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Sixth Epoch of Happiness and Light

“It was taught in Manicheism that from our age onwards the souls of men would began to transmute into good and evil which will manifest in full force in the sixth epoch. In other words: human souls must strong enough to bring good out of evil by a process of spiritual alchemy.

“When the Earth begins to recapitulate the previous phases of its evolution, there will first be a reunion with the Moon, and then of this Earth-Moon with he Sun. The reunion with the Moon will mark the culminating point of evil on earth; the reunion with the Sun will signify, on the other hand, the advent of happiness, the reign of the ‘elect.’” ~Rudolf Steiner

Good and Evil Souls

It is unfortunate that the word “soul” is used to mean several things. It can refer to the mundane soul that every animal including man has. Also it can refer to the Divine Soul. Or it can refer simply to the mind of man.

The Divine Soul can never become evil. If it did, it would cease to be divine and immortal. Do is become dormant, like a person in a coma. That is what happened with the great fall and it still happens every time a person is born on the physical level of reality.

So it is the mind that is really becoming good or evil, not the soul. Not if by “soul” you mean the Divine Soul from God. The mind, and the Ego in the mind become evil. That mind must be overcome by awakening the soul so that it can take control and make us into the good beings God meant us to be.

The Sixth Epoch

The Manechians are not the only ones who taught of six epochs. A few years ago, 2012, to be specific, millions were worried about the end of the world coming in December of that year. When nothing seemed to happen, they all sighed in relief, and went on with their lives as before. Most did, anyway. But while it may seem that the Mayan calendar war wrong, it wasn’t. The fifth epoch did end at that time, and the sixth began. It may seem like nothing significant changes, but that is only true on the lowest levels of reality. On higher levels, quite a lot changed, and the change is ongoing. Continue reading “Sixth Epoch of Happiness and Light”

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Fifth Epoch of Materialism and Sixth Epoch of Spirit

“The descent into materialism was necessary in order that the fifth epoch might fulfill its mission It was essential that astral and spiritual clairvoyance should grow dim in order that the intellect might develop by  precise, minute and mathematical observation of the physical world. Physical science must be supplemented by spiritual science.
“Our fifth epoch will be followed by another, the sixth. This sixth epoch will see the development of brotherhood among men, clairvoyance and creative power. … To the priest in the mysteries before Christ, there was harmony between science and faith. Science and faith were one and the same. …
“Now that the attention of men is wholly directed to the physical world, faith has need of a refuge, of religion. … In the sixth epoch, the two streams will again unite. Mechanical science will become spiritually creative. This will be Gnosis-spiritual consciousness.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Fifth Epoch

I’m not sure Mr. Steiner is correct in saying that the descent into materialism was necessary. We cannot deny, however, that it has happened.

It is certainly true that there are forces in the material world which act upon us in different ways. Without getting into the details that are reserved for spiritual students, some forces act to lift us and make us grow, while other pull us down deeper into matter and materialism. You might think of these forces as being the two wolves in the old Native American story. The wolf that is fed is the one that grows strong. In the last several centuries, the wolf we have fed is clearly the forces that pull us deeper into matter. We have reached a point where the materialistic scientists have become like priests to some. And to many, the existence of anything other than matter is laughed at. Fortunately, the fantasies of materialism do not change the reality.

As Steiner says, this epoch was one of emphasis on the intellect. This power of the brain-mind is certainly impressive. So impressive, that many feel their can be nothing greater. But the intellect is limited to understanding the physical realm. It can only grasp the spiritual in a superficial way.

Sixth Epoch

We are now at the dawn of this new epoch. It is clear that some are awakening again. While the numbers are still relatively small, it is much greater than it was a century ago. We are again talking of the Essenes and Theraputes as holy people rather than misguided wackos. We are learning again to understand the allegorical tales of the ancients including those found in Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu scripture.

As part of this awakening of a new Age of Enlightenment, we are seeing a return of ancient spiritual schools or mystery schools. Some of these schools are new, but teach the ancient truths that never change. Others are a resurgence of schools that never entirely disappeared.

Sadly, there are also phony schools popping up. Sleazy materialist who see this spiritual growth as a path to some quick money throw together classes and seminars from various sources in a hap-hazard way that teaches very little and are in a few cases dangerous. When searching for a school to study under, we need to trust out intuition rather than falling for elaborate and expensive advertising.

Seventh Epoch

Steiner says this fifth epoch will be followed by another. This will be an even greater epoch of living together in true harmony and spirituality.

More accurately, we can say the fifth epoch was one of descent into matter. The sixth epoch is one of awakening and a return to spirituality. The seventh epoch will happen when the material universe returns to its original state of spirit. Then matter will no longer exist, and death, disease, competition, and the other negative things associated with matter will be done.


So if you’re still trapped in the fifth epoch, now id the time to awaken. Start developing your spiritual self. Awaken your spirit and soul with the light of the spiritual sun. Start learning the truth to achieve what Steiner called “ Gnosis-spiritual consciousness.” The more we awaken, the easier the transition will be.