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Sun Energies, Earth Energies, and the Benefits of Both

“The Sun energies are positive and have a beneficial impact on people; earthly energies are negative and impact people adversely. The former energies help the advancement of the person, and the latter – the fall. Connect with the energies coming from above, not with the lower energies of the Earth. Thise forces which oppose human progress, aim to cut off the communication between the higher energies of the Sun and the people, in order to place people exclusively under the influence of the lower earthly energies. As long as the Sun energies prevail over the earthly currents in people, they have the ability to free themselves from the illusions of the world, from the distorted situations in their lives. … The Sun will bring the pure, holy life to the Earth.” ~Biensa Douno

Positive and Negative Energy

There are energies which are positive, and others which are negative. It is an oversimplification, however to simply say that the energies that come from the sun are positive, while those that are from the earth are negative. What’s more, what energies we receive are as much a matter of what we attune ourselves to as it is a matter of what energies are available in a particular place.

Earth Energies

While earth energies may be mostly negative, at least from a spiritual point of view, there is positive energy to be found here. The famous oriental

polarity and balance

Worlds of polarity

Yin-Yang symbol shows that the positive is never purely positive. Likewise, the negative side always has a little positive in it.

From a different point of view, that of a being with a physical body, some earth energies can be positive. In fact, some researchers have found that if we simply start walking around outside barefoot for perhaps thirty minutes a day, we would take in earth energies that can heal many negative physical conditions. For more on that, I recommend reading “Earthing”.

But on the negative side, earth energies do tend to make us more matter bound and more materialistic. Continue reading “Sun Energies, Earth Energies, and the Benefits of Both”


Honesty and Justice for a Healthy Body

“Each organ has a double service: external and internal, i.e. material and spiritual.
“Truth, in its simplest form, is necessary for the restoration of the balance of the organism: it keeps the digestive system in good form. Justice shall lie in the base of the heart and make man healthy. Justice keeps the heart and the lungs in good working order. There is melancholy where justice is missing. … If man knows how to think, he can make build one perfect body and one beautiful perfect face. …
“All organs in man are created in accordance with his character, in accordance with his soul. Man’s body is the same as his soul. Man’s eyes are the same as his mind.” ~Biensa Douno

Honesty in a World of Lies

I don’t know when the above quoted text was written, but it is certainly an appropriate subject today. We are dealing with people who not only lie themselves, they elect people to important offices knowing they are extreme liars. We have millions of people who will accept whatever they want to hear with no evidence whatsoever of its truth. Those same people will deny the most well documented facts if they are facts that they simply do not want to hear. In short, they live in a fantasy world where everything they want to be true is accepted as true, and everything else is fake.

Body of Lies

Mr. Douno rightfully states that those who live lies will suffer in many ways. In this section, he is concentrating on the physical effects.

Those who live in the world of lies generally consider them harmless. Either that, or they have been lying for so long that they no longer even know what lies are! But living a life of lies does have harmful effects on the physical body.

Douno says that Truth keeps the digestive system in good form. Living in untruth then must harm the digestive system. The eyesight is affected as well. When we try not to see that which contradicts the lies we are living, we gradually harm our eyes and weaken our vision. We may develop hearing difficulties because we don’t want to hear that which contradicts our pleasant fantasies. We are more likely to develop cancers, skin diseases, and heart problems when we live lies and tell lies.

I knew a person once who loved to tell lies. She got so accustomed to it, that she lied even when it served no purpose to do so. She also had very poor health. Rarely, if ever, was she in a physical state that could really be considered healthy. At least some of this was due to her constant lying. Continue reading “Honesty and Justice for a Healthy Body”

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The Strength of the Mystic

“True ecstasy is notoriously life-enhancing. In it a bracing contact with Reality seems to take place, and as a result the subject is himself more real. Often, says St. Teresa, even the sick come forth from ecstasy healthy and with new strength; for something great is then given to the soul. Contact has been set up with levels of being which the daily existence leaves untouched. Hence the extraordinary powers of endurance, and independence of external conditions, which the great ecstatics so often display. …
“In spite of such rebellion, and of the tortures to which is has subjected them, the mystics, oddly enough, are a long-lived race: an awkward fact for the critics.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Many people think that the material life of a mystic, or anyone who values the spiritual more than the material, is going to be difficult and short. This is not the case. It is true that some mystics, prophets and saints have died at a rather young age, at least by today’s standards, but many live quite long lives and those lives are, for the most part, happy and healthy. Not many materialists can say the same.

Some may look at a spiritual person, perhaps a famous saint, and say, “He gave up his wealth, he gave up his comfortable home, he gave up his high-society friends, how can he be happy and healthy?” He can because none of those things actually bring happiness.

Think about it in an unbiased way if you can. Think about some very wealthy person. Even if you don’t know one personally, you see enough of them in the news and on television. Do they seem happy? Really happy? Do they seem healthy? The truth is wealthy people are rarely happy because they are never satisfied. They always want more and when they get it, they want still more. There is never enough because the collection of material wealth is not satisfying their deepest needs. The last I heard, that phoniest of phony preachers, Creflo Dollar, wasn’t satisfied with the millions he already has bilked his followers into giving him with the empty promise that it will one day be returned to them many times over, he was asking them to help him buy a sixty million dollar private jet because every preacher who’s congregation is in one state needs a private jet. The guy is never satisfied because matter cannot satisfy the needs of the spirit and soul. Continue reading “The Strength of the Mystic”

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Random Thoughts 5-3-2015

This year is now one-forth over and I, as well as others, think this is going to be a good one for spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment, or cosmic consciousness if you prefer. That’s the good news. The bad news is that some people may have to be smacked upside the head to get them to wake up and that may mean more disasters like the terrible earthquake that happened recently in Nepal.


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Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Catherine on the birth of their daughter.


I read that the tech-toy-of-the-week, the Apple watch, may not work properly on people who have tattoos on their wrist. Really, I couldn’t make that up. SAO the young tech-savvy folks who are into tattoos and tech toys may have to choose one or the other. Who do you think will win?

Continue reading “Random Thoughts 5-3-2015”