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Enlightened Man ( or Woman) is a Mediator

“The enlightened man shall faithfully and discreetly teach and instruct, reprove and serve, all men; for he bears in him a love towards all. And thereby is he a mediator between God and all men. And then he shall turn wholly inwards upon himself with all the saints and with all the just, and possess in peace the unity of his spirit, and therefore the most high Unity of God, wherein all spirits rest. This is a true ghostly life; for all the degrees and all the virtues, inward as well as outward, and the highest powers of the soul, are supernaturally adorned by it in a right and profitable way.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

The Enlightened Man

First, let me say that calling this spiritually developed person “Enlightened” is not the best choice of words. Enlightenment is a gradual process with many levels. When one simply calls a person Enlightened, that is usually taken to mean complete enlightenment. But no one living in the world of matter has achieved that level of consciousness. So simply think of this as meaning one who has become considerably more enlightened than the average person, though she hasn’t achieved ultimate and total enlightenment.


The Spiritual person is a mediator in two ways. First, for those not ready to do it for themselves, he brings God’s light down to the earthly plane, then sends some of it out to others embedded with positive thoughts. Second, he helps others find the path that will lead them to enlightenment. We can’t give others truth and wisdom, but we can guide them towards it. Continue reading “Enlightened Man ( or Woman) is a Mediator”

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Rill of Fire for Unity and Enlightenment

“From the gladness and the fullness of grace and the faithfulness of God, there is born and flows forth the third rill in this same unity of the spirit. This rill, like a fire, kindles the will, and swallows up and consumes everything into unity. And if fills to the brim and flows through all the powers of the soul, with rich gifts and with a singular nobility: and it calls forth in the will a tender spiritual love without effort. …

“Go ye out to practice in conformity with these gifts and with this coming. … By the third rill, which is an in-pouring heat, the supreme will has been rekindled in tranquil love, and has been endowed with great riches. Thus has the man become spiritually enlightened.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Rill of Fire

Unity is almost always a good thing. This is especially true of spiritual unity. Ruysbroeck says this “flows forth” from the “third rill”. Rill being an old word for a brook or small river, is a reasonable word to use to describe this energy flow, especially in a time when the idea of energy waves was unknown.

This rill of fire, which Ruysbroeck call the third rill, may not truly be different from the other two, but just a different aspect or angle of it. These rills are all flows of grace or spiritual energy. This rill burns up egotism and false beliefs. It prepares us to know the truth. You can’t know truth and firmly believe in falsehood at the same time. Those false beliefs are walls and roadblocks against reality. Continue reading “Rill of Fire for Unity and Enlightenment”

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Mystical Techniques for Spiritual Growth

“Let us remember this fact: that the siddhi follow automatically from success in the ascetic and mystical techniques undertaken. If we take account that, in yoga as in Buddhism, liberation amounts to an actual surpassing of the human condition—in other words, that one has to ‘die’ to the profane ‘natural’ existence constituted by the law of endless ‘conditionings’ (karma) and be reborn into an ‘unconditioned’, that is, a perfectly free and autonomous existence—we recognize here again the same archaic and universal symbolism of an ontological mutation through the experience of death and resurrection. Yoga and Buddhism, with the ascetic and mystical practices related to them are continuations … of the immortal ideologies and techniques which endeavored to change the condition of man. … At the end of long and painful exercises in mystical physiology, the Indian apprentice attains a radical modification of his ‘sensibility’.” ~Mircea Eliade

Mystical Techniques

One thing that seems to be surprising to many is that a close study of the ancient mystical schools all over the world find a strong consistency in what they taught. This will not seem true if one tries to interpret everything literally since most of their teachings, if written at all, were always written in allegory. Eliade says that he cannot go into details on those techniques, and neither can we. But there are some things that can now be said in public.

First, it must be noted that Eliade write of “techniques”, with an “s”. It is not just a simple matter of engaging in basic meditation. It never was. Meditation isn’t even necessary except as an aid to calm the mind. But it does not make one spiritual. It does not awaken the soul. It is that light of the spiritual sun that does that.

Surpassing the Human Condition

I wouldn’t say that spiritual development through the use of mystical techniques allows us to surpass the human condition. We may have forgotten our spiritual selves of many centuries ago, but that self is very much a part of us, very much human. When we engage is mystical techniques, we surpass the mundane human, the material human, but it is still human. We may become, according to some, “supermen,” but that is still human. It is like the tales of a boy raised by wolves. He may act like a wolf, and in many ways, think like a wold, but he remains human. The fallen man (us!) may have lost much of his greatness but that greatness is still there for us to claim. We only have to awaken our spiritual faculties and develop them to make that happen. That is the purpose of those mystical techniques. Continue reading “Mystical Techniques for Spiritual Growth”

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Enlightened Reason to Understand Truth

“The enlightened man shall also mark and behold the attributes of the Father in the Godhead: how He is omnipotent Power and Might, Creator, Mover, Preserver, Beginning and End, the Origin and Being of all creatures. This the rill of grace shows to the enlightened reason in its radiance. It also shows the attributes of the Eternal Word: abysmal Wisdom and Truth, … Eternal and unchangeable Rule,Seeing all things and seeing Through all things, none of which is hidden from Him. … So it also shows in the enlightened reason the attributes of the Holy Ghost: incomprehensible Love and Generosity, Compassion and Mercy, infinite Faithfulness and Benevolence, … a flame of fire which burns all things together in unity. … All this is observed and beheld without differentiation or division in the simple nature of the Godhead.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Enlightened Person

Trying to explain enlightenment to a materialistic person is like trying to explain atomic energy to a caveman who has just discovered fire. Yet the materialists will ask and then think enlightenment doesn’t exist if you can’t give a simple answer in ten words or less.

Even those of us who have been spiritual students for ears only have a vague concept of it. It is something that can be known only by those who have experienced it. Ruysbroeck may be one who did experience it and is trying his best to explain it. Because of the limitations of language designed to explain the material world, he cannot totally succeed. But he does give us a good idea of what it is.

Enlightened Reason

He starts by telling us that the attributes of the Father are showed to us through the “rill of grace” in its radiance. An apparent mix of metaphors that doesn’t seem to make sense. The “rill of grace” means a river or stream of grace. Yet we don’t think of radiance coming form a river. But if he is talking about a flowing, moving, river of Light, then the metaphors do make sense.

So think of grace as a moving river of Light bringing Enlighten Reason to those who bath in it’s flow (to add a metaphor of my own). This river of Light flows from God, through the spiritual sun, to us. At least to those of us who choose to receive it.

The enlightened reason if carries to us is filled with wisdom and truth. Not truth like tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers, but eternal truth, universal truth. Not wisdom for a day, but the wisdom of the ages.

Another Trinity.

Ruysbroeck’s tale has a slightly different triad in it. Rather than Father, son, and Holy Ghost; or Father, Mother, and Child; he give it as Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost. I think Father, Mother, and Child is the best way to state the holy trinity, but Ruysbroeck’s version  is fine.  Ruysbroeck can be given credit for having the many positive attributes of the Godhead appropriately distributed among his version of the trinity. Continue reading “Enlightened Reason to Understand Truth”