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Nag Hammadi Library and the Return of Gnosticism

If the Nag Hammadi texts had not been discovered, it is more than probable that the correct renewal of interest in Gnosticism would not have taken place. There will always be those who do not see eye to eye with mainstream ideas, so it is highly unlikely that Gnostic thought would have died out altogether. However, the texts that were found give new impetus to research into the early Gnostics. …

“The perennial questions of life needed answering. ‘How can a good God ________? What if for instance an A-bomb does destroy” Where do you go when you are dead?’ When this is added to the existence of a new freedom, both financial and moral, there was a need for a different way of thinking. … One of the core beliefs of Gnosticism became more prevalent. The only hope for humanity was to acquire the information it needed so that it could perfect itself and evolve out of its current physical state. … People began to realize that we had let the knowledge of our own Christ Consciousness pass us by.” ~Bernard Simon

Nag Hammadi Library

Almost everyone who has the slightest interest in spiritual matters has heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but before the discovery of those scrolls, another important library of ancient Gnostic writings was found: the Nag Hammadi Library. Like the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi books were found in Egypt in 1945. Some of the books include the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Philip. These and other books found were thought to have been completely destroyed by the orthodox Christian church. They are controversial because they contradict many things commonly believed by Christians at that time, and even today despite this finding. They include, for example, a statement that the belief that Mary, mother of Jesus, was a virgin.

The library is a collection of Coptic translations written about 1,500 years ago of even older documents. This puts them among the oldest copies of these gospels and other scriptural writings. But as Mr. Simon notes, their importance may be that they help reawaken interest in Gnostic teachings which help answer so many of the common questions of Christians and others that are not answered in the Bible. Of course, just as with the Dead Sea Scrolls, you need to understand the allegory used or much of the meaning will be lost.

How Can God

Mr. Simon says that the Nag Hammadi library and other Gnostic literature can answer the common question asked by Christians and others: “How can God ________?”. For example, “How can God allow evil in the world?” and “Why does God create death and disease?”. Those questions, and similar ones, are usually answered in the traditional Christian churches with the vague non-answers, “Who are we to understand God?” or “Who are we to question what God does?” While those answers do make a valid point, they don’t satisfy the curious and leave them disappointed. Gnostic scripture does have an answer, and it isn’t vague. The Gnostic answer is that the True God, the God of Spirit, did not create the physical world of matter. The realm of matter was created by the fallen angels known in Gnostic literature as the Demiurge. While there is some difference between various Gnostic sects and schools, they generally do not talk about the Demiurge as a truly evil being or group of beings, but simply beings who made a bad choice, an egotistical choice. Continue reading “Nag Hammadi Library and the Return of Gnosticism”

day of judgment

Day of Judgment and the Signs for it

“And then I asked the lord about the day of judgment, ‘What will be the sign of your coming?’ He answered me, ‘It will be when the name of the just will be consummated according to the name of the just ones who have been crowned and fallen from the sky. Then Satan will be freed and will leave his prison, a prey to great anger, and he will make war on the just … And the lord will immediately command his angel to sound the trumpet. … And then the sun will darken and the moon give no more light. The stars will fall and the four winds will be torn from the foundations, and they will make the earth tremble, and also the mountains and hills. Immediately the sky will tremble and the sun darken until the fourth hour. Then will appear the earthly son, and with him all the saintly angels. And then the son rises, and he will place his seat on the clouds and will sit on the throne of his majesty, with twelve messengers seated on twelve chairs of glory. The books will be opened and he will judge the universe according to the faith they revealed. And then the earthly son will send his angels to gather the elect—from the four winds and the summits of the skies and to the corners of the world—and bring them before him. … The earthly son will take the elect from the midst of the sinners and say to them, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my father. Receive the kingdom that has been prepared for you since the organization of the world.” ~The Gospel of the Secret Supper

Day of Judgment

The first thing we all need to understand about the day of judgment is that it has no connection with a twenty-four-hour Earth day whatsoever. This judgment day is a universal thing, so expecting it to operate on Earth’s time makes no sense. Like the seven days in which the cosmos were created, “day” refers to a non-specific period of time. It may be one Earth hour, It may be centuries to us. It is a God day, not a man day. Most spiritual masters expect it will take at least ten years, and probably a lot more. It has already started.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

There have been many predictions over the centuries on what signs to expect in the Day of Judgment. These signs fall into two primary categories. The first is the signs to warn us that the Day of Judgment is approaching. The second group indicates that it has started and is ongoing. Similar signs predict the End Times. That should not be a surprise. The Day of Judgment and the End Times coincide.

Warning Signs

Many have warned that as we approach the Day of Judgment, we will see great wars and violent destruction. The destruction by terrorists of the New York Trade Center was one such sign. More will follow if we don’t wake up. Satan will be set loose, the quote says. That is more allegorical than literal. He was never truly imprisoned, just somewhat controlled. He is not being completely set free, but perhaps allowed a longer leash. This means that we will see more of the things that Satan, his demon assistants, and other dark forces, inspire. Things like idiots playing with guns and shooting anyone they disagree with, and a government that does nothing to stop it. Greedy people claiming more and more of the world’s resources for themselves and forcing more and more into poverty as a result. Industrialists deliberately destroying the environment because they simply don’t care about anyone but themselves. Reality being ignored so people can live in comfortable fantasies. Increasingly violent storms fed by the angry and uncontrolled thoughts of humanity.

Those are some of the signs that the Day of Judgment is approaching, or has already arrived. Don’t expect it to announce itself like a concert or state fair. Be prepared at all times.

Ongoing Signs

The signs that the Day of Judgment has started are not much different than those warning of it. But as it continues, they will get progressively worse. Some predict days of darkness, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, electricity no functioning, even gravity going crazy. Some of these are just opinions. Others are interpretations of visions that may be literal or allegorical. Either way, it doesn’t look like it will be a pleasant time.

But after the trials and tribulation will come the start of a new dawn. The new Golden Age will begin. The quote says the books will be open. This doesn’t represent physical books, of course. It is allegory again. It means that the hidden truths will be revealed to all. Even now, some are discovering these truths, though they remain hidden to most. But sometimes things are hidden only because we refuse to see them when they are right in front of us. Jesus told the apostles that the Kingdom of God was all around them already, yet they saw it not. They hadn’t yet opened their spiritual eyes.

The elect, also known as the chosen, will be led to freedom from the chaos and destructive tendencies of matter. This may mean that they will be taken to another place. Or it may mean that they will stay on earth, but earth, the sun, the whole physical universe will change back into its original state of spirit. The elect will be those who have been working to slowly change themselves into spiritual beings. They will be able to survive when the transition takes place. Those who cannot accept change, but instead cling to the illusions of matter, will not be able to live in that new world.

age of darkness

Age of Darkness Before Dawn of Light

“Those who animal-like live solely according to the senses make the Logos flesh for themselves in a dangerous way: they misuse God’s creation in order to indulge the passions. They do not understand the principles of that wisdom which is revealed to all that we should know and praise God through his creation and that by means of the visible world we should understand whence we came, what we are, for what purpose we were made and where we are going. On the contrary, they travel through the present age in darkness, fumbling with both hands merely their ignorance of God. …

“They tie down the dignity of the soul to the external worship of the Law. … They think that God will be pleased with sacrifices. … They pay much attention to the body, … but neglect the soul.” ~The Photokalia

Living By the Senses

Those who live by the senses have embraced the idea that the fallen realm of matter is the only thing that exists, and it is the realm of God. Anyone who pays attention to the spiritual writings of almost any religion, and all mystery schools, know that is not true. Jesus made it clear that the Kingdom of God was not the land of matter. Nonetheless, we ave many Christian sects today who practice Christianity as a branch of materialism.

Feeding the poor, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, and so on are all good things. I don’t think anyone could argue that they are not. But they are all things on the physical level. They do not benefit the spirit and soul of those being helped, or even those doing the helping. Such people don’t understand that when Jesus helped “open the eyes of the blind,” with a few rare exceptions, it was the spiritually blind he was helping not the physically blind. And while he may literally have turned water to wine at the wedding, it is the symbology of that event that really matters. With water representing the physical, and wine representing the spiritual, the tale is telling us that Jesus specialized in turning matter back into spirit. With people, of course, he didn’t change them Himself, but turned them in the right direction so they could save themselves (with God’s help).

Principles of Wisdom

I have to disagree with the author of this part of the quote. We don’t learn about our true self, our mission, or our destination by studying the physical world. While a study of nature is a good place to start, we need to go beyond that.

If our goal is to gain wisdom, especially Divine wisdom, we need to look beyond the physical to the spiritual. We start by looking at the spiritual sun. We practice a form of sungazing, but emphasize the spiritual sun hidden behind the physical one.

Present Age of Darkness

I don’t know how anyone could be aware of what the world is like today and not believe we are in a state of darkness. The very basics of the realm of matter: that we have to kill and eat other beings to survive, that we age and die anyway, that we war against each other due to imaginary problems, etc. tells us this is a realm of darkness. And in recent decades, it has only gotten worse.

The good news is that we haven’t reached the point of total darkness. There is still enough light left in us to be able to change direction.

Golden Age of Tomorrow

If enough of us choose to turn around and head toward the Light, we can help bring about the promised new Age Golden Age of Light. It can’t happen overnight, but it can happen. We will then live without killing, without disease, and without aging. We can live in peace with each other, and will all living beings. We cannot be conned into doing things that are against our best interests. There won’t be anyone who wants to con us. But if their was, they would fail because we will know and understand truth and wisdom. We will have achieved Gnosis. The age of Darkness will be permanently over.

Mother, Holy Child

Mother of Wisdom Speaks to Those who Listen

“I am alone and undefiled. I am the mother of the voice, speaking in many ways, completing all. Knowledge is in me, a knowledge of things everlasting. I speak in every creature, and I was known by all. I lift up the speech of the voice to the ears of those who have known me, the children of light. … When the great authorities knew that the time of fulfillment had appeared—just as the time of the birth pangs came, the time of destruction approached—the elements trembled, and the foundations of the underworld and the ceilings of chaos shook, and a great fire shone in their midst, and rocks and earth were shaken like a reed by the wind. …

“O children of thought, hear me, hear the speech of the mother of your mercy. You have earned the right to own the mystery hidden from eternity. Now accept it. And the end of this realm and of the life of injustice is near, and the beginning of the coming eternal realm dawns and will never change.” ~Three Forms of First Thought

Mother of Wisdom

The “Mother” in the quote may be Sophia or simply the female aspect of God. She speaks in many voices, in many ways, in many languages. She may be the quiet voice we hear warning us or advising us. The Mother gently guides us toward the correct path. Most of all, she talks to our spirits and souls in symbols rather than words. Words can be used to deceive. Symbols can’t deceive the soul. They might deceive the mind, but never the soul.

In Every Creature

This Mother speaks not only to the minds and souls of humans, but also to animals. Really to all of life and all creation. It would not be good for humans to began awakening and becoming more spiritual if the world around them continued sinking deeper into the depths of matter. The animals, plants, and everything else must change right along with us. There is growing evidence that such changes are happening. We are learning that many animals are smarter and more self-aware than we believed. While some of that may be because of better studies, some is also because those animals are changing just as some humans are changing.

Own the Mystery

When the Mother says we have earned the right to own the hidden mysteries, she isn’t speaking to all humans. She is speaking to the ones she called “the children of light,” earlier. The mysteries are not revealed to everyone. They would not be mysteries for long if that happened. They are revealed only to those ready to understand. Students must also be responsible enough to keep those mysteries to themselves and share only what is allowed. That isn’t out of meanness, but to protect people from harm.

Eternal Realm Dawns

We are at the dawn of a New Golden Age. It will be an end to injustice. Greed will no longer be an acceptable lifestyle. It won’t even be desirable. We will all realize that when we harm others through greed, we actually harm ourselves on a more important level. Corporations and governments will exist to serve people, not control them. And all will understand that the spirit and soul are more important than the body and mind.