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Nerve-Force (Energy) of Body, Mind, and Soul

“The old materialistic school of physiology has attempted to show that nerve-force, like the bodily material, is derived from the food we eat. … This, however, is only partly true. While it is true that there is a certain amount of nerve force in fresh food, … nevertheless the amount of nerve-force so absorbed is comparatively small, and is far too little to supply what is needed by the individual to run his physical organism. … Food chemical combustion results in giving bodily heat, but never in creating nerve-force

“The true source of nerve-force is the same as the source of electricity, namely the universal ether that fills space. … The atmosphere is charged with nerve-force, which is taken up and absorbed by the nervous system.” ~Theron Dumont (aka William Walker Atkinson)

You’ve Got Some Nerve-force

I don’t know if “Nerve-force” was a common term when Dumont wrote it about 100 years ago. It is clear that what he is talking about is energy. More specifically, the energy that circulates in the body and makes it run. Back then, it was a common belief that this energy was circulated through the body by the nerves. We now know that isn’t true. Yet for consistency, we will continue to use the term “nerve-force” in this article.

Food and Digestion

Mr. Dumont has an even stranger idea about how digestion works. He seems to think that food is simply burned up in the body to produce heat! Perhaps that was a common belief in his time. If it were true, however, we would soon starve from lack of nutrition.

The digestion process is far more complex than simply burning up food to produce heat. It isn’t a subject to get into here, however. The important thing is that despite his misunderstanding of digestion, Dumont makes a valid point about the amount of energy supplied. Continue reading “Nerve-Force (Energy) of Body, Mind, and Soul”

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Dueling Forces in Matter

“The forces at work in the world are both destructive and constructive; the destiny of manifest beings is birth and death. The seer is to behold the working of these forces and the march of destiny. The veil enshrouding the spiritual eyes in ordinary life is to be removed. But man is interwoven with these forces and with this destiny. His own nature harbors destructive and constructive forces. … He must not lose strength in the face of this self-knowledge; but strength will fail him unless he brings a surplus on which to draw. … He must learn to maintain inner calm and steadiness in the face of difficult circumstances; he must cultivate a strong trust in the beneficent powers of existence. … He will have to recognize that previously he thought and acted in a certain way only because he was still in the throes of ignorance.” ~Rudolf Steiner

There are indeed both constructive and destructive forces at work in the world, and it will remain so as long as the world exists in a material form. You might say that the world of matter is a field of tension between these forces and both forces must exist in order for that field of tension to exist. In order for there to be something hot, there must also be something cold. In order for attraction to exist, there must also be a force of repulsion. In order for the positive to exist, there must also be a negative force to create the flow of energy.

There are those who would deny this, or at least deny that this is how it must be. They think that by practicing positive thinking, they can make all the negative cease to exist. They think if they practice peace enough, all violence will eventually disappear. They believe they can think wars away and they will go away. But when you try to solve a problem using the very thing that creates it, you will not succeed. Continue reading “Dueling Forces in Matter”

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THE ALL is All That Is

“Then is THE ALL mere Energy or Force? Not Energy or Force as the materialists use the terms, for their energy and force are blind, mechanical things, devoid of Life or Mind. Life and mind can never evolve from blind energy or force, for the reason given a moment ago: ‘Nothing can rise higher than its source…’. And so THE ALL cannot be mere Energy or Force, for, if it were, then there would be no such thing as Life and Mind in existence, and we know better than that, for we are alive and using Mind. … THE ALL is Infinite Living Mind—the Illuminated call it SPIRIT!” ~The Three initiates

Trying to describe what God, or THE ALL, as the initiates call Him, is can be difficult. We often refer to Him as “the Supreme Being” but what does that mean? Is he a being of matter like us? No, He isn’t, He is spirit. And if he is a being, then there must be limitations to Him that define what is part of his body, and what is not, yet that cannot be true because God is everywhere and every when. So God is “Being” but not “a being” in the sense that we generally mean that. He is more a being in the sense that we can thing of the planet Earth, and all living things on it, as making up the Gaia Being, but on an incredibly larger scale. In other words, all beings are part of the one Being that is God.

The Initiates ask if God is Energy, and replies that He isn’t, at least not in the sense that the materialist means energy. That is true also. Partly because if God was pure energy, he could then not also be force, or being, or intellect, and He is all those things (and more). It is also true because if God was one particular form of energy, that would mean there are other energies that are not Him, and where would they have come from? The same is true of Force. What Force would God be? If He was a force, what would that force do? Of course God is Force, but not one particular force as that would mean there are other forces that are not His. Continue reading “THE ALL is All That Is”


Good Work by Compulsion isn’t Good

“Whatsoever ornament is compulsion, is not true but is borrowed. This is a great thing in God’s eyes, that a man should be adorned by himself; therefore took he away compulsion. For even as of His prudence—in its own time he employed compulsion—so likewise of His prudence—He took it away at a time—when gentleness was desired in its stead.
“For as it is befitting to Youth, that it should be made to haste under the rod, so it is very hateful that under rod, Wisdom should be brought to serve, that compulsion should be lord over her.” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

No one would consider a person charitable if that person pays his taxes, under threat of jail, and some of that money is used to benefit the poor. It is only when the person voluntarily gives to charity directly that he is considered a charitable person. Likewise, a young men who is taken by soldiers and told that he can join the military or be put to death, is not a hero because he chooses to live (not that such a thing happens here, but it does happen in some countries and there was a time when, right here in the United States, judges would often give young men accused of a crime the choice of going to jail or going into the military.) In short, a person who does good only because he is forced to is not truly doing good at all, he is just serving his own self-interest.

One might even say that in places where marriages are arranged by the parents and the bride and groom have no say in the matter, that they are not truly married. For a marriage to be real, it must be the choice of the people involved, not the choice of others. Continue reading “Good Work by Compulsion isn’t Good”