heart and light of God

Heart and Light of God that Awakens

“He had the touch of the Center of the Abyss, the eternal Source, behind him, as a Band, and before him, the Heart and Light of God, as a glance of the joy and kindling of Paradise. Which springs up in the essences with the Light of the Joy, and beneath him [he had]the four elements in the budding out of the Limbus which was in him.

“and as long as he set his Imagination in the Heart of God, Paradise was in him, and the band of the abyss in him (in the Source) was a Paradise of transcendent joy; and the kingdom of this world held him from beneath also in the Band, because it goes forth from the Element. But so long as he set his mind in the Heart of God, the Kingdom of the four Elements could not lay hold of him, or master him, and it was impotent, as to him, as this world is impotent as to God.

“Thus the Spirit and Soul of Adam stood in the midst in the Joyful Paradise forty days as one day, and all inclined to him, … and secondly, there inclined to him the Deity of the Kingdom of Heaven in the open gate, in the pleasant luster; and thirdly, the spirit of the Stars and Elements inclined to him drawing him to their Bands. And heartily desiring him.” ~Jacob Boehme

Heart and Light of God

That is the goal of any real spiritual development: to be before the Heart and Light of God. It may be worded in other ways such as, to be one with the Source, to be with the All, to see the Face of God, etc. They all mean the same thing. Another way to put it, for those who don’t like the term “God” for some reason (as if the very complex universe could function without a hierarchy), we could say the goal is to reach the highest level of consciousness. That still means the same thing.

Joy of Paradise

The heart and light of God is the joy of paradise. Many people who have had a near-death experience report entering a place of bright light that is full of love and joy. This is the presence of God. But you don’t have to go through a near-death experience to become one with the heart and light of God. Mystics have been doing it for thousands of years. Nearly all of us are capable of experiencing this by learning the proper methods and practicing for a long time. I know there are many today who claim they have had an instant spiritual awakening without practicing the spiritual techniques of the mystics for a single day. They are only deluding themselves. They have simply replaced one illusion for another rather than attaining ultimate truth and wisdom in the heart and light of God. Continue reading “Heart and Light of God that Awakens”

light pictures

Light Pictures, Inner and Outer

“In the effect of light, man does not yet distinguish … between the outer and the inner. When light pictures appear around him, they do not always produce the same feeling in the soul of the earth man. There were times when he felt them as external images. This was during the period when he had just descended from the disembodied state into incarnation. It was the period of his growth on earth. As the time approached for the embryo to be developed those images faded, and man only retained something like inner memory-pictures of them. The actions of the Sons of Fire (Archangels) were contained in the light pictures, which appeared to man to be the survivors of the Fire-spirits who sent down a spark into his own inner being. When their outer manifestations died away, man felt them inwardly in the form of images (memories). He felt himself united with their forces. And so indeed he was. For by means of what he had received from them, he was able to work upon his surrounding atmosphere. This, under his influence, began to emit light.

“At that time, nature forces and human forces were not as yet separated from each other as they subsequently became. What happened on earth still emanated to a great extent from human forces.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Inner and Outer Light

It is not clear exactly what Steiner means by inner and outer light, but we can make a reasonable guess. I think that what he is calling outer light is physical light. The light of the physical sun, the stars, or even the artificial light of light bulbs would all fall into that group. The inner light must then mean spiritual light. Spiritual light cannot be seen by the physical eyes, but only by the spirit and soul. For that reason, such light could be considered inner light. But we should not confuse that explanation with meaning that spiritual light originates inside of us. It does not. It originates in the spirits of the stars and the sun. Or more correctly, it originates with God, who sends it down to the lower levels of being through the stars, including our own sun.

Light Pictures

When practicing spiritual techniques that involve looking at the Spiritual Sun, many see images and geometric shapes. This is often manifest to us as the sun itself appears to change shape. Sometimes it becomes a square, other times a triangle, ore even multiple round suns. On rare occasions, some may see images more complex than simple geometric shapes. But don’t dismiss those simple forms as something meaningless. Geometry is the language of the soul and when those shapes appear, it indicates that the Spiritual Sun is communicating with our soul.

Another kind of light picture is those of the imagination. It can be said that everything that exists as a physical object or being started as a light picture or thought.

Disembodied State

I don’t know for sure what Steiner meant when he says that Man was in a disembodied state because it makes it sound like Man in those days was missing something. In truth, when we were pure spirits, we were not missing anything, we were exactly as God made us and wanted us to be. When we descended into matter and grew physical bodies, this was not an improvement, but a true descent.

Human and Nature Forces

I don’t think Steiner means things like tornadoes and hurricanes when he talks about nature forces. I think he is talking more about the creative forces. This is something that is not well understood, and is an advanced subject in spiritual schools.

I guess we could say that both Man and nature have creative forces. It is also reasonable to say that they are different now, although they may have once been the same. That would have been when man operated within the Laws of God and Nature, which few do now.

What I think Steiner is saying is that much of what exists in the physical realm—both good and bad—is the result of those human forces, the creativity of man. We turn the light pictures into physical reality with our thoughts, desires, and emotions. This is often called “manifesting” now. But without getting into that subject too deeply, let me just say that Steiner refers to these forces as those of Man, not individual men and women. When individuals decide on their own to turn some of those light pictures into physical reality, basically one of two things happen. Either they fail in the effort, or they succeed and create something that shouldn’t exist and its creation is a problem. That is why it should be up to Man as a whole, and especially spiritually developed Man (which includes women) to turn those light images into physical reality. As most spiritual people know, the ultimate goal of God’s Plan is to turn the world of matter back into spirit. For that reason, it is unwise to arbitrarily create physical objects from those light pictures.


Nourishing the Soul with Light

“Some seek to discover what the state of perfection of the saints in the Kingdom of God is like. Does it involve progress and change or is it a fixed condition? In what way must bodies and souls be thought to exist? Speaking conjecturally, one may suggest a parallel between the life of the body and that of the soul. In the case of physical life the reason for taking food is twofold: first for growth and second for sustenance when we have already grown up. Until we reach physical maturity we feed ourselves in order to grow; but when the body reaches its full stature it is fed no longer for growth but for sustenance.

“In the same way the reason for nourishing the soul is also twofold. While it is advancing along the spiritual path it is nourished by virtue and contemplation, until it transcends all created things and attains ‘the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ’. Once it has entered that state it ceases from all increase and growth nourished by indirect means and is nourished directly, in a manner which passes understanding. Having now completed the stage of growth, the soul receive the kind of incorruptible nourishment which sustains the godlike perfection granted to it, and receive a state of eternal well-being. Then the infinite splendors inherent in this nourishment are revealed to the soul.” ~The Philokalia

Discover Perfection

What we must all remember is that perfection is a goal, something to reach for, but not something we achieve, at least not while we are in the physical world. So why bother trying? Because the closer we get to that goal, the better off we will be when we leave this world and continue the journey in the next.

If we really want to get to a place, but realize that we can’t travel there in one day, we don’t just give up. We travel as far as possible in one day, sleep overnight, and continue the journey the next day. The journey to spiritual perfection is like that. Even though we can’t achieve it in one lifetime, we go as far as we can. Or we can like our ego tell us we are already perfect and no growth is necessary. Sadly, many are taking that path of self-deception (with some help from demons and devils whispering lies to them).

Kingdom Of God

Yes, saints do no what the Kingdom of God is like. At least that is true of real saints, meaning those who have achieved a very high level of spiritual development, and not just those declared saints by humans because they are nice people.

Does the Kingdom of God change, or is it fixed? The quote doesn’t answer the question. The answer is that it does not change, though it is in perpetual movement. That seems contradictory, but that is only because we are used to the limited world of matter. How matter functions, and the rules of matter, do not apply to anything in the spiritual worlds, and the Kingdom of God is spiritual. Continue reading “Nourishing the Soul with Light”

dense body

Dense Body of Matter Can Become Light

“At the time when the etheric body still further densifies and changes from a light-body into a fire or heat-body, the stage of evolution has been reached at which, as described above, pats of the solid earth elements are incorporated into man. Because the etheric body has condensed to the consistency of fire, it is now able, by means of the forces of the physical body previously implanted in it, to combine with the physical substances of the earth attenuated as far as the fire state. But by itself it would no longer be able to introduce air substances into the body which has meanwhile become more more solidified. …

“The result is that this life becomes independent of the soul part of man. … The Lords of Form now remain united with the image, and the life they have bestowed, they transfer to man’s descendants, when his soul has left his body. Thus comes about what may be called heredity, and when the human soul once more appears on earth it feels that it has a body animated by the life of its ancestors. … In that way, something like a memory is formed of the ancestor with whom the soul feels itself to be at one. This memory passes through the line of descendants in the form of a consciousness possessed in common. The ego thus flows down through the generations.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Dense Body

In his own way, Steiner is telling us that that we started out with bodies that were not dense at all, but over many generations and many centuries became denser and denser. The result is that we now have a physical body that is so dense it cannot possibly live on Divine Light as we were intended to live. We may wish to quit eating our fellow beings of matter, but we cannot. We can cut down on killing and eating other beings (whether plant or animal makes little difference), but we can’t completely stop and live on light alone. We have to reverse this body compacting process and eventually we will become of a high enough vibration that we can live only of Divine Light once again.

Light-Body to Heat-Body

Steiner talks of this process of the light body descending deeper into matter and becoming what he calls a fire-body or heat-body “evolution”. More accurately, this descent into matter should be call devolution. When you turn around and head back in the other direction, then you can say you are evolving. Some believe that this evolution to devolution is a cycle that keeps repeating. If so, it is a cycle that takes billions of years to complete. Continue reading “Dense Body of Matter Can Become Light”