universal forces

Universal Forces and Beings of Fire and Light

“The Sons of Fire act upon the etheric body in so far as the independent formation of the human being becomes imprinted upon it. …

“The Sons of Life act on the physical body in such a way that it is able to become the expression of the astral body which has now become independent. They thus make it possible for the physical body to become a physiognomic copy of its astral body. On the other hand, higher spiritual beings, in particular the Lords of Form and of Motion, reach down into the physical and etheric bodies, as far as these are developed during the Sun periods, regardless of the independent astral body. Their intervention comes from the Sun, in the manner described above.

“Under the influence of such facts, the human being gradually matures to a point where it can develop within itself the germ of the Spirit-Self just as during the second half of the Saturn evolution it developed the germ of the Spirit-Man and on the Sun that of the Life-Spirit. Thereby all the Moon conditions are changes.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Sons of Fire and Life as Universal Forces

It is not clear what Steiner means by the Sons of Fire and the Sons of Life. Yet it seems from the rest of the quote that they have something to do with man becoming physical. The physiognomy of a thing is it’s outward appearance. So I think he is saying that these “beings” give us physical form.

I put beings in quotes because I don’t think that these Sons of Fire and Sons of Life are actual beings in the normal sense. I think it is a personification of the universal forces that tend to pull beings further and further into matter.

They can also be the beings we call demons and devils, or simply dark beings. How exactly the Sons of Fire and the Sons of Life differ, I don’t know, but I don’t think it matters. The point is, these two types of forces or beings are encouraging us to become more of matter and less of spirit. If they succeed in making us pure matter, we will be lost forever.

Higher Spiritual Beings

On the other side of the coin, there are spiritual forces and spiritual beings that try to pull us back into the realm of spirit where we belong. The spiritual beings include those called Angels and Beings of Light. They are also universal forces.

Where things are a little confusing is that sometimes beings that are not physical are not easily distinguishable from universal forces. The may be different, or they may be just different views of the same thing. But it really doesn’t matter.

Solar Intervention

Steiner says the intervention of these spirit beings comes from the Sun. This should not be a surprise to anyone. Most forces and energies that control us here on Earth do come through the sun. Even those that originate with God and spiritual beings come to us through the spiritual sun. The sun is a source of universal forces and beings as well. It may even be considered a living being as well as a universal force.

Steiner says that under their influence, human beings “gradually mature”. This does not mean aging in the physical sense. Nor does it mean mental maturity, although that generally comes along with it. It is a spiritual maturity that Steiner is talking about. But even on that level, it doesn’t mean aging. What it really means is returning to the spiritual state we existed in before the fallen world of matter existed. And we can channel those universal forces through ourselves to benefit others.

spiritual dimensions

Spiritual Dimensions of Beauty and Happiness

“Please have mercy on us, generous ruler. The messenger of the father heals souls, draws joy in all of us, and carries away sorrow. Lofty and limitless, where darkness never comes, all the monasteries and the dwelling places are great in beauty, for they are happy in the light and know no pain. Those who enter remain forever. No blow or torture ever reaches them. The clothing they wear no one made by hand. They shine with light, and no ants crawl in them. The green wreathes on their heads never lose color. Their bodies are unfamiliar with dead weight and don’t droop. Their limbs are not paralyzed. Heavy sleep never overtakes their souls, and deceptive dreams and delusions are unknown among them. In that land hunger and anguish are not known. There is no thirst. The waters of all its lakes give out a wondrous fragrance everywhere. No one knows floods and drowning. Their walk is quicker by far than lightning. In their bodies there is no sickness. The actions of all the dark powers leave them completely alone. Fear and horror do not live in those lands, nor does destruction. The trees don’t shake down their fruit. Decay is foreign to their fruit. Within and outdoors it is replete with brilliance, the gardens aromatic and no stray bricks or thorns. Those who ascend to those precincts and have knowledge will extol his manifestation.” ~Parthian Songs

Heals Souls

While it is not an unreasonable thing to say that the messenger of God heals souls, I think it is more accurate to say that he awakens souls. That is to say, he helps us awaken our own souls when we are ready to do so. If we are not ready, to try teaching us how would be a pointless waste of time.

The soul cannot be injured. It cannot be diseased. But it can be dormant and is when we are born into the material world. Why is uncertain, but probably because being sent spiraling down into matter is a traumatic experience. The soul is protected from too much trauma by being in a dormant state, similar to a coma when we fall to Earth.

Joy and Sorrow

The messenger does bring us joy and alleviate sorrow. Those are things of the mind, however, not the soul. By giving us hope, hope in a future world, our sorrow is relieved. By letting us glimpse the truth of the afterlife, we are given joy. Those glimpses often reach only the subconscious mind, yet that is enough to have an effect.

Dwelling Place of Beauty in Spiritual Dimensions

The quote makes it sound like these dwelling places for advanced spiritual people are monasteries in the physical world. While such monasteries may be as close as you can get to such a thing in the physical world, I think the song is referring to something beyond the physical.

The song says this dwelling place is full of beauty. From that alone, it could be a place in the material world. But it goes on to say those who dwell there are happy, in the light, and know no pain. There are no places in the physical realm that meets all of those conditions, all of the time. Only the spiritual dimensions can meet all of those conditions.

We are then told that those who dwell there stay forever. That is definitely not a place of matter. All matter is temporary. All worlds made of matter are temporary. You cannot stay forever in a place that is temporary.

While it is possible, at least from our point of view, for a physical place to have great beauty, it is never as great as that found in spiritual realms. While it is possible to be happy in the physical world, it pales in comparison to the happiness of the spirit and souls in the spiritual dimensions.

Clothed in Light

The clothing worn in this place is, according to the quote, not made by hand. That is a way of saying it is not cloth of matter that such clothing is made from. Spirits are clothed in light. It is not really clothing in the usual sense at all. It is an integral part of what they are. Their bodies are “unfamiliar with dead weight” because spirits have no weight. In spiritual dimensions, we occupy no space, no time. Those things don’t exist there. So you have no weight. You never need to diet! If you wish to change your appearance, you simply think about it.

Dark Powers Leave Them

The dark powers (devils, demons) operate in the realm of matter only. They can only function in the lower four dimensions. They cannot enter the higher spiritual dimensions. They have no control over being in those higher dimensions.

Visiting Spiritual Dimensions

These spiritual dimensions sound so good, it makes some want to go their immediately. There are those who even contemplate suicide so they leave the troubles of this realm, and move up to spiritual dimensions. To do that would be a great mistake. Not because suicide is such a great error, but because premature death is. If we want to go to spiritual dimensions after physical death, we have to prepare for it while still here. We have to live a spiritual life. We have to practice the techniques that allow us to send our soul up into those higher dimensions and bring some of that light and knowledge back with us. Bringing light into the physical world will help transform it. The physical realm is an error that must be corrected. We need to help the higher beings that dwell in spiritual dimensions to do that. Eventually, the physical dimension will become spirit again and become part of the spiritual dimensions as it was before the Great Fall. Then we can all live in beauty, happiness, and without pain.

portal of the sky

Portal of the Sky Opens to the Spiritual

“Ferry Me to the Sun Take me, firstborn. The path of light spreads before me from my own first city. I look for someone. The dissolving image of the savior comes to me. O first one, the light of the virgin touches me, the brightest picture of truth with her three angels who give grace. Firstborn, the portals of the sky fly open before me in the rays of my savior and his portrait of light. I left my garment on the earth. Senile diseases were mine. I dress in the deathless robe. Ferry me to the sun and the moon. Ferry of light at peace over three earths. Firstborn, I am a holy bride in her chamber of light, resting. I keep my victory gift. …

“O soul, sleeping. You who sleep, you who doze, wake. Sun rises on you. … The good man has come Jewel garland, you. Wandering sheep, your shepherd seeks you. Noble and despised, your king wants you. Where are your angelic cloths, robes that don’t age? Where are your cheerful wreathes and crowns that don’t fall? The clay mold of your kin, your father’s seal? When you were saved, your first jewel, your mind was collected, familiar, unfailing to you. How many of your blood has the world . . . for you? The humble you have loved and the great you have humbled. You were not yet ashamed. ” ~The Manichaean Song Book

Take Me to The Sun

Why would the singer ask Christ to carry him to the sun? Is he planning to fly in a spaceship? Is he trying to get burned up by the heat of the sun? No, that’s not what he wants. He wants the Christ Force within him to link him to the spiritual sun, not the physical one. It is the spiritual sun that awakens the dormant spirit and soul. The spiritual sun links the physical realm to the spiritual.

The path of light does spread before you when you turn to the spiritual sun. Part of what that sun does is show you the path. The one true path for a real spiritual awakening. There are many detours, many winding roads that can be followed forever, but only one direct path to the Light.

Portal of the Sky

The portal of the sky is that very same spiritual sun. It is a portal because it links the physical realm to the spiritual. When one enters this portal, he is exposed to great spiritual truths and ultimate knowledge. It is the truth and knowledge that the ancient Gnostics called Gnosis. We may not comprehend it on the first exposure, or even the second. Yet every time we expose ourselves to this spiritual light, it has an effect on us at many levels. Continued exposure awakens our spiritual faculties. After that, continues exposure nourishes the soul and helps it grow strong. Through this portal, we reach higher states of consciousness. We increase our frequencies which allows us to communicate with beings such as angels that life at much higher frequencies than we do on the level of matter.

Angelic Robes and Crowns

When you travel to the spiritual sun, you are doing it without the physical body. Obviously, the physical body can not travel to the sun. That’s what the singer means when he says he left his garment on earth. He calls the physical body a garment because he knows it is not his true self. The physical body is more of a garment or a tool we use when trapped in the material world. It is no more who we really are than is a Halloween costume. But the robes of an angel, the song says, do not age. This is another way of saying that they are made of spirit, not matter. Spirit does not age, get sick, or die. So this song is telling us we must go to the Portal of the Sky, the spiritual sun, in spirit form, not physical.

And what of the wreaths and crowns that don’t fall? These are references to that spiritual light that shines forth from one who is truly awakened and full of spiritual light. This is often depicted as a crown or halo of light or a wreath of spiritual energy around or above the head. When you enter the portal of the sky, your wreath and crown will glow with this light also. Yet most will not see it because they look for it with their physical eyes. In most cases, the physical eyes cannot see the subtle, yet brilliant light of spirit. We could say, in a scientific way, that the frequencies of the spiritual light fond in that portal of the sky are beyond the frequencies that can be seen by the physical eyes. Only an awakened soul can see these halos or crowns of light. Yet many who are not fully awakened can still feel something special when around a person who has gone through the portal of the sky and wears such a crown.

I have written before on how the gold crown of kings was originally intended to represent the light of the sun and to show that the king had been through the portal of the sky and was therefore worthy to rule. Such gold crowns originated with high priests and later become the kings. Of course, it didn’t take long for kings to demand the right to wear such crowns with no spiritual training at all and without ever entering the portal of the sky. Such is life in the material world.


Darkness and Light and Their Eternal War

“Let us worship the spirit of the comforter, bless lord Jesus who sent us the spirit of truth. He came and split us from the world’s error. He came with a mirror, we looked. In it was the cosmos. When the holy spirit came she disclosed the way of truth. It taught us two natures, light and darkness, distinct from the beginning. The kingdom of light has five greatnesses: father and his twelve aeons, and the aeons of aeons, the living air, the land of light, and the enormous spirit through whom they breath and which nourishes them with light. But the kingdom of darkness has five storehouses: smoke and fire and wind and water and darkness. Their advocate creeps in them, inciting them to make war on each other. When making war they dared attack the land of light. They supposed they could vanquish it and didn’t know that their plans would crash down on their own heads. There was a horde of angels in the land of light, ready to pour out and break the father’s enemy. They were pleased to have the father’s word to rout those rebels who saw themselves exalted. The angels were like a shepherd who sees a lion padding near to destroy the fold, who cunningly takes a lamb and sets it as a snare to catch the lion. With a single lamb he saves his fold, heals the lamb, and wounds the lion. Such is the way of the father who sent forth his strong son” ~The Coptic Manichaean Songbook

Spirit of the Comforter

It seems odd to me to refer to Jesus as a comforter. He came to rock the boat. He came to get people out of their complacency and acceptance of limited, materialistic views of religion. While he offered comfort by telling us the true God of spirit was a loving and tolerant God, unlike the vengeful and Jealous Jehovah, He also came to get us out of our comfort zone and into working for the true awakening of our souls. He promised comfort, but only by working hard to reach that stage of development first. Sadly, many Christians of today have wondered far from what Jesus was actually teaching and now believe that he was the comforter and didn’t want us to do anything, just let him do it all and we could simply worship Him. That, of course, is not at all what Jesus taught. It isn’t what any of the great founders of religions taught. Comfort comes only after each of us does the hard work himself.

World of Error

In the time of Jesus, the world was in error by believing that sacrificing animals or other things to God (or gods) was the way to win favor. The idea that destroying the creatures that were already God’s would please Him is just stupid, yet many believed it. Jesus taught us that what the real God wanted us to sacrifice was our own materialistic and egotistical wants and desires, and instead develop our spiritual faculties.

Today, the religious environment is different, but just as lost as back then. None of the major religions of today engage in human or animal sacrifice. But some of them have become very materialistic. Many think that helping people with material problems is what religion is all about. Wrong! While feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, etc., are all good things to do, they are social goods, not spiritual. So that is why this is a world of error and has been for a long time. But we are now at the dawn of a new Golden Age of Light that will change that if we don’t prevent it from happening.

Two Natures

There are two natures. The one nature of light, and the one of darkness. The quote says they were distinct from the beginning, but that is not exactly true. The darkness did not exist at all until it was created by the Demiurge. Before that, all was light. But it is correct to say that the realm of light is completely separate from the realm of darkness.

There are many who say that we can’t develop only our light side, our light being. They say we must develop both the light and dark equally. That is the wish of the dark demons who rule that realm. We have to acknowledge that the darkness is real. We do not have to embrace it. We have to convert it back into light. We have to bring more and more light into the darkness until there is no darkness left. God will be doing most of it, but only if we decide to help.

War of Light against Darkness

The Manichaean song quoted above has it correct. There is a war between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. It is a foolish war, but then the fans of darkness are fools. If we think of ordinary darkness and light, it will be obvious that light defeats darkness simply by being present. Put a light into a dark room and it is no longer dark. It may still have dark corners, but it isn’t completely dark. Now try putting a piece of darkness into a brightly lit room and what happens? First, how do you do that? You can use a lamp, candle, or flashlight to put light into a room, but how do you add darkness? Second, even if you had some device that could add darkness to the room, it would still be lit. Darkness can’t overcome light. Only by removing the light can the room become dark.

But in the war of light vs darkness, we are speaking of a different kind of light. This is a spiritual light. It is a light of truth and wisdom. It is a light of peace and growth. Whereas the darkness on this level represents the world of lies, greed, death, and disease. In short, the light is spirit and the darkness is matter. But much like the regular light and darkness, spiritual light is never totally eliminated. The darkness of matter is never total. There is always a little spirit hidden within it. This makes it possible for those being trapped in the realm of matter to be saved. They are saved by transformation.

Weapons in the War

Artists often depict the war of Light against Darkness as if it were an ordinary human war with both sides fighting with swords, knives, or even guns. Nothing could be further from the truth. The weapons in this war are quite different. The weapons of the forces of darkness are lies, deception, and control. The weapons of light are truth, wisdom, freedom, and transformation. The angels not only work to transform us, humans, they even work on transforming those fallen angels and their offspring. They have succeeded with some, at least to the extent of getting them to switch sides. But we must all transform before the world we live in can transform as well. That will be the final end of darkness.