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Holy Spirit and the Knowledge it Brings

“As in the case of the prophets, the Spirit wrought in them and taught them, and was within them, and appeared to them outwardly, so with Adam. The Spirit, when it pleased Him, was with him and taught him, and suggested, ‘Speak thus’ and he aid it. For the word was all things to him, and so long as he abode in the commandment he was a friend of God. And yet why should we be surprised if in spite of such conditions of existence he transgressed the commandment? Those who have been filled with the Holy Ghost still have the thoughts of nature, and have the will to comply with them. Thus Adam, though present with God in paradise transgressed of himself by his own will, and obeyed the evil side. Still, even after the transgression, he had knowledge.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Holy Spirit in Them

It seems clear to me that when Macarius says the saints had the Spirit in them, it means the same as when he says they are filled with the Holy Ghost. Both refer to the awakening of one’s own spirit and soul.

When spiritual teachers speak about having the spirit within, however, many get the idea that it exists within us, and only within us. That is simply not true. First, simply because something is within us doesn’t mean it isn’t also outside of us. Second, spirits, including the Holy Ghost, exist outside of the limits of time and space. So they are everywhere at the same time. Remember, Hermes said “As above, so below, as within, so without.” He didn’t say it was all within ourselves.

Spirit Taught Them

The Holy Spirit teaches us in an indirect way only. When the spiritual light of the spiritual sun awakens our soul, it has access to all the truth and knowledge of the universe. That doesn’t mean it knows everything at once.

When you get a library card, you don’t suddenly know everything that is in the library books. You have to read the books to learn. Likewise, the great knowledge and truth found in the spiritual realms comes through to us a little at a time so we won’t be overwhelmed by it. Continue reading “Holy Spirit and the Knowledge it Brings”

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The Light of the Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit is the source of the Divine vitality immanent in the universe. It is an outflowing torrent of Good which streams through all heavenly spirits; it is a Flame of Fire that consumes all in the One; it is also the spark of transcendence latent in man’s soul. The Spirit is the personal, Grace the impersonal, side of that energetic Love which enfolds and penetrates all life;” ~Evelyn Underhill

While I’m not a big fan of the book “The Shack” that was a huge bestseller, It did get some things about God correct. One is that God can appear in any form, should he choose to appear at all (actually, He almost never does, He sends an angel to speak for Him), and the second is that the Holy Spirit is female (In the book, a black woman is the form assumed).

If we think in terms of matter and energy, the Holy Spirit is the energy side of God. This Spirit brings us the Grace, the Light that awakens and nourishes the spirit and soul. You might also think of it as the Father doing the thinking and the Holy Spirit taking action, getting things done. When the Father awakened Jesus after John had baptized Him, it was the Holy Spirit that did the job and symbolically appeared as a dove of light above his head (please note, “dove of Light”, not matter).

Underhill tells us this Spirit is an “torrent of Good”. So those inspired by the Holy Spirit, those awakened by it, energized by it will do good. They have little choice. You cannot freeze water with fire and you cannot create evil with the power and energy of the Holy Spirit. So doesn’t it make sense that if we want to do what is good for us and for the world that we should seek out this spiritual energy? Continue reading “The Light of the Holy Spirit”


From The Sun’s Splendor

“There is mercy and there is justice in God; to the just He dispenses justice and to sinners, mercy. In the soul of the world, which is the Universal Agent, there is a current of love and a current of wrath. This ambient and all-penetrating fluid; this ray loosened from the sun’s splendor and fixed by the weight of the atmosphere and the power of central attraction; this body of the Holy Spirit, which we term the Universal Agent, … [which] is depicted in archaic monuments by the girdle of Isis, … as well as by the serpent devouring its own tail. Motion and life consist in the extreme tension of two forces.” ~Eliphas Levi

Das Feuer Ritual - Burning awakeningActually, for the most part, we judge ourselves, at least on an everyday basis. We punish ourselves when we think we have done wrong and reward ourselves when we do good. We do this in a number of ways. One way we punish ourselves is that when we feel guilty for having done something wrong, we weaken our immune system, our natural defenses, and, in a sense, open a door and invite harmful bacteria and viruses to enter. Then, or course, we blame the germs for making us sick, much like a teen blaming his friends for wrecking the place when he invited them over for a party. And we do the opposite when we want to reward ourselves. Continue reading “From The Sun’s Splendor”


Breath of the North Wind

“When the north wind blows over creation, the air around us remains pure because of this wind’s subtle and clarifying nature; but when the south wind blows, the air becomes hazy because it is this winds nature to produce mist and, by virtue of its affinity with clouds, to bring them from its own regions to cover the earth. Likewise, when the soul is energized by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, it is freed completely from the demonic mist; but when the wind of error blows fiercely upon it, it is completely filled with the clouds of sin. With all our strength, therefore, we should try always to face toward the life-creating and purifying wind of the Holy Spirit—the wind which the prophet Ezekiel saw coming from the north.” ~The Philokalia

BreathOfGod1People who interpret everything in scripture literally might read this and think they need to move somewhere where the north wind will blow on them filling them with the Holy Spirit. Or they may think the whole thing is Nonsense and wind has nothing to do with spirit, but this is, of course, not intended to be taken literally. Continue reading “Breath of the North Wind”