divine thought

Divine Thought Brings Divine Change

“If you perceive a single Divine Thought in yourself, it is worth not a million, but billions. In the future, it will be a tremendous fortune.

“If you want honor from people, honor them. If you want Love from people, love them.

“Think about God every day. Not about what He is. Just think about Him, because when you do, something nice will come in you. Just think of the Lord. He is the best. He is the image of Love, like the sun that rises. Do not think that he will judge you. If you remember Him every day, right away something will come in you that will stimulate your heart. After your heart gets stimulated, then your mind, your soul, and your strength will get stimulated.

“You have painted a picture. Critique the picture, but not yourself. Do not critique your gift! Make another picture and correct yourself. You cannot correct and critique each and every action of yours, but of yourself ever say ‘I am an ungifted person’ or ‘ I am a bad person.’ You can say, ‘My deed could be bad in that particular case, but I am not bad. The picture may not be good, but that does not show that I am ungifted. I just have not paid enough attention.’” ~Biensa Douno

A Single Divine Thought

What is the difference between a Divine Thought and an ordinary thought? The source. A Divine Thought can come from a higher level being such as an Angel communicating with us. It can also come from us reaching a higher level of consciousness where we can obtain such knowledge directly. Either way, these divine thoughts are coming from something external, not internal. While going within may help us relax our mind so that we can more easily receive Divine Thoughts, those thoughts are still coming from outside ourselves.

If You Want Honor and Love

What Douno says here about honor and love is generally true, but not always. In any case, some might argue, “If you only get honor from those you honor, love from those you love, why should I go first? When others start to honor and love me, I will be the one to return it?” They would have a point based on what Douno says in the quote. But it is not that simple. It is not a matter of exchanging gifts like kids at a Christmas or Valentine’s Day party. What he is really saying is that if you wish to have honors, you must be an honorable person and if you wish to be loved, you must be a loving person. This is not a place where opposites attract. Instead, loving people are attracted to loving people, honorable people are attracted to other honorable people, spiritual people are attracted to other spiritual people. Continue reading “Divine Thought Brings Divine Change”


Wish for Love, Truth, and Wisdom

“The wish of Love is to give life. The wish of Wisdom is to give us light and knowledge. The wish of Truth is to give us freedom. But freedom is the fruit. It is that which will bring meaning to life.

“If you don’t sacrifice yourself for others, others can’t sacrifice themselves for you. If you can’t love; others can’t love you. If you can’t think about others, others cannot think about you. …

“Without love of God, you cannot become good. Until the moment you realize that you have been born and come out of God, and consequently have relations with Him, you cannot become good. You have to realize that that you have come out of God and everything that He has given you, you have to use for God. Then you love Him. God has sent you to Earth and He loves you.

“Firstly, try the Divine thoughts, learn to apply them. Without that, there is no success in life. As much as you perceive the Divine thoughts in yourself, so much your progress will be, and so smart you will be. And all your life will be determined by that situation of the Divine thoughts you have perceived in yourself.” ~Beinsa Douno

Love, Wisdom, and Truth

Many people pray to God and ask for physical health, money, a new car, etc. These are foolish things to ask for because, first, they are not the gifts that come from God, and second, we should let God, who is far wiser then we are, decide what we need at any given time. God has great gifts for us and we should be smart and accept those gifts rather than asking for something else. The gifts God gives us are Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth, and, of course, Life. Continue reading “Wish for Love, Truth, and Wisdom”

passive love

Passive Love and the Reign of God

“The commencement of the reign of God, and of the passive way, is very highly relished by the soul. The soul passes days, and even years, separated from creature enjoyments without weariness. It advances very much more by this way, in little time, then by all the efforts of many years. It is not without faults and imperfections, but divine love diminishes them little by little, or does not permit the soul to become disturbed by them, lest it become discouraged and its love hindered. This state is called passive love. The soul sees no cause for fear; it supposes that all the work is done, and that it has only to pass into eternity, and to enjoy this good Sovereign, who already gives himself to the soul in so much fullness.

“But in the upward progress of the soul, it becomes no longer doubtful, whether the soul is to remain in the passive enjoyment of God and his communications. The soul begins to feel a drawing, to let God not only be all things to the soul, but there to reign separate from the soul’s enjoyment of his gifts. The soul now experiences what is called, by the author of the Imitation of Christ, the exile of the heart. It hears a voice in the depth of the soul, or rather, has an impression, that God reigns there alone.” ~Madam Guyon

Reign of God

Most of us who believe in God would say that God reigns now and always. But while that is true in general, there is an exception of sorts. That exception is the material universe that we live in. Since this realm was not created by God, but by the fallen angels called the Demiurge by Gnostics, God avoids it to a large degree. This realm is ruled by the Devil or demiurge, but with limits. God will not let him go too far in his nastiness with those he controls but doesn’t stop him completely. God is basically saying that if we choose to embrace the darkness, what the darkness does to us is our own problem. Though as I already said, He won’t let the demons go too far.

Think of it in regard to this allegory. Suppose you are a parent of a teenager. Your child is fascinated by tales of vampires. When he finds out that your new neighbor is a vampire, he starts visiting the place and wants to spend much time with the vampire. You, of course, are worried that one day, the vampire will kill him. So what do you do? Why you tell your child to stay away from the vampire, of course. You don’t threaten the vampire, you warn the child to avoid him. That is what God does with regard to the fallen realm of matter. He tells us to return to His realm of spirit, but few are listening. That is not entirely our fault. As we have sunk deeper and deeper into matter, it becomes harder and harder for us to hear that call from above.

But what Madam Guyon is talking about when she refers to “The commencement of the reign of God,” is that one day this realm will become spirit again and then God will reign here as elsewhere. Continue reading “Passive Love and the Reign of God”

God is love

God is Love, Wisdom, and Truth

“We say, God is Love, God is Wisdom, and God is Truth. In other words, Love, Wisdom, and Truth comprise the three fundamental things through which God is manifested. Between Love, Wisdom, and Truth, nothing else can get in. If you have Love, if you have Wisdom, if you have Truth, they are the only reality that you can count on. Nothing can get in among them, nothing can split them. You can build with them now everywhere. Wherever you go, they do not lose their value, their power, and their good. And they never lose their fairness and justice.

“We are seeking that Love, that Wisdom, that power in the world that must rejuvenate us, that must resurrect us, to bring us back to life, to make us smart, good,and strong, that’s what we seek.

“Everything that we have lost so far we can find in only three ways: through the road of Love, the road of Wisdom, and the Road of Truth. Those are the ways.

“What is the meaning of life? The meaning of life is the Truth. Then comes the question, ‘what is the Truth?’ That which connects us all things in one unity and gives them meaning, that is the Truth.” ~Beinsa Douno

God is Love

I think it is more precise to say that God is the source of Love, but saying that God is Love is close enough. God is the source of Love because God created all that is real, all that is good, and naturally loves all that he created. Still, like any parent, He can be displeased with our behavior even though He loves us. Many think that if we say that God is Love, we are saying that God has infinite tolerance for our behavior and would never punish us for doing wrong. In a sense, that may be true, but that is only because God doesn’t have to punish us, he has created a universe in which His Law is automatically enforced. For every action, there is a reaction. God doesn’t have to think, “Wow! Fred just jumped off of a cliff! Now I will have to make him fall!” It just happens because of gravity. Granted, the physical world is not the creation of God, yet the laws that govern it are similar since it was generated from the spiritual realms that God did create. So God is Love, but He is also Law and Order. Continue reading “God is Love, Wisdom, and Truth”