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Creative Forces of God and Man

“SHM: That brings up a point. Cayce referred often to God as ‘the Creative Forces.’ Is God in this concept more like a Brahman, or a force? Or is God a personal God?

“KJT: Cayce actually answered that question for several people, and the answer is, ‘Both.’ He or She is a very personal, loving, parental figure –– a personal God, as well as the Creative Force that imbues everything that exists. Science right now is doing a lot of work with physics and vibrations and looking at the ultimate building blocks of creation, and from Cayce’s perspective, everything is made up of the same stuff. That stuff he called vibrations. You might call it atomic particles, but he suggested that everything is made up of parts of the Creative Forces, parts of God. So ultimately, everything is God, and we are in the process of becoming aware of our own individual spark of the Creator.

“SHM: And our goal is to get back to God?”

“KJT: Our goal is to get back to an awareness of our connection to God. An analogy might be, if we have a child, let’s say, and that child shows some affinity for music with maybe a musical keyboard, that child has to work at it, maybe to go to lessons; it may be to practice. … All along, that has been a part of the soul’s potential, but it still has to go through lessons and a curriculum in order for it to become a part of the [child’s] awareness. And I think that’s very close to what happens to us as a soul. Ultimately, we all have the potential to become a Christ, but we have to have the experiences and choose to learn from those experiences in order to get there.

“SHM: One of the things Cayce said through his readings is that in order to advance it helps to have an ideal –– that we need to have an ideal. What did he mean by that?

“KTJ: Well, ultimately an ideal is basically a spiritual rationale for why we get up in the morning. What we do. The interesting connection to ideals is that ultimately, because of our many experiences in the earth and our many karmic memories with people in our lives, it’s all too easy to fall into old habit patterns and experiences. … And without working with an ideal, we’re apt to just continue in that same trench, or that same way of thinking.” ~Stephen Hawley Martin

Force or Being

This is a question that a lot of people ask. Is God a being and a personal God, or is God a force? And as Cayce said, the answer is “Both”. We have to stop thinking of God as a man with superpowers. That is a false image and concept of God. God is The All, so if any force exists, that force is a part of God. God is all beings, so God is also a being. Perhaps part of the confusion is that we don’t think a force is ordinarily a being, but in a living universe, everything is a being, even a rock or a force. But there are many kinds of forces, so it also makes sense that Cayce sometimes called God the Creative Forces.

Creative Forces

So what are creative forces? Some might think that all forces are creative, but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. In the physical world, there are nearly as many destructive forces as there are creative ones.

There are two primary creative forces at work here. One is the force that gives life and structure to previously unstructured and unliving matter. The other is the force that turns us toward the development of our spirit and soul.

There are also two primary destructive forces that counter the creative ones. One force tried to destroy the living, and disorganize matter. It is a force of entropy. The other is a force that tried to make us more and more material and materialistic.

Sadly, most of humanity has been embracing the destructive forces more than the creative ones, although without realizing it in most cases. But now some of us are starting to awaken and turn toward the creative forces instead. The creative forces are actually more powerful than the destructive ones, but we have to develop them within us and reject the destructive ones. It is the old Native American story of the Two Wolves. The one you feed is the one that thrives, so feed the creative forces from God and of God.

The Goal

The goal of spiritual development could be considered to be awareness, but I think it is more than that. Many people think they are spiritually awakened simply because they have become aware that the realm of matter is an illusion or that materialism and capitalism are failed paradigms. While that is often the first step, it doesn’t constitute true awakening. Real spiritual awakening is when we tap into those creative forces to awaken and develop our spirit and soul. Only when the soul has become conscious can we truly claim to be awake in the spiritual sense. So I think it is more accurate to say the goal is spiritual awakening and enlightenment. That does bring awareness to us, but awareness at a much greater level than simply being aware of the Great Illusion of matter. And awakening the soul helps us know how to use those creative forces to help ourselves and the world we live in.


Yes, we should have ideals. That sounds a lot like saying we should have goals, but there is a difference. The ideal is the ultimate. It is an image to hold in our minds as something to aim for. Goals are the methods we use and the steps we take to move closer and closer to the ideal. Becoming one with God and those Creative Forces is the ideal of most spiritual students, or at least it should be. Manifesting a new car or a pile of money is not a spiritual goal and being a greedy rich person is not a spiritual ideal. If you are truly interested in spiritual growth and development, you need spiritual goals and ideals.

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Universal Forces and Beings of Fire and Light

“The Sons of Fire act upon the etheric body in so far as the independent formation of the human being becomes imprinted upon it. …

“The Sons of Life act on the physical body in such a way that it is able to become the expression of the astral body which has now become independent. They thus make it possible for the physical body to become a physiognomic copy of its astral body. On the other hand, higher spiritual beings, in particular the Lords of Form and of Motion, reach down into the physical and etheric bodies, as far as these are developed during the Sun periods, regardless of the independent astral body. Their intervention comes from the Sun, in the manner described above.

“Under the influence of such facts, the human being gradually matures to a point where it can develop within itself the germ of the Spirit-Self just as during the second half of the Saturn evolution it developed the germ of the Spirit-Man and on the Sun that of the Life-Spirit. Thereby all the Moon conditions are changes.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Sons of Fire and Life as Universal Forces

It is not clear what Steiner means by the Sons of Fire and the Sons of Life. Yet it seems from the rest of the quote that they have something to do with man becoming physical. The physiognomy of a thing is it’s outward appearance. So I think he is saying that these “beings” give us physical form.

I put beings in quotes because I don’t think that these Sons of Fire and Sons of Life are actual beings in the normal sense. I think it is a personification of the universal forces that tend to pull beings further and further into matter.

They can also be the beings we call demons and devils, or simply dark beings. How exactly the Sons of Fire and the Sons of Life differ, I don’t know, but I don’t think it matters. The point is, these two types of forces or beings are encouraging us to become more of matter and less of spirit. If they succeed in making us pure matter, we will be lost forever.

Higher Spiritual Beings

On the other side of the coin, there are spiritual forces and spiritual beings that try to pull us back into the realm of spirit where we belong. The spiritual beings include those called Angels and Beings of Light. They are also universal forces.

Where things are a little confusing is that sometimes beings that are not physical are not easily distinguishable from universal forces. The may be different, or they may be just different views of the same thing. But it really doesn’t matter.

Solar Intervention

Steiner says the intervention of these spirit beings comes from the Sun. This should not be a surprise to anyone. Most forces and energies that control us here on Earth do come through the sun. Even those that originate with God and spiritual beings come to us through the spiritual sun. The sun is a source of universal forces and beings as well. It may even be considered a living being as well as a universal force.

Steiner says that under their influence, human beings “gradually mature”. This does not mean aging in the physical sense. Nor does it mean mental maturity, although that generally comes along with it. It is a spiritual maturity that Steiner is talking about. But even on that level, it doesn’t mean aging. What it really means is returning to the spiritual state we existed in before the fallen world of matter existed. And we can channel those universal forces through ourselves to benefit others.

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Positive Spiritual Growth Among the Weeds

“You who are under obedience to a spiritual father must be alert to the cunning of your enemies and adversaries. Do not forget your profession and promise to God; do not be defeated by insults; do not be afraid of reproof, mockery or sneering; do not give way to the proliferation of evil thoughts; do not evade your father’s strictures; do not dishonor the blessed yoke of humility by daring to be self-satisfied and presumptuous.
“The goldsmith purifies gold by smelting it in a furnace. And a novice must surrender himself to the struggle for obedience and to the fiery ordeals of a holy life.” ~The Philokalia

Be Positive, But Realistic

We are always encouraged to be positive, hopeful, and certain that the good guys will win. At the same time, however, we must not forget that there are those beings and forces that oppose all attempts at spiritual growth. Those forces rarely rest, so we must be alert at all times. When we find obstacles in our path, rather than becoming despondent and giving up, we should rejoice and try harder because such opposition indicates that we are on a true path of enlightenment.

This is one reason why it is generally best for the spiritual student to work as part of a group or community. Even when separated physically from the rest of the community, the student can be joined to them by spiritual forces that can help protect him. We can also carry gems and crystals on us that have been programmed to protect and ward off evil influences. We should also visualize a barrier of protective white light around us when we are practicing spiritual growth techniques. Continue reading “Positive Spiritual Growth Among the Weeds”

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Four Elements, Four Forces

“And now if we meditate and consider of the original of the four elements, we shall clearly find, see, and feel the Original in ourselves, if we be men and not beasts. … For the original is as well known in Man, as it is in the Deep of this World; although it seems wonderful to the unenlightened Man, that any should [be able] to speak of the Original of the Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, as also of the starry heaven; he supposes the impossible to be known. … And if you open the yes of your Mind, you will see that Fire is in Water, as may be seen in a storm. … So, also you may see that there goes forth from it a mighty forcible Air, and that they are in one another. … But you will not find this root here, you must look into the Matrix, and there it is wholly manifest.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Four Elements

I can remember science teachers in high school, and perhaps ever grade school, laughing at the silly ancients who believed that everything was made up of four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. Science has shown us that these primitive ancients were all wrong. Or were they? Actually, it may simply mean that the materialistic scientists of the modern world simply understood what was meant.

Think about it. If the four elements represent material things like air and water, how could they be the source of air and water and other matter? They would have to exist before they existed in order to create themselves. It creates a paradox in that materialistic viewpoint. But the four “elements” the ancients were really talking about were four forces that were represented by the four selected elements. On the level of the material world, modern science recognizes these four forces as gravity, electromagnetism, the strong force, and the weak force. On the spiritual level, we might call them the creative force, the destructive force, the rising force, and the lowering force. cross of forcesThose four primary forces do indeed create all the various things that are manifest, either under the direction of God and Christ on the spiritual level, or Satan and his minions on the level of matter. It is not only possible, but likely, in my opinion, that the first primitive representation of God as a simple cross, or a cross in a circle, represented these four forces flowing out of God (it also represents the spiritual sun). Continue reading “Four Elements, Four Forces”