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Random Thoughts 6-28-2015

ConfedFlagNotTo me, the ruling by the Supreme Court on GayFlaggay marriage is about more than marriage, it’s about recognizing gay people as real people with the same rights as other people. And it happened in the same week when people are pushing to get the Confederate Flag removed from state buildings and other public places. It was just not a good week for bigots. Anyone care to guess how many millions they will spend in the next few years to try and make progress go away?


Bristol Palin has proudly announced that she, being totally heterosexual, is pregnant again. And she thinks she knows who the father is!


A lot of people are writing about Twitter and what to do about it’s fading away. I haven’t heard any of them say why most older people, especially writers and those with an education, don’t like Twitter. It’s because of their strongly encouraging people to speak in gibberish with no punctuation because it take up those very limited spaces allowed. It’s curios that when the average novel length is over 400 pages, the Twits are insisting on one line communication “cuz we all need to get dumber and dumber,” right?


I have to laugh at this one. Scientists trying to study sea stars (erroneously called starfish) have been finding it difficult. It seems that if you insert one of those tiny tracking chips into one of the critters, within a day or two its body pushes it out and discards it. Apparently, they don’t like to be spied on.


So after just about everyone shared the story about a rat in a bucket of KFC chicken and commented on the horror of it all, it turns out it was just an odd shaped piece of chicken that someone thought resembled a rat and then the brilliance of the internet took over.



When we transcend ourselves and become in our ascent toward God so simple that the bare supreme Love can lay hold of us, then we cease, and we and all our selfhood die in God. And in his death we become the hidden children of God, and find a new life within us.” ~Jan van Ruysbroeck



Robot vs Row Butt. Don’t get them confused.




Row Butt

New thought, opinions, thought power, impassioned images

Random Thoughts 1-25-2015

coffeeI was pleased to hear in the news recently that drinking coffee may prevent some forms of skin cancer. Not that I am particularly concerned about cancer (none of my relatives have died from cancer, as far as I know), but anytime I’m given a reason to drink coffee, I’ll take it.


I certainly hope the death of the Saudi king, who was considered a liberal, relatively speaking, won’t result in a return to more conservative practices like not allowing women to be educated.


Some athletes and former students are suing North Carolina U. claiming they were not given a proper education, in other words; because they were athletes others pretty much did the classroom work for them. Actually, no one is getting a good education from these universities because they ignore so much that is really important while emphasizing the trivial. One day, we will all realize this. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 1-25-2015”


Random Thoughts 10-19-2014

I’m glad that the Florida man who shot a teenager when they got into an argument over the teen’s loud music has been found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.


Ebola1I’m also glad to see that I’m not the only one shaking his head at the new boogieman in town, Ebola. While thousands die every day of cancer, malnutrition, heart disease, etc., etc. lets all freak out over something that has killed only one person in this country and even in Africa is responsible for only a very small percent of the deaths occurring there. I never know if I should cry or laugh when people let fears totally control them, especially irrational fears. Probably most are too young to remember the 1950’s when we were convinced by fear mongers and clever marketers to spend all our saving building bomb shelters in our basements and back yards? And billions were spent building such shelters in schools when the money could have been used to actually educate. Those shelters never got used, in case your wondering, except perhaps for teens making out as in the scene from the movie Grease. When a cruse ship has been prevented from docking in two ports because word got out that a health care worker who cared for an Ebola patient was on the ship, we have totally lost all reason.

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