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Random Thoughts 10-18-2015

A recent study has the scientists baffled. They found that the “placebo effect”, the ability of simple sugar pills to cure illness or end pain in people who are suffering from some illness, is getting more common, but only in the United States. My guess is it’s because most people here foolishly trust doctor and drug companies.


LQ-Game1I love those La Quinta Inn ads where various business metaphors appear literally. The saying, “swim with the sharks,” is illustrated with a guy actuallyLQ-Shark swimming with sharks and the “game changer” keeps changing his outfit to match the sport mentioned by the client. It’s a great illustration of what happens when metaphor or allegory is interpreted literally. Are you listening Evangelical Christians?


BrotherSunPosterI learned recently that the music for the movie Brother Sun, Sister Moon about the awakening of St. Francis was written by Donovan. That surprised me a little since most of Donovan’s hits don’t seem very religious or spiritual, but you never know what many celebrities are really like. If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend it highly. While it doesn’t reveal everything about Francis’ awakening, it does better than most movies and books on the subject. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 10-18-2015”