dense body

Dense Body of Matter Can Become Light

“At the time when the etheric body still further densifies and changes from a light-body into a fire or heat-body, the stage of evolution has been reached at which, as described above, pats of the solid earth elements are incorporated into man. Because the etheric body has condensed to the consistency of fire, it is now able, by means of the forces of the physical body previously implanted in it, to combine with the physical substances of the earth attenuated as far as the fire state. But by itself it would no longer be able to introduce air substances into the body which has meanwhile become more more solidified. …

“The result is that this life becomes independent of the soul part of man. … The Lords of Form now remain united with the image, and the life they have bestowed, they transfer to man’s descendants, when his soul has left his body. Thus comes about what may be called heredity, and when the human soul once more appears on earth it feels that it has a body animated by the life of its ancestors. … In that way, something like a memory is formed of the ancestor with whom the soul feels itself to be at one. This memory passes through the line of descendants in the form of a consciousness possessed in common. The ego thus flows down through the generations.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Dense Body

In his own way, Steiner is telling us that that we started out with bodies that were not dense at all, but over many generations and many centuries became denser and denser. The result is that we now have a physical body that is so dense it cannot possibly live on Divine Light as we were intended to live. We may wish to quit eating our fellow beings of matter, but we cannot. We can cut down on killing and eating other beings (whether plant or animal makes little difference), but we can’t completely stop and live on light alone. We have to reverse this body compacting process and eventually we will become of a high enough vibration that we can live only of Divine Light once again.

Light-Body to Heat-Body

Steiner talks of this process of the light body descending deeper into matter and becoming what he calls a fire-body or heat-body “evolution”. More accurately, this descent into matter should be call devolution. When you turn around and head back in the other direction, then you can say you are evolving. Some believe that this evolution to devolution is a cycle that keeps repeating. If so, it is a cycle that takes billions of years to complete. Continue reading “Dense Body of Matter Can Become Light”

salt of heaven

Salt of Heaven, Light of God

“Those who say that sin is not in man are like people plunged under a deluge of many waters who will not acknowledge it, but say ‘We heard a sound of waters.’ Plunged under the depth of the waves of evil, they say that sin is not in their mind or thoughts. There is a difference between those who have a theory and talk, but are not seasoned with the salt of heaven—who discourse of a royal table, but have never eaten or enjoyed it—and a man who has had a sight of the King himself, to whom the treasure has been opened, and he has entered it, and inherited them, and eaten and drunk of the costly viands. …

“Like a man who has suffered many losses by thieves, and has got away from them with much difficulty, and after this has come into great affluence and a large fortune, and has no more dread of loss because of his abundant wealth; so spiritual men, after first passing through many temptations and dreadful places, and then filled with grace and repleat with good things, are no longer in terror of those who would plunder them, since their wealth is not small; yet they fear, not with the beginners fear of evil spirits, but with fear and care how to employ the spiritual gifts entrusted to them.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Denying Reality

Those who say that there is no sin and no evil fall into two camps. One group believes that if God created everything, then nothing can be evil. The second group believes that in pretending that all is nice and loving and positive, they will make it a reality. Neither group has succeeded in making sin or evil disappear. They simply hide from it and are therefore helpless to deal with it. If we are to be rid of sin and evil in ourselves and in our world, we have to acknowledge it, then work to get rid of it or avoid it. As the old saying goes, the devil’s greatest strength comes in getting people to believe he doesn’t exist. It is then so much easier for him to manipulate them. Denying that evil exists doesn’t make it go away. It has to be acknowledged and corrected.

The image created by St. Macarius of people standing in a deluge, yet refusing to acknowledge it, reminds me of a political cartoon that shows a group of politicians up to their necks in the water and still denying that global warming is real. The reality of global warming can no longer be denied except by fools living in fantasies. Likewise, the existence of sin and evil cannot be denied unless you are foolish enough to think that murder, rape, and arson are good things.

Salt of Heaven

This is an expression I have not heard before, yet it is a good one. We know that many foods are bland if you don’t add a little salt to them. And a little salt, contrary to what you might think, is essential for humans and animals. That is why farmers put salt licks into pastures for the cows.

St. Macarius is using this as an allegory, of course. Being seasoned with the salt of heaven means you have gone through the process of awakening your spirit and soul and linked yourself with the All, the Unity, the Godhead. While that may only happen for a brief moment on rare occasions, its effect on us is profound. We no longer guess at what is right and what is wrong, we know. We know what evil is and avoid doing it. We want nothing more than to be part of God’s Plan to redeem the fallen realm of matter and the beings trapped in it.

Eat and Drink the Viands

We do eat and drink of the Treasure of God when we have truly been awakened. That treasure is the Light that flows from God to the spiritual sun and then to us. But taking in and using that light is more complicated than simply gazing at the sun. We do need to look toward the sun (NEVER stare directly at it!) but we need to do it with a positive and loving attitude, and a desire to go beyond the physical sun to the light of the spiritual sun. Until we do that, the effect it has on us will be limited. So let yourself be seasoned by the salt of heaven.

tincture of the philosophers

Tincture of the Philosophers Decoded

“Some of the first and primitive philosophers of Egypt have lived by means of this tincture for a hundred and fifty years. The life of many, too, has been extended and prolonged to several centuries as is most clearly shown in different histories, though it seems scarcely credible to anyone. …

“So then the Tincture of the Philosophers is universal medicine, and consumes all diseases, by whatever name they are called, just like an invisible force. The dose is very small, but its effect is most powerful. By means thereof I have cured leprosy, venereal diseases, dropsy, the falling sickness, colic, scab, and similar afflictions; also lupus, cancer, fistulas, and the whole race of internal diseases, more surely than one could believe. … This is the Catholicum of the Philosophers, by which all these philosophers have attained this end entirely and most effectively, and so, according to their judgment, they named it The Tincture of the Philosophers.” ~Paracelsus

Tincture of the Philosophers

This Tincture of the Philosophers is the same thing most of us know as the philosopher’s stone. It was called the sorcerer’s stone in the Harry Potter tales, but still the same idea. The Fountain Of Youth is another variation. But while it may be true that this tincture cured many illnesses and extended physical life, there is little evidence of that. Even if it could extend physical life by decades, or even centuries, that would pale in comparison to its true purpose which is spiritual.

Alchemy and Spirituality

Paracelsus was a well-known writer and alchemist. But the quote from one of his books tells me that either he is deliberately hiding the truth, or doesn’t know it himself. That is because the true alchemist was concerned with saving souls, not extending the life of the physical body by a few years. The so-called conversion of lead to gold that some alchemists claimed to do really meant converting the lead mind of the materialist into the gold mind of the spiritual person.

Spiritual Tincture

While it may be true that this Tincture of the Philosophers could cure many physical illnesses, its primary purpose was to awaken and develop the spirit and soul. By doing so, you also help the person’s physical health and mental health, but those benefits were considered secondary. The important thing is that the awakened spirit and soul could develop along with the mind and body into an integrated being while still on earth. That was the goal of the real alchemist. And the real Tincture of the Philosophers was the light of the spiritual sun. That light is the only light that can awaken and nourish the spirit and soul.

Catholicum of the Philosophers

Paracelsus says this Tincture of the Philosophers was the Catholicum of the Philosophers. By that, he means that it was universal, known and practiced by all. We could also look at it as meaning that this tincture was universal because the light of the spiritual sun shines down on everyone, rich or poor, black or white, male or female. Yet it doesn’t affect all people. Those who deny it, or anything else spiritual, will get little from it. Those who are neutral on the subject will do better. Those who actively seek the light and spiritual growth will do the best. So don’t wait until it’s too late. Start making use of The Tincture of the Philosophers today.


Sunrise Energizes even when Cloudy

“Even in cloudy weather you should go out before the sunrise and concentrate your thought in the direction of the rising sun. The clouds only obscure your sight of the rising Sun, but its energies penetrate through them. No external force is able to counteract the solar energies. That is why I recommend all anemic and weak people go out half an hour before sunrise, to perceive the early solar energies. The dawn gives a man such energies which no other power is able to give him.

“If someone is indisposed, let him take a sunbath: if he has lost his energy, let him stay longer under its shine; if he cannot decide how to work, let him go out under the sun rays to warm up.

“If between the energies of the Sun and the energies of your organism a proper exchange takes place, you would always be healthy.

“The greater the quantity of gold in the blood, the healthier is man. Sicknesses are due to insufficient quantities of gold in the blood. In order to increase this gold, man should lead a pure and noble life. Gold is the symbol of the Sun, of vitality, of health and purity.” ~Biensa Douno

Cloudy Sun Gazing

Many sun gazers think they should not sungaze when it is cloudy. That may be fine if it is cloudy only one day in ten, but if it stays cloudy for several days at a time, you need to practice your techniques, even through the clouds. You should not skip several days in a row or your energies will be reduced.

Concentrate Your Thought

Douno is correct in saying that we should concentrate our thoughts when we do sungazing. But what thoughts we concentrate is even more important than the mere act of concentration. They need to be positive thoughts, loving thoughts, universal thoughts. Best of all, they should be thoughts of linking your spirit and soul with the spiritual sun. That is far more important than just getting energy from the physical sun. Visualize yourself entering the sun ,becoming one with it. Even when you can’t see it, you know it is there.

No External Force

Douno says that no external force can counteract, or completely block, the solar energies. That may well be true, but he doesn’t mention internal force. If we are full of negative thoughts, hateful or greedy thoughts, or thoughts of disbelief, we alter or block that beneficial energy. This is why most spiritual gurus, even those who don’t mention the sun, want us to have an open mind and a positive mind. Only such a mind can take in those energies from the spiritual sun just as they are.

Before Sunrise

It is a good idea to began your sunrise ritual before the sun has actually risen. A full half hour may be a little too much for modern man, however. We have gotten to used to instant gratification and become bored and distracted quickly. I thing five or ten minutes before sunrise is good. That is what we do in Cosolargy. But continue the sun gazing for five to ten minutes after the sun has risen. For those not accustomed to sun gazing, never stare at the sun. squint a little and look to one side. Better yet, get proper training from a qualified teacher.

Exchange Energies

The best flow of energy between us and the sun occurs when we make it a mutual exchange of energy rather than just taking in energy. We send energy to the sun at the same time that we take in the sun’s energy. We should do this not only with the sun, but with all beings. Send energy to a tree and ask it to share its energy with you. Don’t get upset if it doesn’t, maybe it is low on energy at the time. Send energy to your pets and even wild animals. Most will send energy back to you. This is the natural way to learn from each other because that energy carries information. So when you send energy to the sun, be sure to fill it with positive thoughts and information. That information will be broadcast by the sun to other beings. If we all started to practice this, much disease and ignorance would be eliminated. The sunrise awakens us in many ways.