two Gods

Two Gods of Gnosticism, the Real and the False

“The personal creator who appears in genesis does not possess the characteristics of the ultimate, transcendental ‘ground of being’ of which many mystics of man religions speak. If the God of Genesis has any reality at all, it must be a severely limited reality, one characterized by at least some measure of foolishness and blindness. While the concept of two Gods is horrifying to the monotheistically conditioned mind, it is not illogical or improbable. Modern theologians, particularly Paul Tillich, have boldly referred to ‘the God above God’. Tillich introduced the term ‘ground of being’ as alternative language to express the divine. The ideas of the old Gnostics seem not so outdated after all.

“The noted scholar of Gnosticism, G. Filoramo, wrote: Jung’s reflections had long been immersed in the thought of the ancient Gnostics to such an extent that he considered them the virtual discoverers of ‘depth psychology’. …

“In the light of such recognition one may ask: ‘Is Gnosticism a religion or a psychology?’ The answer is that it may very well be both.” ~Stephan Hoeller

The God of Genesis

It has long been a problem for many Christians that the God of Genesis seems to be nothing like the loving “Father” described by Jesus. They generally get the answer that God is very complex and beyond human understanding. This is unsatisfying to many, but others accept it.

But then those Christian who actually read and contemplate what the Bible says find that the differences between the old testament and the new are so profound that they wonder why both are in one book. The God of the Old Testament demands sacrifice, gets, jealous, throws tantrums like a spoiled child, etc. This is not at all like the loving, forgiving, and tolerant Father God Jesus taught of.

Two Gods of Gnosticism

The Gnostics have a solution to this dilemma. In my opinion, the only solution that works and is logical. That solution is this: The God of the material world described in Genesis is not the same being as the God of the spiritual worlds that Jesus, Buddha, and other great spiritual teachers taught about. The Gnostics call this lower God, or false god, the Demiurge. This lower god is also the group of fallen angels led by Lucifer. The realm of matter is not true creation, it is just a distortion of the permanent realms of spirit. The “god” that created it is not the real God.

The real God does not get jealous. What would He get jealous of? Only the false god gets jealous? The real God is pure spirit and stays out of the realm of matter to avoid pollution of His purity. Yet he still holds sway in this dimension and doesn’t allow the Demiurge a completely free hand. He is patient, but His patience is not limitless. Many believe that it is, but they are wrong. Continue reading “Two Gods of Gnosticism, the Real and the False”

brightness of God

Brightness of God Completely Eliminates Darkness

“For the incomprehensible brightness of God and His boundless love brood above the spirit, and touch the loving power; and the spirit goes forth once more into its works, but with a more sublime and inward striving than ever before. And the more noble and inward it is, the more quickly it is spent and brought to naught in love, and goes forth once more into fresh works. And this is heavenly love. For ever does the craving spirit yearn to eat and to swallow God; but itself is swallowed up in the touch of God, and fails in all its works. For the highest powers are made one in the unity of the spirit. Here are grace and love in their essence, above all works; for here is the source of charity and every virtue. Here there is an eternal outflow into charity and the virtues, and an eternal return with inward hunger for the taste of God, and an eternal dwelling within in pure love. … It is the most inward exercise which one can perform in the created light, in heaven and on earth; and above it there is nothing but the God seeing life in the Divine Light and in the Godlike way.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Brightness of God

It is odd how many people don’t notice how many times words associated with light are used to reference God: brightness, brilliance, illumination, shining, glowing, blinding, etc. We hear these words being used, yet still don’t really associate light with God. If you ask people, they will say they do associate God with light. At least if they believe in God, they will say that. So why do I say that most people don’t associate light with God?

The primary source of light, heat, and other types of energy and radiation on earth is the sun. It should, therefore, be logical to think of the sun and God as being connected in some way if we associate God with light. Yet few people make that connection. And the ones who do are accused of being sun worshipers by those who don’t.

Those who see the brightness of God in the sun are not worshiping the sun. Nor are we saying that this brightness of God is God. There would be no point in saying brightness of God if just saying God meant the same thing. We see God’s presence in the sun. More specifically, we see the brightness of God in the spiritual sun. But that isn’t saying that the spiritual sun is God. God is so much more than just the spirit of the sun. But it is fair to say that God’s presence, God’s essence is in the spiritual sun. And it is that brightness of God in the spiritual sun that can awaken the human soul and nourish it. It also educates the human spirit and soul about their forgotten past. The light of the spiritual sun carries spiritual information and knowledge. And it is true knowledge, not opinion. Continue reading “Brightness of God Completely Eliminates Darkness”

sun of righteousness

Sun of Righteousness, Bold Light of God

“The very first time I interacted with the Christ as the Sun while using the over-the-counter medicine, I was sitting on the couch in the usual state of mild euphoria that it allowed me to feel. Suddenly I heard a voice say ‘Jesus’, and then a picture of Christ from the Renaissance period flashed before me. I noticed I was beginning to feel warmer, and then I saw a large yellow disk moving into my internal vision, the space in my mind that some cultures refer to as the third eye. … I heard myself say, ‘this is the sun’, with shock. I continued to become warmer and warmer. … Soon the yellow disk was taking up the entire field of my inner vision with its glowing saffron warmth. … I began to get very scared, and I heard a female voice say, ‘just relax and let it happen’.

“I felt rattled to the core as I sat there still basking in the perfect feeling of warmth and peace that I had just experienced. … This feeling was so wonderful that it immediately made sense to me why Christians referred to their God as the ‘Prince of Peace’; I began to suspect this Sun God had been known this way long before the advent of Christianity as a state religion of Rome in the 4th century.” ~Kerry Wells

The Sun of Righteousness

What Ms. Wells considers a new and unique experience regarding the sun is neither new nor unique. Many have experienced the same thing throughout the ages. But in order to truly understand what this experience is about, we need to know how our subconscious filters and beliefs are affecting it.

In this case, it is clear that Wells has interpreted the experience according to a Christian background. While she says that she was not religious, it is clear that Christian beliefs and filters existed in her subconscious. So what reached her conscious mind was the experience filters by her Christian-oriented subconscious beliefs.

Drugs and Medicine

Wells says she has these experiences with the Sun of Righteousness when she uses an “over-the-counter medicine.” Many others claim to have spiritual experiences when using medication or drugs, legal or otherwise. While this might possibly work, there are several problems with using this method. One is that you can never know for sure if you are experiencing something real or just hallucinating. Another is that even when it is real, the drugs may affect your interpretation of it as much as your subconscious beliefs, if not more. It is as if you are wearing glasses that distort what you see, so while you may be experiencing something wonderful, you are not fully seeing it because of the distortion.

The Third Eye

Ms. Wells says that she felt warm in the space in her mind that some call the third eye. I have actually never heard anyone say that the third eye is a part of the mind. Most say it is the pineal gland. Others see it as an energy center (chakra) located in the upper part of the head. That last one makes the most sense to me since these energy centers are known to be the links between our physical self and our spiritual self, between the physical dimension and the spiritual ones. But here is something most miss: the Sun of Righteousness will energize the pineal gland so that it can function properly. So there is a connection with both the spiritual energy centers and the physical pineal gland.

Relax and Let it Happen

This has been good advice given by spiritual masters throughout the ages. If you resist what is happening, you will lose it. The connection will be broken by ear or anxiety. If we relax and go with it, we can hold onto the experience longer. The Sun of Righteousness wants to awaken us. It can’t if we resist.

Sun God?

We need to straighten this out. The sun is not God. Even the spiritual Sun of Righteousness is not God. It does have God’s essence or presence in it. That is not the same as saying the sun is God. This essence in the Sun of Righteousness is sometimes called the Logos or Christ. But the sun is not Christ either. The spiritual sun is an intermediary between us and God. Not a holy being to be worshiped but a tool to be used.

Christ and Jesus

One final word regarding Christ in the Sun of Righteousness. Wells, like many Christians, uses the names “Christ’ and “Jesus” interchangeably so she sometimes says that Jesus is in the sun. While Jesus was a Christ, the two are not the same. Jesus was a man in whom the Christ spirit dwelt for a time. But that spirit has been in other beings throughout the ages. It is not the property of Jesus, nor of Christianity. The Christ spirit has been in leaders of other religions as well. And we can all awaken the Christ spirit within ourselves using the light of the Sun of Righteousness.


God in nature

God in Nature and Nature Mysticism

“To ‘see God in nature,’ to attain a radiant consciousness of the ‘otherness’ of natural things, is the simplest and commonest form of illumination. Most people, under the spell of emotion or of beauty, have known flashes of rudimentary vision of this kind. Where such a consciousness is recurrent, as t is in many poets, there results that partial yet often overpowering apprehension of the Infinite Life immanent in all living things, which some modern writers have dignified by the name of ‘nature mysticism.’ Where it is raised to the highest denomination, till the veil is obliterated by the light behind, and ‘faith has vanished into sight,’ as sometimes happened to Blake, we reach the point at which the mystic swallows the poet. …

“Blake conceived it was his vocation to bring this mystical illumination, this heightened vision of reality, within the range of ordinary men: to ‘clean the doors of perception’ of the race. They thought him a madman for his pains.” ~Evelyn Underhill

God in Nature

It is true, even today, that those who wish to gain spiritual enlightenment are advised to get close to nature. This is as it should be. It is a good approach. Man has, unfortunately, moved far from God over the centuries. Nature has not. So in many ways, nature is closer to God than we are. That doesn’t mean nature is better. It doesn’t mean nature is more important. It just means that nature continues to operate within the laws of God. All laws of nature are in harmony with those of God. While man’s laws are often contrary to those of God. So by getting into nature, we move closer to God.

Do not confuse tins with nature worship. I am not promoting Pantheism. Nature is definitely not God. While in a sense, all things come from God, the physical universe is the creation of the Demiurge. You could think of it as a part of God that had been detached from the whole, like an arm that has been amputated. Yet getting closer to nature and away from man-made things does help bring us closer to God. Even though nature (or Gaia, if you prefer) is part of the fallen universe of matter, it still stays within the Law of God. We relearn the Law of God when we learn to be close to nature.

How to See God in Nature

When I say it helps to get close to nature, I mean in a benevolent and helpful way. A torturer is close to the person he is torturing. That is the wrong kind of close. In the United States, the Corp of Engineers is getting close to nature in one way when it builds dams, levies, and bridges. That too is the wrong kind of close. It is treating nature as an enemy. It is fighting a war with nature rather than trying to become friends with her. That approach has resulted in hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and droughts. Nature does fight back. The Gaia mind is a real thing. And she is no longer being very tolerant of those who abuse her.

The correct way to see God in nature is to take a walk in the woods or a park. You could hike a mountain trail, or climb the mountains. You can walk along the seashore. But that is just the first step. Your attitude when you do those things matters. If you are climbing a mountain with the attitude of defeating an obstacle, that is the wrong attitude. If you are hiking through the forest just to get big numbers on your Fitbit, that is the wrong attitude. The correct attitude is to observe nature, breath it in, take part in it. Try sitting on a bench or rock and watching the squirrels and birds. Practice thinking peaceful, friendly thoughts and see if they move closer to you. Observe how the animals and plants coexist as part of a whole, not as adversaries. Yes, hug a tree. It won’t hurt at all. Better yet, hold your hand near the leaves of a tree and offer it some of your energy. The tree will probably send you some of its energy. Through this, you are learning about nature as it really is, but on a subconscious level.

If you climb a mountain, feel the strength of the rock. Breathe in the fresh air, and appreciate it. Look around at the things below. Observe how the mountain fits in with the environment around it. Notice how the vegetation changes as you climb higher.

If you are on the seashore, watch the waves hitting the beach. Notice the rhythm of their flow, the harmony of it. Look at the sunlight glistening off the water. Breathe the freshness of the salty air. Become one with the rhythm of the waves and the airflow. Become one with nature. See God in nature.

Beyond God in Nature

As Ms. Underhill says, getting close to God in nature is a good step along the path to spiritual enlightenment. But much like practicing meditation, it is just a step, not the whole stairway. All steps along that path are important, but we should never stop after taking a few steps. We need to continue beyond getting close to nature. And depending on where we live, it may be impossible to do. But like any other step, we can work around it, though that may make things more difficult. The most important thing is that we try to see God in Nature when possible, and get close to nature. That may mean just visiting a city park occasionally. That is still better than nothing. But also, don’t stop with becoming one with nature. Move on to being one with the sun, one with the universe of matter, then one with the universe of spirit. Then you will truly be seeing God in Nature, as well as beyond nature.