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Heaven’s Key and Opening Heaven’s Gate

“beloved Reason, one cannot lend the Key [to Heaven] to another. If one has a Key, he cannot open it for another, as Antichrist boasts that he has the keys of Heaven and Hell. … But he cannot open with them for anybody else. Everyone must unlock it with his own Key. For the Holy Ghost is the Key, when he has that key, then he may go both in and out.
“There is nothing that is nearer you than heaven, paradise, and hell. Unto which of them you are inclined, and to which of them you walk, to that [which] in this lifetime you are most near. You are between both. And there is a birth between each of them, and you have both births in you. God beckons for you in the one Gate, and the Devil beacons you in the other.” ~Jacob Boehme

Heaven’s Key

I hope it is obvious to everyone that the Key to heaven is not an actual key as shown in the picture above. You can call it Heaven’s key, the Path to Enlightenment, the Way to God, and so on. Whatever it is called, it is the way to open those gates (allegory again) and enter heaven.

Satan’s Keys

Boehme says Satan may have the keys to heaven and hell, but he cannot use them to let another in. I don’t think this is completely true. Satan may know of Heaven’s Key, but he doesn’t possess it. Only those who have earned it can have it. He does have the keys to hell, but hell is quite easy to get into anyway. Continue reading “Heaven’s Key and Opening Heaven’s Gate”

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Deep Sleep of Man and the Spiritual Awakening

“For God saw that Adam could not then generate magically, having entered with his lust into vanity. Now therefore Moses saith, God caused a deep sleep to fall upon him, and he slept; that is, seeing man would not continue in the Obedience of the Divine harmony in the Properties, submitting himself to stand still as an instrument of the Spirit of God; therefore God suffered him to fall from the Divine harmony into a harmony of his own, viz., into the awakened properties of Evil and god; the spirit of his Soul went into these.
“And there in this sleep he died from the Angelic World, and fell under the power of the outward Fiat, and thus bade farewell to his Eternal Image which was of God’s begetting.” ~Jacob Boehme

Magical Generation

In the paragraphs preceded the above quote, Boehme tells us that at one time man was capable of procreation without sex. He could simply think offspring into existence and they would magically appear. Man could do this for almost anything. To some degree, we still do, though we are not consciously aware of it.

So magical generation was more than the ability to have offspring. It was the ability to create the world around us. But, Boehme adds, this could be allowed only so long as man used this creative power in accordance with “Divine Harmony” or the Will of God. When man stopped doing that, he was kicked out of Heaven much as a human parent will send a child who is misbehaving to his room. This is not punishment. God is not a sadist looking for opportunities to harm us. It is a teaching tool He uses to teach us lessons. Misbehave in heaven, you get kicked out for a time. Continue reading “Deep Sleep of Man and the Spiritual Awakening”

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Between Heaven and Hell

“The Scholar asked: How far then are heaven and hell asunder?
To whom he [the Master] answered thus: As far as day and night; or as far as something and nothing. They are in one another and yet they are at the greatest distance one from the other. Nay, the one of them is as nothing to the other; and yet notwithstanding they cause joy and grief to one another. Heaven is throughout the whole world, and it is also without the world over all, even everywhere that is, or that can be even so much as imagined. It filleth all, … without division, without place; working by a Divine Manifestation. … There also it is that God is manifested.
“So in like manner Hell also is through the whole world, … and in that wherein the Foundation of Hell is manifested, namely in self-hood and in the False Will. The visible world hath both in it. … For the outward world with its substance is a cover to the Spiritual World, even as the body is to the Soul.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Distance Between Heaven and Hell

This quote will undoubtedly confuse a materialist who sees everything in terms of space and time. “How can Heaven and hell be far from each other, yet both be everywhere?” such a person will ask. The answer is that we are not talking about distance in a physical sense when we say Heaven and hell are far apart. I think most people could understand what we meant if we said that Donald Trump and Sister Teresa would be very far apart, even if standing right next to each other. In one case we are dealing with a physical distance, in the other case a philosophical one. The distance between Heaven and hell is something like that. In short, the complete universe is made up of nine primary dimensions. Heaven is the eighth dimension while Hell is the second. That’s just about as far apart as you can get in terms of frequency or vibration level. It is also a great distance in terms that we might call philosophical much like the Donald Trump and Sister Teresa example. Heaven is full of spirit, and only spirit. Heaven gives off a kind of energy or force that attracts the spiritual, that promotes spiritual development and encourages the lost world like ours to return to the fold. Hell is just the opposite. Its energy promotes materialism, physicality, and death while discouraging anything spiritual. Continue reading “Between Heaven and Hell”

Heaven Bound

Travel to Heaven and Hell

“The Scholar asked his Master ‘Whither goeth the Soul when the body dieth?’
His Master answered him: There is no necessity for it to go whither. … Only the outward mortal life with the body shall separate themselves from the Soul. The Soul hath Heaven and Hell within itself … There is no such kind of entering in; forasmuch as Heaven and Hell are everywhere, being universally co-existent. … For God is in Heaven and God is everywhere. … The Devil is in Hell, and the whole world, … which is as much as to say, not only that the Devil is in the world, but that the world is in the Devil; and if in the Devil, then in Hell too.” ~Jacob Bohme

This may be a matter of splitting hairs, yet it is important to understand what Bohme is trying to say. In the conventional, material sense of going somewhere, physical movement must be involved. He is saying that no such movement is necessary to go to Heaven or Hell. Heaven and Hell are dimensions, not places like Paris or Rome. On the other hand, it is not correct to say we are already in either Heaven or Hell. While the Earthly Third Dimension is very close to Hell, which is the second dimension, it isn’t Hell. And Heaven is several dimension above the third. So we do have to “travel” to get there, it is just not a type of travel that involves any physical movement. Instead, we need only lower our frequencies to those of Hell to sink into that dimension or raise the to those of Heaven to find ourselves suddenly in that direction. It may be “traveling without moving” as they say in the Dune books, but it is still traveling and we do need to make an effort to get there. Continue reading “Travel to Heaven and Hell”