divine man

Divine Man and Woman Must be Awakened

“O people of the earth, man born and made of the elements, but with the spirit of the Divine Man within you, rise from your sleep and ignorance! Be sober and thoughtful. Realize that your home is not in the earth but in the Light. Why have you delivered yourselves over unto death, having power to partake of immortality? Repent, and change your minds. Depart from the dark light and forsake corruption forever. Prepare yourselves to climb through the Seven Rings and to blend your souls with the eternal Light. …

“The sleep of the body is the sober watchfulness of the mind and the shutting of my eyes reveals the true Light. My silence is filled with budding life and hope, and is full of good. My words are the blossoms of fruit of the tree of my soul. For this is the faithful account of what I received from my true Mind, that is Poimanders, the Great Dragon, the Lord of the Word, through whom I became inspired by God with the Truth. … I give blessings unto God the Father, the Life and the Light, and the Eternal Good.” ~Hermes

Divine Man in a Hypnotic Trance

Some people think that man is always a Divine Being, but he isn’t. Material Man, Physical Man, is a product of the Great Fall, a creation of the Demiurge, and therefore not Divine. Only Man’s spirit and soul are divine, not his body and mind. But this Divine Spirit is asleep, in a hypnotic trance of a sort when we come into the world of matter. It isn’t truly functional here until it is awakened and made conscious. This is the true meaning of a spiritual awakening. Simply recognizing that materialism is a failed paradigm and there is more to life than having a job and making money is a good first step, but that alone isn’t what the ancient masters meant by being awakened. Only bringing the Divine Spirit and Soul into consciousness is a real spiritual awakening. We awaken those spiritual faculties with the use of Spiritual Light, Divine Light that comes from God. That Divine Light reaches Divine Man through the Spiritual Sun which acts as a portal between heaven and earth.

Be Sober and Thoughtful

Hermes is not advising the student to stop drinking. He means “sober” in the sense of taking life and his duties as a spiritual student seriously. Those who enter into spiritual studies with a lackadaisical attitude will rarely achieve much and many teachers will turn such students away as they don’t wish to waste their valuable time with them. So if you make a decision to study spiritual growth and development, take is serious, or you will likely be wasting your own time as well as that of any teacher you are working with. Divine Man is not a joke, you shouldn’t be either. To awaken your inner Divine Man (or Woman), you have to take the concept seriously. Continue reading “Divine Man and Woman Must be Awakened”

divine thought

Divine Thought Brings Divine Change

“If you perceive a single Divine Thought in yourself, it is worth not a million, but billions. In the future, it will be a tremendous fortune.

“If you want honor from people, honor them. If you want Love from people, love them.

“Think about God every day. Not about what He is. Just think about Him, because when you do, something nice will come in you. Just think of the Lord. He is the best. He is the image of Love, like the sun that rises. Do not think that he will judge you. If you remember Him every day, right away something will come in you that will stimulate your heart. After your heart gets stimulated, then your mind, your soul, and your strength will get stimulated.

“You have painted a picture. Critique the picture, but not yourself. Do not critique your gift! Make another picture and correct yourself. You cannot correct and critique each and every action of yours, but of yourself ever say ‘I am an ungifted person’ or ‘ I am a bad person.’ You can say, ‘My deed could be bad in that particular case, but I am not bad. The picture may not be good, but that does not show that I am ungifted. I just have not paid enough attention.’” ~Biensa Douno

A Single Divine Thought

What is the difference between a Divine Thought and an ordinary thought? The source. A Divine Thought can come from a higher level being such as an Angel communicating with us. It can also come from us reaching a higher level of consciousness where we can obtain such knowledge directly. Either way, these divine thoughts are coming from something external, not internal. While going within may help us relax our mind so that we can more easily receive Divine Thoughts, those thoughts are still coming from outside ourselves.

If You Want Honor and Love

What Douno says here about honor and love is generally true, but not always. In any case, some might argue, “If you only get honor from those you honor, love from those you love, why should I go first? When others start to honor and love me, I will be the one to return it?” They would have a point based on what Douno says in the quote. But it is not that simple. It is not a matter of exchanging gifts like kids at a Christmas or Valentine’s Day party. What he is really saying is that if you wish to have honors, you must be an honorable person and if you wish to be loved, you must be a loving person. This is not a place where opposites attract. Instead, loving people are attracted to loving people, honorable people are attracted to other honorable people, spiritual people are attracted to other spiritual people. Continue reading “Divine Thought Brings Divine Change”

divine cause

Divine Cause and Derived Existence

“Everything that derives its existence from participation in some other reality presupposes the ontological priority of that other reality. Thus it is clear that the divine Cause of created beings – which derive their existence from participation in that Cause – is incomparably superior to all such beings in every way since by nature its existence is prior to theirs and they presuppose its ontological priority. It does not exist as a being with accidents, because I that were the case the divine would be composite, its own existence receiving completion from the existence of created beings. On the contrary, it exists as the beyond-beingness of being. For if artists in their art conceive the shapes of those things which they prelude, and if universal nature conceives the forms of the things within it, how much more does God Himself bring into existence out of nothing the very being of all created things, since He is beyond being and even infinitely transcends the attribution of beyond-beingness. For it is He who has yoked the sciences to the arts so that shapes might be devised; it is He who has given to nature the energy which produces its forms, and who has established the very is-ness of beings by virtue of which they exist.” ~The Philokalia

Derived Existence

Any being or thing that was created by some other being is a derived being and has a derived existence. This quote from the Philokalia is saying that such a derived being, having been created by some other being, cannot be greater than that which created it. This is really very logical if you think about it without letting ego or passions cloud your thinking. After all, an artist may create a great work of art that lives on long after the artist has been forgotten, but that doesn’t make the work of art greater than the being that created it.

Divine Cause

There are many causes of things and creators of things, but there is only one Divine Cause and that is God. Naturally, God is greater than anything He has created, that is essentially the definition of God. If you accept that the universe is logical and intelligent rather than random, then it is reasonable to believe that an intelligent organization has a hierarchy with a being or force at the very top of the structure. That is what most of us call “God”. And as such, He must be greater than any and all of the created beings and things on the lower levels of creation. Continue reading “Divine Cause and Derived Existence”

divine architecture

Divine Architecture of Greece and Nature

“The Pythagoreans believed that everything which existed had a voice and that all creatures were eternally singing the praise of the Creator. …

“The Greek mysteries included in their doctrines a magnificent concept of the relationship existing between music and form. The elements of architecture, for example, were considered as comfortable to musical modes and notes, or as having a musical counterpart. Consequently when a building was erected to which a number of these elements were combined, the structure was then likened to a musical chord, which was harmonic. …

“In constructing their temples of initiation, the early priests frequently demonstrated their superior knowledge of the principles underlying the phenomena known as vibration. A considerable part of the mystery rituals consisted of invocations and intonements, for which purpose special sound chambers were constructed. A word whispered in one of these apartments was so intensified that the reverberations made the entire building sway.” ~Manly P.Hall

Divine Architecture of Music

The ancient Greeks were not the only ones who considered sound, music, and the divine proportions of it to be related to spiritual development. The Greeks got much of their spiritual teachings from the Egyptians. The Egyptians probably got much of their from even older civilizations such as the Babylonians and the people of Atlantis.

The same laws of divine proportion that were used in developing and composing music were used in architecture and other arts. Divine architecture is never based on the whims and concepts of any individual architect. While each building has individuality, the ancients knew that it was always best to use divine proportion. Thus ancient buildings were not just built for function and beauty, but to inspire spiritual growth as well. It just happens that when those laws are followed, you get a building that is beautiful, functional, and lasting. While it is true that most of the ancient Greek buildings now lie in ruins, they have held up far better than any of our modern buildings.

Symphony of Divine Architecture

A harmonious song that follows the divine laws can be played by a single instrument or a small band. It is much more challenging, I think, to compose and arrange such tunes to be played by a large orchestra. Not only must each musician and each instrument be played according to divine proportion, but the entire assembled orchestra must do so together.

The same is true for making s symphony of divine architecture. It is one thing to have a building or two made by the rules of divine proportion, it is much harder to do most of a city that way. I think the ancient Greeks may have succeeded in doing that in ancient Athens. Not just one or two, but nearly all major buildings in the city were built according to the laws of divine architecture. As a result, the entire city had a harmony to it. This harmony helped those who lived their develop their spiritual side. It explains why so many great philosophers came from there.

Divine Architecture in Nature

We couldn’t call these laws of Divine Architecture divine if they existed only in things made by man. The good news is that they are found in nature as well. What is often referred to as the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci sequence is found often in nature. While it may not always be obvious, sometimes it is. We simply have to look at things a little more closely than usual.

The seed head of a sunflower is a good example. A quick glance may not reveal it, but a close look shows that the seeds form a Fibonacci spiral. Pine cones do the same. The shells of some creatures such as the Nautilus have a similar spiral design. And on a much larger scale, it can be found in spiral galaxies like our own Milky Way.

But it isn’t always spirals. In the human face, the distance between the eyes, nose, and mouth are according to divine proportion. The same is true of most animals. The sectioned body of insects has the same proportions.

It goes beyond the physical realm, also. Naturally, anything properly labeled “divine” is found even more in spiritual realms than in the fallen and distorted physical one. This includes the divine architecture of those dimensions. The music of the spheres found in them follows the golden ration. So do the shapes and proportions of the beings that dwell in them. So one way we help create heaven on earth is to build according to the laws of divine architecture. That would be a good first step in transforming all of Earth into a spiritual world as it was originally.