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Upanishads and the Sun of Light and Life

Prana is the sun; rayi is the moon.
Matter is solid, matter is subtle;
Rayi therefore is present everywhere.

“The sun gives light and life to all who live.
East and west, north and south,above, below,
It is the prana of the universe.

“The wise see the Lord of Love in the sun,
Rising in all its golden radiance
To give its warmth and life to all. …

“Those who observe outward forms of worship
Travel after death by the southern path,
The path of the ancestors and of rayi,
To the lunar world, and are born again.

“But for those who seek the Self through meditation,
Self-Discipline, wisdom, and faith in God
Travel after death by the northern path,
The path of prana, to the solar world,
Supreme refuge, beyond the reach of fear.” ~Prashna Upanishad

Sun Gives Light

The sun does give light, and much more. Light, heat, any many other types of radiation come from the sun. Some of that radiation is beneficial, some isn’t. There is no doubt, however, that if the sun went out, all living beings on Earth would quickly die. Something people forget when they listen to the sellers of drugs and sunblock who tell us the sun is out to kill and we must protect ourselves. For thousands of years, intelligent people as well as spiritual ones have said otherwise. Yet now we have millions listening to the drug vendors who benefit from keeping them weak and ill.

Sun Gives Life

Some will argue that the sun doesn’t give life, but is necessary for it. On the material level, that may be splitting hairs. On the spiritual level, things are different. The spiritual sun does awaken out dormant spirits and souls. In a sense, that is like giving them life, even though they are not truly dead. It is this awakening of the spirit and soul that Jesus called being reborn.

Since spiritual life is eternal, the spiritual sun is more important to us than the physical sun. The wise see the Lord of Love in the sun because His presence is in the Light of the spiritual sun. Taking in that light awakens, nourishes, and educates the soul with truth and wisdom. Continue reading “Upanishads and the Sun of Light and Life”

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Higher Self and Lower Self of Man

“There belongs to every human being a higher self and a lower self—a self or mind of the spirit which has been growing for ages, and a self of the body, which is but a thing of yesterday. The higher self is full of prompting idea, suggestion, and aspiration. This it receives of the supreme power. All this the lower or animal self regards as wild and visionary. The higher self argue possibilities … The lower self says we can only live and exist as men and women have lived and existed before us. The higher self craves freedom from the cumbrousness, the limitations … of the body. The lower self says that we are born to them. …
“You have, in a sense two minds—the mind of the body and the mind of the spirit.” ~Prentice Mulford

Higher and Lower Self

I had never read any of Prentice Mulford’s books until I found this one in a volume of Human Science Classics on Amazon Kindle. I was beginning to feel I had wasted my money on the book, for the first few classics in it, while possibly good for their purpose, were not spiritual or esoteric at all. Then I reached Mulford’s book “Thoughts are Things,” and found the quote above on the first page! I think it’s going to be a good read.

The idea of a higher and lower self is certainly not a new one. There is some disagreement about which is which. Some think the lower self is merely the body and the instinct, but the intellect is the higher self. Mr. Mulford has it correct.

Lower Self

The physical body is certainly part of the lower self. I’ve never heard of anyone disagreeing with that. But the mind of the lower self is more than just the most primitive parts of the brain where instinctive and automatic behavior occurs. That is the only brain found in simple animals like frogs and lizards. The higher brain functions found in more complex animals, and man, are also part of the lower self. That is because the lower mind cannot truly know and understand the spiritual. It can speculates about them as an interesting fantasy, but not much more. This brain-mind is very useful in the physical words, not useful in the spiritual realms. It can turn light waves coming into the eyes into images of the things around us. It can guide us through the material world with hearing, scent and touch as well. But it cannot go beyond the lower dimensions, so is part of the lower self. Continue reading “Higher Self and Lower Self of Man”

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Self-Value is in Ourselves, not Adornments and Posessions

“Have ye no good of your own implanted within you, that ye seek your good in things external and separate? Is the nature of things so reversed that a creature divine by right of reason can in no other way be splendid in his own eye save by the possession of lifeless chattels? Yet, while other things are content with their own, ye who in your intellect are God-like seek from the lowest of things adornment for a nature of supreme excellence, and perceive not ho great a wrong ye do your maker. …
“Ye thrust down your worth beneath the lowest of things. For if that in which each thing finds its good is plainly more precious than that whose good it is, by your own estimation ye put yourselves below the vilest of things.” ~Boethius


If we are honest, nearly all of us must admit that we have been guilty of this. We think we improve ourselves with adornments. Whether the adornments be gold and silver, gemstones, or the clothes we wear. We believe we are somehow making ourselves better by having and wearing such things.

And if it isn’t adornments on us, it is adornments around us. We try to impress other with the house we live in, the car we drive, the neighborhood we live in, and so on.

Never does it dawn on us that if we believe we are somehow made better by such material objects, then we are declaring ourselves to be less than they are. If our own inner light does not shine brighter in our eyes than the sparkle of a diamond or ruby, we are declaring those stones to be greater beings than ourselves. If the ability of our spirit to travel across the universe instantly isn’t more impressive to us than the horsepower of a car, we are either saying a car is greater than an angel, or angels and spirits don’t exist. Continue reading “Self-Value is in Ourselves, not Adornments and Posessions”

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Spiritual Evolution Begins when Selfishness and Dogmatism Ends

“It has been my duty to crush, to overcome by successive lessons your obedience to your dogmatic, materialistic earth philosophy. And bring your mind to comprehend that life that life on earth’s surface is only a step towards a brighter existence, which may, when selfishness is conquered, in a time to come, be gained by mortal man, and while he is in the flesh. The vicissitudes through which you have recently passed should be to you an impressive lesson, but the future holds for you a lesson far more important, the knowledge of spiritual, or mental evolution which man may yet approach. … That change will not occur until you have been further educated in the purely occult secrets for which I have partly prepared you.” ~John Uri Lloyd


The biggest deterrent to real spiritual evolution is not atheism but dogmatic devotion to unproven religious teachings. Teachings that can never be proven because they are simply not true. Yet popular churches, often under the direction of governments, continue to teach them. Naturally, they also teach that questioning such beliefs is blasphemy.

A good example of this is the millions who worship Jesus as God rather than as Messiah. When someone called Jesus “Good Master,” he turned to the man and said, “Do not call me good. Only the Father in Heaven is good.” Doesn’t that mean Jesus was saying that he was not God, but the Son of God, Christ the Messiah?

In the book the quote comes from, Mr. Lloyd has a teacher taking a man around in spiritual realms and teaching him. An important part of what is taught is that much of what we believe and accept is simply not true. And you will not see the truth if you continue to cling to false beliefs. As Oriental teachers put it, “I cannot refill your cup until you first empty it.” In other words, truth cannot reveal itself to you when it is blocked by the filters of false beliefs. Continue reading “Spiritual Evolution Begins when Selfishness and Dogmatism Ends”