Spiritual Growth is a Process

“Enlightenment proceeds from very simple processes. Here, too, t is a matter of developing certain feelings and thoughts which slumber in every human being and must be awakened. It is only when these simple processes are carried out with unfailing patience, continuously and conscientiously, that they can lead to the perception of the inner light-forms. … The student gradually learns, by their means, to see something like soul and spirit colors. The spiritual world with its lines and figures remains dark as long as he has attained what has been described as preparation; through enlightenment this world becomes light.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Meditation illustrationWhether you think the process is simple or complex, easy or difficult, lengthy or short may depend on who you talk too but one thing is certain with all real spiritual teachers: there is a process that needs to be followed to achieve enlightenment. The ridiculously simplistic idea that you have become an enlightened person just by joining a particular church, buying a sparkly crystal, or declaring Jesus your savior just doesn’t work. And as more and more people are becoming aware that these popular approaches don’t work, they turn, unfortunately, to atheism. What they should be doing if they really do want enlightenment is to seek out a real spiritual school.

Just as a doctor, lawyer, carpenter or plumber needs to start with learning from experts and to use the proper tools, so too must the person seeking spiritual growth. If the lawyer carried a hammer and a screwdriver while the carpenter had a law book, they could not do their jobs properly. Continue reading “Spiritual Growth is a Process”


The Ultimate Aspiration

“The eyes that were deceived on Earth now see clearly. O what splendors are revealed! The music unheard by earthly ears now sounds sweet melodious music. O what joyous rapture it brings! The nostrils inhale perfumes too delicate for the earthly nose, O how the heat sings! All dumbness, all dullness and all sordidness, which are of the Earth, are left behind. … The unmoving, empty body remains here before our eyes; it is nothing, it sees nothing, it hears not, it speaks not, it smells not, its breath is stilled, it begins to fall apart. … We, who are here, stand blinded behind the veil of flesh; we cannot see beyond ourselves; we hope, we believe and we trust. … O grant us fulfillment, grant us that which is the ultimate desire and aspiration of men!” The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:1:20-21)

Awakening3JYour eye doctor may tell you that yo have excellent vision, or that you have such with the glasses you are wearing, but she is wrong! She is wrong because all that you can see with your physical eyes are the distorted illusions of matter. Likewise, even the most beautiful music you can hear from an orchestra pales in comparison to Divine Music. The most pleasant smells your nose can detect are no match for the scent of the worlds of spirit and those who dwell there. As the passage says, we are blinded by the flesh. It doesn’t help us see better, it helps us see distortion, trickery, falsehood. We may see that painting of an angel very sharply and clearly, but that is not at all the same as experiencing the actual presence of an angel, especially since they look nothing like the bird-man hybrids that are usually painted as angels. Continue reading “The Ultimate Aspiration”