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Great Things from Prophets, Angels, and God

“Whereas many and great things have been delivered unto us by the law and the prophets, and by others that have followed their steps, for the which things Israel ought to be commended for learning and wisdom; and whereof not only the readers must needs become skillful themselves, but also they that desire to learn be able to profit them which are without, both by speaking and writing: my grandfather Jesus, when he had much given himself to the reading of the law, and the prophets, and other books of our fathers, and had gotten therein good judgment, was drawn on also himself to write something pertaining to learning and wisdom; to the intent that those which are desirous to learn, and are addicted to these things, might profit much more in living according to the law. Wherefore let me entreat you to read it with favor and attention, and to pardon us, wherein we may seem to come short of some words, which we have labored to interpret. For the same things uttered in Hebrew, and translated into another tongue, have not the same force in them: and not only these things, but the law itself, and the prophets, and the rest of the books, have no small difference, when they are spoken in their own language. … All wisdom cometh from the Lord, and is with him for ever.  Who can number the sand of the sea, and the drops of rain, and the days of eternity?  Who can find out the height of heaven, and the breadth of the earth, and the deep, and wisdom?  Wisdom hath been created before all things, and the understanding of prudence from everlasting. The word of God most high is the fountain of wisdom.” ~Ecclesiasticus

Great Things Delivered

Many great things have been delivered to us by the law and the prophets, as well as angels and God Himself. Many ordinary men and women have done so as well when inspired from above. Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize the greatness of the things God has given to us, directly or indirectly, and turn instead to the material goods that we get from Satan and his minions instead. We are like the person who stops to pick up a few pennies at his feet not knowing that there was a bag of gold up ahead. Because he stopped to gather pennies, his chance to get the gold was lost.

We do have to function in the material world, but we do not need to get caught up in the frenzy of material consumption. We need to learn that the permanent is always more valuable than the temporary. Everything in the physical realm is temporary. Everything that is spirit is permanent. Therefore, the spiritual gifts brought to us by the prophets, angels, and others, are worth more than material wealth. Continue reading “Great Things from Prophets, Angels, and God”

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Art of Study is Not Just Memorizing

“There is an art of study. We were told in youth to study. We were never told how to study, or, in other words, how to get ideas. Committing to memory words, sentences, and rules, is not getting ideas. … If you commit to memory a great many words and sentences, you are simply over training a part or function of your mind. …

“Words are not ideas. They are only the signs or means by which, through the sense of sight or sound, a printed word or spoken word may represent an idea to the mind. …

“The more that is committed to memory, the greater the burden placed on the department of memory. … The memory is useful only to hold what is grasped by the spirit. No amount of book-learning can teach a man to sail a boat well. He must educate himself. When he learns through practice and many failures that the rudder must be kept in a certain position to counteract the force of the wind, his memory at last holds what such practice has taught him. … Did you learn to dance by first committing to memory the rules for the guidance of your steps? No, you received the idea from someone else who could dance. You absorbed that idea or thought.

“Every person, to learn quickly, must learn to throw himself in a certain mood of mind. That is the mood of serenity and repose.” ~Prentice Mulford

Memorizing is not Studying

If you are learning to be a carpenter, memorizing the names of the tools used by a carpenter may be helpful. Yet even after you have memorized all those names, you still don’t know how to be a carpenter. A parrot could have done the same, yet there is no chance that it will become a carpenter. There are times when memorizing is useful, and it is often a good first step to learning a new skill, but practice and experience are necessary for almost every skill except winning a spelling bee. And even with a spelling bee, memorizing the spelling of many words doesn’t mean you will be able to handle the pressure of being on stage or competing with other spellers.

Words are not Ideas

Many people would take offense at this claim by Mulford, but with few exceptions, he is correct. I think the only time a word could be said to be an idea is when something new is discovered or invented and they are trying to give it a name. Even then, once the thing has a name, the name is not the thing, not the idea, but a way of communicating the idea. That communication only works, however, if everyone agrees on what the word means. There are a lot of communication failures because different people have different ideas of what a word means. A simple example is that greed, which used to be a negative thing to almost all people, has somehow become a positive attribute to many.

The function of words is to form an image in the mind. It is that image which is the idea, not the word that represents it. Continue reading “Art of Study is Not Just Memorizing”

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Two Lights for Total Being: Physical and Spiritual

“I do not say that a man should search and learn nothing in natural arts and science. No, such knowledge is useful to him. But a man must not begin with his OWN reason. Man ought not only to govern his life by the light of outward reason, which is good in itself; but should sink with that light into the deepest humility before God, and set the Spirit and Will of God foremost in all his searching, so that the Light of Reason may see and know things through the Light of God. And though reason may be very wise in its own sphere, and help a man to much knowledge, yet it must not arrogate such wisdom and knowledge to itself, as if they were in its own possession, but give the glory thereof to God, to whom alone all Wisdom and Knowledge belongs.” ~Jacob Boehme

Two Lights

Yes, there are two lights. Or more accurately, two types of light. There is material or physical light, and there is spiritual light.

Material light is obvious. We all know about it. This light can now be divided into two sub-groups. There is natural light which comes mostly from the sun and the stars. Some think it comes from the moon also, but the moon doesn’t give off light, it just reflects the light of the sun. Lesser sources of natural light include fire, fireflies (also called lightning bugs in some areas), and other bio-luminescent life forms. This light is essential for our physical body, but it does little for the spirit and soul.

Spiritual light is different in two ways. It is different frequencies from physical light. Perhaps not frequencies in the physical sense, but something similar. It originates in higher dimensions. It originates with God. Because of that, the information carried in that light is spiritual or divine in nature. So if spiritual growth is our goal, this is the light we need to turn to. But we still need physical light. We need two lights for the two sides of our total being.

All light carries knowledge or information within it. This is a long-held spiritual belief that is now accepted by the science of Quantum Physics. Continue reading “Two Lights for Total Being: Physical and Spiritual”

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Learn Good to Do Good and Think Good

“The ability to learn, to think, to perform good actions, to love, are good instruments that you must use to get back into Paradise.

“What you learn, think, and love matters a lot. There is higher knowledge and there is lower knowledge, there is right thinking and there is wrong thinking, there is Love toward God and there is Love of lower things. You determine where you want to be.

“He who wants to be a good student must set right his distorted mind and heart. The good students sets right the distorted trends of his mind and feelings. …

“Your first task is to give way to the positive in yourself. … Free your mind from negative thoughts and your heart from negative feelings.” ~Biensa Douno

Think and Learn Good

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, we have been taught things that are not true. Because of that, learning and thinking good is not as easy as it sounds. But it can be done. First, you simply have to try. If you don’t even try to do good, you probably won’t. Second, you have to learn to trust your intuition. Somebody may tell you something is good, but if your intuition says no, don’t do it. At some point, you can awaken your spirit and soul. They can be trusted to know right from wrong, good from evil. And yes, evil does exist.

Learn Good

It is great to learn new things. It is much better to learn good. Learning how to murder people in a hundred ways is learning, but the wrong kind. We see terrorist groups kidnapping children and teaching them to be murderers. Because they are children, they learn well. And it is hard to unlearn those things later. Teaching children such things is a great wrong.

Even for those who are not spiritually awakened and haven’t earned to listen to their intuition, it is possible to do good most of the time. Any act of kindness is good. And that doesn’t just mean being kind to friends and relatives. It doesn’t even mean being kind only to those you agree with. We need to show kindness to all. The sun shines on all, not just a particular religion or political party. Continue reading “Learn Good to Do Good and Think Good”