heaven in us

Heaven In Us and Above Us

A Piece of Heaven in Us

“Thou will say, ‘God dwells in Heaven.’ O! Thou blind mind, full of darkness; the Heaven where God dwells is also in thee, as Adam was both upon Earth, and also in Paradise at once at once; and give not way to Antichrist to direct thee aloft without this world above the stars, for he tells thee a lie, as the Devil himself did. God is everywhere, as the Prophet David says: If I fly from the Daybreak, or into hell, thou art there. Also where is the place of my rest? Am not I he that fills all things? Yet I behold the miserable and those that are of a broken spirit, and I will dwell in them; Also, I will dwell in Jacob, and my Tabernacle shall be in Israel. Understand it right, He will dwell in the contrite and broken Spirit, which breaks the Gate of Darkness, He will press into that spirit. Therefore, beware of the longing and say not in thyself, I stand in the Dark, the Lord sees me not, nr what I think and do. He stands in the gate of the mind, where the Soul stands (before the clear face of God) in the opened Gate; and all thy abominations are known to God.” ~Jacob Boehme

God Dwells in Heaven

God does dwell in Heaven, but not only in Heaven. This is difficult to understand when we are used to the limitations of physical matter. Such limitations do not affect the spiritual, and certainly have no effect at all on God. Yet, it is not accurate to say that God is everywhere. It is more accurate to say that God is in all things and beings of spirit. He is not, however, found in matter. It is only because the third dimension where we humans dwell is part matter and part spirit that God’s presence is here, but only in the spiritual part. If we descended into the second dimension of pure matter, we would not find God there at all.

Think about it this way. If you had a chance to vacation in a land of cancer and other dreadful diseases where there was nearly a 100% chance that you will get one of those diseases, would you go? I certainly hope not. While to God, matter is a kind of cancer. Therefore, God will not descend into that muck that would contaminate his purity. So he is on this level with us, but in the spiritual part only. Continue reading “Heaven In Us and Above Us”

captive soul

Captive Soul Trapped by Matter and Darkness

“The Kingdom of Hell, and of fierce wrath, always gape after the Soul, and set their jaws wide open to devour the captive soul; which is held fettered with two strong chains; the one of the Kingdom of Hell; the other of the Kingdom of this World, and it is continually led by the heavy, lumpish, bestial, and sickly Body, as a thief who is often led to the place of execution, and still by a petition reprieved, and laid in prison again, and the poor soul must lie thus in prison the whole time of the body; where the Devil on the one side very suddenly rushes upon it with his devouring fierceness, wrath, and malice, and would carry it into the abyss. Then instantly the glistening world with pomp, bravery, covetousness, and voluptuousness of Perdition; presenting sickness and fear, and it is continually trembling and quaking; and when Man goes but in the dark, how is it amazed, and continually afraid that the executioner will take it, and do execution upon it!

“If we did well considering the abominations and great sins of man before God, … then we should scarce ever be merry in this world at all, if the spirit of this world did not cast foolish fancies and seeming joys and pleasures before us, in our imprisonment; ; or if the regeneration did not cause us to rejoice, that we shall be delivered out of this prison; for in this life we find nothing but abomination, sin, misery, and death.” ~Jacob Boehme

Devour the Captive Soul

The Kingdom of Hell does want to “devour” every soul. There is no doubt that Jacob Boehme is correct in saying that. It wants to claim as many souls as it can get. It is like a magnet drawing them to it. The good news is that an even more powerful force draws the soul towards heaven. More powerful, and yet, if we choose to embrace the clutches of Hell, hell will win the struggle and claim our captive soul—at least for a time.

The soul is a captive because it does not wish to be here, it did not choose to be here, and it is out of place here. The soul is a spirit and doesn’t do well in a physical world of matter. It is like a fish out of water, if not worse. This is why we enter this world with our spirit and soul in a dormant state something like being in a coma. It is not a healthy place for them. Nonetheless, we must awaken them and develop them while we are still trapped in a physical body. It is the only hope we have of freeing ourselves of the clutches of Hell and the fallen world of matter. Continue reading “Captive Soul Trapped by Matter and Darkness”

Universal agent, Sun Quality, Heaven's Key

Heaven’s Key and Opening Heaven’s Gate

“beloved Reason, one cannot lend the Key [to Heaven] to another. If one has a Key, he cannot open it for another, as Antichrist boasts that he has the keys of Heaven and Hell. … But he cannot open with them for anybody else. Everyone must unlock it with his own Key. For the Holy Ghost is the Key, when he has that key, then he may go both in and out.
“There is nothing that is nearer you than heaven, paradise, and hell. Unto which of them you are inclined, and to which of them you walk, to that [which] in this lifetime you are most near. You are between both. And there is a birth between each of them, and you have both births in you. God beckons for you in the one Gate, and the Devil beacons you in the other.” ~Jacob Boehme

Heaven’s Key

I hope it is obvious to everyone that the Key to heaven is not an actual key as shown in the picture above. You can call it Heaven’s key, the Path to Enlightenment, the Way to God, and so on. Whatever it is called, it is the way to open those gates (allegory again) and enter heaven.

Satan’s Keys

Boehme says Satan may have the keys to heaven and hell, but he cannot use them to let another in. I don’t think this is completely true. Satan may know of Heaven’s Key, but he doesn’t possess it. Only those who have earned it can have it. He does have the keys to hell, but hell is quite easy to get into anyway. Continue reading “Heaven’s Key and Opening Heaven’s Gate”

sleeping soul, Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep of Man and the Spiritual Awakening

“For God saw that Adam could not then generate magically, having entered with his lust into vanity. Now therefore Moses saith, God caused a deep sleep to fall upon him, and he slept; that is, seeing man would not continue in the Obedience of the Divine harmony in the Properties, submitting himself to stand still as an instrument of the Spirit of God; therefore God suffered him to fall from the Divine harmony into a harmony of his own, viz., into the awakened properties of Evil and god; the spirit of his Soul went into these.
“And there in this sleep he died from the Angelic World, and fell under the power of the outward Fiat, and thus bade farewell to his Eternal Image which was of God’s begetting.” ~Jacob Boehme

Magical Generation

In the paragraphs preceded the above quote, Boehme tells us that at one time man was capable of procreation without sex. He could simply think offspring into existence and they would magically appear. Man could do this for almost anything. To some degree, we still do, though we are not consciously aware of it.

So magical generation was more than the ability to have offspring. It was the ability to create the world around us. But, Boehme adds, this could be allowed only so long as man used this creative power in accordance with “Divine Harmony” or the Will of God. When man stopped doing that, he was kicked out of Heaven much as a human parent will send a child who is misbehaving to his room. This is not punishment. God is not a sadist looking for opportunities to harm us. It is a teaching tool He uses to teach us lessons. Misbehave in heaven, you get kicked out for a time. Continue reading “Deep Sleep of Man and the Spiritual Awakening”