similitude of God

Similitude of God Means Spiritual Humility

“Dost thou suppose that I write of the Fall of Man without Light and understanding? … For an angry, malicious, proud, seeking of self-honor and dignity, a mendacious [or lying], thieving, murderous, lascivicious, lecherous mind is not the Similitude of God. But a humble, chaste, modest, pure, courteous [mind] which inclines itself with a longing desire and love to the Heart of God, that is the Similitude of God; in which the flaming spirit is the joy and meekness goes forth out of the will, and for its brethren the will of its spirit (which goes forth from it) readily inclines forwards them; and as the proverb says, it imparts the very heart to them, which is done in the Spirit, wherein the heavenly joy (in the eternal element) springs up, and the Wonders of God are manifested in the virgin, by a hymn of praise to the eternal Mind of God; where the mind plays upon the harp of David a hymn to God; where then (in the eternal Holy Mind) there springs up Knowledge and Colors in the eternal Element, and in the Spirit Wonders, with works and powers or virtues.

“And this is the Image of God, which God created for His glory and joy, and no other; and let not the mad Antichrist persuade thee concerning any other Image of God, for there is no other.” ~Jacob Boehme

Fall of Man

I find it curious that many people who are into spiritual development of some sort don’t believe that there was a fall of Man. They think that everything is proceeding exactly as it was supposed to. If that were true, why would there be a need to make the effort to develop our spiritual side?

The Fall of Man is very real and, as Boehme notes, is obvious to the one who has “Light and understanding,” in other words, one who has become spiritually awake. Man “Fell” from being a spiritual being to one of matter. That is why Adam and Eve were ashamed of their bodies and tried to cover them. It had nothing to do with sex or specific organs that appalled them. They were ashamed of their entire bodies of matter.

Similitude of God

Unlike many who call themselves Christians today, Boehme understood that the greedy, arrogant, seeker of self-honor was not living as a Child of God, a servant of God. Boehme knows that to live as a Similitude of God, one has to have humility, love, manners and ethics. Perhaps most of all, to truly live as a Child of God, one needs to be creative, but exercise that creativity in accordance with the Laws of God, and not with self-interest.

We like to think that we were created in the images of God, and we were, but not in the physical sense that most people think. But because God gave us a certain degree of free-choice, we don’t have to live as images of God. To remain a similitude of God, we have to behave and live as God intended, not as the dark beings who whisper in our ears would have us live.

Heavenly Joy

Heavenly joy does spring up in those who are truly awakened and live in similitude of God. Rejecting that joy for earthly pleasures is like the person who stops to pick up pennies while a few feet ahead is an unseen pile of gold. The real gold, of course, is being reunited with God, becoming a conscious part of the All. That is what brings us joy. No matter what trials the physical world and the demon agents of the Demiurge throw at us, we still live in joy, for we know the fate that awaits our eternal spirit and soul.

Knowledge and Spiritual Wonders

Joy is not the only thing we gain by living in the Similitude of God. We also gain Knowledge and Wisdom. True knowledge and wisdom, not the opinions found in books. We also experience the wonders of spirit. Those wonders include true and absolute love for all, an understanding of what we really are, and an understanding of God’s Plan to redeem the fallen realm of matter. That knowledge brings even more joy, and a desire to remain in service to God and the Universe. Living in similitude to God isn’t a sacrifice, it’s a privilege.


Oversoul of Universal Consciousness

“Like most of us, Emerson had been taught to think of the soul as an immortal spirit placed inside each of us by God, which can be either saved or damned. But as his faith evolved during these tumultuous years, culminating in his pilgrimage abroad, Emerson came to a very different understanding. Through meditation and experience, Emerson came to see his soul as a part of the universal consciousness. The “oversoul,” he believed, is the very ground of existence, out of which all things—energy, matter, life—come into being. We cannot define the soul, he insisted, only evoke it with metaphor and poetry. Emerson likened the soul to the sun—too bright to be gazed upon directly, yet by it, we see all things. He also pictured it as a vast ocean, with our individual souls being waves upon it, emerging for a time and then returning to the whole. Individuality, in Emerson’s view, is secondary to unity. Each of us is inseparable from all people, all plants and animals, the Earth, our solar system, and the entire cosmos. And we each carry the universe inside ourselves, just as each wave carries the ocean.” ~Sam Torode

The Soul

The initial belief of Emerson that the soul was immortal spirit was correct. But we need to be aware that just because the soul is spirit, doesn’t’ mean the spirit is the soul. The spirit and soul are two different things, though both of them are spirit. Where he, like many others, was wrong is in the idea that the soul could be either saved or damned. A human can be saved or damned, but not the soul. A person who develops their spiritual self while still alive in the physical world can integrate with the spirit and soul. Then that person is truly saved. But for those who fail to do that, the soul will separate from them at death and return to the higher realms of spirit without them. So the immortal soul is saved, although the person may not be.

Universal Consciousness

Yes, the soul is a part of universal consciousness. Yet it also retains its individual existence. It is much like each of us in physical form is a part of the human race, yet still individuals. Continue reading “Oversoul of Universal Consciousness”

salt of heaven

Salt of Heaven, Light of God

“Those who say that sin is not in man are like people plunged under a deluge of many waters who will not acknowledge it, but say ‘We heard a sound of waters.’ Plunged under the depth of the waves of evil, they say that sin is not in their mind or thoughts. There is a difference between those who have a theory and talk, but are not seasoned with the salt of heaven—who discourse of a royal table, but have never eaten or enjoyed it—and a man who has had a sight of the King himself, to whom the treasure has been opened, and he has entered it, and inherited them, and eaten and drunk of the costly viands. …

“Like a man who has suffered many losses by thieves, and has got away from them with much difficulty, and after this has come into great affluence and a large fortune, and has no more dread of loss because of his abundant wealth; so spiritual men, after first passing through many temptations and dreadful places, and then filled with grace and repleat with good things, are no longer in terror of those who would plunder them, since their wealth is not small; yet they fear, not with the beginners fear of evil spirits, but with fear and care how to employ the spiritual gifts entrusted to them.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Denying Reality

Those who say that there is no sin and no evil fall into two camps. One group believes that if God created everything, then nothing can be evil. The second group believes that in pretending that all is nice and loving and positive, they will make it a reality. Neither group has succeeded in making sin or evil disappear. They simply hide from it and are therefore helpless to deal with it. If we are to be rid of sin and evil in ourselves and in our world, we have to acknowledge it, then work to get rid of it or avoid it. As the old saying goes, the devil’s greatest strength comes in getting people to believe he doesn’t exist. It is then so much easier for him to manipulate them. Denying that evil exists doesn’t make it go away. It has to be acknowledged and corrected.

The image created by St. Macarius of people standing in a deluge, yet refusing to acknowledge it, reminds me of a political cartoon that shows a group of politicians up to their necks in the water and still denying that global warming is real. The reality of global warming can no longer be denied except by fools living in fantasies. Likewise, the existence of sin and evil cannot be denied unless you are foolish enough to think that murder, rape, and arson are good things.

Salt of Heaven

This is an expression I have not heard before, yet it is a good one. We know that many foods are bland if you don’t add a little salt to them. And a little salt, contrary to what you might think, is essential for humans and animals. That is why farmers put salt licks into pastures for the cows.

St. Macarius is using this as an allegory, of course. Being seasoned with the salt of heaven means you have gone through the process of awakening your spirit and soul and linked yourself with the All, the Unity, the Godhead. While that may only happen for a brief moment on rare occasions, its effect on us is profound. We no longer guess at what is right and what is wrong, we know. We know what evil is and avoid doing it. We want nothing more than to be part of God’s Plan to redeem the fallen realm of matter and the beings trapped in it.

Eat and Drink the Viands

We do eat and drink of the Treasure of God when we have truly been awakened. That treasure is the Light that flows from God to the spiritual sun and then to us. But taking in and using that light is more complicated than simply gazing at the sun. We do need to look toward the sun (NEVER stare directly at it!) but we need to do it with a positive and loving attitude, and a desire to go beyond the physical sun to the light of the spiritual sun. Until we do that, the effect it has on us will be limited. So let yourself be seasoned by the salt of heaven.

children of the sun

Children of the Sun, Truth, and Wisdom

“When their guide and leader left, the people knew themselves as children of the sun. They were warlike and subdued other people in its name, and brought them under its rule. …

“Then some priests among those followed the rule of the sun stole its spirit and brought it down, so that it enlivened the statues and images of their gods. Thus the spirit which enlivens all the lesser gods is but the one spirit held in captivity, and not many as the people think.

“Then came the Wise Ones from the East and they caused the people to have other thoughts. They were men who knew the ways of Heaven and asked of the people, ‘Is the sun spirit indeed supreme? Is this not a thing requiring much thought? Consider its movements, are they not more like those of one who is directed in his comings and goings? … Is it not like a boat controlled by the will of man, rather than a free-ranging god? Is it not more like a slave under the direction of a master?’ These things disturbed the hearts of the people. Some pondered upon them, but others, in the manner of men, cried death to those who deny the truth of these things.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (MAN:2:9-11)

Children of the Sun

It should be a compliment to say that these people were children of the sun. However, in this case, it isn’t. Assuming that their guide was a true spiritual guide and teacher, he would have taught them about the importance of the sun, and the difference between the physical sun and the spiritual sun. He would never have told them that the sun was a god. Yet it seems that they came to believe that the sun was a god. Thus they were led astray just as much as those who deny that the sun has any spiritual powers at all. And while the quote doesn’t say it, it is likely that they saw only the physical sun, not the spiritual. That tends to make people more materialistic, more warlike. That is what the quote indicates happened to these people, whoever they were. Continue reading “Children of the Sun, Truth, and Wisdom”