the desire of the soul

The Desire of The Soul Awakened

The Desire of the Soul When Awakened

“The Soul’s Desire sent Forth to Seek the Beloved One.
Thus spake the soul to her desire—
‘Speed forth afar and see Where may my Belovèd be,
And say to Him, “His love I crave.”’
Then fled the swift desire afar,
And rose beyond sun, moon, and star,
And called before the heavenly door,
‘Lord, open unto me!’
Then spake the Host—
‘What need hast thou,
That thou dost thus implore?’
‘O Lord, I come with the prayer of one
Who weepeth upon the earth alone—
The fish on the sand must pine.’
‘Go back! no door is unbarred to thee
Till thou bring the sorrowful soul to Me,
For the need is Mine.’
Then sped the messenger swiftly home, and said—
‘The Master calleth Come! Arise and shine!’
Then she as on summer winds doth rise
In joyful flight through the starry skies,
And there meet her angels twain;
For God hath sent two angels fleet,
The well-belovèd soul to meet.

“And they ask—
‘What seekest thou thus afar?
With the dark earth art thou clad.’
The soul said—
‘Greet me better than so,
For to Him who loveth me well I go,
And I am no more sad.
Lo! dimmed as ye near the earth below,
Is the sweet light of your eyes;
And with light of God do I shine and glow
As aloft I rise.’
Then with an angel on either hand,
The soul sped through the skies,
And when she came to the angel land,
To the country of Paradise,
She was a stranger guest no more,
For to her was opened the heavenly door,
She saw the Beloved Face.
Forth flowed her heart in weeping blest,
She said, ‘My Lord, I have found my rest
In the glory of Thy grace.
I needs must praise Thee and adore,
For evermore, for evermore.
Whence came I here?
I am lost in Thee;
I can think no more of the earth below,
Nor of the sorrow and weeping there.
I had thought to tell Thee my grief and woe,
But, Lord, I have seen Thee, and nought I know,
But that Thou art fair.’” ~Matilda of Magdeburg

The Desire of the Soul

The awakened Soul actually has two desires, though they are so closely related, they can be considered one. The first desire is to return home. That is, to return to the worlds of spirit where the spirit and soul originates. Home to the soul is not a place in the physical world, nor is it the physical body of the person it is in. The second desire is to return to God, the Beloved One, the Originator of all Souls. Since God is found in that highest of spiritual dimensions that most of us call Heaven, this seeking to rejoin with the creator is also part of the desire to return home to the realms of spirit. Continue reading “The Desire of The Soul Awakened”

sense of the presence

Sense of the Presence of God

Sense of The Presence of God

“Modern psychologists have struggled hard to discredit the ‘sense of the presence’ [of God], sometimes attributing it to the psychic mechanism of projection, sometimes to ‘wish-fulfilments’ of a more unpleasant origin. The mystics, however, who discriminate so much more delicately than their critics between true and false transcendental experience, never feel any doubt about its validity. Even when their experience seems inconsistent with their theology, they refuse to be disturbed.

“Thus St. Teresa writes of her own experience, with her usual simplicity and directness, ‘In the beginning, it happened to me that I was ignorant of one thing—I did not know that God was in all things: and when He seemed to me to be so near, I thought it impossible. Not to believe that He was present was not in my power; for it seemed to me, as it were, evident that I felt there His very presence. Some unearned men used to say to me, that He was present only by His grace. I could not believe that, because, as I am saying, He seemed to me to be present Himself: so I was distressed. A most learned man, of the Order of the glorious Patriarch St. Dominic, delivered me from this doubt, for he told me that He was present, and how He communed with us: this was a great comfort to me. …

“Such a sense of the divine presence may go side by side with the daily life and normal mental activities of its possessor; who is not necessarily an ecstatic or an abstracted visionary, remote from the work of the world.” ~Evelyn Underhill

The presence of God

So what Underhill is saying is that men of material science say that a feeling that God is actually present is having hallucinations, wishful thinking, or a mental breakdown. Mystics, on the other hand, believe that it is real. While that is largely true, I think it may be an oversimplification.

The psychologists are not wrong. In many cases, perhaps a majority, the people who claim to feel the presence of God do fall in with those who claim they have been abducted by aliens or who say they themselves are aliens from another planet. Only a small fraction of those claiming to sense the presence of God is actually doing so, and mystics would naturally be among them. Of course, when I say mystics, I mean real mystics just as Underhill does, not the pretend mystics and spiritual adepts of today’s New Age movement.

So the mystics are correct when speaking about themselves and fellow mystics or spiritual adepts, but the psychologists are correct for the vast majority of other people. Continue reading “Sense of the Presence of God”

angels are spirits

Angels are Spirits, Not Physical Beings

Angels are Spirits

“Roman Catholic doctrine, as set forth by Saint Thomas Aquinas, argues for the necessity of Angels. God dd not have to create, but once He had done so, out of His goodness, then Angels had to be part of the creation, for God desires, up to a point, that his creatures should imitate him. Saint Thomas, with customary brilliance, asserts that since God is Himself a pure intelligence, then he must create pure intelligences in the Angels, since they alone can properly imitate God. Humans, in contrast, can only imitate God in a more limited way. ‘Pure,’ for Saint Thomas, is a synonym for spirit: God and the Angels alike are free from matter. Here Saint Thomas, though not a party of one, does not necessarily speak for the Church, since other great Theologians (Saint Bernard and Saint Bonaventure) have insisted that only God is beyond materiality. And indeed one remembers the Angels of Enoch begetting giants upon the daughters of men, and Raphael in the Book of Tobias speaking of his food and drink, and one recalls all of the imagery of fire that pervades descriptions of Angels. Much of the tradition is vert different from Saint Thomas, yet it is difficult not to be moved by his passion and his insight when he urges us to consider the Angels as pure spirits, as intelligences uncontaminated by bodily drives.God, according to Saint Thomas, made the Angels for the sake of His own glory, and the glory of God is beyond Matter.” ~Harold Bloom

Which Came First

Did God create the Angels before he created Man? That is a difficult question to answer. If we accept the view of Saint Thomas Aquinas that Angels are pure spirit, not a bit of matter in them, then angels exist outside of time and space just as all spirits do. Being outside the limits of space and time, they were never born, they will never grow old, and they will never die. So they clearly existed before physical man since physical man exists within the boundaries of space and time. But Man also has a spirit and soul, and our spirits and souls are just as pure as that of the Angels. So the point is really a mute one. Man, as a physical being, came along after the Angels, but Man as a spiritual being is just as ageless and immortal as they are.

Pure Intelligence

In a way it is correct to say that God is “Pure Intelligence,” but in Cosolargy, we would prefer to say that God is pure Consciousness. Intelligence is too easily confused with the matter-oriented intellect of the brain-mind, and that isn’t God at all. God is Spiritual Intelligence or Spiritual Consciousness. And since Angels are spirits created by God, they are also pure consciousness. They do have a body of sorts, but t is spirit, ot matter. Such a body is just as much pure consciousness as the spiritual mind of those beings. Angels are Spirits, Angel minds are spirit, Angel bodies are Spirit.

Angels of Enoch

The Angels of Enoch, Bloom notes, are said to have mated with the daughters of men resulting in giants. This is not a contradiction of the idea that Angels are pure spirits. The ones who mated with human women were fallen angels, and this may have made them partly material. Spirit can be changed into matter and matter changed into spirit just as matter can be changed into energy and energy become matter. In fact, much of the sighting of strange objects labeled UFOs are actually a transition stage between spirit and matter. They are seen during periods of great change when more spirit is being degraded into matter (a process that will eventually be reversed).

Raphael in the Book of Tobias

Mr. Bloom seems to be saying that this book indicates that the angel Raphael ate physical food and drink, and therefore cannot be pure spirit. But read the quote below carefully.

“12:15 I am Raphael, one of the seven holy Angels, which present the

prayers of the saints, and which go in and out before the glory of the Holy

One. …

12:19 All these days I did appear unto you; but I did neither eat nor

drink, but ye did see a vision.” ~Book of Tobias

It is clear to me, from what is said in 12:19, that Raphael did not actually eat and drink, but only appeared to do so when he was pretending to be an ordinary human. When he says that the observers “dis see a vision,” he means that he caused them to see a vision of him eating and drinking, but he did not actually do so. As the previous part of the line states, “I did neither eat nor drink”. So no contradiction here and the Angels are spirits, here as with Thomas Aquinas.

gods of deceit

The Gods of Deceit and the God of Truth

“The gods of deceit have temples of splendor, their priests are well clothed and overfed. But the Great God of Truth has no more than a hidden cavern. His servants are garbed in rags, and their bellies are empty.

“The gods of lust and cruelty have storehouses of treasure, but the God of Kindness has not even a field.

“The people worship gods that oppress and ignore the God who frees. They give to the gods that take and spurn the God who gives. O misguided generation!

“O blind and ignorant people, to cherish the stone gods of death and mock the God of Life! O misguided generation, to clasp to its brest the things that inherit decay and spurn the things that inherit everlastingness!

“Let the Destroyer come as the whirlwind of the barren places. In the dread day of its appearance, the works of ignorance shall go down to everlasting.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (Man:12:7-11)

Gods of Deceit

Actually, there is really only one god of deceit who is known as the Demiurge in Gnostic writings, although some say that the title “Demiurge” refers to all the fallen angels rather than just their leader. In other cases, it isn’t a god who is being deceitful, but the priests and ministers who teach false facts about God, thereby creating imaginary gods that bear little resemblance to the true God of Spirit and Wisdom.

Temples of Splendor

The gods of deceit do have temples of splendor, not to mention their priests and preachers. That is true when they are a religion, and just as true when they are not. Many stockbrokers and financial advisors are nothing more than priests of Materialism, probably the greatest and most powerful of the gods of deceit. It is really sad when it is hard to tell a wealthy businessman from a so-called preacher of god. And while these imaginary gods may be visualized in great temples, it is their ministers who live in luxury, with huge mansions, several luxury cars, and even private jets! Continue reading “The Gods of Deceit and the God of Truth”