indifferent state, Perfect Stillness

Prepare for Higher States of Consciousness and Being

“O Great One, everlasting considerate of our needs, Overseer and Taskmaster of mankind, look down upon us with compassion, and lay not too great a burden upon us. … We prepare for a higher state of being, but bear with us, for sometimes we grow weary and falter at the task. … We are entangles in a net of our own weaving. Let us, Your servants, look to You, the Great One, for aid. …
“The Glorious Ones worship You with service and serve through following the words of guidance. Thus the earthbound spirits worship You. … We are not as others, O Great One, for we know well that worship and devotion mean service and expended effort, not mere words and ritual.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:25:12-14)

Preparing for a Higher State

We do need to ask for God’s help in achieving higher states of consciousness and in awakening our spirit and soul. Some people think thy can be spiritual without being religious. That may be true, but you cannot be spiritual without God and without seeking the help of God, the Angels, and the Beings of Light that dwell in the spiritual worlds with God.

We are not perfect, and we need to understand that and admit it. Positive thinking is great, but nobody seeks that which he believes he already has. We need to believe that no matter where we currently are on the scale of consciousness, there are higher states that we can achieve if we make an effort to do so. Yes, we will make mistakes and we will falter; we are human. When we falter, though, we must just try harder and seek the help of those higher beings who truly want to help, provided our goal is to develop our spiritual faculties and to help others do the same.

It is also true that we get entangles in a allegorical net that is mostly of our own weaving, though it is also true that others contribute to it. When our parents, teachers, neighbors and politicians tell us things that are nor really true, they are contributing o that net. Yet we all have the ability and the opportunity to consider those things we were taught and correct the false things we have accepted that are part of that net, that anchor that holds us down.

The Glorious Ones

I do not see an explanation for who these “Glorious Ones” are. It may be a reference to the Angels of God, or to the Beings of Light, but is most likely a reference to those mere humans who have made the concerted effort over time to constantly rise above the the muck and mire of the world of matter and achieve very high states of consciousness: that state which is often called Cosmic Consciousness or Christ Consciousness.

These high-achievers, we are told, “worship” God by serving Him, which is to say, By following His Plan and His Word. God is not served by sacrificing animals, or by killing those you consider unworthy to live. God is served ONLY by following His Will and His Plan to bring about the transformation of the entire universe of matter back to its original state of spirit: a process which has already began and if your not part of it, you will likely get left behind. So climb out of the muck and seek to increase your Light until it shines as bright as one of those Glorious Ones, whoever they may be.

shamanic tree or stairway to heaven, All-Soul

Lifting the Veil Between Us and God

Lifting the Veil

“O Great One, hidden within the eternal silence, who shines forth as a beacon of light to few men. O lighten our darkness and our fear-shadowed hearts! Lift the veil just slightly, that we may understand something of Your greatness.
“We are not uninstructed and know we can be granted no more than a glimpse of Your greatness, for to receive more would be too awesome for the frail constitution of man. This is why the ignorant doubt, for their very ignorance spawns the frailty, which inhibits their enlightenment. … O Great One, grant that the spirit within us may be helped to cleanse itself of the besmirching foulness spawned by our thoughts. Remove from us every trace of that, which may pollute, and let us know timeless splendor in glory.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:22:8-10)

The gist of this is that the speaker is asking God, the Great One, to shine forth on us with His Divine Light, and lift the veil that keeps us from knowing His greatness. The think that the speaker doesn’t seem to quite understand about this veil is that we are as responsible for it as God is, perhaps more so. That veil (more like a wall) between us and God rose up when we violated God’s Law as depicted in the allegorical tale of Adam and Eve as well as the story of Lucifer and the fallen angels. So it is good to ask God to help remove the veil, but we also need to work at it ourselves.

So how do we work at removing the veil? The fist step is to stop believing that the material world is the only world, or worse yet, that the world of spirit is like a ghostly copy of the physical world and we will do things there much as we do them here. So lets start by clearing that delusion. There are no factories to work I in the spiritual world and no offices to go to. There are no hunting zones or fishing holes. There are no gardens of flowers or vegetables. There is nothing of the physical world their at all, period, and that is a good thing. It’s a good thing because what would be the point of striving to get to the spiritual world if it was just a ghostly copy of this one? Continue reading “Lifting the Veil Between Us and God”


The Brilliant Light Above

“The pool wherein you gaze is earthlife. The brilliant light above, far greater than the sun, is the manifestation of the One God, but it is not He. … The brightness you see before you and to the right is the naked spirit displaying itself in isolation. … The brightness above and ahead is the Region of Lightness, where the risen ones rejoice, for there they welcome their Earth companions and are happy in reunion.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:9:5-11)

HopeOver and over again, in scripture of many religions, many peoples and periods, we see Light, especially sun light, being related to God and heaven, yet few seem to get this. We here terms like “The brilliant light”, “the Great Light”, “The Pure Light”, and others, yet we go to pray in the dark caves with darkly colored windows we call churches and temples.

The quoted text says the brilliant light is a manifestation of God, but is not God Himself. That is an important distinction. When we in Cosolargy advise people to awaken their spirits and souls by taking in the light of the spiritual sun, critic call us sun worshipers. We are not worshiping the sun because we do not claim that it is God. Continue reading “The Brilliant Light Above”


The Shining and Fragrant Ones

“This is your destiny, in the Land Beyond the Veil; therefore lift up your face in joy. Rise, lovely liveliness; you are one destined to be numbered among the Shining Ones and are warmly welcomed into the company of the Fragrant Ones. O happy one who enhanced earthly life with your presence, this is your reward. Many have done mighty things, but you have served with constancy and diligence, adding the small grains of goodness to the pile of merits until it exceeded in weight the great things done by others. We hail you, O victorious one! … Behold, she is among the Chosen. Henceforth, she becomes an Opener of the Way for those of her blood. Glorious is she and blessed are they!” ~The Kolbrin Bible SCL:8:10-13

Das Feuer Ritual - Burning awakeningIt would be nice if we could say that this was the destiny of all of us, and it is something to aspire too, but realistically we can’t all be “among the Chosen”. Some may not even desire such a thing, and that is certainly understandable given that false beliefs that many share beliefs made up by churches and priests to comfort people, but having no reality behind them.

This chapter of the Kolbrin Bible is talking about a woman who has left the earthly plain and risen into the Worlds of Light called here the Land Beyond the Veil. The woman is sold that she is destined to be “among the Shining Ones”. This description is both literal and allegorical. The Shining Ones, the Beings of Light allegorically shine forth with God’s Light and God’s grace and share it with others, but they also literally Shine from the abundance of spiritual Light they have in them. It’s like the time when St. Francis was having an evening meeting with his female companion and counterpart, St. Clare and the room was said to fill with so much light that monks came running with buckets of water to put out the fire. The Shining Ones are also called the Fragrant Ones which is also both literal and symbolic. We associate pleasant fragrances with goodness, so it can be symbolic to refer to holy beings as “fragrant”, but those who have been fortunate enough to have been visited by one of these higher beings after report a fragrance of exotic tropical flowers around them. Even without seeing such beings, those who practice spiritual disciplines and techniques often report the sudden appearance of a scent like flowers or incense while doing so. Continue reading “The Shining and Fragrant Ones”