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A More Alive, More Vivid World of Spirit

“We say that this Sensible World is an image of another; therefore since this world is vivid or alive, how much more, then, that other world must live. … Yonder, therefore, above the stellar virtues, stand other heavens to be attained, … Yonder, too, exists an earth, not of inanimate matter, but vivid with animal life and all natural terrestrial phenomena. … There are plants, also, and gardens, and flowing water. … Yonder is air and life appropriate to it, all immortal. And although the life there is analogous to ours, yet is is nobler, seeing that it is intellectual, perpetual and unalterable. … They are, therefore in the same case as intellect and soul; they suffer no defect such as waste and corruption, since the beings yonder are full of energy, strength and joy…” ~Aristotle

Sensible World

When Aristotle and some other ancient writers talk about the “Sensible World,” they are talking about the material world, the third dimension. They are not trying to say that this world is sensible, in the modern meaning of making a wise or reasonable decision. They are calling it “Sensible” meaning that it is the world of senses, physical senses. It is the world our physical senses have developed to deal with, but it is certainly not the only “world” or dimension that exists. Continue reading “A More Alive, More Vivid World of Spirit”


Are You Ruled By the Dead?

“An ancient initiate once said that the living are ruled by the dead. Only those conversant with the Eleusinian concept of life could understand that statement. It means that the majority of people are not ruled by their living spirits but by their senseless (hence dead) animal personalities.” ~Manly P. Hall

Going scary zombieWe certainly don’t think of ourselves as being ruled by the dead. We don’t pray to zombies, or even our ancestors as people do in some parts of the world. But we do it in essence by the way we do things. Despite much changes in the world in the past hundred years, many insist on doing the work their parents and great grandparents did. “If it was good enough for Grand Dad, it’s good enough for me!” They say, or something very similar. It is good for us to learn from the past, but we also have to live in the present and prepare for the future at the same time. Continue reading “Are You Ruled By the Dead?”