two suns

Two Suns, Two Currents of Power

“People expect the Sun to rise so that they can enjoy its light and heat. According to me it does not matter it it is only the external Sun which has risen if the outer sun has risen but the inner human Sun has not done so, nothing is gained. It is a significant moment when the rising of the outer Sun corresponds to the rising of the inner Sun. This is a real sunrise. … There is no greater joy than seeing both within and without. Great is the joy of the human being and of the whole of heaven when all people on earth understand and know their creator. …

“When a man raises his hands with palms towards the Sun this may warm his whole body since the warmth moves all around the body along the nerves.

“There are two currents, two kinds of energies. When the solar energy the leaves develop well, the branches grow—there is a growth upward. When the current of the earth is stronger, then the roots develop well.” ~Biensa Douno

Two Suns Rising

I often write about two suns: the physical and the spiritual. But here Douno is speaking of a different pair of suns: the inner and the outer. The outer sun is, of course, that one shining in the sky. The inner sun is the pineal gland, often called the third eye. But this inner sun has two natures just as does the outer sun. The pineal gland is also the location of a spiritual energy center. So we are really talking about four suns, two physical and two spiritual.

Two Suns Rising Together

What Douno means when he says that it is best if both suns rise together, is that sun gazing has limited benefits if the inner sun, the pineal gland, is not as open to it as the body and mind.

Snakes gaze at the sun. So do frogs and some birds. But they do not awaken their souls by doing so. That is partly because they are incapable of doing it with an open inner sun. They do so with no intent of growth, especially spiritual growth. Humans are different. We are capable of intent. We can visualize that light of the external sun, both the physical and spiritual, entering our eyes and filling our pineal so it opens like the lotus that is often used to represent it. Continue reading “Two Suns, Two Currents of Power”

unity of spirit

Unity of Spirit Through Inner and Outer Development

“Now consider diligently how we can acquire and possess the most inward exercise of our spirit in the created light. The man who is well adorned with the most virtues of the outward life, and has risen into nobility and divine peace by inward practices, he possesses the unity of the spirit, enlightened by supernatural wisdom, flowing fourth in generous love toward heaven and earth and lifting itself up by its reverence and its merits, and flowing back into that very ground, the most high Unity of God, from which all things proceed. For each creature, according to whether it has received more or less from God, has more or less of ascending love and inward tendency towards its origin, for God and all His gifts invite us into Him, and through charity and the virtues and resemblance, was designed to enter into Him.

“Through this loving inclination of God, and His inward working to the unity of our spirit, and further through our glowing love and the pressing of all our powers together into the very unity in which God dwells.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Well Adorned With Virtue

While most people will interpret “virtues” as meaning social things, I think it is spiritual virtues that are meant here. Social virtues like being polite, kind, helpful and so on are all good things. We should all have a virtuous social life. But a virtuous spiritual life is something different.

Spiritual virtue can be summarized in a few words: but the soul first. In other words, when life forces you to choose what is good for the material world, the physical body, the mind, or the soul, the soul should be priority number one. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of the body and mind. You should. But you should always be thinking when you do, “Is this harmful to my spirit and soul”. If the answer is yes, then you should avoid doing those things, if possible. I know that we can’t always do what we want in all circumstances. That doesn’t mean we should just forget the soul and give in to materialism.

Unity of Spirit

Ruysbroeck says that unity of spirit brings us divine peace, enlightenment, and divine wisdom. This is all true. It doesn’t happen overnight, however. And it doesn’t happen all at once. We have to be persistent and patient, and gradually the changes will happen. It is very much worth the time and effort.

Unity of spirit means we are one complete being. Our physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual parts are working together as a whole. Our left hand will know what the right hand is doing. More importantly, the body will know what is good for the soul. So will the mind. But unity of spirit goes beyond that. It also means we are united with other spirits. We are united on a spiritual level with other living people. We are also united with purely spiritual beings like angels. And we are even united with the plants and animals, for they have spirits as well. We are part of spiritual oneness. It even means that we are one with God and the spiritual universe.

Inward and Outward

One thing that so many spiritual students of today miss is made clear in the quote. I put the word “and” in bold print just to emphasize it. So many spiritual students today say that spirituality is all about turning within and totally ignoring everything without. On the other hand, many popular churches of today have become all about what is the outer world and completely ignore the inner. In the quote, Ruysbroeck makes it clear that the successful student develops both.

It is fairly obvious why dealing with the outer world only isn’t the best path. That is the way of the materialist. It is the path of modern science that can only half explain things because they ignore anything spiritual.

It is not so obvious why turning within, and only within, isn’t the solution. Let’s start with what often happens in countries where a large percent of the population starts doing this. Their governments will almost always take advantage of the situation and essentially enslave the population. The people don’t care about their rights or the rights of others, so they are taken away, or limited. They don’t care to get involved in politics, so their governments become corrupt. Or their governments also lose interest and let their enemies overrun them. They ignore international affairs and become (or remain) third-world powers. Now you might say that materialistic, outward-looking governments and nations can be like that also. That is true. Both inward and outward is the key.

Inner and Outer Energy

Another reason is energy. I see on social media group a lot of individuals asking others to send them energy when they are ill or depresses, or otherwise feel they need energy. That alone is looking outside yourself for energy, but only in a small way. The truth is that the absolute best source of energy for us on Earth is the sun. Physical energy from the physical sun, spiritual energy from the spiritual sun. We don’t need to beg others to give us energy. The sun shares it’s energy at all times. That is its job. Why turn elsewhere? But you won’t find much energy by turning within. The energy comes from without. Then it has to be channeled and directed from within. As above, so below; as within, so without. Unity of spirit also means uniting the inner with the outer, and the outer with the inner.


Thought-Substance is Powerful Energy

“When interest, sympathy, and good will meet to present pleasantly their opinions or thoughts on any special subject to each other, for an hour, there goes from that company a wave of thought-substance, which strikes other minds, and awakens or renews interest in that especial business, art, or cause, in proportion to the sensitiveness or capacity of such minds to receive thoughts. The new thought coming suddenly to you, comes because somewhere it is being talked out or agitated.

“The wave so caused acts n unseen elements precisely like that made by throwing a stone in calm water. The waves so radiate from the talk center; and they will continue to spread out in every direction. …

‘The same idea, or parts or shades of that idea, may float into a thousand minds within an hour, when once started, through a few people taking it. … Through thought-substance so sent far and wide you awaken desire or interest for the thing talked of.” ~Prentice Mulford

Wave of Thought-Substance

Mulford uses the term “thought-substance” to make it clear that thought is a substance. More accurately, it is an energy and energy does work. That is a basic law of science we all learned in grade school. Thought-substance or thought energy does work just as any other energy does. The main difference is that with most other kinds of energy, we are intentionally using that energy to do a specific task. We intentionally hit the nail with a hammer. The hammer doesn’t just jump up on its own and start hitting the nail. But with thought, most of us are unaware of the work being done by that energy.

A curious argument on the power of thought-substance exists today. While many insist that watching violent movies and television, or playing violent video games, leads to increased violence in our world, the makers of those products deny it. Yet, at the same time, meditation groups sponsor events where thousands of people meditate for peace together and the result is that crime and violence in the area drops dramatically. Unfortunately, that drop is temporary. Yet, it does demonstrate that thought energy does do work. And further, it shows that that energy can be directed to do a specific task. Continue reading “Thought-Substance is Powerful Energy”

life force , Great River

Life Force In Everything, Powering Everything

“The basic creative energy of life—life force—bubbles up and courses through all of existence. It can be experienced as open, free, unburdened, full of possibility, energizing. Or this very same energy can be experienced as petty, narrow, stuck, caught. Even though there are so many teachings, so many meditation, so many instructions, the basic point of it all is just to learn to be extremely honest and also wholehearted about what exists in your mind—thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, the whole thing that adds up to what we call ‘me’ or ‘I.’ … No one else can really sort out for you what to accept—what opens up your world—and what to reject—what seems to keep you going round and round in some kind of repetitive misery. …

“The message is that each of us has all that it takes to become fully enlightened. We have basic energy coursing through us. … Because we are decent, basically good people,we ourselves can sort out what to accept and what to reject.” ~Pema Chödrön

Life Force, Life Energy

Chödrön says that life force, or life energy, flows “through all of existence”. That is a powerful statement that each of us should stop and consider for a moment. If life energy flows through everything, then that that mean that on some level, everything is alive? I think it does.

Electrical energy flows through our bodies. That makes us electrical conductors, whether we like it or not. We might even say that we are more than conductors of electricity, we are generators of it. Some of the electricity that come from us didn’t come from outside, but was generated within us. When we have too much electricity in us, we may get shocked when we touch a metal doorknob. Which means that to some degree, we have affected that doorknob. We have altered it with our electrical energy. It, in turn, has affected us with that shock we received.

Negative and Positive Energy

It is correct to say that this life force is neutral energy. It is neither positive or negative. It can do good or evil. As long as it is in it’s natural state. Where things get complicated is that humans can take in some of that energy and send it back out filled with their own thoughts and ideas. That is how it can become negative or positive. A person who is full of anger, fear, and jealousy sends out energy full of those negative thoughts. That is why it may make you feel uncomfortable being around that person. On the other hand, a person full of love and joy send out positive energy which can also be felt by sensitive people. We often find ourselves attracted to those people without really knowing why. Continue reading “Life Force In Everything, Powering Everything”