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Dark Light, Light, and Light of Life

“The first principle (the Darkness) takes the fierce and sudden fire-flash. … The second principle retains its Light for itself, which is the pleasant habitation which shines where the darkness is dispelled. …

“And the third principle retains its Light wholly for itself, which (as soon as the Light of Life springs up) presses into the tincture of the Soul,to the Element, and reaches after the Element; but it attains no more than to the Light of the Sun, which is proceeded out of the Quinta Essentia out of the Element. And thus the Stars and Elements rule in their light and virtue, which is the Suns.” ~Jacob Boehme

Three Principles of Light

Jacob Boehme informs us that there are three “principles” of light. I find it interesting that he doesn’t even refer to the very dim light on the material level as light at all, but instead calls it fire-flash. The second level is an intermediate light that might be considered as between material and spiritual. The third and highest light is purely spiritual.


The fire flash is the dimmest form of light, the lowest in frequency. It is probably this light which forms the Great Illusion we call the material universe. While it is the dimmest light, it has fooled many into thinking it is the true light of God. Continue reading “Dark Light, Light, and Light of Life”