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Initiation Chamber and Ceremony in a Mystery School

“Behind the sacred place in the temple, behind the place of flame, was the Thrice Hidden Door, and this led down to the Chambers of Darkness, which were before the Caverns of Initiation.
“Before the first Chamber of Darkness, there was an antechamber containing a small lamp and light. Cut on the wall were representations of Life and Spirit. The candidate had studied with the priests of the upper temple for seven years and been observed by one of the Twice Born for seven years. Now, here in the antechamber, he became an Anointed One.
“The anointed one went into the first Chamber of Darkness for testing by one of the Twice Born. Here it was discovered whether he truly desired the Great Illumination ad whether he had all earthly desires and ambitions under control.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:2:12-13)

Chambers Of Initiation

While the actual arrangement of initiation chambers varied, the idea is the same. When the initiate is deemed ready, he is brought to a special place for testing. This testing determines if he is ready to go on to more advance spiritual training.

It sounds strange that the initiate would be brought to Chambers of Darkness. I think the intended symbology here was to remind him that he was still in the world of darkness, despite his years of study and practice. Now, however, he was being tested to see if he was ready to go beyond into Worlds of Light.

It would have been nice if the writer had given more details on those carvings on the walls representing Life and Spirit. We can only speculate about them. Continue reading “Initiation Chamber and Ceremony in a Mystery School”

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The True Adept and the Pain of Growth

“The true Adept, the developed man, must, we are always told, become—he cannot be made. The process is therefore one of growth through evolution, and thus must necessarily involve a certain amount of pain. The main cause of pain lies in our perpetually seeking the permanent in the impermanent and not only seeking, but acting as if we had already found the unchangeable in a world of which the one certain quality we can predict is constant change. …
“Again, the idea of growth involves also the idea of disruption: the inner being must continually burst through its confining shell or encasement, and such a disruption must also be accompanied by pain, not physical but mental and intellectual.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

The True Adept

I would call the true adept the developing man rather than the developed. An adept has reached a certain level of consciousness that is higher than that of the initiate, but is still on the road of spiritual growth with every expectation of achieving more. Ms. Blavatsky is correct, though, in saying that such an adept cannot be made, by which she means that someone else cannot make you an adept. If you become an adept, is through your own effort. Others can guide you, and probably should, but they can’t make you an adept like an artist carving a statue out of a lump of rock. It is mostly up to you. Continue reading “The True Adept and the Pain of Growth”

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The Dangers and Rewards of Becoming a Spiritual Initiate

“It is often said that the first steps of Initiation are fraught with perils and grave dangers. There is a measure of truth in this. Initiation, or Yoga, is a coming-to-birth of the higher soul which lies latent in every human being. The astral body is faced with dangers analogous to those attending physical birth; there is travail before the divine soul comes forth from the desire-nature of man. The difference is that the birth of Spirit is a much longer process than that of physical birth. …
“The first requisite for the Initiate is that his character shall be strong and that he shall be master of his own passions. … Ordinary ‘morality’ is not enough. … The task of the true Initiate is to change the direction of his life’s current.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Dangers and Rewards

We can all thank our mothers for going through the difficult period of pregnancy, ending in painful birth. Despite this, many women choose to have several children. They do this, in the cases where it truly is their choice, because they see the rewards of having a child and bringing another person into the world as greater than the pain and difficulty of the process of birth.

Rebirth, the “birthing” of the soul, is not too different. First, we have to go through a period of change in our way of living which can be difficult for some. The we keep wishing for that awakening of the Soul to happen, and never being sure if it has happened because it is usually such a gradual process. Continue reading “The Dangers and Rewards of Becoming a Spiritual Initiate”

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A Higher Consciousness

“When the Candidate becomes an Initiate—when he passes from the purely Mental plane on to the Spiritual Plane—he realizes that the ‘I.’ the Real Self, is something higher than either body or mind, and that both of the latter may be used as tools and instruments by the Ego or ‘I.’ This knowledge is not reached by purely intellectual reasoning, although such efforts of the mind are often necessary to help in the unfoldment, and the Masters so use it. The real knowledge, however, comes as a special form of consciousness. … The Initiate passes the second degree of consciousness, and begins to grow into a realization of his relationship to the Whole.” ~William Walker Atkinson

The Initiate

The first sentence in the quote indicates that a spiritual student doesn’t become an Initiate until he gets beyond the “Mental Plane” and on to the “Spiritual Plane.” In Cosolargy, we would say this happens when he stops relying on his brain-mind to solve all problems and obtain all knowledge, and awakens his spiritual faculties with their far greater abilities and knowledge.

One area where we disagree with Mr. Atkinson is on the idea that Ego and the True Self are the same thing. If that were the case, Donald Trump, with an ego so big it has it’s own zip code, would be a spiritual master, which he obviously isn’t. The True Self is the spirit and soul, not the body and brain-mind. The true self is not an intellectual, but an awakened soul with full knowledge of the universe: Gnosis. Continue reading “A Higher Consciousness”