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The Mystery of Music in Mysticism

Mystery of Music

“Mysticism, the most romantic of adventures, from one point of view the art of arts, their source and also their end, finds naturally enough its closest correspondences in the most purely artistic and most deeply significant of all forms of expression. The mystery of music is seldom realized by those who so easily accept its gifts. Yet of all the arts music alone shares with great mystical literature the power of waking in us a response to the life-movement of the universe. … Beethoven heard the very voice of Reality, and little of it escaped when he translated it for our ears. … Of the music of humanity, one is of the body, another of the soul, another is the connection that is between them. Thus the life of the visible and invisible universe consists in a supernal fugue.” ~Evelyn Underhill

There has always been a connection between music and mysticism, and always will be. Great magic and healing powers have been associated with music. The walls of Jericho were brought down by the sound of trumpets. Angels sang at the birth of Jesus. The pied piper used a flute to control rats. It is not by coincidence that most churches and religions include singing, chanting, or instrumental music in many of their services and ceremonies. Continue reading “The Mystery of Music in Mysticism”