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Practice Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Doing Good

“Put in practice Love, Wisdom, Good, and Truth. The remainder of your life on Earth is not limitless. Your capitol in Heaven is the quantity of good you have made on Earth. How can one set his life right? Simple, remove the elements that spoil it.

“It is natural to be good; it is unnatural to be bad, It is wise to manifest good and foolish to manifest badness. … People don’t want to understand the good because they have to pay for it. They even do not suspect that it is the best thing they can buy.

“The great thing is Love, but greater than that is God’s spirit. Love is a fruit of spirit. Without love, one lacks a strong mind, a good heart, and strength. Without love, one has no good life and no vital strength.

“To love is eternal dawn for you. The sunset comes when you throw out the good thoughts from your mind, the good feelings from your heart. …

“Do this: Be glad when you see some virtue in somebody. … The meaning of life is locked in manifesting Love.” ~Beinsa Douno

Practice Good

It is easy to say that we should all practice good. The problem is that different people have different ideas of what is good and what isn’t. Some think that killing a bad person is doing the highest good. The wise person knows that killing is never good. Some think that hating people for their race, religion, or nationality is good. Wise people know better.

But Douno doesn’t just advise us to practice good. He also tells us to practice Love, Wisdom, and Truth. That seems strange to some. Yes, we can practice love, but how do you practice wisdom and truth?

Practice Truth and Wisdom

You practice truth by being honest as must as possible. If you know the truth of the situation, say it. If you don’t know the truth, say that also. Don’t just make up answers because you don’t want to admit you don’t know. This does mean, of course, that you have to actually know the truth and not just opinions. But that doesn’t mean you tell all of the truth all of the time.

One way of practicing wisdom is knowing when you should speak up and say the truth and when you should not. If a woman asks you what you think of her new dress, you find a way to say something complimentary, even if you don’t like the dress. This is not lying because the woman isn’t seeking the truth, she’s seeking compliments. So give her one, no harm done. Another case where the wise person doesn’t tell the complete truth is a spiritual one. Giving certain spiritual knowledge to those who might use it to harm themselves or others isn’t wise. Wisdom says just because you know how to make bombs with readily-available ingredients doesn’t mean you should share that knowledge with everyone. Likewise, you don’t share potentially dangerous spiritual knowledge with those who are likely to misuse it. Continue reading “Practice Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Doing Good”

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Learn Good to Do Good and Think Good

“The ability to learn, to think, to perform good actions, to love, are good instruments that you must use to get back into Paradise.

“What you learn, think, and love matters a lot. There is higher knowledge and there is lower knowledge, there is right thinking and there is wrong thinking, there is Love toward God and there is Love of lower things. You determine where you want to be.

“He who wants to be a good student must set right his distorted mind and heart. The good students sets right the distorted trends of his mind and feelings. …

“Your first task is to give way to the positive in yourself. … Free your mind from negative thoughts and your heart from negative feelings.” ~Biensa Douno

Think and Learn Good

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, we have been taught things that are not true. Because of that, learning and thinking good is not as easy as it sounds. But it can be done. First, you simply have to try. If you don’t even try to do good, you probably won’t. Second, you have to learn to trust your intuition. Somebody may tell you something is good, but if your intuition says no, don’t do it. At some point, you can awaken your spirit and soul. They can be trusted to know right from wrong, good from evil. And yes, evil does exist.

Learn Good

It is great to learn new things. It is much better to learn good. Learning how to murder people in a hundred ways is learning, but the wrong kind. We see terrorist groups kidnapping children and teaching them to be murderers. Because they are children, they learn well. And it is hard to unlearn those things later. Teaching children such things is a great wrong.

Even for those who are not spiritually awakened and haven’t earned to listen to their intuition, it is possible to do good most of the time. Any act of kindness is good. And that doesn’t just mean being kind to friends and relatives. It doesn’t even mean being kind only to those you agree with. We need to show kindness to all. The sun shines on all, not just a particular religion or political party. Continue reading “Learn Good to Do Good and Think Good”

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Prosperity can be Good or Evil

“Some, through a prosperity unworthy borne, have been hurled headlong to ruin; to some the power of the sword has been committed, to the end that the good may be tried by discipline, and the bad punished. For while there can be no peace between the righteous and the wicked, neither can the wicked agree among themselves. How should they, when each is at variance with himself, because the vices rend his conscious, and oftentimes they do things which, when they are done, they judge ought not to have been done. Hence it is that this supreme providence brings to pass this notable marvel—that the bad make the bad good. For some, when they see the injustice which they themselves suffer, … return to the ways of virtue.” ~Boethius

Prosperity Unworthy

There is a lot of talk to about manifesting and the law of attraction. It gets posted about regularly on every social media spiritual group. Besides the fact that material prosperity has nothing to do with becoming spiritual, there is a problem with this kind of thinking that is never mentioned by its promoters. The problem is that if you manifest things or money that you haven’t earned, you will be billed for it. And when the bill collector shows up, you may not like the way he choose to collect the debt.

For probably thousands of years, people have looked for ways to get financial and material success without working for it. If it worked long-term, why do we still have so many poor people? It isn’t simple because the overwhelming majority of us can’t get the hang of doing manifesting properly. It is because deep down we know that in Satan’s realm of matter, there are no free rides. What may seem to be free, is simply purchased on credit. Yes, God wants us to do well. But He wants us to work for it also.

Hurled to Ruin

We do see people who have gained wealth they didn’t deserve lose it, or lose something else to pay for it, like their health or the death of a child. Yet many ignore that and look only at the sleazeball who continues to rob people blind all his life and dies wealthy. That person gets the greatest punishment of all. He has given up his immortal soul to the devil and will find after death that it was a great price to pay for some temporary comfort. Continue reading “Prosperity can be Good or Evil”

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Good Life of the Spiritual Person

“The good life is a result of something. You cannot live well if you have not thought well, if you have not felt well. The good life is a result of thought. The good depends firstly on love. The Good depends also on thought, and then as a result come the good life. …

“Love others like you love yourself. The most idealistic is to live God. … If you are content with riches, but discontent when they are taken away from you, you have not understood love. Be content in both cases and give thanks. Riches and titles can be given and taken away from you, but believe in love that bears in itself all good things, and these good things will be given to you at the time when you are ready.” ~Biensa Douno

The Good Life

When we speak of “the good life,” the image we each form of what that means may differ greatly. One may envision himself living in a great mansion with servants to do everything for him. Another may see himself on a deserted beach enjoying nature without a care. Another may see it as doing good for others through volunteer work. All of these visions, and many others, have one thing in common. We envision the good life as doing that which makes us happy. And that is as it should be. We are individuals and we have different skills and desires. We should not all want to be president since that is clearly impossible. But it is possible for all of us to do things that make us happy—within reason, of course.

Result of Thought

The idea that the good life is the result of thought has two meanings. First, if we are happy and content with the life we have, than it is for us, the good life. So in that way, because we think it is the good life, it is. Second, if we do want to change our life for the better, we do that mostly with thought also. No great inventor has ever invented something without first visualizing it in his head. A scientist doesn’t come up with a new theory without first thinking about it. Even artists must think about what they are doing or planning to do. This idea works for spiritual growth as well as for things on the material level. I doubt that anyone has truly had a spiritual awakening without some thought about it first. And continued spiritual growth requires continued thought and the belief that we can succeed.

Then there is the other side of the coin. If we say we want something, but deep down don’t think we deserve to get it, we will never get it. If we say we want to accomplish something, but don’t believe we can, then we won’t. We have to believe in ourselves and our ability to succeed if it is ever going to happen. That is why the Zen Master teaches that we must empty the cup before we can fill it with something new. We must get rid of false and limiting thoughts and beliefs if we want to succeed at anything. Continue reading “Good Life of the Spiritual Person”