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Flexible Future of Man and Earth

“The future is always polyvalent, changing every single second. Each of its scenarios is accessible to the gaze of the Great Teachers who stand at the helm of our planet, and They Themselves can affect the future, but only when appropriate.

“One thing we can say for sure: The Highest Powers will apply every effort to save Planet Earth, but whether the geographical map will be maintained as we know it today, such a question is entirely within the competence of humanity — after all, it is up to humanity to apply at least 50% of the effort required. And so it is far too early for humanity to relax, and if people do not learn how to control the element of Fire that is manifested within themselves in the first place, then it is all the more difficult to predict consequences for individual countries and continents. And only a pure and loving heart can take on the role of the main transmuter and assimilator of fiery energies —” ~Zinovia Dushkova

Changing Future

I think what Dushcova s saying is that there are always many possible futures. Therefore, predicting the future is difficult. At best, a seer can see the most likely future, but never a certain one. Which is a good thing because if they see disasters, we might be able to change things and prevent them.

If you think about it, very time you make a decision, big or small, you change your future. The change may be miniscule, but there is a change. And when you think of billions of people on Earth making big and small decisions every second, you can understand why seeing the future is a difficult task. The future is not set in stone. It’s more like swirling gasses being blown about by the winds of our thoughts and decisions.

Great Teachers

So how can anyone predict the future then? The answer is that it is possible to know that one possible future event is far more likely than another. For example, we can safely predict that the sun will rise tomorrow as that is far more likely than the alternatives. In many less obvious cases, it takes a special talent to recognize which outcome is most likely.

What Dushkova calls a great teacher, more often called a spiritual master may have that talent. Some of them know things about the future, but keep it to themselves. They do that because sharing the knowledge would be of no benefit to us. In other cases, they may see that a disaster coming if we don’t change our ways. In that case, it is their responsibility to warn people and get them to change. Prophets, of course, also give such warnings, although they may not be spiritual masters themselves.

Saving Planet Earth

Yes, the Highest Powers will be trying to save planet Earth, but only if we agree to it and help. It could happen today if so many people were not actually opposed to it. They may not oppose it consciously, but subconsciously, they don’t want change. But change is happening all the time. Even more change will happen in the future. We need to take hold of it and help make the changes that God wants.

While most of us agree that we need to save the planet, what that means can differ. To most, it means taking care of that natural environment of the planet. That is certainly a good start. We need to learn to work with Nature rather than treating her as an enemy to be conquered. But there is a different kind of saving the planet.

The Earth, the other planets, the entire material universe needs to change. Matter is the result of error, the Great Fall of the Bible. You could think of it allegorically as a cancer in the body of God. Obviously, that is not a good thing. So the cancer needs to be cured. The physical universe must be turned back into spirit. That process has already started. Scientists have noticed changes in the stars and the sun that they are keeping quiet about because they don’t understand what is happening. The spiritual light coming from those altered stars is flowing out and changing the planets, moons, and everything else. It is why we are starting to see a spiritual awakening of humanity. But there is still a long way to go. And many more of us need to become an active part of the process.

tenants on Earth

Tenants to Stewards to Co-Creators of Earth and More

“Consider a person who builds a nice house and rents it to some tenants who manage to ruin it within a year. I interpret this as follows: God has created the world very sensibly, but we ruin it and search for the cause outside of ourselves instead of within.

“The Law states: God loves all beings equally. But not all benefit from His love. Some are aware of this, and yet others are not. God loves human beings as much as the angels, but there is a difference: angels are aware of God’s love and are open to receiving it, but human beings are not always aware of it.

“Consider those foolish people who build a house, but put only one window in it. Others build a house with large windows through which abundant light passes. You might say, ‘Look how this person is showered with abundance.’ This is because his windows are larger.” ~Biensa Douno

Tenants on Earth

Our egotism and arrogance makes many of us forget that we are the tenants on planet Earth, not the owners. Yes, I know. We have deeds to our houses and pink slips on our cars. They prove that we own them. But deeds and pink slips are just a tool we created to feed our own fantasies of ownership. They have no effect on reality whatsoever.

Tenants in Reality

There is an even higher level than the tenants on Earth concept. The entire universe of matter is like a squatter on property it doesn’t own. Squatters, in the form of the fallen angels, created the realm of matter from the reality of spirit. Those fallen ones can claim ownership of the physical realm, but in reality, it isn’t theirs. They created it from the spiritual worlds which they do not own. It is an illusion, a distortion, of spirit. And only God owns spirit, only God creates spirit. So the squatters don’t really own the shack called matter that they have built in the land of spirit that isn’t theirs.

Considering that, even if we do have ownership to bits and pieces of the material world, it is only illusion that we are claiming to own! It is like a child saying he has a pony when he means that he colored one in a coloring book. Continue reading “Tenants to Stewards to Co-Creators of Earth and More”

incorruptible light, Spiritual Light

Where God and Heaven are Found

“Now if we will lift up our Minds, and seek after the Heaven wherein God dwells, w cannot say that God dwells only above the stars. … Reason is much befooled with these thoughts; and the kingdom of the Antichrist is begotten in these thoughts, and Antichrist has by these opinions set himself in the place of God, and means to be God upon Earth, and ascribes a divine power to himself, and stops the mouth of the Spirit of God, and will not hear him speak. … They believe the Spirit of Lies, which in hypocrisy speaks strong delusions, and seduces the Children of Hope. …
“The true heaven, wherein God dwells, is all over, in all places, even n the midst of the Earth. … For wheresoever He was before the Creation of the World, there He is still.” ~Jacob Boehme

Seeking Heaven and God

I’m never quite sure if I should laugh or cry when I see headlines on a supermarket tabloid that says something like, “NASA HAS FOUND HEAVEN JUST BEYOND THE GALAXY.” It is such incredible nonsense, and yet some must believe it or these tabloids wouldn’t sell. Heaven is not a place like Miami, Boston, or even Saturn. It is a frequency, a dimension. Since spiritual dimensions exist outside the barriers of space and time, they are, and must be, everywhere. Continue reading “Where God and Heaven are Found”


Don’t Forget the King

“The King of all reigns forever, and there is neither beginnings nor end to His kingdom. To those, then, who choose to serve Him and who for His sake strive to attain holiness, He grants a reward infinitely greater than that given by any earthly ruler. The honors of this present life, however splendid, come to an end when we die; but the honors bestowed by God on those He regards as worth are incorruptible and so endure forever.” ~The Philokalia

royal crown with angelic wings flight in dark skyIf back in the middle ages you lived in a villages controlled by a despotic lord, it would be understandable that you would try your best to please him rather than worry about a national king some distance away. Yet, at the same time, you would not want to do anything that might make the local lord happy, but would make the more powerful king very unhappy. There is also the possibility that the local lord or Earl might die, or be overthrown, and an enemy of his take power. This new Earl may be displeased with you for doing so much for his old enemy, so now you will have to work even harder to please the new guy and keep him off your back. And on and on it goes.

Sadly today, many of us have forgotten about the King completely, and just bust our butts trying to make some local lord in the form of a company boss, a local politician, or even a political party. Kids re know to misbehave in school when the regular teacher is out sick and they get a substitute for a day or two. In doing that, they are, in a way, being smarter than their parents because they realize that it is more important to please the permanent teacher rather than the substitute they will likely never see again. Continue reading “Don’t Forget the King”