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Superior Law of God is Above Man’s law

“We feared not the observer’s eyes, neither did our consciences bother us…. Human society has yielded for seventy centuries to corrupted laws until it cannot understand the meaning of the superior and eternal laws. A man’s eyes have become accustomed to the dim light of candles and cannot see the sunlight. Spiritual disease is inherited from one generation to another until it has become a part of the people, who look upon it, not as a disease, but a natural gift, showered by God upon Adam. It those people found someone free from the germs of this disease, they would think f him with shame and disgrace.” Kahlil Gibran

Our Consciences Didn’t Bother Us

We had no guilty consciences. Nor did we fear being seen, getting caught. We had reached a time when wrong is right and evil is accepted as good, or at least necessary.

During World War II, we were appalled that the German Army under Hitler stooped to using snipers hidden in trees and building to shoot unsuspecting, and often unarmed, people. Many of them were not even soldiers. We thought this was barbarian.

Today we make a movie about an American sniper who took out many unarmed civilians He had no idea who most of them were, but he killed them because he was told to (“I was just following orders”, the Germans said). The movie was a hit and the man was celebrated as a hero. At the same time, we have a president who has nothing negative to say about Neo-Nazi groups or white supremacists, although he can’t seem to stop saying negative things about everyone else. His followers don’t seem to care. That includes millions who call themselves Christians. Our consciences didn’t bother us.

Superior Law

While man made law has become necessary in a world grown severely materialistic, it is flawed law. It often favors the wealthy and greedy at the expense of the poor class and working class people.

Real law is God’s Law. These are the original laws that always exist. They can’t be removed by a politician seeking votes. Greedy businesses can’t cancel them when they find them inconvenient. They are the laws under which all of creation came into being, so cannot be debated, canceled, or altered. Not by man, anyway. God, of course, can change them. If He did, however, it would mean drastic changes in the world we live it. He might do it anyway. Until He does, however, we must live according to God’s superior law. We may get away with ignoring some of man’s laws, but not God’s.

Part of God’s superior law is that He isn’t going to be the parent of a bunch of spoiled brats. He isn’t going to let us get away with doing anything we want to do. He isn’t going to clean up the mess we make when we do things we shouldn’t do. If we stick out hand in fire, we get burned. That is how we learn. Of course, we can also learn by noticing that others get burned when they stick their hand in fire and never do it. Learning without getting injured is best. God’s Law helps us learn. When we violate it, God does not punish us. We punish ourselves by foolishly doing such things. Continue reading “Superior Law of God is Above Man’s law”

Quarreling and fretting

Quarreling and Fretting Won’t Make Things Better

“If you fall into the dangerous habit of fretting, our spirit may fret as much on going from its body at night as when using it in the daytime. Or if you are of a quarrelsome disposition, it may be quarreling, fighting, and hating at night, and so return to its body without any strength to use it; because all quarreling, if only in thought, is constantly using up force.

“It is for this very reason dangerous and unhealthy to let the ‘sun go down on your wrath;’ that is, to have in mind, just before the body’s eyes close in sleep, the recollection of the persons you dislike, and be then engaged in sending hating thought to them…. To hate is simply to expend force in tearing yourself, your spirit, to pieces. Hate is a destructive force. Good-will to all is constructive: it builds you up stronger and stronger.” ~Prentice Mulford

Fretting and Quarreling

We all know that hate and jealousy are negative emotions that should be avoided by those of us seeking spiritual growth. Some may not think that fretting and quarreling fall into the same category. They do.

Quarreling is generally the worse of the two. Some spiritual students thing that they should quarrel with others who are not seekers of spiritual truth. But quarreling is not teaching. We do need to teach others, but without being quarrelsome. And if the other person doesn’t want to listen, you should just walk away peacefully and calmly. Getting into a heated argument over it will rarely convince the other person, but it will weaken you. It weakens you by using up your energy. The other person will also be sending negative energy your way which will further weaken you.

Fretting, or worrying, is milder because it is generally not aimed at a specific person. Nevertheless, it weakens us also. When we worry about things, we lower our energy levels and frequencies. Spiritual beings function at higher frequencies than we normally do. So if we want to be in communication with those higher beings, we need to raise our frequencies, not lower them. Also, since thought is energy that does work, and is stronger when backed by emotions, worrying about something may actually draw that very thing to us. Continue reading “Quarreling and Fretting Won’t Make Things Better”

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Spiritual Energy from the Invisible Sun

“The energy of our physical, mental, and moral life comes from the Sun. I do not speak about the physical sun, about the disk, which we can see, but about the other Sun, which is invisible (behind the physical one). It produces all invisible results.

“Living creatures are doors, conductors of energies. The highest energies pass through man – the highest form.

“There is a certain energy, which comes down from the Sun and is invisible. When this energy comes to the Earth, the female principle turns this energy and light is born. Light was born by the woman on the Earth. Energy has come from the Sun through the man. Energy will come through your brain, through your head. This energy transforms through your stomach brains (the solar plexus) and life begins to function.” ~Biensa Douno

“God has sent into the world the Sun of Righteousness as a redeeming Light, and through it He opened the doors of heaven so that man may know of the life beyond.” ~Gene Savoy

Spiritual Energy from the Sun

There are many types of energy that flow to us and to the planet from the sun. Visible lights, ultra-violet light, x-rays, and so on. Some of this energies are beneficial, others are harmful. Some can be either beneficial or harmful depending on how we receive them. And as Mr. Douno notes, there is energy from the physical sun and energy from the spiritual sun. For those of us seeking spiritual development, it is the spiritual energy that is of greatest importance.

Conductors of Energy

Yes, we are conductors of energy. We are also generators of energy. It would be annoying when I was working in the Washington, DC area and I missed my train home and had to wait for a later one. It would be doubly annoying when my anger caused me to generate enough electricity to erase the magnetic strip on my railway ticket and I would have to buy another one.

But more important than the things that can happen on a physical level is what can happen on a spiritual level with spiritual energy. Tesla said it is all about energy and frequency, and he was right. The primary difference between spiritual and material is frequency. Spirit operates at much higher frequencies than matter. In order to become more spiritual, we need to raise our frequencies. We do that by taking in more spiritual energy that comes from the spiritual sun.

The Highest Energies

Douno says the highest energies pass through man. I think what he means by this is that those higher energies come down from the spiritual sun into humans (both men and women). It is then up to us to share that energy with other living beings. We do that by sending it out with positive thought of growth and love.

Another meaning of this energy passing through man is that not all of us are able to absorb this energy and use it. In fact, the majority cannot, at least not without training. This high-frequency spiritual energy will pass right through if you are not in the proper physical, emotional, and mental state. The real purpose for disciplines like Yoga is to get us into the condition where we can absorb those energies.

Through the Brain

Spiritual energy does usually enter our body at the top of the head, then travel down the spine to the bottom. It is part of spiritual raining that we pull that energy back up from the bottom of the spine and get it flowing fully.

That energy does transform in the solar plexus energy center. Then it can be sent our from that center to others. The solar plexus s also the center we use when communicating with animals.

The Key to Spiritual Growth

So the key to true spiritual growth is energy and frequency. We have to raise our frequencies to become more spiritual. Chanting, yoga, and crystals don’t make us spiritual. They are only tools to help us raise our frequencies safely and increase our intake of spiritual energy.

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Sacred Music and Light of the Spiritual Spheres

“How often have you seen your brother in a state of ecstasy, which he cannot describe? It is a state beginning in quiet bliss, flowing outward in bright radiance from an inner light, which can even illuminate the material darkness about him. He hears the music of the sacred spheres and sees the throbbing pulsations of life heaving about him, like waves upon the great sea. He becomes aware of an inflowing of unspoken knowledge from a surrounding power. It does not come from any one point, but appears to flow out of all things and to penetrate all things. … The spirit becomes lost in adoration and wonder in the beauty revealed in everything. The soul is aware of something glorious within all this and knows it from the spirit outflowing from its source.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:2:25)

Indescribable Ecstasy

This state of ecstasy or enlightenment has been described by many, but not accurately. First, the person experiencing this state will color it to some degree with his own experiences and beliefs. That is why spiritual teachers tell us we must rid ourselves of all preconceptions in order to achieve true and complete enlightenment. Second, no worldly language is capable of describing this state accurately. Our languages do a good job of describing the world of matter, but they do not have words to properly describe the spiritual.

Flowing Outward in Bright Radiance

There are two important concepts expressed in that brief phrase. First is the “flowing outward” part. Many schools will have you believe that it is all about turning within ourselves to find enlightenment. While that is certainly part of the process, the more important part is that opening up to the greater universe in all its dimensions and flowing outward (or expanding) into it. We learn the reality of it by becoming one with it.

Illuminate the Darkness

The light of one who has become “enlightened” may not literally cause a darkened room to light up, yet is does bring light to the darkness. It isn’t visible light, but it works in the same way. It’s really a matter of frequencies. The Light person is operating at a higher frequency than the dark people. When around them, the light of the enlightened one may increase the frequency of the others, at least temporarily.

It is also possible for the opposite to happen. When the person of light is around dark people too often, or in great numbers, their lower frequencies can reduce his. That is why students in reputable spiritual schools are often warned to stay away from such people as much as they can. When they do have to be around dark ones, they need to take precautions to avoid being affected. This is why you won’t find truly enlightened spiritual leaders giving talks or services in prisons. Instead, they will send light and well wished to those people from a distance. Continue reading “Sacred Music and Light of the Spiritual Spheres”