Two Sides of the Spiritual Coin

“It is undeniable that there must have been some good reasons why the ancients persecuted unregulated mediums. Otherwise why, at the time of Moses and David and Samuel, should they have encouraged prophecy and divination, astrology and soothsaying, and maintained schools and colleges in which these natural gifts were strengthened and developed, while witches and those who divined by the spirit of Ob were put to death? Even at the time of Christ, the poor oppresses mediums were driven to the tombs and waste places without the city walls. Why this apparent gross injuatice? Why should banishment, persecution, and death be the portion of the physical mediums of those days, and whole communities of thaumaturgists—like the Essenes—be not merely tolerated but revered? It is because the ancients, unike ourselves, could ‘try’ the spirits and discern the difference between the good and the evil ones, the human and the elemental.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Medium1It certainly is unfortunate that most people today cannot distinguish between those who commune with good spirits and those who are communicating with, and working for (usually unwittingly) demons or Satan. Members of some modern churches label all spiritual and psychic activities as Satanism, ignoring that fact that such biblical luminaries as Moses, David, and Jesus Himself frequently did the very things they would label as Satanism if someone else did them. The biggest problem, though, is really at the other end of the spectrum. Continue reading “Two Sides of the Spiritual Coin”