths, which the artist himself may not be aware of.

True Artists

Many of the great artists are very spiritual people. Even those who are only a little spiritual or intuitive may be inspired by a spirit muse. These muses send mental images to the artists that inspire entire works, or certain details found in them. Some of them may be simple geometric shapes in certain locations, others may be dealing with color combinations. Still others may use complex symbolic images, as in props seen near the main subject. These hidden images are there to appeal to and awaken the soul, not the mind. They send their message deep into us without our being aware of it. Yet the effect such art has on us is that it may get a few of us to start thinking more about the need to develop our spiritual self, not just the physical. That is where true art becomes useful and valuable.

Spiritual Mind and True Art

It seems like the second paragraph in the quote is about a totally different subject, but it really isn’t. The first part of the quote is about how the physical brain-mind thinks of art, and other things. He second is about how the spiritual mind thinks, but without specifically mentioning art. Yet art is still a part of it. Especially the true art discussed above.

Mulford tells us that the spiritual mind wants us to turn our thoughts to “health, strength and vigor.” He doesn’t get into how that is to be done. By mentioning woodland scenes, sea shores, tress, and so on, he is indirectly answering that question. One of the best things we can do to improve our strength and health is to get into nature more. Visit the seashore, climb mountains, hike through the woods. Those things benefit the body, mind, and spirit all at once. But for many of us, that is rarely, if ever, possible. That is where true art, spiritual art, can help. Continue reading “True Art for Spiritual Inspiration”


Nonphysical Assistance

“There are many kinds of nonphysical beings, from souls that are between lifetimes, to angels, to intergalactic beings, to the spirits of animals. Just as your sense of mutual support increases with physical people, so does your experience of cocreating with nonphysical beings. We often pray to saints, masters, and angels, asking for help—and we do this because these beings do exist. They provide much help in smoothing the process for creativity, learning, and spiritual growth … By experiencing nonphysical reality, you see how what you thought was given coincidentally y life’s circumstances is really the work of many beings, behind the scenes, helping you.” ~Penney Peirce

angel in the skyThere are nonphysical beings( I prefer to say spiritual beings and say what they are rather than what they are not) helping us. Those beings are angels, Beings of Light, and spiritual people who have passed out of the physical realm. It is also true that many people pray to saints and angels. I don’t for two primary reasons: it is better to go directly to the source (God) rather than use an intermediary, and angels and saints work for God, not us. I will be annoying and repeat that last part because so few people seem to get it: Angels and Beings of Light are working for God, not us. While they may occasionally listen to what we ask of them, and may even on rare occasion do what we ask of them, they do so only when it serves God’s Plan to do it. Continue reading “Nonphysical Assistance”