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Dependent Soul Linked to God and all Souls

“The material body is made up of parts, each holding its own place, some in mutual opposition and others in variously interdependent; the soul is in no such condition; it is not whittled down so that life tells of a part of the soul and springs where some such separate portion impinges. Each separate life lives by the soul entire, omnipresent n the likeness of the engendering father, entire in unity and entire in diffused variety. By the power of the soul the manifold and diverse heavenly system is a unit;through soul this universe is a God; and the sun is a God because it is ensouled;so too the stars; and whatsoever we ourselves may be, it is all in virtue of soul;

“This, by which the gods are divine, must be the oldest God of them all and our own soul is of that same ideal nature, so that to consider it, purified, freed from all accruement, is to recognize in ourselves that same value which we have found soul to be, honorable above all that is bodily.” ~Plotinus

Independent Body Parts

Most of us think of our physical body as a whole. We know that it is made up of parts such as organs, blood vessels, etc., but we think of them as just parts of the whole as the parts of a car or a vacuum cleaner. While there is a certain amount of truth to that, it isn’t completely true.

Many of our body parts are more independent than we believe. They operate with their own limited intelligence for their own benefit. Usually, what benefits them also benefits the whole body, but not always. Sometimes, they actually operate in opposition to other parts, or to the health of the rest of the body. This is why we need to be aware of our body and what is happening in it.

If some part is not functioning to the benefit of all, we need to convince it otherwise or take conscious control for a while. We can do that by visualizing that part working properly. Or we can keep telling it on a conscious level what we want it to do until it sinks in.

Dependent Soul

Plotinus says the individual souls never behave in an independent way. They are connected to each other like the cells of a single being. One knows what the others know. What one thinks is proper behavior, the others do as well.

This means that the human soul has access to all the knowledge and wisdom in the universe. It has, in Gnostic terms, achieved Gnosis. But there is a catch to this.

Dormant Soul

First, while the fully conscious soul has all that knowledge and wisdom, we come into the world of matter with our soul in a dormant state. It is very similar to a person who is in a coma. It must be awakened before it can become fully conscious. And only when fully conscious does it have that link to all other souls that give it direct access to all truth, all knowledge.

Second, the now awakened and dependent soul may be linked to other souls, but it may not be well linked to your conscious mind. It may not even be communicating well with your subconscious. So one of the tasks of the spiritual student is to get this dependent soul communicating with the mind. It is not an easy task, but it can be done.

Oldest God

Plotinus says the soul is a part of the “Oldest God”. His is an unusual way to put it, but it does make sense. It is logical to say that the oldest God is the one, true God. All false gods have been created by the oldest God, or by the imaginations of men. So the linked, dependent soul is linked to the true God of spirit, not the false god of matter. Some even say that the soul is part of God. They say the collective consciousness of all souls is God. That may be true. It is not, however, a good idea to think of ourselves as being God. It is better to think in terms of being just a small part of God. Thinking that we are God usually results in an inflated ego, which is not what you want at all when developing your spiritual self.

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Knowing God Requires Spiritual Awakening

“Beloved mind, behold, consider this, this now is God and His heavenly Kingdom, even the eternal element and Paradise, and it stands thus in the eternal Original from eternity to eternity. Now what joy, delight, and pleasantness is therein, I have no pen that can describe it, neither can I express it; for the earthly tongue is too much insufficient to do it; it is like Dross compared with Gold, and much more inferior. … All is too dark and too cold in the whole man, so that he cannot express so much as one spark thereof sufficiently. We will defer it until we come into the bosom of the Virgin; here we have only given a short hint of it. … We are but a very little drop out of the fountain of Wisdom of God; and we speak as a little sparkle, but high enough for our earthly understanding.” ~Jacob Boehme

Knowing God

Advance spiritual masters know God. At least they do in as much as it is possible while still trapped in the material world. But knowing God on a spiritual level and communicating that knowledge to others is two different things. We will use an analogy to express why.

Let us think of the soul as a speaker that has great music coming out of it. The mind is like an ear listening to that music. But there are screens between the speaker and the ear. Screens of false beliefs and limitations. Screens of language that allow for no other means of communicating. They block much of the ‘music” from reaching the mind. Still, the mind of the awakened person knows more than others. But when he tries to tell them, he finds he has no words adequate to do so. As Boehme says, what he ends up communicating is like “Dross compared to Gold.” It is like someone from as advanced civilization trying to explain computers to primitive people still living in the stone age.

At least he can express to other that knowing God brings one great joy and delight. He can advise other that they too must open their minds and souls so they too can truly know God.

Too Dark and Cold in Man

The major reason we are unable to comprehend God is because we have descended deeply into the darkness of matter. The fact that many don’t see matter as a darkness to be overcome shows how deeply we have sank.

He coldness is part of that also. Many of us have become indifferent (cold) to the plight of others. We walk past the homeless and hungry without a thought. We kill millions in wars so we can steal their natural resources. Yet we say we are Godly people. Perhaps if you are worshiping the god of death, otherwise known as Satan.

But that darkness and coldness are like symptoms of a disease. They are not us, but an illness we have called materialism. We can be cured of this disease. But as the psychiatrists say about mental illness, the first step is to admit that you are ill. Once we acknowledge that materialism needs to be cured, it is actually not such a hard thing to cure. We have to do it carefully and gradually, but we can do it. Knowing God is certainly a motivation for doing so. Continue reading “Knowing God Requires Spiritual Awakening”

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Spiritual Life that Leads to Enlightenment

“The man who lives in true obedience and in the moral virtues, according to the commandments of God, and besides this practices the inward virtues according to the teaching and stirring of the Holy Ghost, who is just in deed and in word, … and thanks God for everything, and offers himself up with humble resignation; he has received the first coming of Christ according to the way of inward exercise. And he has gone out from himself in the inward life, and has adorned with rich virtues and gifts his quickened heart and the unity of his body and senses. When such a man has been altogether purified, … he can be inwardly enlightened, if God deems that the time is fit, and he craves it. … Such a man,however, must afterwards pass through those degrees and ways of the outward and the inward life.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

A Spiritual Life

Ruysbroeck tells us that we don’t become spiritual simply by declaring it any more than we can become a doctor by declaring it. We have to work at it and essentially make it our life. It is necessary to practice virtues and morals. We also have to perform spiritual awakening and growth techniques regularly. That means that if we are asked to go see a movie, but if we do so we will miss the time for our spiritual practices, we will skip the movie and do our practices. If the weather is cold, we won’t hide indoors but go out and do our sunrise practices anyway. In short, spiritual growth must be our number one priority if we are to succeed. This is not because God is jealous and demanding—He isn’t. It is because we live in a fallen world of matter where there are many distractions that can pull us away from the spiritual life if given opportunity to do so.

Out from Self with Inward Exercise

There are many who will tell you that a spiritual life is all about turning inward and ignoring everything outside of yourself. If that is true, then we must consider Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, St. Francis, and many others as spiritual failures. Yes, they all looked within. But they also looked without, primarily toward the spiritual sun. A spiritual life is about becoming one with the all. We can’t do that if we only look within ourselves. To become one with the All, we must look both within and without. Continue reading “Spiritual Life that Leads to Enlightenment”

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Sleeping Soul Must Awaken, and Soon

“Beloved reader, this is no jesting matter; he that accounteth it so, hath not tried it, neither hath he yet passed the Judgment; but his conscience is still asleep; and though it should be deferred to his latter days, which is very dangerous, yet he must pass through the Judgment or fiery trial. Happy is he that passeth through it in the time of his youth, before the Devil buildeth his fort of prey strong; he may afterwards prove a laborer in the heavenly vineyard. … This judgment continues a long while upon many a poor soul; several years, if he doth not earnestly and early put on the Armor of Christ, but stayeth til the judgment of tribulation.” ~Jacob Boehme

Sleeping Soul

Boehme says that in many of us the “conscience” is still sleeping. It is more accurate to say the spirit and soul are still sleeping. Many don’t realize that when we are born on the material plane, our body and mind awakens, but the spirit and soul do not. Our spiritual faculties do not like it here. It isn’t their realm, their land. So an effort must be made to awaken them.

Awaken That Sleeping Soul Now

Boehme further says that deferring your spiritual awakening until you are old and dying is “very dangerous”. It is dangerous because you can die at any age. Deciding to wait until you are old to awaken hose spiritual faculties often means you will never get it done. A second reason to not put it off is that awakening is just the first step on a long path. Your body and mind have to continue to grow and develop after you are born. Your awakened spirit has to continue to grow and develop also.

Mr. Boehme gives the third reason for getting it done. The more time you spend with your spiritual facilities dormant, the more the devil and the dark forces can control you. Boehme uses an excellent allegory when he calls it the Devil’s Fort. This “fort” is the false beliefs and false “knowledge” that you have been filled with by the dark ones and their materialistic agents. These mental filters are well-known to modern psychology. Everything, we see, hear, read, etc. is passed through these filters. Only that which is acceptable to them gets past those fort gates. Clearly, if you can break down the fort before it is tall and strong, the more likely you are to succeed. Continue reading “Sleeping Soul Must Awaken, and Soon”