salt of heaven

Salt of Heaven, Light of God

“Those who say that sin is not in man are like people plunged under a deluge of many waters who will not acknowledge it, but say ‘We heard a sound of waters.’ Plunged under the depth of the waves of evil, they say that sin is not in their mind or thoughts. There is a difference between those who have a theory and talk, but are not seasoned with the salt of heaven—who discourse of a royal table, but have never eaten or enjoyed it—and a man who has had a sight of the King himself, to whom the treasure has been opened, and he has entered it, and inherited them, and eaten and drunk of the costly viands. …

“Like a man who has suffered many losses by thieves, and has got away from them with much difficulty, and after this has come into great affluence and a large fortune, and has no more dread of loss because of his abundant wealth; so spiritual men, after first passing through many temptations and dreadful places, and then filled with grace and repleat with good things, are no longer in terror of those who would plunder them, since their wealth is not small; yet they fear, not with the beginners fear of evil spirits, but with fear and care how to employ the spiritual gifts entrusted to them.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Denying Reality

Those who say that there is no sin and no evil fall into two camps. One group believes that if God created everything, then nothing can be evil. The second group believes that in pretending that all is nice and loving and positive, they will make it a reality. Neither group has succeeded in making sin or evil disappear. They simply hide from it and are therefore helpless to deal with it. If we are to be rid of sin and evil in ourselves and in our world, we have to acknowledge it, then work to get rid of it or avoid it. As the old saying goes, the devil’s greatest strength comes in getting people to believe he doesn’t exist. It is then so much easier for him to manipulate them. Denying that evil exists doesn’t make it go away. It has to be acknowledged and corrected.

The image created by St. Macarius of people standing in a deluge, yet refusing to acknowledge it, reminds me of a political cartoon that shows a group of politicians up to their necks in the water and still denying that global warming is real. The reality of global warming can no longer be denied except by fools living in fantasies. Likewise, the existence of sin and evil cannot be denied unless you are foolish enough to think that murder, rape, and arson are good things.

Salt of Heaven

This is an expression I have not heard before, yet it is a good one. We know that many foods are bland if you don’t add a little salt to them. And a little salt, contrary to what you might think, is essential for humans and animals. That is why farmers put salt licks into pastures for the cows.

St. Macarius is using this as an allegory, of course. Being seasoned with the salt of heaven means you have gone through the process of awakening your spirit and soul and linked yourself with the All, the Unity, the Godhead. While that may only happen for a brief moment on rare occasions, its effect on us is profound. We no longer guess at what is right and what is wrong, we know. We know what evil is and avoid doing it. We want nothing more than to be part of God’s Plan to redeem the fallen realm of matter and the beings trapped in it.

Eat and Drink the Viands

We do eat and drink of the Treasure of God when we have truly been awakened. That treasure is the Light that flows from God to the spiritual sun and then to us. But taking in and using that light is more complicated than simply gazing at the sun. We do need to look toward the sun (NEVER stare directly at it!) but we need to do it with a positive and loving attitude, and a desire to go beyond the physical sun to the light of the spiritual sun. Until we do that, the effect it has on us will be limited. So let yourself be seasoned by the salt of heaven.

hidden spring

Hidden Spring of Eternal Life

“While you perceive nothing sensible, or apparent, in your religious state, there is, at the same time, evidence to others of a hidden spring of life within your soul. God does no give you the sweet rain which, falling, clothes all the surface of the soul with verdure, but he gives you the deep wellspring, by which means means you live and flourish, and produce, not herbs and flowers, which are born and die in the same day, but substantial fruits, ripening for eternity. David said, the life of man upon this earth is as grass, which groweth up in the morning and withers in the evening. This refers to the natural life, but is also true of the selfish life of man. It flourishes in the morning of the spiritual life, but the sooner does the sun of righteousness arise in his warmth, than this life withers and is cut down. The righteous are as a tree planted by the rivers of water, whose leaf is always green. This is because the roots are well watered by the deep flowing current.” ~Madam Guyon

Hidden Spring of Life

Many names have been given to this flow over the centuries. The hidden spring, the water of life, and the fountain of youth are the best known of them. They all refer to the same thing. That thing is the flow of spiritual light that awakens the spirit and soul of man. It is also called Grace for that reason. This is the spring that flows everywhere. Nothing can stop it. It is the water that flows from a rock in the middle of a desert. It is the fountain that brings life to a seemingly dead spirit and soul. You cannot hide from it, but why should you?

Hiding from the Hidden Spring

Fools have tried to block out this light with ideas like turning the open temples of the ancient orders of Mystics and Gnostics into the dark caves with the painted-over windows of many churches. We in Cosolargy may be the only Christian organization left that has open-air churches where the light of the hidden spring is welcomed and encouraged. But the methods of the large, state-approved churches have worked to some degree in the past. But now is a new age and the Sun of Righteousness shines upon us. This is the most powerful spiritual sun ever, so it is harder than ever to hide from it. And those who try, do so at their peril. Those who refuse to adapt to this new age of the Sun of Righteousness will die trying to avoid it as the world they know will cease to exist. Continue reading “Hidden Spring of Eternal Life”

silent communication

Silent Communication with God and Each Other

“I perceive, by your letter, you are in doubt about the grace which passes interiorly from heart to heart. We notice an illustration of this in the woman who touched our Lord, when He said: ‘I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.’ In a similar manner, without words, one heart may communicate grace to another heart, a God imparts grace to the soul. But if the soul is not in a state to receive it, the grace of the interior is not communicated. …

“God would teach you, my dear child, there is a silence of the soul through which He operates, filling it with he unction of grace, to be diffused on other hearts who are in a state of receptivity, often more efficacious than words to replenish the soul.” ~Madam Guyon

Sharing Grace

There are primarily two ways that we get spiritual energy or light, also called grace. It can come directly from God to us through the spiritual sun. So the spiritual sun is acting as an intermediary. The other method is to give and receive light from others.

When we take in grace light from the spiritual sun, we end some of it back out to others. We can also send it out into the world in general to help heal and awaken it. The world can’t transform without energy.

We can also share energy with other beings. Not just people, but animals and plants as well. Go up to a tree, for example, and send it some of your light. Then silently ask it to share some of its energy with you. It the tree is low in energy, or has been hurt by people, it may choose to not share energy with you. It has that right. Don’t get angry about it. Just bless the tree and move on to another. When other being do share energy with you, thank them. That light contains knowledge and helps you learn and grow. The energy you send back does the same.

Eventually, we will reach a stage where energy/grace flows freely from all being to all other beings. Then we will all transform together. Continue reading “Silent Communication with God and Each Other”

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Illumining Light Shining on All and Changing All

“I am light illumining all. I am light happy in my brothers and sisters. I came down to the world of mortals because of the spirit in what descended and came from the innocent Sophia. I came and delivered . . . and went . . . that which he once had. I gave him some of the living water, which strips him of chaos in uttermost darkness, in the whole abyss, which is corporeal and psychical thought. All these I put on. And I stripped him of inferior thought and clothed him in shining light: knowledge of the thought of fatherhood.

“I delivered him to those who give robes—Yammon, Elasso, Amenai—and they covered him with a robe from the robes of the light; I delivered him to the baptizers and they baptized him—Micheus, Michar, Mnesinous—and they immersed him in the spring of the water of life.” ~Three Forms of First Thought

Illumining Light

The illumining light is illumining all. It is shining on all of existence and changing it. But with us humans, it behaves differently. Only we can choose to resist, ignore, or embrace that light. Those who resist it will absorb little, if any. Therefore, they will not experience any spiritual growth or increase in level of consciousness. Those who ignore it will still absorb some, but at a slow rate. It will work in them, but they will have little control over it. The ones who embrace it absorb the most. They will experience the greatest spiritual growth possible. Likewise, they will raise their consciousness level faster than the others. So thinking that we should just sit back and let whatever happens happen—the philosophy of a piece of driftwood—is not the best approach to spiritual growth.

Down to Mortals

This illumining light does come down to “mortals”. That is to say, it comes from higher dimensions down to the third dimension of matter and mortality. Those who embrace this light and use it to grow can climb out of the abyss of matter and become truly immortal. Yes, we have immortal souls and spirits. But we are not immortal unless we awaken and unite with those spiritual faculties. Again, we have to work to make this happen. Driftwood rarely lands in the right port. Continue reading “Illumining Light Shining on All and Changing All”