causation, or cause and effect

Dealing With Causation

“Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to law; chance is but a name for law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law” ~The Kybalion

“The principle of Cause and Effect embodies the truth that law pervades the universe; that nothing happens by chance. … The underlying principle of Cause and Effect has been accepted as correct by practically all the thinkers of the world worthy of the name. To think otherwise would be to take the phenomena of the universe from the domain of Law and Order, and to regulate it to the control of the imaginary something which men have called ‘chance’. … But a little consideration will show you there can be no such agent as ‘chance, in the sense of something outside of Law. … The existence of such a Something would render all natural Law ineffective.” ~Three Initiates


For many centuries, nearly all people have accepted cause and effect as a real thing. When a mining crew or construction engineer sets dynamite in a location to blow up a rock, he can be reasonably certain that the explosive will cause the rock it is under to explode. It won’t cause a random rock somewhere else to explode. It won’t send out streamer of confetti instead of exploding. It wont turn the rock into an elephant. It’s predictable. It follows laws, specifically the law of Cause and Effect (or causation).

Some have interpreted recent findings in the field of quantum physics as denying the law of causality, but I think this is a misinterpretation. What I have read doesn’t say that an effect does not have a cause, it says that a single event can be both a cause and an effect of another event. This, according to quantum theory, is because linear time is not real, therefore a future event can be the cause of a past effect just as easily as it can be the cause of a future one. So if an event seems to be an effect for which no cause can be found, it is possible that the cause simply hasn’t happened yet. Continue reading “Dealing With Causation”

Loving God, Love All

Everything Affects Everything

Everything affects everything else. Your life can be accelerated and made easier by other people doing good works and opening their hearts, even if they’re on the other side of the planet. Likewise, by clearing your clutter and pain, you demonstrate clarity to the world and provide an inner blueprint that others can frequency-match to make it easier to clear their own pain. Good works are incredibly powerful.
“… When you withhold your energy and wisdom, sacrifice your self-expression, hesitate to move forward, or indulge in states like apathy and helplessness, you deny both yourself and others the benefits you all might receive from your unique kind of expression.” ~Penney Peirce

Everything Affects Everything Else

Yes, everything does affect everything else, as well as itself. This is something we rarely bother to think about. If I go on a diet, for example, I am affecting sales at the supermarket by buying different food and less foods. If others do the same, the supermarket will change what it buys from suppliers. This in turn can affect what the farmer decides to grow. We are seeing this with the big switch to organics in the last year or so. First, you could only get organics in specialty stores, then only the largest supermarkets, and now even smaller stores often have some organic produce. This is affecting what the farmers grow, how much chemical fertilizer the chemical companies sell, and on and on.

If you watch the Weather Channel, or possibly other weather TV, you have likely seen one of those programs that show how a dust storm forming over the Sahara desert moves across Africa and into the ocean, where it might become a tropical storm, then a hurricane, and wreak havoc in Florida or South Carolina. You may have also seen Quantum Physics demonstrations of how a particle moved in one location can affect a twin particle in another. Continue reading “Everything Affects Everything”