magic of the divine ternary

Magic of the Divine Ternary of God

Magic of the Divine Ternary

“The Devil attempted with his whole force and endeavor to darken the Light; nor was he wholly frustrated in his hopes, for he deprived all Greece of it, and, in place thereof, introduced among that people human speculation and simple blasphemies against God and against His Son. Magic, it is true, had its origin in the Divine Ternary and arose from the Trinity of God. For God marked all his creatures with this Ternary and engraved its hieroglyph on them with His own finger. Nothing in the nature of things can be assigned or produced that lacks this magistery of the Divine Ternary, or that does not even ocularly prove it. The creature teaches us to understand and see the Creator Himself, as St. Paul testifies to the Romans. This covenant of the Divine Ternary, diffused throughout the whole substance of things, is indisputable. By this alone, we have the secrets of all Nature from the four elements. For the Ternary, with the magical Quaternary, produces a perfect Septenary, endowed with many arcana and demonstrated by things which are known. When the Quaternary rests in the Ternary, then arise the Light of the World on the horizon of eternity, and by the assistance of God gives us the whole bond.” ~Paracelsus

The Devil Brings Darkness

I find it quite sad that there are so many who call themselves spiritual these days who don’t believe in the Devil and think, therefore, that all the terrible things that happen in the world of matter are being done by God. If that were true, God would be one evil being and certainly not worthy of worship. Fortunately, it isn’t true. God creates good, the Devil creates evil. God creates Light, the Devil creates darkness.

We are not talking about light and dark in the physical sense, although they are affected by it. The Light from God and darkness from the Devil or Demiurge are spiritual things. SO when Paracelsus says the Devil tries to darken the Light and sometimes succeeds to some degree, he is correct. Not that the Demiurge actually dims the spiritual Light from God, but he blocks it and hides it from us. This results in many thinking that the simple material light is the Light of God, but it isn’t Only the magic of the Divine Ternary brings the true Light, the Spiritual Light, that comes to us through the Spiritual Sun. Continue reading “Magic of the Divine Ternary of God”

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Secret Magic of the Mystics and Wisemen

“Many persons have endeavoured to investigate and make use of the secret magic of these wise men; but it has not yet been accomplished. Many even of our own age exalt Trithemius, others Bacon and Agrippa; for magic and the cabala – two things apparently quite distinct – not knowing why they do so. Magic, indeed, is an art and faculty whereby the elementary bodies, their fruits, properties, virtues, and hidden operations are comprehended. But the cabala, by a subtle understanding of the Scriptures, seems to trace out the way to God for men, to show them how they may act with Him, and prophecy from Him; for the cabala is full of divine mysteries, even as magic is full of natural secrets. It teaches of and foretells from the nature of things to come as well as of things present, since its operation consists in knowing the inner constitution of all creatures, of celestial as well as terrestrial bodies: what is latent within them; what are their occult virtues; for what they were originally designed, and with what properties they are endowed. These and the like subjects are the bonds wherewith things celestial are bound up with things of the earth, as may sometimes be seen in their operations even with the bodily eyes.” ~Paracelsus

Secret Magic of the Wiseman

The magic Paracelsus is writing about is not simple stage magic. Neither is it the use of healing herbs or putting spells on people to heel or harm them. He is talking about spiritual magic. It is secret magic because it is not taught in public schools, or even in universities. It is taught only in mystery schools and advanced spiritual schools. It is not about tricking or controlling others. The secret magic is about self-transformation and transformation of the world.

Secret Magic and the Kabbala

Paracelsus says that Bacon, Agrippa, and Trithemius were exalted by some for their knowledge of magic and the Kabbala (which he spells “cabala”). He then states that these are two “apparently” distinct disciplines. I think the keyword in that phrase is “apparently”. I believe he is wording it that way to tell us that they are not so different, and in some ways may be the same thing. He doesn’t seem to truly explain the statement, yet follows it with two sentences stating what each discipline is.

He says that magic is an art for understanding the physical world and the properties of the things in it, both obvious properties and hidden ones. Then he says the Kabbala is more about leading people to God by showing them the path to God and the higher dimensions where God and the angels and found. Hat sounds like they are two very different things, but not so fast.

By learning through magic the secret properties of physical things, we find that those secret properties are spiritual in nature. So magic is also a form of awakening to the spiritual. So secret magic may be thought of as an early stage of the Path to God and enlightenment, and the Kabbala is a further continuation of that training and discipline. So they are different, but only in the way that grade school is different from high school.

Things to Come and Things Present

It is understandable why someone would want to belong to a discipline or learn a secret magic that allowed them to know at least some future events and trends, but why the present? It is because while the present is all around us, we are aware of only a tiny part of it. Often the part we are aware of, the part we are dealing with on a daily basis is not the most important part, or the most meaningful part. On a personal level, we may feel perfectly healthy, but have a dangerous disease beginning to grow in us. Or we may think we are perfectly safe walking down a street, not aware that a driver has lost control of his car and is about to slam into us. The ones with secret magic on their side, or as Paracelsus says, the ones who study the Kabbala would know.

And in addition to knowing about personal things in the present and future, the secret magic can help us know how the world is changing, how our country is changing, and how the entire physical universe is changing (which it is!). Having that knowledge can be of great advantage. It allows you to prepare for what is coming, and even participate when it is something good.

Gaining Secret Magic

Fortunately, the secret magic is not something found only in the mystery schools of the distant past or in secret mountain monasteries in Tibet. It is available to nearly all of us with the right training and the right disciplines. The most important discipline is to practice spiritual sun-gazing. Not ordinary sun gazing, but a spiritual variation of it. That is the secret magic of sun gazing. One can do ordinary sun-gazing and get some physical benefits, but you can also go beyond that to spiritual sun gazing that awakens and nourishes the spiritual faculties. The secret magic comes to those who have awakened and developed those faculties with devotion and dedication.


Gossip: Most Accepted Form of Black Magic

“Looking at everyday human interactions, imagining how many times we cast spells on each other with our word. Over time this interaction has become the worst form of black magic,and we call it gossip.

“Gossip is black magic at its very worst because it is pure poison. We learned how to gossip by agreement. When we were children we heard the adults around us gossip all the time, openly giving their opinions about other people. They even had opinions about people they didn’t know. Emotional poison was transferred along with the opinions, and we learned this as the normal way to communicate.

“Gossiping has become … the way we feel close to each other, because it makes us feel better to see someone else feel as badly as we do.” ~Don Miquel Ruiz

Casting Spells

Ruiz feels that when we tell someone something that isn’t true, even if we believe it is true, we are, in a sense, casting a spell on them. It is casting a spell because if we convince others to believe things that are false, we affect their view of reality. This is true even when we believe that what we are saying is true.

It starts with parents teaching the infant what they believe. Then teachers in school add to the trance. Friends and others add even more. The result is we have a mental landscape within us that is based almost entirely on opinion, not fact.


Ruiz says the worse form of casting spells with our words is gossiping. It makes complete sense to me. When we share things we believe to be true, but are not, we are at least trying to be honest. When it comes to gossip, we know that most of it is false or highly exaggerated. If we share it anyway, even saying that it is just gossip, we are not only programming others with lies, but encouraging them to do the same. When others know that what we are sharing with them is gossiping, we are telling them that gossiping is acceptable. And when kids overhear adults gossiping, they are taught that it is the normal way to behave and communicate. Continue reading “Gossip: Most Accepted Form of Black Magic”

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Spellbinding, Magic, and Prayer

“There is much drawing and spell-binding dependent on no interfering machinations; the true magic is internal to the All, its attractions, and, not less, its repulsions. Here is the primal mage and sorcerer—discovered by men who thenceforth turn those same ensorcellations [sic] and magic arts upon one another. … There has arisen an art of magic love-drawing whose practitioners,by the force of contact, implant in others a new temperament, one favoring union as being informed with love. …

“The tune of an incantation a significant cry, the mien of the operator, these too have a natural power over the soul upon which they are directed. … Similarly, with regard to prayers. … The prayer is answered by the mere fact that part and other part are wrought to one tone like a musical string which, plucked at one end, vibrates at the other also.” ~Plotinus


Nowadays when we say that something is spellbinding we mean that it holds are attention so thoroughly, we notice little else. It is as if we are in the control of a hypnotic trance or magic spell. When Plotinus used the term, he actually meant the spells of magicians and sorcerers being used to control, or at least manipulate, others.

Spellbinding God

What Plotinus is saying in his rambling way is that the only source of real magic is God, or the All. The mage, sorcerer, wizard or spiritual guru do not create any magic, they simply direct it. They learn how to use what is there. It is like a fireman pointing a hose toward the fire he wishes to put out. He may aim the hose, but he isn’t creating the water.

Dark Spellbinding

What Plotinus doesn’t really get into here is that there are essentially two kinds of magical manipulation. There are those who are using the power of God directly, and those who are turning to Satan for power. They don’t realize that the power that Satan welds is power stolen from God, so the smart thing to do is turn to the actual source. If you want to use these magic powers for evil, however, then you have to borrow the power from Satan. What the fools who dot hat don’t seem to realize is that Satan is not handing them out for free. He will show up one day to collect the bill. Continue reading “Spellbinding, Magic, and Prayer”