authors of evil

Authors of Evil and Defeating Them

Authors of Evil

“The greatest authors and instigators of evil are ignorance, self-love and tyranny. Each depends on the other two and is supported by them: from ignorance of God comes self-love, and from self-love comes tyranny over one’s own kind. The devil establishes these in us when we misuse our pwn powers, namely our intelligence, our desire and our incentive power.

“By intelligence we should be stimulated to overcome our ignorance and to seek the one and only God by means of spiritual knowledge; through desire – through a passion of self-love which has been purified – we should be drawn in longing to the one God; and with an incentive power divorced from all tyrannical propensity we should struggle to attain God alone. From these three powers of the Soul we should actualize that divine and blessed love on account of which they exist, that love which joins the devout man to God and reveals him to be a god. …

“We should care for ourselves and each other in the way that Christ Himself, who patiently suffered fro us, has already shown us in His own person.

“For the sake of love all the saints resisted sin, not showing any regard for the present life: and they endured many forms of death, in order to be separated from the world and united with themselves and God, joining together in themselves the broken fragments of human nature.” ~The Philokalia


While it may be true that ignorance, self-love (more on this later), and tyranny are the greatest authors of evil, I think we can safely say that the greatest of these is ignorance, specifically ignorance of God and Spiritual Truth. This is because only one who is ignorant of truth can have the other two traits. So if we want to develop our spiritual self, we need to concentrate on ending our ignorance. The rest will follow automatically.

Ignorance of God doesn’t just mean that someone doesn’t believe in God. It also applies to the many millions who have no first-hand knowledge of God, but rely on the written or spoken word of others to inform them of God. Such written or spoken descriptions are never accurate because God is so much more than human language is capable of expressing. We must know God from personal experience by reaching to the higher levels of being and consciousness where God and the Angels are found.


This is a tricky one. We absolutely do need to love ourselves, but only in a certain way. It can’t be in an arrogant, narcissistic way. It can’t be in a way that we put ourselves above others. Rather we must love ourselves as equal to others, not better. I really believe that one reason many people today can’t believe in God is that their narcissism won’t allow them to accept that another being is superior. In truth, you can’t really love others if you have no love for yourself. Having proper self-love doesn’t mean that you accept everything you do and don’t want to change a thing. You can love yourself and still desire to grow and change. So as far as authors of evil go, self-love is not always one of them.


Tyranny is definitely an author of evil. If you have tyranny in you, you cannot love all beings as God requires. You also must still be in ignorance of God to some degree, or your tyrannical ways would end.

Note that practicing tyranny “over one’s own kind” isn’t limited to tyrannical government leaders. It can be a business manager, a school teacher, or even a parent lording over their children. It isn’t the position, but the behavior that determines a tyrant. But a tyrant who wants to can reform. A tyrant who wants to awaken and develop their spiritual Self MUST reform.

The way to do that is the same for most forms of bad behavior. Before you go to sleep at night, review your day mentally. Were you mean to others? Were you too easy to anger? Did you rule over others with tyranny? If the answer to these, and similar questions is “Yes,” you need to think about how you can do better the next time, and vow to make the effort to do so. It also helps to awaken your spiritual faculties so you will know and love God, and all that He created. You cannot be a tyrant with those you love.

Spiritual Development

The way to defeat all the authors of evil, even ones that were not mentioned in this passage from The Philokalia, is to awaken and develop your spiritual Self. You do that by using the Light of the Spiritual Sun and practicing Spiritual Sun-Gazing. This is not the same as physical sun-gazing, I. e., gazing at the physical sun, though we have to do that as a starting point. Proper sun gazing doesn’t mean staring at the sun. Not only is that concentrating too much on the physical, it can cause serious harm to your eyes. It has to be done in a subtle way that is taught in real spiritual schools such as the school of Cosolargy. When done properly, sun gazing will gradually shift from the physical sun to the Spiritual Sun and a true awakening of the soul will happen. That is the way to defeat the authors of evil.


Ignorance of the Divine Spark and Awakening It

Human Ignorance

“Humans are generally ignorant of the divine spark resident within them. This ignorance is fostered in human nature by the influence of the false creator and his Archons. … Not all humans are spiritual and thus ready for Gnosis and liberation. … Gnostics do not look to salvation from sin (original or other), but rather from ignorance of which sin is a consequence. Ignorance – whereby is meant ignorance of spiritual realities – is dispelled only by Gnosis.

“And as a terminal downbeat observation: Death does not automatically bring about liberation from bondage to the realms of the Demiurge. … It is implicitly understood in most Gnostic teachings that those who have not made effective contact with their transcendental origins while they were in embodiment would have to return into the sorrowful condition of earthly life.” ~Bernard Simon

Ignorance of the Divine Spark

Much of humanity is ignorant of the Divine Spark within. They generally fall into two groups. One group believes in God and is often quite religious, but doesn’t see and need for spiritual self-development. The other doesn’t believe in God or anything spiritual. Both are living in some degree of ignorance.

Ignorance is Sin

Mr. Simon says that, according to the Gnostics, that salvation (or forgiveness) of sin was not the path to Heaven and enlightenment, but rather to be free from ignorance, which causes sin. That is true of most Gnostic groups and it is true of Cosolargy, which I follow. Gene Savoy, Sr said:

Man punishes himself because he breaks the supernatural laws of the cosmos. Man suffers because of his ignorance of God and His laws. Ignorance is the only sin for which man must atone.”

Why is ignorance the only sin that matters? Because one you overcome ignorance, you stop sinning, it is that simple. When you were an infant, you may have touched a hot stove and got burned. Not badly, but enough so you knew it wasn’t a good thing to do. But because you didn’t quite put the stove and the burning pain together as connected yet, you may have made the same mistake a day or two later. But after getting a few mild burns (hopefully, your parents had you protected from the hotter areas where you could get serious burns!), you got the connection and stopped touching it.

Death and Liberation

A common belief of those living in spiritual ignorance is that when you die, you go on to Heaven or some variation of the Christian Heaven. You need not do anything special, you don’t have to earn this high privilege, you just have to die. If that were true, the idea that suicide is wrong would make no sense at all. Why should anyone be deprived of the right to rush off to heaven whenever they choose?

The answer, of course, is that death is not a ticket to Heaven. It isn’t even a ticket to an afterlife, at least not in the sense that most of us expect an afterlife to be. Those who die without doing what is necessary to get into heaven will find that their soul will separate from them, and return to heaven without them. The soul is like a guest living in your spiritual guest room. If you don’t go through the process that allows you to become one with the soul as taught by mystics and mystery schools for ages, the soul moves out and you do not go with it. Instead, your consciousness becomes part of the Gaia mind that controls the planet. You become, in a way, a piece of Mother Nature’s consciousness. That is not what I want when I die and I don’t think it is what anyone else wants.

I have heard of some Eastern Gurus telling people that when they die, their soul is like a drop of water falling into an ocean. Once that happens, it becomes just a part of the whole ocean. That is a good description of what happens to those who, out of ignorance, don’t integrate with their soul.

Escape from Ignorance

So don’t become a drop of water in the ocean, a tiny piece of the Gaia mind. Lose your ignorance by awakening and developing your soul. You do that primarily by taking in the light of the Spiritual Sun through a process called sun-gazing. But sun gazing alone won’t do it. It is more complicated, which is why those who are serious about ending their spiritual ignorance join a reputable spiritual school to learn the complete process one step at a time.

Essence of Buddha's Teaching

Essence of Buddha’s Teaching from the Dalai Lama

“The Dalai Lama has said that all the essence of Buddha’s teaching can be summarized in the phrase, ‘If you can’t help others, at least don’t harm them.’ This shows the basic practice is to not harm any living being and, if possible, on that basis to help others as much as possible and relieve suffering. Suffering can be traced back to the mind, with fundamental ignorance at its root. Therefore, ultimately, the best way to help others is to give them wisdom, the antidote to ignorance. It is also said that the way the Buddha helps people is by showing them the path to cessation of suffering but that it is up to them to make the effort to follow that path. There are two main divisions of Buddhist philosophy, the Hinayana school and the Mahayana school. The Hinayana school emphasizes not harming others, and practitioners follow it for personal salvation. The Mahayana school focuses on helping others, and is followed by those wishing to reach enlightenment themselves. Within the Mahayana school there are two paths to reach enlightenment, the Sutrayana, or gradual path, and the Vajrayana, or tantra, the quick path.” ~ from the Book “His Holiness The Dalai Lama: A Message of Spiritual Wisdom

Essence of Buddha’s Teaching

The Dalai Lama says that the essence of Buddha’s teaching is “If you can’t help others, at least don’t harm them.” While this is certainly a good philosophy, I think it may be an oversimplification. If not, then Buddhism is not the great spiritual teaching I have always thought it was. In any real spiritual teaching, the most important and most basic teaching is the awakening and development of the soul. Al those philosophical and ethical ideas happen automatically when you do.

An awakened person doesn’t need to be told to help others, they just do it automatically. They act as if they don’t even see others as separate from themselves. And simply telling people to be nice and help others when they are not awakened may actually have the opposite effect of that intended. The problem is that even if such people try to help others, what they think is helping them is often not helping, but hindering. A simple example of this might be that hunger could trigger a search for something beyond the physical in a particular individual. In that person’s case, letting him go hungry will be beneficial. But the unawakened person thinks that feeding the hungry, in all cases, is beneficial to them.

Something we in the Western world don’t seem to know, but should definitely learn is what the position of Dalai Lama is all about. Many seem to believe that the Dalai Lama is and always was the spiritual leader of Tibet. That is not true. The Dalai Lama, when he actually had his office in Tibet, was the political leader, not the spiritual one. The Black Hat Lama was, and is, the spiritual leader. But being spiritual, he doesn’t seek publicity, so few have heard of him. While even Wikipedia says the Dalai Lama was a spiritual leader, if you read further down in the description, you will see that he was the government leader, and to truly spiritual people in Tibet, the Black Hat Lama was their spiritual leader. So the Dalai Lama’s philosophies are good, as far as they go, but don’t seem to emphasize the spiritual over the physical, which a real spiritual leader would always do. Continue reading “Essence of Buddha’s Teaching from the Dalai Lama”

error and ignorance

Error and Ignorance that Rules Matter

“Error and Ignorance Enter Human History
Let us come back to the rulers of whom we spoke, that we might present an explanation of them. For when the seven rulers were cast from their heavens down upon the earth, they created for themselves angels, many demonic angels, to serve them. But these demons taught humankind many errors with magic and potions and idolatry, and shedding of blood, and altars, and temples, and sacrifices, and libations to all the demons of the earth, having as their co-worker fate, who came into being according to the agreement by the gods of injustice and justice. And thus when the world came into being, it wandered astray in distraction throughout all time. For all the people who are on the earth served the demons from the creation until the consummation of the age—both the angels of justice and the people of injustice. Thus the world came to be in distraction and ignorance and stupor. They all erred, until the appearance of the true human. Enough for you to this point. Next we shall consider our world so that we might complete the discussion of its structure and its government in a precise manner. Then it will be clear how belief in hidden things, which have been apparent from the foundation to the consummation of the age, came about.” ~On the Origin of the World

Error and Ignorance

Error and ignorance are nearly the same things as it is only with ignorance that people make errors. Some will insist that it is not true, but only because they say people do things that they know is wrong. That is true, but those people are still in ignorance. They may have been told by parents, teachers, priests, etc. that something is wrong, but they don’t truly accept that it is if they continue to do it anyway.

Rulers of Error and Ignorance

The rulers of error and ignorance are the fallen angels, devils, demons, or the Demiurge. Which name you choose to use for them doesn’t matter. The point is that they are the creators of the material world, not God. And as such, they were, and still are, the rulers of this realm. God only lets them go so far, but they are still controlling this level of the multi-verse to a large degree. They rule in error and ignorance because their ignorance allowed them to think they could create just as well as God could since they were His creations. But the creation is never as great as the creator. Because of this ignorance, they created a land of error.

They created a realm ruled by death, disease, greed, and destruction. Nothing is permanent here. All beings are subject to be eaten by other beings. All beings must eat other beings to survive in this realm of error. Fools think that is the way it should be. They too are living in error and ignorance.

In the dimensions created by the True God, there is no death, no disease, no want, no greed. All spirits live forever, never age, and eat only Divine Light. We can do that too if we make the effort. The problem for most is that it will take generations to accomplish and too many are unwilling to sacrifice now for the benefit of their grandchildren or great-grandchildren.

Shedding of Blood, Altars, and Sacrifice

One of the great ways the fallen angels promote themselves and their error and ignorance is through false religions. They know they are not really gods, but they love to promote themselves as such. But you can know that any god that demands blood sacrifice is a false god. Use your brain. Why would the Real God need blood sacrifice? It makes no sense whatsoever to think that God could benefit from such a horrid concept. But a false god can, a demonic god that can use the life force in blood to keep itself alive longer. That is why they ask for sacrifices, devotions, and unquestionable obedience. The real God wants obedience too, but with truth and knowledge given willingly to those who open themselves up to it, and make the effort to awaken their spiritual faculties through which they can gain that spiritual truth and knowledge. They want God on their terms, not His as if they were more important than God.

Belief in Hidden Things

The quote seems to imply in one section that this world is doomed to remain in error and ignorance forever. Look a little closer, though, and you will see there is a ray of hope. It tells us those who believe in hidden things can be saved, and the world can be saved with them. But this is misleading. It is not a mere belief that makes it happen. Many believe in the shedding-blood nonsense listed above. That doesn’t save them or anyone else, except the demons. What we need to believe is that God wants to save us. We need to believe that if we work for it, He will help. But we must want it, and work for it. It’s not going to just be handed to us. We shouldn’t believe a lot of common tales about Heave, Hell, and the afterlife. Instead, we must awaken our spiritual faculties so we can learn about the spiritual realm through direct contact and communication with them. We don’t just believe what others tell us in error and ignorance. We believe that we can learn the truth for ourselves.