perfect man

Perfect Man is Spiritual Man

The Perfect Man (or Woman)

“The Adam of dust requires the Soul of Life to be breathed into him: the two middle principles, which are the sentient life of the irrational animal and the human Soul, for the former is irrational without the latter. It is only when, from a potential androgyne, man has become separated into male and female, that he will be endowed with this conscious, rational, individual Soul, ‘the principle, or the intelligence, of the Elohim,’ to receive which he has to eat of the fruit of knowledge from the Tree of Good and Evil. How is he to obtain all this? The Occult doctrine teaches that while the Monad is cycling on downward into matter, these very Elohim – or Pitris, the lower Dhyan-Chohans – are evolving pari passu with it on a higher and more spiritual plane, descending also relatively into matter on their own plane of consciousness, when after having reached a certain point, they will meet the incarnating senseless monad, encased in the lower matter, and blending the two principles, Spirit and Matter, the union will produce the terrestrial symbol of the ‘Heavenly Man’ in space – PERFECT MAN.

“In the Sankhya philosophy, Perusha (spirit) is spoken of as something impotent unless he mounts on the shoulders of Prakriti (matter), which, left alone, is – senseless. But in the secret philosophy they are viewed as graduated.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Adam of Dust

The Adam of Dust is the man of matter without any spirit or soul. Such a being is indeed pitiful, for it has no hope of rising to higher levels of consciousness and becoming a complete spiritual being again. Fortunately, God did “breathe” the Soul of Life into us, so we are not just being of matter, not just animals, but animal bodies with a spark of the Divine in them. At times that spark may not seem like much, but it is the only hope we have to return to Heaven. It is the only way we can become the perfect man.

Two Principles

The two principles here are matter and spirit. Blavatsky, quoting the Secret Doctrine, says man is an irrational animal without a soul. Only when God gave us a soul did we become rational. Actually, I think it is more accurate to say that we are, and must always be, irrational without a spirit and soul, but we have the potential to be rational when we have a soul. It isn’t automatic, and it doesn’t always happen. As I write this in December 2020, we are dealing with millions of people in the United States listening to the irrational blathering of a narcissistic politician and accepting his fantasies as truth with absolutely no evidence. These people may have souls, but they are dormant, unawakened. And they are not the only ones. All greedy and materialistic people are, to some degree, living an irrational life because they have not awakened and developed their spiritual faculties. It is as if millions had their eyes put out at birth, and have to know the world only through sound, touch, and smell. The two principles must be present and working together for us to be functioning as rational beings. They must both be conscious if we can hope to become the perfect man. Continue reading “Perfect Man is Spiritual Man”

nothing contrary to the proper constitution of man

Nothing Contrary to the Proper Constitution of Man

Do Nothing Contrary to the Proper Constitution of Man

“Through the substance of the universe pass all particular bodies, being all of the same nature, and all joint workers with the universe itself, and all joint workers with the universe itself as in one of our bodies so many members among themselves. How many such as Chrysippus, how many such as Socrates, how many such as Epictetus, has the age of the world long since swallowed up and devoured? Let this, be it either men or businesses, that you have occasion to think of, to the end that your thoughts be not distracted and thy mind too earnestly set upon anything, upon every such occasion presently come to thy mind. Of all my thoughts and cares, one only thing shall be the object, that I myself do nothing which which to the proper constitution of man, (either in regard of the thing itself, or in regard of the manner, or of the time of doing.) is contrary. The time when you will have forgotten all things is at hand. And that time also is at hand, when you shall be forgotten by all. While thou art, apply thyself to that which unto man as he is a mart, is most proper and agreeable and that is for a man to love even them who transgress against him.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Through the Substance of the Universe

What Aurelius is saying here, is that all beings pass at some time through the universe. It is obvious that he means the physical or material universe, not the spiritual one. So he is saying that all beings descend at some point into matter. That is actually not correct. It is true, however, that all beings in the physical realm have descended from the higher dimensions of spirit. The aim of most spiritual development programs is to help man and all fallen being to get back to the spiritual world where they belong. Continue reading “Nothing Contrary to the Proper Constitution of Man”

native country of man

Native Country of Man is Heaven

The Native Country of Man

“Behold, you Child of Man, there is no sin in heaven in the Presence of God; only in thyself there is sin, and sin separates us and our God asunder; otherwise all things are fixed, and good in their own being; the Kingdom of Hell and of Wrath is good in itself, according to its own region, it does not vex or torment itself, but its woe is its birth, and the rising of its source, also it desires nothing else.

“And so also the kingdom of this world is fixed [or perfect,] and good in itself; neither does it vex or torment itself; but the elevation of the elements, is its growing and springing, neither does it torment itself in itself, nor has it any distress or fear in itself.

“Only Man has in both those principles, woe, misery, sorrow, and distress; for he is not in his native Country, and none of these two principles can attain his native Country. Therefore, the poor soul must be plagued and tormented, that it may attain its native Country again; it must go again through the Gate of the Deep Anguish of Death; it must break through two kingdoms. …

“It stretches to God, then the Devil holds it on one side with one band, and the World with another band.” ~Jacob Boehme

No Sin in Heaven

This one should be obvious. Heaven is the place of God, His angels, and those souls that have been perfected. So of course there is no sin there. But Boehme seems to mean this in another way. He is saying each dimension of being is, within itself, without sin, for each dimension (which he calls principles) operates perfectly within the rules of its own domain. I’m not sure this is true of all dimensions, but it is definitely true of Heaven. So as the native country of man is Heaven, sin is not actually in our nature.

Sin Separates

Yes, sin does separate us from God. More accurately, though, separation from God makes sin possible. Sin is the result of ignorance. Ignorance of our true nature, ignorance of God, and ignorance of God’s Law and God’s Divine Plan. Those who are one with God do not sin as they know the harm it would do to themselves and others. Those who are in contact with that native country of man know God and know God’s law. In knowing God, they feel great love and have no desire to defy Him. Continue reading “Native Country of Man is Heaven”

be good

Be Good for Your Sake and the World’s

“Whatever any man either does or says, thou must be good; not for any man’s sake, but for your own nature’s sake; as if either gold, or the emerald, or purple, should ever be saying to themselves. Whatsoever any man either does or says, I must still be an emerald, and I must keep my color.

“This may even be my comfort and security: my understanding that rules over all, will not of itself bring trouble and vexation upon itself. Thus I say; it will not put itself in any fear, it will not lead itself into any concupiscence. If it be in the power of any other to compel it to fear, or to grieve, it is free for him to use his power. But sure of itself through some false opinion or supposition incline itself to any such disposition; there is no fear. For as for the body, why should I make the grief of my body, to be the grief of my mind? If that itself can either fear or complain, let it. But as for the soul, which indeed can only be truly sensible of either fear or grief, to which only it belongs according to its different imaginations and opinions, to admit of either of them, or of their contraries; thou may look to that thyself, that it suffer nothing.” ~Marcus Aurelius

You Must Be Good

It seems quite strange for a Roman Emperor to be advising people to be good, but Marcus Aurelius was not a violent and sexually-perverted kind of emperor they make movies about. He doesn’t get any movies because he is considered boring. He was spiritual, not materialistic.

Because he was spiritual, he knew that it was important for each of us to be good, not so much for the sake of others, but for ourselves! Even if we are not certain what truly is good or bad, when we do what we believe is good, we feel better within ourselves. When we feel good about ourselves, we treat others good also. And when we feel good about ourselves, and we treat others well, we are far more likely to get along with each other and help each other then we would if we are always looking for ways to con others or reasons to dislike them or feel superior to them. So to be good benefits ourselves most of all, but it also benefits the entire world. And the greater the number of us who try their best to be good as much as possible, the more the world benefits. Continue reading “Be Good for Your Sake and the World’s”