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Cultivating Yourself on All Levels

“Some people spend all of their time thinking about common and ordinary things; no wonder they don’t progress much. Others spend half an hour and more thinking about the good, faith, love, thinking about the great things of the world. These people are cultivating the soil for their future genius.

“God’s teaching is the best soil; whoever falls on that soil will grow and multiply.

“Evil in mind is an abnormal condition. It is manifested through weak people. Strengthen your will; do not let your negative traits manifest themselves.

“Tell yourself the truth about your defects and you will free yourself from the restrictions you are living in.

“Prepare yourself for paradise. With the burden of materialism, one will not stay a second in paradise. The materialism that a man has in his consciousness is so heavy that if he happens to enter paradise with it; he will be expulsed for less than a second or he will go down.

“Arm yourself with Truth, Good, Wisdom, and Love, and begin to erase your sins from the past. Ask for forgiveness and forgive.” ~Biensa Douno

Common and Ordinary Things

Many people will insist they do not spend all of their time thinking about common and ordinary things. They think of great things, important things. They think about the rules of law. Some may think about running a business. Other may be studying and experimenting to make some great scientific discovery. But while those things may seem great on the level of materialism, in reality, they are very much the common and ordinary things that Douno is talking about. Virtually anything about the realm of matter, with the possible exception of escaping from it, is common and ordinary. What is really sad is that many today seem to think they are engaging in some sort of spiritual activity when they are trying desperately to manifest material things. Manifesting is only spiritual if you are manifesting spiritual things. But I’m not even sure manifesting is possible with spiritual things. The realm of spirit doesn’t function like thought-manipulated molding clay. Only matter does that since it is illusion to began with, and has no definite shape.

When Douno says the people who spend all their time and effort on common things “don’t progress much,” he doesn’t mean in the material sense. Of course such people become governors, senators, and business executives. He means they don’t make any meaningful progress. In other words, they don’t make spiritual progress.

Cultivating Yourself

Spending thirty minutes developing yourself daily is indeed cultivating yourself. It doesn’t have to be thirty minutes a day. It could be a few hours a week. It might be only fifteen minutes a day. The important thing is that you never stop learning, never stop growing. This is important for your mental self but is even more important for the spiritual self.

In today’s materialistic world, the spirit and soul are, on average, the least developed parts of humanity. And then we wonder why we live in violence and poor health. We wonder why we are never satisfied with what we have. The answer is that deep down some part of us is craving a spiritual awakening. That is what we need more than anything else. Cultivating yourself includes body, mind, and spirit.

Truth, Love, Wisdom

Douno says we need to prepare ourselves for paradise. That certainly sounds like a good idea. But how? You have to have some understanding of what heaven is in order to be ready for it.

If your boss tells you that it would be great if you learned to operate a glopstugel, it doesn’t help you any if you don’t have any idea what a glopstugel is (I certainly hope you don’t, I made it up).

Douno helps by telling us to arm ourselves with truth, good, wisdom, and love. While that is certainly a big part of cultivating yourself, even here there are some problems of understanding. In order to prepare for heaven, you need to go beyond ordinary truth, ordinary wisdom, and self-serving love.

If, for example, you see an oak tree across the street, and I ask you what it is, if you say it is an oak tree, you think you have told the truth. But you haven’t. You have only told the truth within the boundaries of the great illusion of the world of matter. The real truth is something much deeper that few people ever see, or even realize exists.

Wisdom is even more confusing. In today’s world, knowledge and wisdom are often confused. Many think that being wise simply means having a lot of knowledge. Others will say that wisdom is knowing how to use what knowledge you have. While that second one is correct, it too comes with a caveat. First, if your knowledge is limited to the world of matter, it is incomplete and inaccurate. In such a case, it is impossible to truly use it wisely.

Love and good are also too vague to truly understand. But there is an answer to this dilemma.

Awakening to Gnosis is Cultivating Yourself

Our mind is limited to an understanding of the physical world. The soul knows the realms beyond the physical. But that doesn’t do us any good if we spend our entire life on Earth with our soul dormant. We are born into this realm with our spirit and soul in a coma-like state. They are not dead, but they can’t really function until awakened. Doing that takes effort. While there may be some very rare cases of the soul awakening without effort, just sitting back and waiting for that to happen is like planning on winning the lottery to finance your retirement. Make the effort to awaken them.

It takes energy to awaken our spiritual faculties. Energy that comes from God, down to the spiritual sun, and then down to Earth. So we need to turn to the spiritual sun and actively take in that energy. We need to do that regularly. That is not just cultivating ourselves, it is cultivating our real selves, our permanent selves. Cultivating yourself means seeking out and excepting that energy that awakens and nourishes the soul.

When the spirit and soul are truly awakened, they understand the real truth. They also know real love, real goodness. That gives them real wisdom.


Foundation of Your Spiritual Home

“Put love as a foundation of your home, put goodness and virtue as a wall, wisdom as a roof, and truth as windows.

“One thing will save you when you are broken, applying love!

“Many people are slaves to the outer conditions. Apply faith, start loving the whole world, and you will be free.

“In the future, the relationships among people must be based on cleanness and holiness. If they keep repeating the contemporary kind of relations among each other, that will be a waste of time

“Knowledge is obtained from higher beings. Do not expect knowledge from ordinary people. …

“ Use natural methods, the good you acquire with them is lasting, artificial methods begin with great effects, but always end up bad for you.

“The reason for the badness lies in you. The reason for the goodness lies in you. To transform your bad traits into good is the alive science.” ~Biensa Douno

Building Your Home

It is, I think, a wonderful allegory to think of our gaining of truth and positive motions as building our home. Our physical body, at least, lives primarily under the control of our mind. A healthy mind will, therefore, lead to a healthy body. A loving mind is indeed a great foundation for our home. And the foundation is the most important part of the home. A bad roof can be replaced without disturbing the rest of the house. Bad doors or windows can be replaced. But a crumbling foundation likely means he whole house will have to be replaced.

But the mind should also be under control of the divine soul. This is rarely the case, however, because few of us have awakened their souls. In fact, few are even aware that we come into the physical world with our spirit and soul in a dormant state something like a coma. Because we don’t know this, we make no effort to fix it.

Slaves to Conditions

In Plato’s famous tale of the people living in a cave, the people living in that cave know nothing of the world outside of the cave. In fact, as far as they are concerned, the cave is the world. They are trapped by their own beliefs.

We may not be literally living in Plato’s cave, but most of us are, in many ways, much like those unfortunate cave-dwellers. We are trapped by the beliefs and conventions of the society we live in and the education it provides. A great deal of that education is theory, but rarely are we told that. When we accept these things over time, we create filters in our minds. Those filters prevent us from seeing or hearing things that contradict those beliefs. This is one way in which we become slaves to conditions.

But even when we break out of those false beliefs to some degree, we are still slaves. That is because we must continue to act as if we do believe the untruths accepted by most if we are to continue to function in society. We can only avoid that by becoming a hermit. But if we have love as a foundation, we can handle these difficulties.

Knowledge from Higher Beings

Not all knowledge comes from higher beings. The most useful knowledge does. Higher beings meaning the angels and beings of light. Spiritual beings, not material ones who think they are higher than the rest of us.

Higher beings bring us higher knowledge. Spiritual beings bring us spiritual knowledge.

But we shouldn’t just sit on our hands waiting for those higher beings to bring truth and wisdom to us. We need to strive for truth and knowledge with as much effort as we strive for an education or a good job.

Spiritual Foundation

The foundation of our spiritual house is an awakened soul. We are all born with a soul, but if we never awaken it, we might as well not have one. After that soul has been awakened, usually with the light of the spiritual sun, it must be developed further. Only then does it make a good foundation for our spiritual home, our spiritual self.

But a foundation alone does not make a home. As Douno says, it needs virtue and goodness as walls, wisdom as a roof. It needs truth as windows, he says. But he doesn’t mention the door. The door into this spiritual house is an open mind. Without an open mind, spiritual progress is difficult, if not impossible.

And that spiritual house it to help us transform. As Douno notes, true transformation is a science. Like many sciences, there is some art to it, but mostly it is science. And like any science, it has its rules and methods. Those who ignore the true spiritual schools who have been practicing this science for decades, and follow their own path, are not likely to get far. Science cannot be ignored just because it is convenient to do so.

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Light Mind that Awakens the Soul

“ Now you understand that the powers of light are good and the beginning and the end are unveiled to them. Whatever they do is with good judgment. For this reason they allow the enmity.”

“The light mind comes and finds the soul and assumes it into wisdom. He will become for it . . . the bonds and members of the body. He will loosen the mind of the soul and release it from the bone. He will release the thought of the soul from sinew and bind the thought of sinew in sinew. He will release insight of the soul from the vein and bind insight of sin in the vein. He will loosen the counsel of the soul and release it from the flesh and so bind the counsel of sin in the flesh.”

“And the new man reigns by love, by faith, by perfection, by patience, and by wisdom. Yet his king is the light mind, who is king of all. He reigns over it as he wishes. The members’ sin is imprisoned, yet the light mind is king, and an affection often rises in the body.” ~The Kephalaia

Powers of Light

The phrase “powers of light” can be interpreted in two ways. It can refer to powerful beings of light who exist in higher realms of spirit and consciousness. It can also refer to the powers of light itself, both physical and spiritual.

In both cases, the powers of light are good. The beginning, the end, and everything in between is revealed to them. It is not a matter of time, although they do exist outside the limitations of time. It is that they know truth and wisdom. They know that spirit came before matter. They know that matter is a mistake. God didn’t create the realm of matter. It was created by the Demiurge, or the fallen angels. Continue reading “Light Mind that Awakens the Soul”

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Practice Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Doing Good

“Put in practice Love, Wisdom, Good, and Truth. The remainder of your life on Earth is not limitless. Your capitol in Heaven is the quantity of good you have made on Earth. How can one set his life right? Simple, remove the elements that spoil it.

“It is natural to be good; it is unnatural to be bad, It is wise to manifest good and foolish to manifest badness. … People don’t want to understand the good because they have to pay for it. They even do not suspect that it is the best thing they can buy.

“The great thing is Love, but greater than that is God’s spirit. Love is a fruit of spirit. Without love, one lacks a strong mind, a good heart, and strength. Without love, one has no good life and no vital strength.

“To love is eternal dawn for you. The sunset comes when you throw out the good thoughts from your mind, the good feelings from your heart. …

“Do this: Be glad when you see some virtue in somebody. … The meaning of life is locked in manifesting Love.” ~Beinsa Douno

Practice Good

It is easy to say that we should all practice good. The problem is that different people have different ideas of what is good and what isn’t. Some think that killing a bad person is doing the highest good. The wise person knows that killing is never good. Some think that hating people for their race, religion, or nationality is good. Wise people know better.

But Douno doesn’t just advise us to practice good. He also tells us to practice Love, Wisdom, and Truth. That seems strange to some. Yes, we can practice love, but how do you practice wisdom and truth?

Practice Truth and Wisdom

You practice truth by being honest as must as possible. If you know the truth of the situation, say it. If you don’t know the truth, say that also. Don’t just make up answers because you don’t want to admit you don’t know. This does mean, of course, that you have to actually know the truth and not just opinions. But that doesn’t mean you tell all of the truth all of the time.

One way of practicing wisdom is knowing when you should speak up and say the truth and when you should not. If a woman asks you what you think of her new dress, you find a way to say something complimentary, even if you don’t like the dress. This is not lying because the woman isn’t seeking the truth, she’s seeking compliments. So give her one, no harm done. Another case where the wise person doesn’t tell the complete truth is a spiritual one. Giving certain spiritual knowledge to those who might use it to harm themselves or others isn’t wise. Wisdom says just because you know how to make bombs with readily-available ingredients doesn’t mean you should share that knowledge with everyone. Likewise, you don’t share potentially dangerous spiritual knowledge with those who are likely to misuse it. Continue reading “Practice Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Doing Good”