power of helpful thought

Power of Helpful Thought for Good

Power of Helpful Thought

“The corner-stone in the power and charm of a persons thought is this, expressed in words, ‘I want to help you in whatever way I can. I want to help build you up. I want to help you to better health, to better business, to the place where you really belong, to the position where your talents may most shine.’ If this thought is sincere, it carries immense power. It will always be drawing more power to you, because every additional person’s goodwill you so draw and fasten to you is an additional unseen rill of life feeding yours. It is a rill of substance, thought unseen, as real as the elements we do see. Goodwill of others is constructive thought. It helps build ua up. It is good for your body. … It is the real ‘elixir of life.’ The more of such thought you attract to you, the more life you will have. …

“ if you send out a contrary order of thought, you draw to you from them the poisonous ans destructive elements.These will hurt your body. Persons in this way are literally hated to death. The ill-will of many people fixed on one man can injure that man’s health. It has killed many. It can injure no one if they oppose it with the thought of goodwill.” ~Prentice Mulford

Power and Charm of Thought

Many people don’t realize that what you are thinking when you interface with other people is just as important as what you say and do. While the effect of negative thought may not be obvious and dramatic, there nonetheless is an effect. And if you are speaking in a positive way to a person, yet thinking negative thoughts about them, they can often sense this on a subconscious level and will realize that you are not being sincere.

It is understandable why people say positive things when they are thinking contrary thoughts, but it should be avoided as much as possible. We live in a society where being honest and saying what you think is not encourages if it isn’t positive. Instead, we are taught to say something positive, no matter what we think. This turns us into a race of hypocrites. What should be done is for each of us to examine our negative thinking and try to correct it so our thoughts will be just as positive as our words. That is what the power of helpful thought is all about. Continue reading “Power of Helpful Thought for Good”

secret fire

Secret Fire of the Alchemists and Mystics

“IN H. P. Blavatsky’s ‘The Voice of the Silence,’ the secret fire of the Alchemists is described as ‘Kundalini,’ the ‘serpentine,’ or annular working power in the body of the ascetic. ‘It is an electric fiery occult or Fohatic power, the greatest pristine force which underlies all organic and inorganic matter’; and in another place the author says: ‘it is an electro-spiritual force, a creative power which, when aroused into action, can as easily kill as it can create.’

“This point is the reason why the secrets of Alchemy are not divulged to the curious, and why only those who have gained the power to control their own self will be told how that power can be aroused in man.

“In regard to this ‘secret fire,’ the Rosicrucians say:’The potentialities in nature are aroused by the action of the secret fire, assisted by the elementary fire. The secret fire is invisible, and is contained within all things. It is the most potential and powerful fire, with which the external visible fire cannot be compared. It is the fire with which Moses burned the golden calf, and that which Jeremiah hid away, and which seventy years after was found by the knowing ones, but which by that time had become a thick water.’

“Without the possession of this magic fire, no alchemical process can be accomplished.” ~Franz Hartmann

Secret Fire of the Alchemists

As has been explained in several previous articles on this blog, the real purpose of alchemy was not to change one type of metal into another but to change the lead man of materialism into the gold man of spirit. So when Hartmann speaks of the secret fire of Alchemists, it could as easily be called the secret fire of spiritual awakening and spiritual development, or the secret fire of the mystics.

This secret fire is not a fire in the material sense, and most modern spiritual schools prefer to call it Light or Spiritual Light rather than fire. Because it is a spiritual thing, it is impossible to accurately describe in languages created to describe the physical world. So fire, light, energy, force, and others are all reasonable accurate, but not exact. And the secret fire is secret in two ways. One, it is invisible, unnoticed, by materialistic people. Two, when you look at others, unless you are very advanced in your spiritual studies, you cannot tell how much spiritual fire, if any, a particular individual may have. Continue reading “Secret Fire of the Alchemists and Mystics”

being energy

Being Energy, Being Solar, Being Spirit

“Being energy the vibrational frequency of our intentions, thoughts, and actions determine the experiences of the life we live. This is an absolute truth. When truth is discussed within spiritual realities, it takes on an absoluteness. This absoluteness is part of the quantum level of understanding. Spiritual truths and knowledge, when fully understood, stabilize your consciousness from within and create a firm foundation. This allows you to climb to higher truths and realities that are spiritual and existing as a part of the soul’s consciousness. Our consciousness has the ability to know and understand truth at a quantum level and the ability to duplicate perfectly what these quantum truths are. Quantum spiritual truths will create a completeness in the ability to know within our consciousness. When information is being gathered and accepted, at a quantum level, your inner knowingness will allow you to receive and understand, with perfect duplication, any new quantum information that you are accepting as a part of your realities. As your realities adjust innately to quantum realities and truths, your ability to understand these new truths will be crystallizing, allowing you to process automatically what is being said, with a completeness. Understanding and completeness are stages of learning that eventually become quantum realities and truths. The ability to know and understand at a quantum level creates a completeness and clarity to help you reawaken the consciousness of the truths within you. It is this very stage of complete understanding that is creating the future for absolute and unlimited knowledge.” ~Teresa Reed Conroy

Being Energy

Yes, thoughts, emotions, and desires are energy. And like all energy, they do work; they affect change in things. So as Conroy says, they “determine the experiences of the life we live.” But here is what it gets tricky and where the “Manifest what you want” crowd goes wrong: Everyone’s thoughts and emotions are affecting the world around us, not just our own. Even the thought of those who don’t believe such things, even angry and jealous thoughts, rise up to the sun, where they are amplified and reflected back to Earth and the other planets. Therefore, it should not surprise anyone that what the sun is reflecting to us most of the time is causing storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and other unfriendly phenomena. It isn’t that the sun hates us, it is simply reflecting back at us what we sent to it. Continue reading “Being Energy, Being Solar, Being Spirit”

tended his fires

Tended His Fires to Awaken His Soul

“Once upon a time Upakosala Kamalayana lived with Satyakama Jabala the life of a Brahmacharin. He tended his fires for twelve years. Satyakama performed for other disciples the ceremony of completing studies and returning home, but did not perform the ceremony for Upakosala. The wife of the teacher said to him, ‘This Brahmacharin has undergone severe austerities and has tended the fires properly; you should teach him so that the fires may not blame you.’ But the teacher went away on a journey without instructing him. Through mental sufferings Upakosala began to fast. The wife of the teacher said to him, ‘O Brahmacharin, do eat; why are you not eating?’ He replied, ‘In this (very ordinary and disappointed) man (i.e. myself) there are many desires running in various directions; I am full of mental sufferings; so I shall not eat.’ Thereupon the fires said among themselves, ‘This Brahmacharin has undergone severe austerities and has tended us properly; come let us instruct him’. They then said to him, ‘Prāna (life) is Brahman, Ka (joy) is Brahman, Kha (ether) is Brahman’. He said, ‘I understand that Prāna is Brahman; but I do not understand Ka and Kha.’ They said, ‘What is Ka, even that is Kha; and what is Kha, even that is Ka’. Then the fires instructed him about Prāna (Brahman) and the Ākāsha within the heart related to it. Then the Garhapatya fire instructed him: ‘Earth, fire, food and the sun (are my forms). The person who is seen in the sun, I am he, I am he, indeed.’ ‘He who knows it thus and meditates on it, destroys sinful acts, wins the region (of fire), reaches the full length of life, lives gloriously, and his descendants never perish. We protect him in this world and in the next, who knows it thus and meditates on it.’” ~Chandogya Upanishad

Tended His Fires

Upakosala tended his fires faithfully for twelve years. But simply tending ordinary fires seems like an odd assignment for a spiritual student, a Brahmacharin. But if you read through the quote entirely, you will get the idea that these are not ordinary fires, and tending them is not the same as tending a campfire or a fireplace. These “fires” talk among themselves. This article might give us a clue. According to it, there are five fires of which knowledge is taught. Without going into detail, the fires are The sun, the air, the earth, man, and woman. But that is just as enigmatic as calling them fires.

I think what is being called fires in this ancient book are spiritual energy sources. It then makes perfect sense that the sun is first on the list as it is the primary source of energy on Earth, both physical and spiritual. The sun fills the air and the Earth with energy, and that energy is passed on to men and women. But there still seems to me to be something missing here. Specifically, how would a spiritual student tend such fires? While adepts should care for the sun and the Earth, I think that is limited. And the Upanishad does say “his fires” which makes them seem personal. Continue reading “Tended His Fires to Awaken His Soul”