Devourers of Life, Creators of Matter

The Fiery Devourers

“Reality: on that of manifested, hence illusive, being, its particles are fiery lives which live and have their being at the expense of every other life that they consume. Therefore they are named the DEVOURERS. Every visible thing in this universe was built by such LIVES, front conscious and divine primordial man down to the unconscious agents that construct matter. … From the ONE LIFE formless and Uncreated, proceeds the Universe of lives. First was manifested from the Deep (Chaos) cold luminous fire (gaseous light?) which formed the curds in space. (irresolvable nebulae, perhaps?) … These fought, nd a great heat was developed by the encountering and collision, which produced rotation. Then came the first manifested material. Fire, the hot flames, the wanderers in heaven (comets?); heat generates moist vapor; that forms solid water; then dry mist, then liquid mist, watery, that puts out the luminous brightness of the pilgrims (comets?) and forms solid watery wheels (matter globes). Bhumi (the Earth) appears with six sisters. These produce by their continuous motion the inferior fire, heat, and an aqueous mist, which yields third world element – Water. And from the breath of all (atmospheric) Air is born. These four are the four lives of the first four periods (Rounds) of Manvantara. The three last will follow.” ~H. P. Blavatsky (Quoting and translating from The Secret Doctrine)

Fiery Lives

The beings with fiery lives that are depicted here as creating the physical universe are none other than the beings we call Devils, or Fallen Angels. They are collectively called The Demiurge in Gnostic literature.

The Devourers

The Devils, Demons, or Fallen Angels can rightly be called Devourers. After they fell from Heaven, they became dependent on other lives to sustain their own. Only through killing other beings could they survive. A sorry state to be in, yet they accepted it and did what they had to in order to stay alive.

Sons and Daughters of the Devourers

If you haven’t already realized it, we humans, like virtually all forms of physical life, are also Devourers. We have to kill and eat other beings to survive. And, yes, that includes Vegans. Plants are living beings just as much as animals are, so the idea that you are not killing because you’re vegan is false. What this should tell us is that we are just as much the children of the Devourers as we are children of God. Our spirits and souls come from God, but our physical body comes from the Devourers. That is why we exist in this confused state between good and bad, spirit and matter. And as the Native American legend of the Two Wolfs says, which one succeeds depends on which one you feed. Continue reading “Devourers of Life, Creators of Matter”

perfect man

Perfect Man is Spiritual Man

The Perfect Man (or Woman)

“The Adam of dust requires the Soul of Life to be breathed into him: the two middle principles, which are the sentient life of the irrational animal and the human Soul, for the former is irrational without the latter. It is only when, from a potential androgyne, man has become separated into male and female, that he will be endowed with this conscious, rational, individual Soul, ‘the principle, or the intelligence, of the Elohim,’ to receive which he has to eat of the fruit of knowledge from the Tree of Good and Evil. How is he to obtain all this? The Occult doctrine teaches that while the Monad is cycling on downward into matter, these very Elohim – or Pitris, the lower Dhyan-Chohans – are evolving pari passu with it on a higher and more spiritual plane, descending also relatively into matter on their own plane of consciousness, when after having reached a certain point, they will meet the incarnating senseless monad, encased in the lower matter, and blending the two principles, Spirit and Matter, the union will produce the terrestrial symbol of the ‘Heavenly Man’ in space – PERFECT MAN.

“In the Sankhya philosophy, Perusha (spirit) is spoken of as something impotent unless he mounts on the shoulders of Prakriti (matter), which, left alone, is – senseless. But in the secret philosophy they are viewed as graduated.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Adam of Dust

The Adam of Dust is the man of matter without any spirit or soul. Such a being is indeed pitiful, for it has no hope of rising to higher levels of consciousness and becoming a complete spiritual being again. Fortunately, God did “breathe” the Soul of Life into us, so we are not just being of matter, not just animals, but animal bodies with a spark of the Divine in them. At times that spark may not seem like much, but it is the only hope we have to return to Heaven. It is the only way we can become the perfect man.

Two Principles

The two principles here are matter and spirit. Blavatsky, quoting the Secret Doctrine, says man is an irrational animal without a soul. Only when God gave us a soul did we become rational. Actually, I think it is more accurate to say that we are, and must always be, irrational without a spirit and soul, but we have the potential to be rational when we have a soul. It isn’t automatic, and it doesn’t always happen. As I write this in December 2020, we are dealing with millions of people in the United States listening to the irrational blathering of a narcissistic politician and accepting his fantasies as truth with absolutely no evidence. These people may have souls, but they are dormant, unawakened. And they are not the only ones. All greedy and materialistic people are, to some degree, living an irrational life because they have not awakened and developed their spiritual faculties. It is as if millions had their eyes put out at birth, and have to know the world only through sound, touch, and smell. The two principles must be present and working together for us to be functioning as rational beings. They must both be conscious if we can hope to become the perfect man. Continue reading “Perfect Man is Spiritual Man”

captive soul

Captive Soul Trapped by Matter and Darkness

“The Kingdom of Hell, and of fierce wrath, always gape after the Soul, and set their jaws wide open to devour the captive soul; which is held fettered with two strong chains; the one of the Kingdom of Hell; the other of the Kingdom of this World, and it is continually led by the heavy, lumpish, bestial, and sickly Body, as a thief who is often led to the place of execution, and still by a petition reprieved, and laid in prison again, and the poor soul must lie thus in prison the whole time of the body; where the Devil on the one side very suddenly rushes upon it with his devouring fierceness, wrath, and malice, and would carry it into the abyss. Then instantly the glistening world with pomp, bravery, covetousness, and voluptuousness of Perdition; presenting sickness and fear, and it is continually trembling and quaking; and when Man goes but in the dark, how is it amazed, and continually afraid that the executioner will take it, and do execution upon it!

“If we did well considering the abominations and great sins of man before God, … then we should scarce ever be merry in this world at all, if the spirit of this world did not cast foolish fancies and seeming joys and pleasures before us, in our imprisonment; ; or if the regeneration did not cause us to rejoice, that we shall be delivered out of this prison; for in this life we find nothing but abomination, sin, misery, and death.” ~Jacob Boehme

Devour the Captive Soul

The Kingdom of Hell does want to “devour” every soul. There is no doubt that Jacob Boehme is correct in saying that. It wants to claim as many souls as it can get. It is like a magnet drawing them to it. The good news is that an even more powerful force draws the soul towards heaven. More powerful, and yet, if we choose to embrace the clutches of Hell, hell will win the struggle and claim our captive soul—at least for a time.

The soul is a captive because it does not wish to be here, it did not choose to be here, and it is out of place here. The soul is a spirit and doesn’t do well in a physical world of matter. It is like a fish out of water, if not worse. This is why we enter this world with our spirit and soul in a dormant state something like being in a coma. It is not a healthy place for them. Nonetheless, we must awaken them and develop them while we are still trapped in a physical body. It is the only hope we have of freeing ourselves of the clutches of Hell and the fallen world of matter. Continue reading “Captive Soul Trapped by Matter and Darkness”

prince of this world

Prince of This World – The Demiurge

“It is not without a cause that Christ calls the Devil a Prince of this World, for he is so, according to the first Principle, according to the Kingdom of Wrath, and continues so to eternity. But he is not so according to the Kingdom of the four Elements and Stars; for if he had full power in that, then there would be no vegetative [fruit] nor living creatures upon the earth. He cannot master the exit of the four elements, for he is in the original, and there is a whole principle between; only when the constellations awaken the fierce Wrath of the Fire, in the Elementals, as in a tempestuous storm, then he is master juggler [in mischief,] and rejoices himself [therein.] Though indeed he has no power their neither, except it be permitted him from the anger of God then he is Hangman [or Executioner,] and execute the right as a servant, but not as a judge.

“H is Executioner in the Kingdom of this World; the stars are the council, and God is the King of the Land, and whoever departs from God, falls into the council of the stars, which run many upon the sword, … and is the Driver or Executioner.” ~Jacob Boehme

Prince of This World

Why would the devil be considered a prince of “this world”? Because the material world, the material universe, is his creation. As the Gnostic Demiurge, he created it from the realms of spirit created by the true God. But notice that the Devil is called Prince of the world, not King. As king, he could o as he pleases, but as a prince, he is limited to some degree by the laws and controls established by the real God.

Kingdom of Wrath

If you think that the material world is called the Kingdom of Wrath because God sends beings to it when He is angry, you are wrong. It is called the Kingdom of Wrath because, like The Prince of this World, the Demiurge, it is a place full of negative emotions, negative values, negative deeds. It is where anger happens. It is where jealousy happens. Fear and racism live here, and nowhere else. Likewise, death and disease are also exclusive to this dimension, and the second dimension below it which is even more material, more full of fear and wrath. Such things do not exist in the dimensions of spirit, the worlds created by the true God. Continue reading “Prince of This World – The Demiurge”