Real Genius

“In those abnormal types of personality to which we give the name of genius, we seem to detect a hint of the relations which may exist between these deep levels of being and the crust of consciousness in the poet, the musician, the great mathematician or inventor, powers lying below the threshold, and hardly controllable by their owner’s conscious will, clearly take a major part in the business of perception and conception. In all creative arts, the larger share of the work is done subconsciously: its emergence is in a sense automatic. This is equally true of mystics, artists, philosophers, discoverers, and rulers of men. The great … always owes its inception to some sudden inrush of intuitions or ideas for which the superficial self cannot account; … this is ‘inspiration’; the opening of the sluices, so that those waters of truth in which all life is bathed may rise to the level of consciousness.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Real genius, creative genius, is more than a simple matter of having a large brain, reading a lot of books, or getting several college degrees. The true genius has opened channels to something deeper, something spiritual, inside himself and outside, that gives him insights into reality that no amount of intellectual studies can match. This is the type of genius we find in Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Albert Einstein. We can, of course, add to that list the great spiritual leaders that are generally not thought of as geniuses. They would include Jesus, Moses, Buddha, St. Francis, Jacob Boehm, Kahlil Gibran and many others.

Naturally, the materialistic powers of the world, especially the universities and trade schools that make a great deal of money selling their rather limited training, oppose this concept. No matter how much they try, however, they never seem to completely suppress such teachings. Continue reading “Real Genius”