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Everlasting Illumination of the Reborn Initiate

“The impressions received in moments of illumination are everlasting. They fill the spirit with a glorified splendor. …
“When the body of your brother lay enwrapped within the Womb of Rebirth, his spirit was carried out on the wings of a serif and became lost in a sphere beyond understanding. … Then, like a rolling of distant thunder, there as a swelling sound, and there came an overdazzling light. It grew steadily more brilliant until your brother saw a beautiful form of divine glory arrayed in a splendor beyond all earthly bounds. The cumbersome words of Earth cannot do justice to what your brother wishes to describe. … Words are wholly inadequate symbols.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:2:28-29)

Everlasting Illumination

Having witnessed a rare event is not something we easily forget. Since true illumination is very rare these days, it is definitely something we don’t forget when it happens. But even beyond that, we are changed by it. That change makes it impossible to forget. It is now a part of us and we a part of it. And since it is our destiny to become illuminated and fully spiritual again, it makes sense that once it happens, it is everlasting.

Womb of Rebirth

Don’t confuse this with the idea of reincarnation. This is a spiritual rebirth that brings everlasting illumination, not a physical one. We get one lifetime in a physical body, so make good use of it. This rebirth happens when we awaken our spirit and soul with the light of the spiritual sun.

I don’t understand what the author of the quote meant when he said “carried on the wings of a serif”. The only definition I can find for “serif” is that it is a little line on letters in certain fonts. But what he is saying in the complete sentence is more understandable. The initiate is raised spiritually into a realm of spirit. He reaches a realm of blinding white light which is pure spirit.

Divine Glory

While the quote says the initiate sees a “beautiful form of divine glory,” it is more accurate to say he experiences the divine glory. It isn’t seeing as much as it is becoming part of that Divine Glory and knowing what God and the Angels know. Naturally, such an experience produces everlasting illumination.

Inadequate Words

I’ve mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating. One reason why a person who has been truly illuminated cannot describe it to another is that it is something that must be experienced. Another reason is simply that human languages are incapable of describing it. It can only be approximated, or described in allegorical terms. Because of this, many get the wrong idea of what to expect if they have listed to a written or spoken description of the experience. Such descriptions are useful, but we must understand that they are partial and inaccurate because of the limitations of words. So the only way to really know what everlasting illumination is like is to achieve it.

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New Human, Luminous Human, and How to Be One

“I didn’t know what to make of the dream until I shared it with a friend who was studying shamanism. … She said, “I know the Inca have a prophecy about the emergence of the new human that is occurring now.” … I got that truth-signal shiver. … It turns out Villoldo had been talking about a period of change the Incas call the ‘pachacuti,’ that is in full swing and promises the emergence of a new human—what he calls ‘homo luminous’—after a period of turmoil. …
“Thinking back to my dream, I realized the spiral designs I saw emerging from the man’s body were a new kind of eternal circuitry—something interdimensional—like tiny wormholes.” ~Penney Peirce

The New Human

A new human is indeed emerging. Many will deny it, other won’t understand it, yet it is happening. It may seem that when considering some current events, that rather than evolving to a much greater being, we are descending into a crude animal. But the balance that is kept in this world of matter requires that things have their opposite. So that new human must be countered by an even more animalistic primitive human. It is, for the most part, up to us to decide which team we want to be on.

The new human, or at least those headed down that path, can be recognized in a number of ways.

  • They are not easily fooled by politicians, business leaders, and others in power
  • For them, money is not the great motivator
  • They are more interested in helping others than harming them
  • Learning new things is what they do constantly, and they encourage others to do the same
  • They love peace and want to avoid war whenever possible, yet are willing to give their own lives to defend the rights of all
  • The usually live a healthy lifestyle and avoid junk food and drugs (both legal and illegal).

There is more, but that is generally enough to see who is heading in that direction, and who isn’t. Continue reading “New Human, Luminous Human, and How to Be One”

Illumination or separation

Illumination or Separation: The Choice is Yours

“Those who dwell in the thought of separateness do not reach the Light. Those who are in bondage to separateness, who declare that objects really exist apart from the Self, are pitiful. But those who will dwell firm-set in the unborn One, they indeed are wise …
“True wisdom is that which, being unmanifest, does not hold itself to be dependent on forms and characters which have no real being. Wisdom, thus independent, is declared to be free from attachment. … The wisdom of him who has reached illumination, who is full of fervor, does not concern itself with characters and forms. For him, characters and forms have no true reality.”~Mandukya Upanishad

Illumination or Separation

So according to this Upanishad, one has to choose between separation and illumination. One who insists on functioning as if he is separate from all other living beings lives in darkness. Only one who sees herself as part of the whole can see the Light.

Many people say they believe in Oneness, yet their words and actions often say differently. We talk about them and us. We use expressions like, “That’s their problem, not mine.”

If your foot was infected, you wouldn’t say, “That’s foots problem, not mine,” because you recognize that foot is not a separate being but just a part of yourself. Likewise, that person living under a bridge because he can’t afford housing is a part of You. That person being jailed for a crime he didn’t commit because his skin color makes him automatically guilty is part of you. The person being denied entry into the country because of her religion is also you. Continue reading “Illumination or Separation: The Choice is Yours”

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Dawn of Illumination, Dawn of a Golden Age

The ‘I’ consciousness, even in its highest stages, is but a preliminary step toward what is called ‘illumination’ and which signifies the awakening of the initiate to a realization of his actual connection with and relationship to the Whole. … The candidate, once he enters fully into the ‘I’ consciousness, becomes an ‘initiate.’ And the initiate who enters into the dawn of illumination takes his first step upon the road to Mastery. The initiation is the awakening of the soul to a knowledge of its real existence—the illumination is the revelation of the real nature of the soul, and of its relationship with the Whole.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Dawn of Illumination

While it is certainly true that we are in dark times with materialism run amok, with entertainers and sports figures being considered the great heroes of our world worthy of salaries a thousand times those of average people, it is also a time of enlightenment. It may be an old cliche to say that “it is always darkest before the dawn,” but that doesn’t mean the statement isn’t true. While we do see much darkness, much ignorance, much materialism around us, we are also seeing an increased interest in spirituality, mysticism, and soul development. These “lost” arts—which were never truly lost, but only hidden for protection—are making a comeback and we are indeed at the dawn of a new golden age, a dawn of illumination, a dawn of enlightenment. Continue reading “Dawn of Illumination, Dawn of a Golden Age”