World of Illusion and the Dazzling Truth

“The Buddhists talk about samsara, the world of illusion. It is the place that most of us live. Mistaking illusion for reality is said to be the root cause of our suffering. Yet in some immensely elegant way suffering itself can release us from illusion. Often in times of crisis when we reach for what we have considered our strength we stumble on our wholeness and our real power. How we were before we fixed ourselves to win approval . What has been fixed is always less strong than what is whole. In a time of real need we may remember and free ourselves.

“Integrity usually comes to people slowly and takes them unawares, as part of a natural process of maturing or through the need to be there for someone else who is counting on them. But it can appear full blown in times of crisis or loss.” ~Rachel Naomi Remen

World of Illusion

The first mistake that most people make when told that the realm of matter is a world of illusion is assuming that this means that the material world doesn’t exist at all. They start believing that matter, space, and time does not exist. Of course, none are willing to prove their theory by holding their breath for three hours.

The fact that what you see a stage magician do in his act is illusion doesn’t mean he isn’t doing anything. It means that he is hiding what is really happening from the audience so as to present a pleasant and mysterious fantasy. Likewise, the world of matter is an illusion staged by the Demiurge. It is very real. Yet it is not what it appears to be. Nonetheless, when you are trapped inside the illusion, you must follow its rules or you will be injured or even killed.


In the movie, “Dreamscape,” the scientists learn that when a person dies in his dreams, they will die in real life as well. Because of that, a villain plans to kill the president by using an evil psychic to attack him in his dreams. The hero, another psychic played by Dennis Quade, has to stop the bad guy. Similarly, the world of illusion can cause death, even if we know it is an illusion. It is true, though, that if we do understand that it is illusion, we are able to break some of the rules of the illusion. Continue reading “World of Illusion and the Dazzling Truth”