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Magic, White and Black, Spiritual and Material

“The white magician would impart to other souls the spiritual life he bears within him. The black magician has the urge to kill, to create a void around him in the astral world because this void affords him a field in which his egoistic desires may disport themselves. He needs the power which he acquires by taking the vital force of everything that lives, that is to say, by killing it. That is why the first sentence on the tables of black magic is: Life must be conquered. …
“It is for this reason that the Occult Brotherhoods decided to demonstrate and reveal the hidden truths. For humanity is passing through a crisis and must be helped to regain health and equilibrium. Only by virtue of spirituality can this health and equilibrium be restored.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Black & White Magic

While Mr. Steiner’s description of black and white magic is true, it is overly simplistic. It’s like a children’s book where there is no doubt who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. As adults, we know that real life is rarely so cut and dry. In between the purest white and the blackest black are many shades of gray. We need to recognize that and account for it. Let’s look at the attributes of the white magician and black magician, or more accurately, the servants of God and Light and the servants of Satan and Darkness.

Servants of Light

The servants of Light do try to impart spiritual life to others, but that comes only after a good deal of preliminary work. So don’t assume that because an adept or spiritual initiate isn’t trying to teach others, that he is practicing dark magic. He may simply have not yet reached that stage where he can safely teach others. Continue reading “Magic, White and Black, Spiritual and Material”

Visions, Reason, Knowledge and Spiritual sight

Mysticism and Magic

“It will be our business later to consider in more detail the characteristics and significance of magic. Now it is enough to say that we may class broadly as magical all forms of self-seeking transcendentalism. … Whether the end proposed be the evocation of an angel, the power of transcending circumstances, or the healing of disease. The object is always the same: the deliberate exaltation of the will, till it transcends its usual limitations and obtains … something which they did not previously possess. …
“Mysticism, whose great name is too often given to these supersensual activities, has nothing in common with this. It is non-individualistic. … It is essentially a movement of the heart, seeking to transcend the limitations of the individual standpoint and to surrender itself to ultimate Reality, for no personal gain … but purely from an instinct of love.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Things have changes somewhat since Ms. Underhill wrote this about 100 years ago. We still have these two schools of thought with how to deal with the world beyond the physical, but we use different terminology. We don’t refer to magic anymore except in fictional novels. Instead we have positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, and visualization as forms of magic. It is possible to use such things in a mystical or spiritual way rather than magical, in other words to benefit the whole rather than just ourselves, but they are mostly used for self-benefit in the material world. Continue reading “Mysticism and Magic”


As Alpha, So Omega

“There is only one dogma in Magic, and it is this: The visible is the manifestation of the invisible, or, in other terms, the perfect word, in things appreciable and visible, bears an exact proportion to the things which are inappreciable by our senses and unseen by the eyes. The Magus raised one hand towards heaven and points down with the other to earth … The first letter in the alphabet of the sacred language, Aleph, represents a man extending one hand toward heaven and the other to earth. It is an active expression of the active principle in everything; it is creation in heaven corresponding to the omnipotence of the word below.” ~Eliphas Levi

AlephI would say “spirituality” rather than “Magic” because most people today think of magic as Harry potter and friends waving their wands around and turning crows into goblets, etc. It is certainly true that everything we see I the visible or material world is a manifestation of something in the spiritual that existed before it. What this doesn’t mention is the distortion and loss of energy that occurs when a spiritual “thing’ become a physical object, or objects (often, the spiritual must be split to slow it down to the point where it’s frequency is low enough to manifest as matter).

Prophets and seers who predict future events often do so by seeing into the spiritual and observing changes that are taking place there before they manifest on the material level. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know with great accuracy exactly what will manifest when a particular node of spiritual energy devolves into matter. This means that these prophets and seers often fail to see exactly what is coming, except in a general sense, causing skeptics to doubt their abilities. It is not that they seeing things falsely, but that they don’t always interpret it correctly. It’s kind of like if you see a plane flying by and you try to predict where it is going. You may see the plane clearly, but that doesn’t always tell you where it is headed. Also, there is the problem that when a seer looks more than a year or two into the future, he may see things so different, that he doesn’t understand what he sees. He may therefore misinterpret something because he has no point of reference. Continue reading “As Alpha, So Omega”


Real Spiritual Science

“There is a true and false [spiritual] science, a Divine and an Infernal Magic – in other words, one which is delusive and tenebrous. It is our task to reveal the one and unveil the other, to distinguish the magician from the sorcerer and the adept from the charlatan. The magician avails himself of a force which he knows, the sorcerer seeks to misuse that which he does not understand. … Magic is the traditional science of the secrets of Nature which have been transmitted to us from the Magi. By means of this science the adept is invested with a species of relative omnipotence and can operate superhumanly, that is, after a manner which transcends the normal possibilities of men.” ~Eliphas Levi

Portrait of mystery unrecognizable monkI would not use the terms “magic” and “sorcery” to label the two types of spiritual science, but otherwise, I completely agree with Levi. Of course, this is not a problem limited to spiritual development, especially if we consider Levi’s description of the sorcerer as one who misuses forces he does not truly understand. Sadly, much of what is called science today falls into that category.

One of the most discussed areas of this type of science is that of genetic engineering and the creation of GMO crops, many used to feed people and animals. The “sorcerers” who create these frankenfoods may have studied diligently all that is known about generics before they started rearranging genes and chromosomes . The problem is genetics is a very young science and a great deal about is still not known. Simply because you don’t know it does not mean it is safe to ignore it. They don’t know what mutations will be created after their mutated crops survive several generations. We know that something like the Chernobyl disaster can trigger mutations in normal, natural plants and animals. We do not know how much more this will happen with plants already mutated by the genetic engineers, or how much easier such mutations may be triggered. Yet they still continue with these products because they are profitable, at least in the short term. Continue reading “Real Spiritual Science”