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Random Thoughts 1-11-2015

There is a story in the news of a seven-year-old girl who survived a plane crash that the rest of her family died in. She managed to free herself from the wreck and make her way to one of a very few occupied houses in the area. Everyone is talking about this as a miracle and can’t understand how she had the presence to stay calm under the situation and find her way to help. While the term miracle is not misused, this is not as surprising to those of us involved in spiritual enlightenment as it is to the materialists. We know that we all have great powers buried within us that an be awaken by working towards it, or by a traumatic event as happened with this girl.


Another attack by Islamic terrorists, this time in France against a French magazine that has posted cartoons considered sacrilege by some in this faith. It is really sad that no matter how many times they are proven wrong, terrorists keep thinking they can force their warped beliefs on other through violence. Although I do think it is inappropriate to poke fun at anyone religious beliefs, killing people is not the answer, especially when the individuals killed are not directly responsible for the offense. And the many peaceful and responsible Muslims in the world need to strongly condemn this type of behavior or more and more people will start to believe that they secretly approve.


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Is anyone really surprised that one of the first things the new congress tried to do is cut funding for disabled people on Social Security?

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Random Thoughts 11-16-2014

ButtKKNo, I don’t thin Kim Kardashian’s butt has been “enhanced” in this now famous photo. The word “enhanced” indicates that something was improved. Blowing her butt up to the size of a compact car is not an enhancement, just a ridiculous enlargement. At least, I hope it has been greatly enlarged! Otherwise, she needs to get it lanced or get some chemotherapy.


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