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Conflict and Destruction is Not Inevitable

“The conflict and destruction that reign among living beings are inevitable, since things here are derived, brought into existence because the Divine Reason which contains all of them in the upper Heavens—how could they come here unless they were there?—must outflow over the whole extent of matter.
“Similarly, the very wronging of man by man may be derived from an effort towards the Good; foiled, in their weakness, of their true desire, they turn against each other; still, when they do wrong, they pay the penalty—that of having hurt their Souls by their evil conduct and of degradation to a lower place—for nothing can ever escape what stands decreed in the law of the universe.” ~Plotinus

Sorry, Plotinus, but much of that is simply not true. First, conflict and destruction is not inevitable, but is the result of the Great Fall from the heavenly realms, or spiritual worlds, to the mud puddles of matter. Such things are not the result of Divine Reason, but of the fact that while we are the children of God, we are also, on the material level, children of Satan, or the fallen angels. Plotinus doesn’t believe in the Gnostic idea that the material universe was not created by the true God, but his beliefs don’t change the facts. Continue reading “Conflict and Destruction is Not Inevitable”


The End Times, Changes, and Cycles

“At the end of a phase, like being finished with knitting the sweater or working at the insurance company, life doesn’t just stop and shut off. There is no gaping void waiting. … Therefore, there is no need to fear the shifting of scene. If you pay attention, you’ll find that endings and between-states are full of experiences. Instead of a shocking end, there is a curving turn that gently ushers consciousness from the physical to the consciousness-and-energy world, … There’s a reason we call it a ‘turning point’—to turn, you must flow. The entire process is full of consciousness, and there is no emptiness, ever!” ~Penney Peirce

Night sky praiseMany people fear the term “End Times”. They fear it because they see it as an ultimate end to everything, but that is simply not the case. It is the end of an era, nothing more. If you can remember back to when you were in grade school learning how to draw a circle with a compass, where were you when you got to the end? You were back at the beginning! The end of one cycle is just the beginning of another. In this case, the End Times simply marks the dawn of a new Golden Age. And there is no need to fear that, is there?

It is true though, that this change is a very major one. It is more than going from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, even more than going from the age of dinosaurs to the age of mammals and man. It is the time when the Great Fall that turned some of the spiritual worlds into matter will be reversed and our world of matter will become spirit once again. If you look around you, you can see this starting to happen already, which is why I emphasized “If you pay attention” in the quote. Continue reading “The End Times, Changes, and Cycles”


Return of the Light

“The light will cover the darkness and obliterate it. It will become like something that never existed And the source of the darkness will be dissolved. The deficiency will be plucked out at its root and thrown down to the darkness. And the light will withdraw up to its root, and the glory of the unconceived will appear, and it will fill all the eternal realms, when the prophetic utterances and the writings of those who are fulfilled by those who are called perfect. Those who were not perfected in the unconceived father will receive their glories in their realms and in the kingdoms of immortals. But they will not ever enter into the kingless realm. For it is necessary that everyone enter the place from which he has come. Each one by his deeds and his gnosis will reveal his nature.” ~On the Origin of the World – The Consummation of the Age and The Apocalypse

Night sky praiseThis is the second part of the story. I published the first part a few days ago. Part one was about the changes that must come to the world at the beginning of the end times. This part is what happens when all of that is over. In a sense, part one was about a difficult pregnancy leading to great labor pains. Part two is about what it gives birth to which makes it all worth the great suffering and loss. The way this is written makes in an especially difficult part of the Gnostic Gospels to understand. That may be simply due to the writers style, but is more likely because the gnostics made great effort when they did put some of their teaching in writing to make it obscure so the unworthy could not understand it.

The first sentence of the quote summarizes it all very well. A light will come that will cover the darkness and eventually eliminate it. The scientific materialist would say that is obvious, light always cover and eliminates darkness! But this is not about that kind of light or that kind of darkness. The light referred to is a spiritual Light, the Light that comes from God, The Light of Christ or the Logos. It is also the Light of knowledge, true knowledge, eternal knowledge: gnosis. Compare this to the prophecy of Malachi regarding the Sun of Righteousness and the way Malachi describes this Sun( note: “Sun” with a “u”.) as bringing light and solace to those who follow the teachings of God, but destruction to those who don’t. Does this mean that people who don’t follow truth will be literally burned up? Probably not. It means the evil (darkness) will be removed from them somewhat like boiling dirty water to kill the nasties in it. And as the evil is burned out of people, they will wake up from the mass hypnosis most are controlled by and join us in the pursuit of truth, wisdom and enlightenment. Continue reading “Return of the Light”


Consummation of the Age

“Before the consummation of the age, the whole place will be shaken by great thunder. Then the rulers will lament, crying out on account of their death. … Then the age will began, and they will be disturbed. Their kinks will be drunk from the flaming sword and will make war against one another, so that the earth will be drunk from the blood that is poured out. … Then the sun will darken and the moon will lose its light. The stars of the heavens will disregard their courses, and great thunder will come out of great power that is above all he powers of chaos, the place where the firmament of the woman is situated. When she has created the first work, she will take off her wise flame of afterthought and will put on irrational wrath. Then she will drive out the gods of chaos, … And their heavens will fall upon one another and their powers will burn. Their realms will also be overthrown.”
~On the Origin of the World – The Consummation of the Age and The Apocalypse


A mystical depiction of Sophia from Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer, Altona, 1785

This is a Gnostic version of the End Times. This is what you might think of as the negative side of the change, but it will be followed by the positive which I will cover in a later post. This should sound familiar because it is obvious to all but the spiritually blind that we are living in the times talked about here. Kingdoms or nations turning against each other and going to war at the slightest provocation. Rulers who are more concerned about themselves than the people they rule. Demons running amok causing people to commit all sorts of atrocities. We haven’t seen the sun darken, though that may be allegory rather than literal, and we haven’t seen the stars “disregard their courses”, at least not yet. But some recent studies have shown that the stars and the sun are changing in the types and levels of radiation they are giving off. Some types of radiation is being reduced, while other frequencies are on the rise. And these changes in the stars and the sun are causing changes on Earth. Continue reading “Consummation of the Age”