creative forces

Creative Forces of God and Man

“SHM: That brings up a point. Cayce referred often to God as ‘the Creative Forces.’ Is God in this concept more like a Brahman, or a force? Or is God a personal God?

“KJT: Cayce actually answered that question for several people, and the answer is, ‘Both.’ He or She is a very personal, loving, parental figure –– a personal God, as well as the Creative Force that imbues everything that exists. Science right now is doing a lot of work with physics and vibrations and looking at the ultimate building blocks of creation, and from Cayce’s perspective, everything is made up of the same stuff. That stuff he called vibrations. You might call it atomic particles, but he suggested that everything is made up of parts of the Creative Forces, parts of God. So ultimately, everything is God, and we are in the process of becoming aware of our own individual spark of the Creator.

“SHM: And our goal is to get back to God?”

“KJT: Our goal is to get back to an awareness of our connection to God. An analogy might be, if we have a child, let’s say, and that child shows some affinity for music with maybe a musical keyboard, that child has to work at it, maybe to go to lessons; it may be to practice. … All along, that has been a part of the soul’s potential, but it still has to go through lessons and a curriculum in order for it to become a part of the [child’s] awareness. And I think that’s very close to what happens to us as a soul. Ultimately, we all have the potential to become a Christ, but we have to have the experiences and choose to learn from those experiences in order to get there.

“SHM: One of the things Cayce said through his readings is that in order to advance it helps to have an ideal –– that we need to have an ideal. What did he mean by that?

“KTJ: Well, ultimately an ideal is basically a spiritual rationale for why we get up in the morning. What we do. The interesting connection to ideals is that ultimately, because of our many experiences in the earth and our many karmic memories with people in our lives, it’s all too easy to fall into old habit patterns and experiences. … And without working with an ideal, we’re apt to just continue in that same trench, or that same way of thinking.” ~Stephen Hawley Martin

Force or Being

This is a question that a lot of people ask. Is God a being and a personal God, or is God a force? And as Cayce said, the answer is “Both”. We have to stop thinking of God as a man with superpowers. That is a false image and concept of God. God is The All, so if any force exists, that force is a part of God. God is all beings, so God is also a being. Perhaps part of the confusion is that we don’t think a force is ordinarily a being, but in a living universe, everything is a being, even a rock or a force. But there are many kinds of forces, so it also makes sense that Cayce sometimes called God the Creative Forces.

Creative Forces

So what are creative forces? Some might think that all forces are creative, but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. In the physical world, there are nearly as many destructive forces as there are creative ones.

There are two primary creative forces at work here. One is the force that gives life and structure to previously unstructured and unliving matter. The other is the force that turns us toward the development of our spirit and soul.

There are also two primary destructive forces that counter the creative ones. One force tried to destroy the living, and disorganize matter. It is a force of entropy. The other is a force that tried to make us more and more material and materialistic.

Sadly, most of humanity has been embracing the destructive forces more than the creative ones, although without realizing it in most cases. But now some of us are starting to awaken and turn toward the creative forces instead. The creative forces are actually more powerful than the destructive ones, but we have to develop them within us and reject the destructive ones. It is the old Native American story of the Two Wolves. The one you feed is the one that thrives, so feed the creative forces from God and of God.

The Goal

The goal of spiritual development could be considered to be awareness, but I think it is more than that. Many people think they are spiritually awakened simply because they have become aware that the realm of matter is an illusion or that materialism and capitalism are failed paradigms. While that is often the first step, it doesn’t constitute true awakening. Real spiritual awakening is when we tap into those creative forces to awaken and develop our spirit and soul. Only when the soul has become conscious can we truly claim to be awake in the spiritual sense. So I think it is more accurate to say the goal is spiritual awakening and enlightenment. That does bring awareness to us, but awareness at a much greater level than simply being aware of the Great Illusion of matter. And awakening the soul helps us know how to use those creative forces to help ourselves and the world we live in.


Yes, we should have ideals. That sounds a lot like saying we should have goals, but there is a difference. The ideal is the ultimate. It is an image to hold in our minds as something to aim for. Goals are the methods we use and the steps we take to move closer and closer to the ideal. Becoming one with God and those Creative Forces is the ideal of most spiritual students, or at least it should be. Manifesting a new car or a pile of money is not a spiritual goal and being a greedy rich person is not a spiritual ideal. If you are truly interested in spiritual growth and development, you need spiritual goals and ideals.

God within

God Within Our Spirits and Souls

“God sees the dwelling and the resting place which He has made within us and through us; namely, the unity and the likeness. And He wills to visit this unity without interruption, with a new coming of His most high birth and with a rich pouring forth of his fathomless love; for he wills to dwell in bliss within the loving spirit. And He wills to visit the likeness of our spirit with rich gifts, so that we become more like unto Him and more enlightened in the virtues. Now it is Christ’s will that we should dwell and abide within the essential unity of our spirit, rich with Zhim above all creaturely works and above all virtues; and that we should dwell actively to that same unity, rich and fulfilled with virtues and heavenly gifts. And He wills that we shall visit that unity and that likeness without interruption, by means of every work which we do; for in every new ‘Now,’ God is born in us, and from this most high birth the Holy Ghost flows forth with all His gifts. Therefore we should go out to meet the gifts of God through the likeness and the most high birth, through the unity.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

God Within Us

The dwelling place and resting place that God has created within us is, of course, the Divine Soul. Ruysbroeck calls it “the unity and the likeness.” Both of those terms describe the human soul and nothing else within us. The soul is part of the Unity because it is spirit, not matter. Because it is spirit, it occupies all space, all time, and is, therefore, part of the Unity. If all spirits occupy all space and all time—and they do—then they must all be part of the Unity. Likewise, being spirit, the soul is the part of us that has the likeness of God because God is also pure spirit. Don’t look for God to have a body similar to ours, because he doesn’t. It is the Divine Soul that is created in His “image and likeness”.

Visit the Unity

I think this may be a mistake in wording or mistranslation of what Ruysbroeck said, or at least meant. I don’t think God wills to visit the unity, He is the unity! God within wills for us to join the unity. Our Divine Souls come from the Unity and are always part of the unity, but if we let them stay dormant within us, we are disconnected from the unity. So the key to visiting the Unity is to awaken our soul from its dormant state. We do that with the light from the Spiritual Sun. God within us is in the soul, not the body. Continue reading “God Within Our Spirits and Souls”

Statutes of men

Statutes of Men and the Law of God

“Man directs his life by the laws of God and the statutes of men. The statutes of men, which are for the good of men, are to be upheld by the Children of Light, who shall not live for the next life only.

“These laws, though stricken on marble ans set up on everlasting pillars at the gateways of the temples, are but diversions for the eye and exercise for the tongue, unless graven also on the tablets of your heart. Thus, you shall not fall into error.

“A man does not obey the statutes because they are the law of the land, but because they accord with his nature and inclinations. The true nature of Man stems from the Godly directive within and is, therefore, above the edicts of kings.

“In upholding the laws and statutes, the chief concern should be a man’s good intent. If he intends well and is diligent, he can be forgiven much, but if he intends well but is thoughtless, then he shall not be looked upon so kindly. Remember; men do not dispense justice, they can but hope to serve it. God alone knows what is good or wicked within his heart, therefore, He alone can dispense true justice.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (MAN:8:1-4)

Law of God

To anyone who is truly spiritual, the Law of God reigns supreme. God knows all. God is all. So to try to second guess God is foolhardy. Of course, the real problem is to distinguish what is actually the Law of God from what is the opinions of men putting words into God’s mouth. The only way to truly know God’s Law is to awaken our spiritual faculties. The awakened soul is then in direct contact with angelic beings and occasionally with God, therefore, it knows truth and it knows God’s Law. What’s more, it knows the importance of following God’s Law and has no interest in rebelling and doing its own thing.

Statutes of Men

This section of the Kolbrin Bible speaks about two kinds of law; God’s Law and the Statutes of Man. They left out an intermediate level which is the laws of nature. But they are not important to this discussion, so we can skip them. I just wanted to mention that there is something in the middle.

The Kolbrin Bible says that all good men should obey both the Law of God and the Statutes of Man. Even the Children of Light should do this. That is a common teaching in spiritual schools, the real ones anyway. The laws or statutes of men are not always just and not always in accord with the Law of God. Nevertheless, we should avoid violating the law. First, because we don’t want to give people the impression that spiritual students are a lawless rabble. Second, because if we are to help our brothers and sisters awaken and grow, we must play along with their games most of the time. Also, when we do things that are considered wrong or illegal by most they send negative energy towards us and that energy can be harmful. Continue reading “Statutes of Men and the Law of God”

God is spirit

God is Spirit: Herakleon’s Commentary

“’John 4:21 Believe me, woman, the hour is coming when not on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the father.’

The mountain signifies the devil or his world, since the devil was one part of the whole of matter, and the whole world is a mountain of evil, a deserted habitat of beasts, which all Jews who lived according to the law and all the gentiles worship. Jerusalem is the creation or the creator, whom Jews worship. In another sense the mountain is the creation, which the gentiles worship. But you as spiritual people will worship neither the creation nor the demiurge, but the father of truth. And he accepts her as one already faithful and who will be numbered among the worshipers in truth.

“‘John 4:22 You worship what you do not know.

These are the Jews and gentiles. As Peter teaches, “We must not worship in the Greek manner, accepting the works of matter and worshiping wood and stone, or in the Jewish manner worship the divine. They, thinking that they alone know god, do not know him, and worship angels and the month and the moon.

“‘John 4:23 God is spirit, and those worshiping must worship him in spirit and truth.’

Unpolluted and pure and invisible is his divine nature. And to be worthy of him who is worshiped one must worship in a spiritual, not a fleshly, way. For those who are of the same nature as the father are spirit and worship in truth and not in error.

“‘Matthew 9:37 The harvest is abundant but the field workers are few.’

This line refers to those ready for the harvest and for gathering into the barn, to go through faith into rest, and be prepared for salvation and receiving the word.

“’John 4:36 The reaper is taking his wages.’

This is said because the savior calls himself a reaper. And the wages of our lord are the salvation and restoration of those reaped.” ~Herakleon’s Commentary on the Gospel of John

This Mountain

I wouldn’t blame you for getting confused with this one. When spiritual people talk of a mountain top, they usually mean heaven, or at least the higher worlds of spirit. But Herakleon is saying that John means just the opposite in saying “this mountain”. Sometimes, you have to look at the context to understand what an allegory means in a specific instance. If you read more of John 4, you find that the woman has asked Jesus a question, saying that their ancestors worshiped on a mountain, yet He is telling his followers to worship in Jerusalem. His reply, therefore, is a warning that a time is coming when few will truly worship God anywhere. So it makes sense that in this case, the mountain means the Devil’s world or the world of matter, for only in the world of matter would people turn away from God, having no easy and direct contact with Him from this pit so distant from Heaven. I also have never heard of Jerusalem representing the Demiurge, but that also makes sense in this case.

Know What You Worship

In the case of the second commentary on John 4:22, it makes more sense when you add in the second half of the sentence so it reads: “ You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know …”. It is not so much that worship that which they do not know, but that they worship that which the priests tell them too. In other words, they have no personal experience of God so what they worship is a false God for even if the priests are doing their best to describe God, without personal knowledge of Him, you cannot really know Him. That is why the goal of any real spiritual school is to become One with God, even if only briefly, so one may know the truth. As for worshiping angels, it is more like they worship fallen angels, namely the Demiurge who loves to pretend to be God, or they worship angelic messengers sent to earth as teachers. They are not God, especially when they are in human form, and should not be worshipped as such.

God is Spirit

This is really the gist of it. God is Spirit. That is so important to understand it should be repeated frequently. God is Spirit. A man cannot be God. A physical being cannot be God. And God would never become a physical being since that would reduce Him to a lesser being, a faulty being. It would be like one of us volunteering to get a deadly cancer as part of a medical experiment. One more time, GOD IS SPIRIT! Therefore, if we are to know God, we must awaken and develop our spiritual faculties that lie dormant when we come into the fallen realm of matter. That is what it means when Herakleon says that we must worship God in spirit since God is Spirit. It is not good enough to believe in Him mentally for the mind is not spirit. We have to awaken our spiritual self and communicate with God just as the allegorical Adam and Eve did before the Fall into matter.

Ready for the Harvest

Here, Herakleon’s commentary is just as allegorical as the statement he is trying to explain so it isn’t much help. Those who are ready to harvest are those who have awakened and developed their spiritual faculties as much as is possible while trapped in a physical body. They are ready to become part of God’s Army. But don’t let the term “Army” confuse you. The soldiers of God do not fight with violence, but with love and forgiveness. They help the fallen to change and transform, they do not destroy them. They kill evil, by removing it from Man, not by killing men. They help people develop their spiritual self because, once again, God is Spirit.

The Reaper’s Wages

The reaper can be the Savior, or Jesus, as Heraklion says, but it can also be any of us who help others to turn away from devolution into matter and evolve back into spiritual beings. Their wage is that they help themselves as they help others. But don’t get the idea that God owes you anything because you have helped His cause. That is material thinking, capitalist thinking. God gives from His heart, not from a sense of debt. Nonetheless, helping the true God of Spirit save Man from the false god of matter will help you as well.