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Eternal Reality and the Web of Illusion

“There are in this struggle1 three factors. (1) the unchanging light of Eternal Reality: that Pure Being ‘which ever shines and naught shall ever dim.’

“(2)The web of illusion, here thick, there thin; which hems in, confuses, and allures the sentient self. “(3) That self, always changing, moving, struggling—always, in fact, becoming—alive in every fiber, related at once to the unreal and to the real; and, with the growth in true being, ever more conscious of the contrast between them.

“In the ever-shifting relationship between these three factors, the consequent energy engendered, the work done, we may find a cause of the innumerable forms of stress and travail which are called in their objective form the Purgative Way. Only one of he three is constant: the Absolute to which the soul aspires. Though all else may fluctuate, that goal is changeless. That beauty so old and so new, ‘with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning,’ which is the One of Plotinus, the All of Eckhart and St. John of the Cross, The Eternal Wisdom of Suso, … awaits yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever the opening of its creature’s eyes.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Eternal Reality

There is little doubt what the eternal reality is. The realm of spirit and the beings that dwell there are eternal. Everything material is temporary. That is one reason why the ancient spiritual leaders called matter illusion.

And when Underhill, and many others, talk of the bright light of that eternal reality, it is both literal and symbolic. Light symbolizes truth and wisdom. The spiritual realm is home to both of those. But it is also a place of bright light. The true image of God is light. The true image of the soul is light. Bright light, spiritual light, not physical light.

Web of Illusion

The realm of matter is the web of illusion. That doesn’t mean, as some believe, that the material universe does not exist. It means that what it is in actuality is very different than what it appears to be to the human senses and mind.

There are many people today who think that manipulating this web of illusion, like a small child making animals out of play-doh, is a path of spiritual awakening. They use terms like “manifesting” and “Law of Abundance” to describe this playing with matter. But playing with matter doesn’t awaken the spirit. It actually makes matter more real, more important, to those who do that. The only proper way to manifest or manipulate within the realm of matter is to help change it back into spirit. Simply molding it into new forms of matter doesn’t accomplish anything. When you truly understand that matter is an illusion, playing in it will lose it’s attraction.

That Self

In some of the ancient Hindu books, “self” and “Self” are used to mean two different things. When it is lowercase self, it means the physical and mental self of the physical world. While the uppercase Self is another way of saying the spirit or soul. That is the true Self, the eternal Self that is part of eternal reality. I think it is that eternal Self that Underhill labels the third factor in our overall being. Although it is possible that she is looking upon self and Self as one whole. From what she says about it, that may be the case.

In any case, the primary purpose of spiritual development is to awaken and grow that true Self. Only the spiritual Self is eternal. Only the spiritual self can know truth and wisdom. The real truth and wisdom that comes from God.

Open Eyes

The goal of the spiritual student, says Underhill, is to open the eyes. Just as with Jesus healing the blind, this is not a reference to the physical eyes. The goal is to open the spiritual eyes. We do that by awakening the spirit and soul. We do that with a large input of spiritual energy. And the best place to turn to to get that energy is the spiritual sun.

When the soul awakens, your spiritual eyes open. Then you can see that eternal reality. Then you can start to fully participate in being part of that eternal reality.

1 – For spiritual enlightenment.

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Eternal Man and His Eternal Source

“Because Man was to be eternal, therefore he must come out of the eternal. … Also from eternity, there has been nothing else but the Source where the Deity continually rises up, as is mentioned before.

“And this Source of the spirit of the Soul is eternal, and its tincture is also eternal; as the Source is in it at all times of this world, while it sticks in the elementary House of Flesh, so is the tincture also, and the dwelling house of the soul; and in which source the Mind inclines itself. … It stands in both the gates, so long as it lives in the flesh.” ~Jacob Boehme

Eternal Man

It is logical to say that if man is an eternal being, he must have come from the realm of the eternal. And since only spirit is eternal, that means man came from spiritual realms. Our physical bodies may have evolved from tiny creatures, to apes, to man, but that isn’t the real man. That isn’t eternal man. And it certainly isn’t true that our spirits and souls evolved from the physical body. We were spiritual beings long before we devolved into the realm of matter. The spirit and soul came first.

Eternal Tincture

I believe what Boehme means when he says that the “tincture” of our spirit and soul is also eternal is that if the spirit and soul are eternal, then the realm they came from must be eternal. That is the realm of spirit, and it is indeed eternal. It also means that the Creator of the spirit and soul must be eternal. A finite being could not create the infinite. A being with a limited live span could not create eternal beings. So the spirit and soul must have been created by an eternal being or force. That is the being most of us call God.

Elementary House of Flesh

Te rest of the quote is difficult to follow. I think what Boehme is saying is that since spirit is the origination of everything, that even in the fallen realm of matter, some spirit must exist. It may not be fully functional her. Its strength is probably limited here. Nonetheless, there is spirit in the world of matter. The amount varies depending on which dimension of matter we are talking about.

The second dimension, also called Hell or Hades, has the least amount of spirit in it. So little, in fact, that once a being has fallen that low, it can not turn around and head back up to the higher dimensions.

The third dimension is where we dwell as humans of flesh and bones. It is the lowest dimension where we can still turn around and go back up to higher levels instead of continuing to go down. But we have to decide we want to turn around. It isn’t forced upon us.

The forth dimension is the highest one considered to still be one of matter. It is perhaps just over 50% matter and the rest spirit. Or to put it another way, it is a frequency of consciousness midway between pure matter and pure spirit. All the higher dimensions are considered spiritual ones because they are more than 50% spirit.

A New Tomorrow

That is what is currently true, however it is starting to change. The time is upon us when God is reclaiming his lost territory, the fallen realm of matter. He is sending higher frequency energy into the suns and stars of matter and increasing their spiritual power. They, in turn, are sending some of that energy into planets and the life forms that dwell on them. So gradually the whole universe of matter is being reclaimed. But because Man has been given a certain degree of free will, we can choose to be part of the change—perhaps to even help it along—or to reject it and die. Choose wisely Eternal Man.

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When We Work Against God, We can’t Expect His Help

“We have cried against the god of truth because all his work . . . is eternal. These are against our spirits. For now we know that our souls will die in death. Then a voice came to them. Micheus and Michar and Mnesinous, who are over the holy baptism and the living water, were saying, ‘Why were you crying out against the living god with lawless voices and tongues without law over them, and souls full of blood and foul deeds? You are full of works that are not of the truth, yet your ways are full of joy and rejoicing. Having defiled the water of life, you have drawn it within the will of the powers to whom you have been given to serve them.
‘And your thought is not like that of those people whom you persecute. . . . Their fruit does not wither. But they will be known up to the great eternal realms, because the words they have kept, of the god of the eternal realms. … ‘
They shall live forever, because they have not been corrupted by their desire, … nor have they performed the works of the powers, but they have stood in his presence in a knowledge of god like light that has come forth from fire and blood.” ~Revelation of Adam

Cried Against God

We love to blame others for our problems. Often, it is God that we blame. Yet, He is the one least responsible for our problems. A big part of the problem is that most of us still can’t distinguish between the true God, and the false one called the Demiurge by the Gnostics. We blame destruction on the God of creation rather than the false god of destruction. We blame God for storms, earthquakes, plagues,and more. None of those things are done by God. They are all “gifts” from the Demiurge.
But even more than looking at the Demiurge as the source of these problems, we need to look at ourselves. Most, if not all, of our problems are a result of our own behavior, beliefs, and thoughts. And because we have limited free-will, we can’t expect God to fix it for us. We have to work on fixing the problems we create for ourselves. Then God will assist. Continue reading “When We Work Against God, We can’t Expect His Help”

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Eternal Life with No Birth and No Death

“The Nature of No-Birth and No-Death The cloud cannot become nothing. It is possible for a cloud to become rain or snow or hail. But it’s not possible for a cloud to become nothing. That’s why the view of annihilation is a wrong view. If you’re a scientist and you think that after the disintegration of this body you are no longer there—you become nothing, you pass from being to nonbeing—then you are not a very good scientist, because your view goes against the evidence. … A cloud has not come from nothing. A cloud always comes from something. So there is no birth; there is only a continuation. That is the nature of everything: no-birth, no-death. The eighteenth-century French scientist Antoine Lavoisier declared, “Rien ne se crée, rien ne se perd” (Nothing is created, nothing is lost). Lavoisier saw the same truth that the Buddha saw, that nothing is born and nothing dies. Our true nature is no-birth and no-death. Only when we touch our true nature can we transcend the fear of nonbeing, the fear of annihilation.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

No Birth

Thich Nhat Hanh has an unusual interpretation of what birth and death means. Most of us say that when an egg hatches and a chicken pops out, that chicken has just been born. Hanh says that is not true because the chicken existed as an egg before that. And before the egg, it was something else. So while his belief in no-birth is correct, so is the conventional belief in birth and death. That is possible because most of us have a different definition of birth and death than Hanh does. He is interpreting birth as an arrival from complete nonexistence. By that definition, there is no birth, only change. But most of us think of a major change in form as birth. That is especially true when what we think of as none-living matter becomes a living plant or animal. Things can get confusing, however, when we have to deal with beings that go through metamorphosis as part of their life. Does the caterpillar die to give birth to the butterfly? Most would say “No,” but by the standard definition of birth, the butterfly was born, so the caterpillar must have died.

My personal feeling is that Hahn is correct, though not exactly for the reasons he states. I think all being are immortal because all beings have a spirit. Since spirits exist outside the confines of time and space, they are immortal. Therefore, they are never born and never die. Eternal life exists for the spirit and soul, not for the body. Continue reading “Eternal Life with No Birth and No Death”