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Two Lights for Total Being: Physical and Spiritual

“I do not say that a man should search and learn nothing in natural arts and science. No, such knowledge is useful to him. But a man must not begin with his OWN reason. Man ought not only to govern his life by the light of outward reason, which is good in itself; but should sink with that light into the deepest humility before God, and set the Spirit and Will of God foremost in all his searching, so that the Light of Reason may see and know things through the Light of God. And though reason may be very wise in its own sphere, and help a man to much knowledge, yet it must not arrogate such wisdom and knowledge to itself, as if they were in its own possession, but give the glory thereof to God, to whom alone all Wisdom and Knowledge belongs.” ~Jacob Boehme

Two Lights

Yes, there are two lights. Or more accurately, two types of light. There is material or physical light, and there is spiritual light.

Material light is obvious. We all know about it. This light can now be divided into two sub-groups. There is natural light which comes mostly from the sun and the stars. Some think it comes from the moon also, but the moon doesn’t give off light, it just reflects the light of the sun. Lesser sources of natural light include fire, fireflies (also called lightning bugs in some areas), and other bio-luminescent life forms. This light is essential for our physical body, but it does little for the spirit and soul.

Spiritual light is different in two ways. It is different frequencies from physical light. Perhaps not frequencies in the physical sense, but something similar. It originates in higher dimensions. It originates with God. Because of that, the information carried in that light is spiritual or divine in nature. So if spiritual growth is our goal, this is the light we need to turn to. But we still need physical light. We need two lights for the two sides of our total being.

All light carries knowledge or information within it. This is a long-held spiritual belief that is now accepted by the science of Quantum Physics. Continue reading “Two Lights for Total Being: Physical and Spiritual”

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Learn Good to Do Good and Think Good

“The ability to learn, to think, to perform good actions, to love, are good instruments that you must use to get back into Paradise.

“What you learn, think, and love matters a lot. There is higher knowledge and there is lower knowledge, there is right thinking and there is wrong thinking, there is Love toward God and there is Love of lower things. You determine where you want to be.

“He who wants to be a good student must set right his distorted mind and heart. The good students sets right the distorted trends of his mind and feelings. …

“Your first task is to give way to the positive in yourself. … Free your mind from negative thoughts and your heart from negative feelings.” ~Biensa Douno

Think and Learn Good

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, we have been taught things that are not true. Because of that, learning and thinking good is not as easy as it sounds. But it can be done. First, you simply have to try. If you don’t even try to do good, you probably won’t. Second, you have to learn to trust your intuition. Somebody may tell you something is good, but if your intuition says no, don’t do it. At some point, you can awaken your spirit and soul. They can be trusted to know right from wrong, good from evil. And yes, evil does exist.

Learn Good

It is great to learn new things. It is much better to learn good. Learning how to murder people in a hundred ways is learning, but the wrong kind. We see terrorist groups kidnapping children and teaching them to be murderers. Because they are children, they learn well. And it is hard to unlearn those things later. Teaching children such things is a great wrong.

Even for those who are not spiritually awakened and haven’t earned to listen to their intuition, it is possible to do good most of the time. Any act of kindness is good. And that doesn’t just mean being kind to friends and relatives. It doesn’t even mean being kind only to those you agree with. We need to show kindness to all. The sun shines on all, not just a particular religion or political party. Continue reading “Learn Good to Do Good and Think Good”

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Teaching, Learning and Sharing Spiritual Knowledge

“A wise man, whether teaching or learning, only wishes to learn or teach those things which are useful. He who merely has the appearance of wisdom, whether asking or answering questions, only deals with relatively trivial things.

“A person who through the grace of God partakes of divine blessings is under an obligation to share them ungrudgingly with others. … He who hides the gift in the earth accuses the Lord of being hard-hearted and mean, … while he who sells the truth to enemies, and is then revealed as avid for self-glory, hangs himself.” ~The Philokalia

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning are never entirely separate. The wise teacher always learns something from her students. Likewise, the student always has some knowledge to share with the teacher. Instead of teaching and learning, we should probably call it information exchange.

Unfortunately, not everyone who acts as a teacher is wise and not everyone who professes to be a student really wants to learn. This is probably more true in spiritual disciplines than in the more materialistic learning and teaching. I would dare say that one way you know you are working with a real spiritual teacher is that he is willing to listen to his students. He may not agree with them. Letting them do whatever they want is also not reasonable. But he will listen and respond politely and respectfully.

On the other side, there are always students who attend classes with no real desire to learn anything. We have probably all been like that on occasion. I know I have sat in lectures I didn’t pay much attention too because they were required courses that I had no interest in. Months or years later, we find out we could have benefited by paying attention. There are also those who think they know more than the teacher and are their just to show off. The wise teacher generally avoids them. Continue reading “Teaching, Learning and Sharing Spiritual Knowledge”

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Looking Forward Gives Us Power and Hope

“Power comes of looking forward with hope of expecting and demanding the better things to come. That is the law of the Infinite Mind, and when we follow it we live in that mind. Nature buries her dead as quickly as possible and gets them out of sight. It is better, however, to say that Nature changes what it has no further use for into other terms of life. The live tree produces the new leaf with each return of spring. It will have nothing to do with its dead ones. It treasures up no withered rose leaves to bring back sad remembrance. When the tree itself ceases to produce leaf and blossom, it is changed into another form and enters into other forms of vegetation. I do not mean to imply that we should try to banish all past remembrance. Banish only the sad part. Live as much as you please in whatever of your past that has given you healthy enjoyment.” ~Prentiss Mulford

Looking Forward

Whether we are developing our spiritual side or not, we all need to look forward. We should remember the lessons of the past, but not get trapped in it. When we get trapped in the past, there is little chance that we will ever move forward. Sometimes it happen when other drag us forward, kicking and screaming. It is far better, though, if we move forward of our own volition.

This problem seems to be most common among older people, but even those in their thirties and forties can be afflicted. You hear guys who are still reasonably young talking about their glory days when they were the captain of the high school basketball team. If you always think of your glory days as in the past, you are voluntarily rushing to your death.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway as I write this. Last night I saw a ski jumping competition. The announcer mentioned that one of the jumpers was forty-five. When that jumper was asked if he planned to retire after this Olympics, he said no. He said he would probably be back for at least two more Olympics. His attitude may seem unrealistic, but it is the proper one to have. Never believe that all of your accomplishments are in the past, or they will be. Continue reading “Looking Forward Gives Us Power and Hope”