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Ideal-Form of the Soul is Active

“No Ideal-form can be the victim of disturbances or be in any way affected: it remains in tranquility; only the matter associated with it can be affected by any state or experience induced. … It gives growth, but it does not grow. …
“The nature of an Ideal form is to be, of itself, an activity; it operates by its mere presence: it is as if Melody itself plucked the strings. The affective phase of the Soul or Mind will be the operative cause of all affection; it originates the movement either under the stimulus of some sense-presentment or independently.” ~Plotinus


What Plotinus is calling the “Ideal-form” in the quote is the Divine Soul of man. This soul may be thought of as a being in its own right that is trapped in a prison of matter. This Ideal-form can not be harmed by the activities of the body and mind, or the negative vibrations of the world around them, but it can be prevented from fully functioning.

The Ideal-form seems like a strange name for the Soul, but a truthful one. It is ideal because it is from God, the true God of spirit. It is the ONLY part of us that is the direct creation of God, the part that is “in His image”. Unfortunately for us, this ideal-form of the soul is not visible to us, not detectable by the mind, not measurable by electronic devices. Continue reading “Ideal-Form of the Soul is Active”

Heaven Bound

Ascension and Regression, Spirit and Matter

“The law of regression, as well as the law of ascension, is true for all beings. The minerals are plants which have degenerated; the plants are the remnants of animal life; animals and man (his physical body) have a common ancestor. … The spiritual part of man proceeds from the Gods. In that sense, man is a God who has degenerated. … There was an epoch when all life on the Earth was semi-plant and semi-animal. The Earth herself was, as it were, a great animal-being. … When the plant-earth became mineral, it acquired, through the metals, a new property – that of reflecting the light. …
“The Earth has been ‘mineralized,’ as also has the physical body of man. But the characteristic feature of man is that a twofold movement takes place in him. As a physical being, man has descended; as a spiritual being, he has ascended.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Regression and Ascension

Mr. Steiner has an interesting theory on the growth of the planet. First, he introduces a hierarchy of descending life: animal to plant, plant to mineral. If you stop at that point and think about it, you are led to ask, “What did the first animals eat if there were no plants?” and “What did the animals stand on if there were no minerals?” Steiner solves that by saying the Earth itself was a living plant-animal thing.

I suspect there are few scientists who would agree with Mr. Steiner. I also suspect there are few spiritual teachers who would agree with this, at least with the details of it.

While animals do, in several ways, descend into plants, and those plans do descend into minerals, this is only part of the story. The true regression of Man was from a purely spiritual being, into one of spirit mixed with matter, then one of half matter, half spirit, then to one of mostly matter in the mineralized body Steiner mentions. Continue reading “Ascension and Regression, Spirit and Matter”

Loving God, Love All

Love of All Trumps Vengeance

“Thou makest no distinction between Thy fathers and strangers, nor Thy Mother and maidservents, nor her that suckled Thee and the unclean. Was it Thy forwardness or Thy love, o Thou that lovest all? What moves Thee that Thou didst let all that saw Thee have Thee, both rich and poor? Thou helpest them that called thee not. … How great was Thy love, that if one rebuked Thee, Thou wast not wroth! If a man threatened Thee, Thou wast not terrified! … Thou art above the laws of the avengers of injuries. …

Come rest, and be still in the bosom of Thy mother, Son of the Glorious. Forwardness fits not the sons of kings. … When the wrathful came to see Thee, Thou madest them gladsome; … He that hath care came and saw Thee, and his care fled away. He that had anxiety; at Thee forgot his anxiety. … Thou who lovest men, hast bound men together by Thy gladsomeness.” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

Love of All

The person St. Ephraim is talking about is Jesus. But it could also be one of several great saints and spiritual leaders.

We all say we value love above everything, yet few of us can honestly claim that we love everyone, and even fewer can say that we love all equally. Almost all would say that they love their spouse, their parents, their children, and their friends above others; and if they say otherwise, they are probably lying to themselves and to others. We are all guilty of favoritism, whether it is a favorite person, car, game, TV show, or movie. My dogs are my favorite furry folk, and I will protect them to the best of my ability from anyone or anything that tries to harm them. That is all human nature, enhanced by social norms and upbringing. But as nice as it sounds, it is this favoritism of ours that leads to us dividing into groups, waring against other groups, stealing from others, enslaving others. It is therefore something a spiritual person should seek to overcome. Continue reading “Love of All Trumps Vengeance”

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Patience and Self-Knowledge are Key

Develop Patience

“Patience has the effect of attraction, impatience the effect of repulsion on the treasures of higher knowledge. In the higher regions of existence nothing can be attained by haste and unrest. Above all things, desires and cravings must be silenced, for these are qualities of the soul before which all higher knowledge shyly withdraws. However precious this knowledge is accounted, the student must not crave it if he wish to attain it. If he wishes to have it for his own sake, he will never attain it. … He must in no case be under any illusion concerning his own self. … He must look his own faults, weaknesses, and unfitness in the face [and work to overcome them]. … Such self-knowledge is, of course, difficult, for the temptation to self-deception is immeasurably great. Anyone making a habit of being truthful with himself opens the portal leading to a deeper insight.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Just as fear often attracts to us the very thing we are afraid of, patience also attracts those things that are most important to us, while impatience pushes them away. This is especially true when it comes to spiritual things. We do have to be careful, however, to not confuse patience and procrastination. Procrastination will not get you anywhere, patience will. The patient person acts, but is patient for results, he doesn’t plant seeds one day and expect fruit trees the next. The patient person carefully carves away at a block of ice to produce a fine ice sculpture, the impatient person blows it apart with dynamite, and the procrastinator sits pondering the best approach to take while the ice melts away and his opportunity is lost. When Mr. Miyagi had The Karate Kid run errands and polish cars, he was teaching patience. And the person who balanced the rocks in the photo couldn’t have done it without patience. Continue reading “Patience and Self-Knowledge are Key”