strong will

A Strong Will is Needed for Spiritual Growth

“Let your Will be strong, but without anger, and your Thoughts be pure from that which infects the lower strata of the earth’s atmosphere. Let the Fire of the Divine Will penetrate deeply within your soul and elevate your mind to the highest regions of thought.

“It is not of man’s making; it cannot be bought, but it is given for nothing to those who deserve it.

“Weigh all things with the scales of justice, and measure them by the rule of reason.

“No substance can be made perfect without long suffering. Great is the error of those who imagine tat the Philosophers stone can be hardened without first being dissolved; their time and labor is wasted.

“Nature must be aided by art whenever she is deficient in power. Art may be the handmaiden of nature, but cannot supplant her mistress. Art without natue is always unnatural. Nature without art is not always perfect.

“Nature cannot be amended except in her own self. The nature of a tree cannot be changed by trimming the branches or by the addition or ornaments; it can be imp[roved only by improving upon which it grows, or by graft.” ~Franz Hartmann

Strong Will

In order to accomplish much of anything in life, you need to have a strong will. That goes for spiritual accomplishments just as much as for physical ones. Some think that suppressing the will and the ego is the path to spiritual growth. They think that floating through life going wherever the currents take you like a piece of driftwood is spiritual living. No great spiritual or mystic school ever taught such nonsense. Spiritual development has to be worked at just as much as any other kind of development. In fact, it may require more effort because we live in an age when spirituality is undervalued and materialism is king.

As Hartmann notes, however, we need a strong will without “anger”. I think that is the wrong choice of words. He should have said we need a strong will but without egotism. Egotism may often result in anger, but it isn’t the same thing. We need a strong will and we need our ego in order to function in the realm of matter, but we need the ego to be under the control of the spirit and soul, and not the other way around. Continue reading “A Strong Will is Needed for Spiritual Growth”

world of purity

World of Purity and Truth

“The other world the world beyond, is a world of purity. Man’s opportunities lie in purity. The good life lies in purity. Where there is impurity, it always brings suffering. Disharmony brings suffering too. But harmony, purity, fairness, meekness, abstention and self-restraint, they are the qualities that bring great good.

“I say the world needs conductors of Love, The Divine and reasonable one. Man must be a conductor. Do you know what it means for man to be a conductor? For a man to be a conductor, he must have the faith that a child has. Mothers take their children to pray for rain. One kid took an umbrella in his hand. His mother asked him: ‘Why did you take the umbrella?’ The child replied, ‘Because it will rain.’ The mother said, ‘Maybe it will rain, maybe it will not.’ Now we pray and say: ‘Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t.’ We have to have the children’s belief that it will be.

“There is a law in Nature that says: every though , every feeling, and every deed cannot go without producing their consequences. And that what we think one day will come to us. So the first thing is: Strive to be set right in your soul, be fair. Man must be fully fair.” ~Biensa Douno

A World of Purity

Many who call themselves spiritual say that we cannot achieve perfection and to constantly try only frustrates us, therefore we should stop trying. Perhaps those people will prefer Douno’s approach and say that we need purity rather than perfection. While it is the same thing in some ways, it is also different. What exactly perfection is we often don’t know. But purity simply means cleansing ourselves of everything that shouldn’t be a part of what we are. The more of those false or negative things we remove from us, the purer we become. And I think everyone can understand that pure gold is more useful and more valuable than gold ore, that pure oxygen is easier to breathe than polluted air.

Impurity Brings Suffering

It amazes me sometimes how many people seem to embrace impurity—intentionally or unintentionally—and are surprised when they end up sick, tired, angry, and otherwise unhealthy. They eat anything that tasted good, then complain that they are very overweight. They drink, smoke, and expose themselves to harmful radiations, then wonder why they are always sick, rundown, and plagued by headaches. It amazes me even more that many doctors and medical practitioners today tell such people to take one drug or another, but rarely advise them to stop eating junk, stop smoking, stop sitting and doing nothing. They should be telling people to start cleansing themselves, purifying themselves. We won’t get a world of purity when the occupants of the world are heavily polluted. Continue reading “World of Purity and Truth”

man is an island

Man is an Island Only if He Chooses So

“Man is an Island. And its name is Loneliness. Around it is a sea of raging passions. And the waves that beat against its shores, are not they taking away a part of its outer fringe, thereby reducing its very borders? Do not storm winds of gigantic force break the crowns of trees whereon the Bird of Happiness could build its nest? And is not the “flesh” of the island, already withered by the heat, wounded by sharp-edged rocks? Further, the hidden treasures — are not they the eternal target of robbers who live at the expense of their spoils? The island itself is mute, and therefore cannot emit a cry for help, or seal a message in a bottle and consign it to the will of the waves. And there is no cozy haven to attract the gaze of passing ships. Here amidst the stormy waves of life, it is not the island that chooses. Rather, it is chosen by those who wish to set their feet on dry land. Of course, every island dreams of one day seeing Scarlet Sails on the horizon, borne by all the winds directly to its shores. And at the helm will be none other than the one who intended to visit this island in particular. But people often end up on the island as the result of a shipwreck, carried on pieces of wreckage as a “gift” from the sea-waves of life. And while it will accept this unexpected offering of destiny, the Bird of Happiness will not sing its song for them, for it knows that those whom the island rescues will always strive to leave it, using every excuse to press on to other shores. And this will only exacerbate the island’s loneliness, compelling a more vigilant search of the distant horizon in anticipation of beholding a glimpse of the fabled Scarlet Sails.” ~Zinovia Dushkova

Man is an Island

It is debatable whether or not Man can be considered an island. Anyone spiritual knows that all beings are connected together, and that includes man. Even science, in the field of quantum physics, recognizes that things are connected together in ways we don’t yet understand. But I think what Dushkova is saying with his claim that man is an island is that man makes himself an island by treating himself as different from and separate from nature and other beings. We are islands by our own choices, not by our nature.

Man is an Island of Loneliness

Much like the man is an island statement, I think that the loneliness part is exaggerated in the quote also. Not that it isn’t true, at least some of the time, but it isn’t true for everyone all of the time. The point of this claim is that our loneliness is unnecessary. We feel lonely because we are detached from other people and being, or think we are. In fact, we are always connected even if we ignore those connections.

Those of us in Cosolargy wear a sacred thread to remind us that those connections exist. Everyone can do something similar as a reminder. Man is an island only when he refuses to acknowledge and use those connections. Continue reading “Man is an Island Only if He Chooses So”

as we sow

As We Sow, As We Live

As We Sow

“When you build, build as forever and your fame shall be sung among the great in the Everlasting Halls.

“He who has done you one good turn will be more ready to do you another than will the one to whom you have done a good turn. …

“There are men who live for themselves alone, and their souls are smothered in the deadly winding sheet of selfishness. There is no greater loneliness than that of a man who lives for himself alone. …

“Consider the petty man, his deeds are mean and his manner servile, his heart shakes in a small breast. … He is spiteful and malicious like a snake, he crawls in the dust, ever ready to strike. … He gossips and prattles like an idle woman and men look down upon him, for his ways are those of a half-man. His pettiness is an irritation to all. … He has no friends and men visit him for naught but their own benefit. His mind is occupied with matters of small moment, and bigger undertakings overwhelm him. The deeds of greater men he cannon understand and therefore derides them.

“Consider the vulgar man, his voice is loud, and his words bawdy. Like the ass, he laughs without understanding. His tongue rattles in his head. … In his ignorance, he pushes himself forward when he should remain behind. …

“Consider the man of no account, he is improvident and wasteful. He speaks of his own importance but deceives none but himself and the foolish. The man of no account walks the marketplace to buy a stone.

“Without merit himself, he appeals to the deeds of his forefathers for credit. What good is it to the blind man that his father could see? …

“He who establishes his reputation upon that of another erects a building without foundation. The ass of Pharaoh is still an ass. A worthless man does worthless things. His death removes an encumbrance from the Earth.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (MAN:15:2-19)

Build For Eternity

There is a famous story of a wealthy man hiring a carpenter to build him a home. The wealthy man is doing a favor for the carpenter who is approaching retirement, but the carpenter doesn’t know it. So he decides to cut corners and build with shoddy materials and workmanship. The finished home looks great, but won’t last. When the carpenter tells the wealthy man that the house is done, the wealthy man thanks him and then says, “I had this house built for a friend who deserves it.” He then hands the keys back to the carpenter saying, “The house is yours”. The carpenter is pleased but then disappointed because he knows it’s a shoddy house. The moral of this tale is that we are all building our own home, making our own clothes, cooking our own food, or whatever other things we do. That is because our deeds and very thoughts set an example that others follow. If we decide to build a shoddy house for the wealthy man to make more profit, the shoemaker will sell us shoddy shoes, and the grocer will sell us low-quality meat and vegetables. as we sow, so we reap. So always build the house for eternity, for your soul is an eternal being. While the quote doesn’t say it, the man who builds the shoddy house is a greedy man. This paragraph goes on to discuss many otter types of less-than-ideal humans. Continue reading “As We Sow, As We Live”