splendor always there

Splendor Always There in Eternal Light

“It really seems as though the mystics’ attainment of new levels of consciousness did bring with it the power of perceiving a splendor always there, but beyond the narrow range of our poor sight; to which it is only a ‘luminous darkness’ at the best. ‘In Eternal Nature, or the Kingdom of Heaven,’ said Law, ‘materiality stands in life and light.’ The cumulative testimony on this point is such as would be held to prove, in any other department of knowledge, that there is indeed an actual light, ‘lighting the very light’ and awaiting the recognition of man.

“Consider the accent of realism with which St. Augustine speaks of in his own experience of Platonic Contemplation; a passage in which we seem to see a born psychologist desperately struggling by means of negation to describe an intensely positive state. ‘I entered into the secret closet of my soul, led by thee, and this I could do because Thou was my helper. I entered and beheld with the mysterious eye of my soul the Light that never changes, above the eye of my soul, above my intelligence. It was not the common light which all flesh can see, nor was it greater yet of the same kind, as if the light of day were to grow brighter and brighter and flood all space. It was not like this bt different: altogether different from all such things. … it was higher because it made me, and I was lower because made by it.’” ~Evelyn Underhill

Splendor Always There, a Light Never Changing

The mystics and spiritual adepts do perceive a splendor that is out of range for our physical sight and other senses. Only the spiritual senses can perceive these spiritual dimensions or levels of consciousness, but they must be awakened and developed before that can happen. That is why mystery schools didn’t have one-week or one-month courses. Those who joined such schools spent years developing such abilities, and nothing has changed to make the process significantly faster today. It is a little easier to get started because we now have the promised Sun of Righteousness shining down on us, but once the process is started, it still takes years of gradual development before that splendor always there can be felt or observed.

Part of the splendor always there is the Light never changing, the Light “lighting the very light”. Too many spiritual students confuse the talk of darkness and Light in spiritual writings with the common darkness and light of the physical world. The Light never changing is not a physical light but a spiritual one, and like all things spiritual, it is endless, eternal, always shining. But most can’t see it because they ;look with their physical eyes which cannot see the Light never changing or the Splendor always there.

Eternal Nature

Spiritual people generally don’t think of Nature as eternal. It is clear in this case, though, that what Underwood is calling “eternal Nature” is the spiritual realm (or dimension), not the physical world. Nothing material is eternal, only spirit is eternal. Only spirit is within the splendor always there.

In any other Department of Knowledge

It is a frustrating fact to many spiritual teachers and students that what would constitute absolute proof of almost anything else is considered insufficient with regard to the spiritual. Moreover, the spiritual splendor always there, when they study it at all, is expected to obey the laws of matter, which of course it does not do because, duh! it’s not matter.

Secret Closet of The Soul

When St. Augustine talks of going into the secret closet of his soul, it will undoubtedly mean that he turned within to find the spiritual. That may be the case, but it does not mean that everything spiritual only exists within us. If that were the case, we would be dealing with hallucinations, not dimensions of spirit that are as real—or more real—than those of matter. Going into the closet of his soul is more accurately interpreted as meaning going into his spiritual mind rather than his physical mind. The physical mind is associated with the brain, but the spiritual mind is the soul.

Because Thou was my Helper

No one can enter the splendor always there without the aid of God. Not just anyone is allowed in. Not just anyone knows how to get in. Only those inspired and energized by God and His Angels are capable of entering those spiritual places, which are also the highest levels of consciousness. This is not because God is being greedy or elitist. It is because those who enter spiritual dimensions without being ready for it can suffer a mental breakdown as a result. They can also pollute those dimensions with their negative and materialistic thoughts. That is why they are kept out.

Above My Soul and Intelligence

The Light that Never Changes is above the soul and the intellect, not in a physical way, but because it is of a higher dimension than either the soul or the intellect. It emanates from the highest level of consciousness, which is the highest level of the splendor always there.

heaven in us

Heaven In Us and Above Us

A Piece of Heaven in Us

“Thou will say, ‘God dwells in Heaven.’ O! Thou blind mind, full of darkness; the Heaven where God dwells is also in thee, as Adam was both upon Earth, and also in Paradise at once at once; and give not way to Antichrist to direct thee aloft without this world above the stars, for he tells thee a lie, as the Devil himself did. God is everywhere, as the Prophet David says: If I fly from the Daybreak, or into hell, thou art there. Also where is the place of my rest? Am not I he that fills all things? Yet I behold the miserable and those that are of a broken spirit, and I will dwell in them; Also, I will dwell in Jacob, and my Tabernacle shall be in Israel. Understand it right, He will dwell in the contrite and broken Spirit, which breaks the Gate of Darkness, He will press into that spirit. Therefore, beware of the longing and say not in thyself, I stand in the Dark, the Lord sees me not, nr what I think and do. He stands in the gate of the mind, where the Soul stands (before the clear face of God) in the opened Gate; and all thy abominations are known to God.” ~Jacob Boehme

God Dwells in Heaven

God does dwell in Heaven, but not only in Heaven. This is difficult to understand when we are used to the limitations of physical matter. Such limitations do not affect the spiritual, and certainly have no effect at all on God. Yet, it is not accurate to say that God is everywhere. It is more accurate to say that God is in all things and beings of spirit. He is not, however, found in matter. It is only because the third dimension where we humans dwell is part matter and part spirit that God’s presence is here, but only in the spiritual part. If we descended into the second dimension of pure matter, we would not find God there at all.

Think about it this way. If you had a chance to vacation in a land of cancer and other dreadful diseases where there was nearly a 100% chance that you will get one of those diseases, would you go? I certainly hope not. While to God, matter is a kind of cancer. Therefore, God will not descend into that muck that would contaminate his purity. So he is on this level with us, but in the spiritual part only. Continue reading “Heaven In Us and Above Us”

golden city of heaven

Golden City of Heaven Allegory

Golden City of Heaven

“’In this world of time and of chance, we have still, like the strayed animals or like the migrating birds, our homing instinct. We seek. That is a fact. We seek a city still out of sight. In the contrast with this goal, we live. But if this be so, then already we possess something of Being even in our finite seeking. For the readiness to seek is already something of an attainment, even if a poor one.’

“Further, in this seeking we are not wholly dependent on that homing instinct. For some, who have climbed to the hill tops, that city is not really out of sight. The mystics see it and report to us concerning it. Science and mysticism may do their best and their worst: but these pathfinders of the spirit never falter in their statements concerning the independent spiritual world which is the only goal of ‘pilgrim man.’ They say that messages come to them from that spiritual world, that complete reality we call Absolute: that we are not, after all, hermetically sealed from it. To all who will receive it, news comes of a world of Absolute Life, Absolute Beauty, Absolute Truth, beyond the Bourne of time and place: news that most of us translate—and inevitable distort in the process—into the language of religion, of beauty, of love, or of pain.” ~Evelyn Underhill (inner quotes from “The World and the Individual” by Josiah Royce)

“Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,”for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. 3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them.” ~ Revelation 21 By St. John

City of Heaven

I have never read any writings of the mystics that talk about a city in Heaven, especially a city of Gold, which is usually how it is depicted (more on that later). I can say that I personally have never really thought of Heaven as having cities, or one city, in it. Cities are, after all, constructs of matter and the more materialistic a society is, the more likely it is to have great cities all over the landscape. So many in some places that it is hard to find more than tiny places of a natural environment. But I thought about it and decided that it makes sense in a symbolic way.

We have come to think of those living in primitive wildernesses, or even tiny villages made of mud huts, as primitive. On the other hand, those who live in cities are advanced, educating, learning, and growing. While I don’t think that analogy and generalization is true, it is widely accepted. For that reason, it can be used when allegorically and metaphorically describing Heaven, which is the only way Heaven can be described to those who have not developed their spiritual side sufficiently to have visited the place. St. John in Revelation is not the only mystic to have used that metaphor. But why a Golden City of Heaven?

Golden City of Heaven

Golden chariot of Apollo

Gold is just as much an allegorical reference in these tales as is the concept of a city in Heaven. Gold has a number of allegorical meanings in spiritual writing but is mostly symbolic of Heaven, God, Wisdom, and the sun. Not the physical sun, but the Spiritual Sun. Sun Deities, which are also allegorical, are often golden in some way. For example, Apollo drives a golden chariot to carry the sun.

For more on the symbolism of Gold, click here, and here.

So the Golden City of Heaven is an allegorical way of telling spiritual seekers that if they want to find this hidden city of spirit they should turn to the Spiritual Sun, which acts as a kind of window between Heaven and Earth, or in more modern, scientific terms, a wormhole between the low dimension of matter and the higher dimensions of spirit.

If there are actual cities in heaven, it is hard to know what they would actually look like, since they would be beyond the limitations of space and time. So because of that, a spiritual city, even the Golden city of Heaven, could occupy the very space and time you are in now, yet you would be totally unaware of it. Did not Jesus tell his Apostles that the Kingdom of God is all around us, yet we see it not? And heaven is filled with Souls, not physical bodies, so what sort of city would Souls live in?

Seeking the Golden City of Heaven

But the most important part of Underhill’s tale quoted above is that we seek the Golden City of Heaven, even if we are not aware of it. It is the Holy Grail, the Grace of God. It is Spiritual Enlightenment. Many are not aware that they seek it, they just know that they seek something more than what they have in the realm of matter. The most misguided among us become greedy and seek more and more material possessions, yet are never satisfied. They need to turn their seeking to the spiritual, to finding the Golden City of Heaven. Such lost souls should not be hated but pitied. They have strayed so far, they can’t even see the path. That is changing in the time of the Sun of Righteousness.

native country of man

Native Country of Man is Heaven

The Native Country of Man

“Behold, you Child of Man, there is no sin in heaven in the Presence of God; only in thyself there is sin, and sin separates us and our God asunder; otherwise all things are fixed, and good in their own being; the Kingdom of Hell and of Wrath is good in itself, according to its own region, it does not vex or torment itself, but its woe is its birth, and the rising of its source, also it desires nothing else.

“And so also the kingdom of this world is fixed [or perfect,] and good in itself; neither does it vex or torment itself; but the elevation of the elements, is its growing and springing, neither does it torment itself in itself, nor has it any distress or fear in itself.

“Only Man has in both those principles, woe, misery, sorrow, and distress; for he is not in his native Country, and none of these two principles can attain his native Country. Therefore, the poor soul must be plagued and tormented, that it may attain its native Country again; it must go again through the Gate of the Deep Anguish of Death; it must break through two kingdoms. …

“It stretches to God, then the Devil holds it on one side with one band, and the World with another band.” ~Jacob Boehme

No Sin in Heaven

This one should be obvious. Heaven is the place of God, His angels, and those souls that have been perfected. So of course there is no sin there. But Boehme seems to mean this in another way. He is saying each dimension of being is, within itself, without sin, for each dimension (which he calls principles) operates perfectly within the rules of its own domain. I’m not sure this is true of all dimensions, but it is definitely true of Heaven. So as the native country of man is Heaven, sin is not actually in our nature.

Sin Separates

Yes, sin does separate us from God. More accurately, though, separation from God makes sin possible. Sin is the result of ignorance. Ignorance of our true nature, ignorance of God, and ignorance of God’s Law and God’s Divine Plan. Those who are one with God do not sin as they know the harm it would do to themselves and others. Those who are in contact with that native country of man know God and know God’s law. In knowing God, they feel great love and have no desire to defy Him. Continue reading “Native Country of Man is Heaven”