Slavery of Spirit and Breaking Free from It

“And here now was no remedy, neither in Heaven, nor in this world, they were captivated in hard slavery, in misery and death; the abyss of hell held the Soul, and the Spirit of the World held the body captive. Death and corruption was in the body; and there was nothing else in them but enmity to itself; proceeding from the that essences of the stars, wherein one source strives against the other, and one breaks [or destroys] the other with greater pain and torment to the body, with trembling and shrieking; and at last comes corruption and death, as it is before our eyes.”

“There the Devil got the game for the Kingdom of the World to be his again, he got an entrance into Man, and he could reach into the essences of his soul; for they were now both in one kingdom.

“He [the Devil] supposed; [saying:] the Kingdom of this World is thine, thou shall sport thyself according to thy power with the Image of Man, which should have possessed the Throne, his spirit is in the Kingdom; and so the Devil mocked God in his mind, [saying;] where is now the noble image, which thou didst create to rule over my throne? Am not I lord of the great Might of the Fire? … I fly up above the Thrones of Virtue and Strength, and no might can withstand me.” ~Jacob Boehme

No Remedy

Boehme says there is no remedy now for the horrors of the fallen realm of matter that we are trapped in. No remedy now, but that doesn’t mean there will never be one. In truth, throughout the ages mystics have found the remedy which is to awaken and develop the spirit and soul. But in the past, that was a very difficult process so few could do it. Now we have the Sun of Righteousness shining down on us sending a greater flow of spiritual energy to help us awaken. Soon there will be the complete remedy, which is the transformation of the realm of matter back into spirit.

Captivated in Slavery

When Boehme says we are “captivated in hard slavery” he means that while we are in the material world, we are, to a great degree, serving the powers of darkness, the Devil, or Demiurge. We may not be doing so intentionally, but that doesn’t change the facts. If we embrace the concepts of materialism, we are slaves. We are like the teenager who has a crush on a celebrity known only through their movies or public appearances. The teen has never met the celebrity in real life, never seen them without the movie land professional makeup and wardrobe, yet they are in love with them. Being in love with material goods is just as unrealistic because matter is an illusion. When you embrace an illusion, you are enslaved by darkness.

Death and Corruption

Death and corruption are in the body, but it isn’t limited to the body. Death and corruption is a prime attribute of the realm of matter. In this world nothing lasts forever, nothing stays young and healthy, nothing stays alive without killing and eating other beings except most plants. Foolish people say we shouldn’t question this, that there must be a good reason for it if God made it this way. But that is why you should question it because there is no way the real God would have made a place of death and destruction. The fact that it is like that is proof that this dimension was not created by God. God wants us to free ourselves from spiritual slavery. Continue reading “Slavery of Spirit and Breaking Free from It”


Unattainable Time, Persistence of Illusion

Unattainable Time

“Time is illusive, that is unattainable. If we try to take hold of it by looking at it from the outside, then we cannot even have ordinary refreshments1. When time is caught objectively in a serialization of past, present, and future, it is like trying to catch one’s own shadow. This is negating eternity constantly. The unatainable must be grasped from the inside. One has to live in it and with it. While moving and changing one must become the moving and changing. Emerson in

Brahma, sings of the eternal as ‘one’ in the changing and moving forms of time:

‘They reckon ill who leave me out: When me they fly. I am the wings; I am the doubter and the doubt. And I the hymn the Brahman sings.’

“Where the doubter and the doubt are one, there is Brahma as ‘the pattern of the eternal nature,’ which is God Himself. When the doubter and the doubt are separated and placed in the serialism of time, the dichotomy cuts into every moment of life darkening forever the light of eternity.

“’Living in the light of eternity’ is to get into the oneness and allness of things and to live with it.This is what the Japanese call ‘seeing things sona-mama‘, in their suchness, which in William Blake’s terma is to ‘hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.’” ~Daisetz Suzuki

Time is Illusive

Most of us take it for granted that time can be conveniently divided into past, present, and future. But when you try to get into detail, things get illusive. Specifically, when you try to define “the present”. I remember reading recently that according to one person, the “present” can be defined as a period of a few seconds. That is because it takes a few seconds after something occurs for our eyes to see it, transmit the images to the brain, get them interpreted, and react. But that seems to limit the definition of the present to human response. What about a computer that can execute thousands of commands in a second? If it just finished executing an instruction, doesn’t that instruction now become the past? In any case, my point is this. As technology has improved we can cut time into smaller and smaller pieces. This is resulting in what is called the present to get shorter and shorter. In addition, it is true that we are not aware of a thing until a second or two after it happens. So we can’t know anything about the present, only the recent past. So the idea of living in the present only is technically impossible. At best, we must live in the recent past. Continue reading “Unattainable Time, Persistence of Illusion”

innumerable atoms

Innumerable Atoms Whirling and Dancing

“’The red brick,’ says Science, ‘is a mere convention. In reality, that bit, like all other bits of the universe, consists, so far as I know at present, of innumerable atoms whirling and dancing one about the other. It is no more solid than a snowstorm. Were you to eat of Alice-in-Wonderland’s mushroom, and shrink to the dimensions of the infra-world, each atom with its electrons might seem to you a solar system and the red brick itself a universe. Moreover, these atoms themselves elude me as I try to grasp them. They are only manifestations of something else. Could I track matter to its lair, I might conceivable discover that it has no extension, and become an idealist in spite of myself. As for redness, as you call it, that is a question of the relstionship between your optic nerve and the light waves which it is unable to absorb. This evening, when the sun slopes, your brick will probably be purple, a very little deviation from normal vision on your part would make it green. Even the sense that the object of perception is outside yourself may be fancy; since you can as easily attribute this external quality to images seen in dreams, and to waking hallucinations, as you do to those objects which, as you absurdly say, are really there.’

“Further, there is no trustworthy standard by which we can separate the ‘real’ from the ‘unreal’ aspects of phenomena. Such standards as exist are conventional and correspond to convenience, not to truth.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Red Brick

It is surprising that Evelyn Underhill wrote this about 100 years ago. She shows an understanding of the realm of matter that rivals the best Quantum Physicists of today. But that is true of many great spiritual teachers and prophets. They often saw a reality that was hidden to material science, and still do in some cases.

So first off, she is telling us that the apparently hard-as-rock and totally solid brick is nothing of the sort. It is revealed to be mostly empty space when sufficiently magnified. And this wad when the smallest particles known were atoms. But now we can even look into the atom and see the subatomic particles from which it is constructed. And when it is magnified sufficiently to do that, it is revealed that the greatest part of the atom is empty space. The electrons and the nucleus of the atom make us far less than one percent of the total size of the complete atom. But it probably isn’t completely true to say that what is between those particles is “empty space”. It is more accurate to say they are areas devoid of matter. They are, however, holding great amounts of energy, as we know from atomic bombs which are created by freeing that energy in the atoms.

Innumerable Atoms Dancing

This is something that most people don’t think about, but should. Underhill is correct in saying that the atoms are whirling, dancing, moving. They are always moving. They never stop moving. If they stopped moving, it would probably be as much of a disaster to us as when they are broken open in atomic bombs.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Look at this on another level. Everything in the universe is constantly moving as well. Planets spin around stars. Stars dance around the center of a galaxy, and so on. Movement is life. Yet too many humans seem to have the goal in life of reducing their movement as much as possible. Some would probably be perfectly happy to sit still forever if it were possible. But that is not how things function in a living universe. In fact, it is probably true that those who constantly move are those who grow or at least have the potential to grow if they move in the right direction. Those who try to avoid moving, or changing, cannot grow. The strength of that red brick is in the innumerable atoms moving within it. When we move, within and without, we make ourselves stronger.

Matter Has No Extension

I think what Underhill means by this is that matter has no reality behind it. Matter is an illusion. That teaching is shared by most spiritual and mystery schools of the past and present. But that doesn’t mean that matter doesn’t exist. It does exist, but it isn’t what it appears to be. The physical universe is, according to the findings of quantum physics, just a great hologram. Since a hologram is just an image made of light, that solid red brick is but an image made entirely of light. Quantum physics also tells us that those atoms, or at least the electrons in them, are only particles when observes. When not observed, they are just waves of potential. That is why light is both waves and particles.

So those innumerable atoms whirling and dancing are really beams of light in a hologram whirling and dancing. And to some degree, the dance they do seems to be determined by us. We might say it is a giant sandbox or Lego set. But before you run outside and try to manifest a Rolls Royce, remember it is WE who generate the universe; a collective we, not each individual. It is the sum of all our thoughts that create the world we see. The thoughts of just one have only a very limited effect on the universe and those innumerable atoms.

dense body

Dense Body of Matter Can Become Light

“At the time when the etheric body still further densifies and changes from a light-body into a fire or heat-body, the stage of evolution has been reached at which, as described above, pats of the solid earth elements are incorporated into man. Because the etheric body has condensed to the consistency of fire, it is now able, by means of the forces of the physical body previously implanted in it, to combine with the physical substances of the earth attenuated as far as the fire state. But by itself it would no longer be able to introduce air substances into the body which has meanwhile become more more solidified. …

“The result is that this life becomes independent of the soul part of man. … The Lords of Form now remain united with the image, and the life they have bestowed, they transfer to man’s descendants, when his soul has left his body. Thus comes about what may be called heredity, and when the human soul once more appears on earth it feels that it has a body animated by the life of its ancestors. … In that way, something like a memory is formed of the ancestor with whom the soul feels itself to be at one. This memory passes through the line of descendants in the form of a consciousness possessed in common. The ego thus flows down through the generations.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Dense Body

In his own way, Steiner is telling us that that we started out with bodies that were not dense at all, but over many generations and many centuries became denser and denser. The result is that we now have a physical body that is so dense it cannot possibly live on Divine Light as we were intended to live. We may wish to quit eating our fellow beings of matter, but we cannot. We can cut down on killing and eating other beings (whether plant or animal makes little difference), but we can’t completely stop and live on light alone. We have to reverse this body compacting process and eventually we will become of a high enough vibration that we can live only of Divine Light once again.

Light-Body to Heat-Body

Steiner talks of this process of the light body descending deeper into matter and becoming what he calls a fire-body or heat-body “evolution”. More accurately, this descent into matter should be call devolution. When you turn around and head back in the other direction, then you can say you are evolving. Some believe that this evolution to devolution is a cycle that keeps repeating. If so, it is a cycle that takes billions of years to complete. Continue reading “Dense Body of Matter Can Become Light”