Heavenly understanding

Heavenly Understanding of All Things

“Disciple: Ah! How shall I arrive at this Heavenly Understanding, at this Sight of All Things in God, at this pure and naked Knowledge …; at this Light above Nature … For, alas, I am touched every moment by the things which are about me; and overshadowed by the clouds and fumes which rise up out of the Earth?

“Master: Thou desirest that I should teach thee how to attain it; and I will direct thee to our Matter, from whom I have been taught it, that thou may learn it thyself from Him, who alone teaches the heart. Hear thou Him. Would thou arrive at this; would thou remain untouched by sensesibles; would thou behold Light in the very Light of God, and see all things thereby; then consider the words of Christ, who is that Light; and who is the Truth. … Thou shall find that without a total surrender to God, and to the Life of God, thou can never arrive at such a rest as this, the true quiet of the soul wherein no creature can molest thee, or so much as touch thee. Which when thou shall, by Grace, have attained to, then with thy body thou art in the world, as in the properties of outward Nature; and with thy reason, under the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, but with thy Will thou walkest in Heaven.” ~Jacob Boehme

Heavenly Understanding

A Heavenly understanding is certainly a worthy goal. It is the goal that has been sought by mystics and spiritual adepts for ages. This disciple is wise to seek this goal, unlike many modern “spiritual” students, who seek simply to be happy and have few goals or responsibilities.

A heavenly understanding is a universal understanding. Since heaven is the highest of all dimensions, it is the source of knowledge of all dimensions. Therefore, having a heavenly understanding is to have an understanding of all that exists. Of course, this understanding doesn’t come to us all at once, in a rush like water over Niagara Falls. If it did, it would likely kill us just as standing under the falls would. At the very least, it would drive us mad. So that almost never happens. It comes to us a little at a time. It usually starts by contact with lower dimensions, then higher and higher until we reach heaven. Or, if you prefer, it happens by connecting with higher and higher levels of consciousness. It means the same thing. Also, the connection to a higher dimension is generally very brief, just a few seconds at first, then getting longer as you get more accustomed to the unusual things you see and learn there. Continue reading “Heavenly Understanding of All Things”

rulers of darkness

Rulers of Darkness and Their Realm

“Then when Sophia Zoe saw that the rulers of darkness cursed her companions, she was angry. And when she came out of the first heaven with every power, she chased the rulers from their heavens, and she cast them down to the sinful world, that they might dwell there as evil demons upon the earth. She sent the bird that was in paradise so that, until the consummation of the age, it might spend the thousand years in the rulers’ world: a vital living being with soul, called the phoenix, which kills itself and reanimates itself for a witness to their judgment, because they dealt unjustly with Adam and his race. There are three human beings and their descendants in the world until the consummation of the age: the spiritual and the psychical and the earthly. This is like the three kinds of phoenixes of paradise: the first is immortal; the second attains one thousand years; as for the third, it is written in the Holy Book that it is consumed. Likewise three baptisms exist: the first is spiritual, the second is by fire, the third is by water. Just as the phoenix appears as a witness for the angels, so too the water serpents82 in Egypt have become a witness to those who go down for the baptism of a true person.” ~On the Origin of the World

Rulers of Darkness

The Rulers of Darkness are the fallen angels who are also known collectively as the Demiurge. The Darkness that they rule is the universe of matter that they created on their own in violation of the Laws of God. Because it was created without God, it is defective, dark. Death, disease, the need to eat other beings to survive, these are all indicators of a realm of darkness, not light. Of course, there is some light here. It cannot be shut out completely, though the dark lords try. But in case you haven’t noticed, even on a mere material level light can also penetrate darkness and lessen it but darkness cannot penetrate into light. On the material level, darkness is just the absence of light, so it cannot exist where there is light. But on a spiritual level, darkness is just another name for ignorance of God and God’s Law. That is what makes it possible for people who are full of light to exist right next to those who are almost completely dark. But it is never possible for one to be full of light and darkness at the same time.

The First Heaven

Sophia came from the “first heaven”. As it is called the first heaven, we can assume it existed before all other heavens, or spiritual dimensions, at least if we think in linear time. A better way to put it is to say this is the highest heaven. It is the dimension that is also known as the Godhead. All other dimensions were generated from it. Continue reading “Rulers of Darkness and Their Realm”

heart and light of God

Heart and Light of God that Awakens

“He had the touch of the Center of the Abyss, the eternal Source, behind him, as a Band, and before him, the Heart and Light of God, as a glance of the joy and kindling of Paradise. Which springs up in the essences with the Light of the Joy, and beneath him [he had]the four elements in the budding out of the Limbus which was in him.

“and as long as he set his Imagination in the Heart of God, Paradise was in him, and the band of the abyss in him (in the Source) was a Paradise of transcendent joy; and the kingdom of this world held him from beneath also in the Band, because it goes forth from the Element. But so long as he set his mind in the Heart of God, the Kingdom of the four Elements could not lay hold of him, or master him, and it was impotent, as to him, as this world is impotent as to God.

“Thus the Spirit and Soul of Adam stood in the midst in the Joyful Paradise forty days as one day, and all inclined to him, … and secondly, there inclined to him the Deity of the Kingdom of Heaven in the open gate, in the pleasant luster; and thirdly, the spirit of the Stars and Elements inclined to him drawing him to their Bands. And heartily desiring him.” ~Jacob Boehme

Heart and Light of God

That is the goal of any real spiritual development: to be before the Heart and Light of God. It may be worded in other ways such as, to be one with the Source, to be with the All, to see the Face of God, etc. They all mean the same thing. Another way to put it, for those who don’t like the term “God” for some reason (as if the very complex universe could function without a hierarchy), we could say the goal is to reach the highest level of consciousness. That still means the same thing.

Joy of Paradise

The heart and light of God is the joy of paradise. Many people who have had a near-death experience report entering a place of bright light that is full of love and joy. This is the presence of God. But you don’t have to go through a near-death experience to become one with the heart and light of God. Mystics have been doing it for thousands of years. Nearly all of us are capable of experiencing this by learning the proper methods and practicing for a long time. I know there are many today who claim they have had an instant spiritual awakening without practicing the spiritual techniques of the mystics for a single day. They are only deluding themselves. They have simply replaced one illusion for another rather than attaining ultimate truth and wisdom in the heart and light of God. Continue reading “Heart and Light of God that Awakens”

wrong place

Wrong Place for Human Souls

“God created every thing for and in that wherein it should be; the Angels for and in Heaven, and Man for and in Paradise. If therefore the desire of the creature goes forth from its own mother, then it enters into the contrary will and into enmity, and it is tormented with the contrariness therein, and so a false will arises in a good; and then the good will enters into its nothing again, viz. Into the end of Nature and Creature, and so leaves the Creature to its own evil or wickedness, as appears by Lucifer and also Adam; and had not the will of the love of God meant with Adam, … there could be no good will in Man.

“Therefore all speculation and inquiry about God’s will is a vain thing, unless the mind be converted. For when the mind stands captivated by the self-desire of the earthly life, it cannot comprehend what the will of God is.” Jacob Boehme

In the Right Place

God created everything in the place where it should be. As Boehme says, he created Angels in heaven and Man in Paradise. This clearly means that to Boehme at least, Heaven and Paradise are two different things. When we think of it as dimensions, we could say that angels were created in one spiritual dimension, and man in another. Exactly what the difference is between the two is not really important.

In the Wrong Place

What is important is that Man is clearly not in paradise anymore. So what happened? The Great Fall happened. The story of Adam and Eve being kicked out of paradise is one variation of the Great Fall. The story of Lucifer and his cohorts turning from God and creating a realm of their own (the universe of matter), is another. Both tales end in the same result: man has fallen into a lower dimension than he was meant to be in. Continue reading “Wrong Place for Human Souls”